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WCW Pro 5/4/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
Date: 5/4/1997
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Konnan defeated Villano IV
2.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Doc Dean
3.) Prince Iaukea defeated Adrian Byrd
4.) Chris Benoit defeated Bunkhouse Buck
5.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman
6.) Harlem Heat defeated Amazing French Canadians

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chris Cruise has been regulated to “On The Road” segments on Pro. Remember, Cruise had previously been the host of Pro before being replaced by Scott Hudson.

2.) Jacqueline got involved during Sullivan’s match showcasing her intensity and strength.

3.) Buck backs Benoit in the corner and delivers several strikes for the early advantage. Benoit rams Buck face first into the corner to get control of the match. Benoit chops Buck a few times, but runs into a boot. Buck goes to the top rope, but Benoit slams Buck to the mat. Benoit locks in the Crossface and wins the match. (DUD. Well, I guess the trend continues for Buck when it comes to Benoit. Buck lasts a very short amount of time for the second time against Benoit. Clearly, Buck is on his last legs in WCW.)

4.) Pierre and Stevie Ray kickoff the tag match. Pierre jabs Ray in the corner and delivers a few strikes to keep control of the contest. Pierre shoulder blocks Ray, but Ray comes back with a powerslam. Booker tags into the match and nails Pierre with a leaping side kick for a two count. Harlem Heat hit a double suplex on Pierre leading to a near fall for Stevie. Booker returns to the match and nails Pierre with a scissors kick. Jacques decks Booker from behind and stomps away on Booker for a few moments. Jacques rams Booker into the corner and dumps Booker to the floor. Col. Robert Parker gets a few shots in while Pierre sends Booker into the guard railing chest first. Pierre returns to the match and Booker is met with a leg sweep/clothesline combo for a two count. Booker is driven down to the mat and Jacques slams Pierre onto Booker. Ray tries to get involved, but is stopped by the referee. Booker is dropped throat first over the top rope. Booker gets a rollup on Pierre for a two count. Pierre turns Booker inside out with a clothesline. Booker continues to be worked over in the corner until Ray enters the ring. Booker avoids a splash in the corner and tags in Ray. Ray cleans house with right hands. Ray backdrops Pierre and is fired up. Ray delivers a running clothesline to both men. Col. Parker gets on the apron allowing Jacques to hit Ray from behind. Pierre accidentally hits Jacques with a flag and gets kicked to the floor by Booker. Ray covers Jacques and wins the match. (**. I enjoyed the action as they worked fairly well together. Booker stood out to me in the match. Canadians did a fine job of keeping interest in the match with their offense.)

Final Thoughts:
An average week of TV this week for Pro.

Thanks for reading.

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