WCW Saturday Night 7/10/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 7/10/1999
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Lord Steven Regal defeated Adrian Byrd
2.) Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Disorderly Conduct
3.) Van Hammer defeated Al Greene
4.) The Disciple defeated Bobby Blaze
5.) Ernest Miller defeated Jim Duggan by disqualification
6.) Kaz Hayashi & Evan Karagias defeated Lenny & Lodi
7.) Brian Knobbs defeated Dave Burkhead
8.) Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Barry & Kendall Windham
9.) Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn defeated Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Psychosis

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Lord Steven Regal has just recently returned to WCW after having departed from the company in the spring of 1998 for a very brief run in the WWF. He’s aligned with Dave Taylor and Fit Finlay, who are ringside for the match this week. Regal manages to win with the Regal Stretch.

2.) Miller taunts Duggan before the match calling Hacksaw the biggest redneck he’s ever seen. Miller decides to leave the ring but returns to the ring quickly. Miller gives Duggan five-seconds to leave the ring, and changes it to ten-seconds after looking at Duggan’s legs. Miller begins to count, but Duggan hasn’t moved. Duggan clotheslines Miller a couple of times for the advantage. Duggan gets tripped by Ono allowing Miller to choke Duggan over the middle rope. Ono chokes Dugan while the referee is distracted by Miller. Duggan tries to fight back with strikes, but Miller eye rakes Hacksaw. Duggan hammers away on Miller in the corner. Duggan misses a splash in the corner. Miller kicks Duggan in the back of the head. Duggan drops Miller with a double sledge strike. Miller gets the his red shoe on while Ono distracts Duggan . Miller nails Duggan with a savant kick. Disco Inferno enters the ring and attacks Miller to cause the disqualification. Duggan has his 2×4 but misses a swinging strike on Miller. (*1/4. A fairly basic match and I was not surprised to see Duggan not take a pin loss. Duggan seemingly never takes a pin fall loss and when he does it’s to stronger competition. Inferno getting involved adds some last minute hype for their PPV match tomorrow night.)

3.) This is the first official tag team match for Lenny and Lodi in WCW. Needless to say, WCW didn’t need to use the heat machine for their crowd reaction.

4.) Lodi and Karagias start off the tag match with Karagias hitting a dropkick and clothesline followed by a leaping forearm smash. Lenny tags into the match to take on Hayashi. Lenny eye pokes Hayashi and pulls Kaz’s hair to keep control. Hayashi blocks a few strikes before hitting a head scissors. Lenny drops Kaz over the top rope throat first. Hayashi drops Lenny over the top rope and Karagias hits a springboard crossbody for a two count. Lodi delivers a strike from the apron to help Lenny. Lodi legally enters the match to hit a snap suplex and hits two more after rolling over for a two count. Lodi and Lenny hit a double vertical suplex on Karagias for a two count. Lenny decks Hayashi on the apron and taunts Kaz while Lodi chokes Karagias in the corner. Karagias almost pins Lenny with a sunset flip, but Lenny clotheslines Karagias. Lodi works over Karagias in the corner. Lodi plants Karagias with a powerslam for a two count. Lenny accidentally collides with Lodi on the apron. Karagias makes his way to Hayashi to make the tagf. Hayashi cleans house hitting Lenny with a savant kick. Lenny atomic drops Karagias, but Karagias backdrops Lenny to the floor. Karagias dropkicks Hayashi onto Lodi and Kaz pins Lodi! (**1/2. It’s not a bad tag match and I found myself enjoying this far more than I would have thought. They did the simple things well, and honestly this is a fairly big upset. Lenny and Lodi are getting more attention and do a clean job to Hayashi and Karagias of all people.)

5.) The referee sends Hennig and Duncum to the locker room to allow the tag match to go on without any distractions. Konnan and Kendall start off the tag match. Konnan plants Kendall with a DDT and plays to the crowd. Konnan dropkicks a seated Kendall but is met with a low blow. Kendall plants Konnan with a DDT as well followed by a leg drop. Barry keeps control with strikes and a back suplex for a two count. Kendall manages to keep Konnan on the mat with strikes to the ribs. Konnan bulldogs Barry to get some momentum in his favor. Mysterio hits a springboard leg drop onto Barry followwed by a bronco buster on Barry in the corner. Mysterio hits a top rope head scissors but Kendall delivers a clothesline from behind. Hennig and Duncum have come back to ringside as Barry delivered a DDT to Mysterio. Kendall clotheslines Mysterio for a two count. Kendall puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle to hit a back suplex. Barry drivesd Mysterio down to the mat with an atomic drop. Barry nails Mysterio with a clothesline for a near fall. Mysterio continues to be worked over by Kendall.

Kendall nails Mysterio with a big boot for a two count. Mysterio boots Kendall in the corner a few times. Mysterio baseball slides Barry off the apron and nails Kendall with a springboard dropkick. Konnan hits a rolling clothesline on Kendall. The same happens for Barry. Hennig and Duncum enter the ring to cause a disqualification. The other No Limit Soldiers enter the ring to clean house and send the Rednecks to the backstage area. (**. Aside from the typical disqualification finish, I enjoyed this match, too. They were given some decent time to get things going and I thought it ended up being an entertaining match.)

6.) Guerrero and Malenko start off the six man tag match to close the show. They have a standoff after Chavo took Malenko down to the mat for a moment. Chavo works over Malenko with a chop but Malenko delivers an arm drag and dropkick. Saturn gets tagged in as does Juventud Guerrera. Guerrera plants Saturn with a wheelbarrow DDT. Guerrera drops Saturn throat first over the top rope before going to the top rope, but Saturn hits an overhead suplex. Chavo flapjacks Saturn and gets heel kicked by Malenko. Saturn knocks Guerrera to the floor. Benoit chops Psychosis in the corner to gain the advantage. Psychosis clotheslines Benoit coming out of the corner. Benoit takes Psychosis over with a German suplex for a two count. All six men enter the ring leaving Psychosis in the ring and he gets triple teamed. Saturn takes Psychosis over with a t-bone suplex. Guerrero dropkicks Saturn on the knee and Saturn is triple teamed while the referee is distracted. Saturn continues to be tripled teamed as the referee is dealing with Benoit and Malenko in the corner.

Guerrero has an Indian death lock on Saturn for a moment, but doesn’t get a submission. Guerrera hits a springboard leg drop on Saturn to help Chavo keep control. Psychosis enters the match but Saturn delivers a kick to drop Psychosis to the mat. Benoit and Malenko enter the match causing the match to lose control. Saturn and Guerrera go to the floor. Malenko sends Guerrero to the floor. Benoit manages to get the Crippler Crossface on Psychosis and wins the match by submission. (**1/4. A decent six man tag to close the show. Another example of there never being a doubt as to who would win the match. The action held my interest and it was enjoyable to watch six of WCW’s better wrestlers compete. I probably would have given them a few more minutes and cut minutes from the previous tag match.)

Final Thoughts:
A strong go-home show leading into Bash at the Beach as they had several feature matches and they were given some decent time. It’s too bad that the PPV is just not strong enough to warrant a purchase.

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