PWX Rise Of The Champion VIII 2/23/2013

Premiere Wrestling Xperience presents Rise of the Champion VIII
From: Charlotte, NC

Opening Contest: Cedric Alexander vs. Chip Day: Alexander has wrist control to start the match, but Day kips out quickly. Alexander counters and shoulder blocks Day. Day kicks Alexander and delivers a kick to the back. Alexander slaps Day and delivers a kick of his own. They begin to trade forearm strikes and kicks. Day kicks Alexander in the midsection but runs into a kick from Alexander. Alexander kicks a sitting Day followed by more strikes in the corner. Alexander continues with a back suplex and delivers an elbow strike to Day’s face. Alexander chops Day against the ropes. Day stops Alexander with a kick to the head. Day beats on Alexander with stomps in the corner and a chop to the mat for a two count. Day kicks Alexander in the chest and wipes his spit into Alexander’s face. Alexander fights back with a chop, but Day delivers a kick to the chest. Day keeps Alexander on the mat with a headlock. Alexander breaks free with a jawbreaker, but Day connects with a heel kick for a near fall.

Day chokes Alexander over the middle rope. Day tries for a cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Alexander avoids Day in the corner and delivers a kick. Alexander comes off the ropes to hit a kick. Alexander is dumped to the apron, but lands on his feet. Alexander hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Alexander almost wins with a northern lights suplex. Alexander signals for a kick, but Day kicks Alexander in the corner and hits a tornado DDT over the top rope. Day leaps off the top to dropkick Alexander. Day hits a running double knee in the corner. Day drags Alexander away from the ropes for a two count. Day locks in an STF, but doesn’t get a submission. Alexander rolls over and almost wins the match. Day kicks Alexander powers through only to be met with another kick for a two count. Day kicks Alexander several times in the chest to keep control of the contest. Alexander plants Day with a double knee backbreaker for a two count. Day counters a suplex with an inside cradle for a near fall. Day kicks Alexander, but Alexander hits a running dropkick in the corner for the win. (***. A fine start to the show as they worked a good competitive match. I was surprised by the finish because often times running dropkicks in the corner are just a transition spot, but I’m not against the idea. Alexander is a stud and I hope PWX builds with him.)

Cedric Alexander is interviewed about him having a changed attitude. Alexander says that people think that change is terrible and says he’s bigger and better in every way. Alexander has changed and is on a mission to prove he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. Alexander does not like being the first match and doesn’t want that to happen again.

Second Contest: Ernie Osiris & Rhett Titus vs. Drew Myers & John Skyler: Osiris and Skyler kickoff the match. Skyler shoulder blocks Osiris and hits a hip toss. Osiris kicks Skyler away and delivers a few arm drags. Osiris scares Skyler to his corner and tags in Myers. Myers takes Osiris down to the mat and plays to the crowd. Titus tags into the match to send Myers into the corner chest first for a two count. Myers gets out of a rollup and Titus nearly wins with a backslide. Titus backdrops Myers and plays to the crowd. Skyler tags into the match and Titus takes Myers down to the mat with a headlock. There was a screw up with music but they ignore it. Titus shoulder blocks Skyler and delivers a back elbow. Titus hits a standing dropkick for a near fall. Osiris returns to the match and the drive Skyler down with a double flapjack. Osiris gets a two count after a leg drop and Skyler rolls to the floor. Osiris tries for a dive to the floor, but lands on his feet. Osiris hits the post thanks to Skyler.

Myers returns to the match and stomps on Osiris. Myers tosses Osiris overhead with a suplex for a near fall. Skyler focuses his attack on Osiris’s left hand and arm. Osiris gets out of a sleeper with a chin lock. Osiris drives Skyler down with a knee strike and is stopped from tagging out by Myers. Osiris kicks Myers and Skyler in the corner. Osiris is monkey flipped and ducks a clothesline allowing a tag to Titus. Titus cleans house with a snake eyes and sends Myers into Skyler before hitting a dropkick in the corner. Titus sends Myers over the top onto the stage. Titus decks Skyler with a clothesline for a near fall. Myers tosses Titus overhead and Skyler hit a Slice Bread, but Osiris makes the save on the cover. Osiris hits a somersault dive to the floor onto Myers! Titus shoulder rams Myers from the apron and tries for a sunset flip. Myers gets kicked by Osiris leading to a jumping DDT by Titus for the win. (*1/2. A standard match between these two teams with Osiris showing off some impressive dives to the floor. There wasn’t much going on for the most part, but it didn’t overstay it’s welcome.)

Third Contest: Smith James vs. Chris Lea: The match is joined in progress. The music we heard earlier plays and Kongo Kong enters the ring to attack both men. Kongo comes off the ropes to splash Smith as the referee has thrown the match out. Kongo puts a torture rack on Lea and falls backwards. Kongo leaves carnage in the ring before leaving.

Fourth Contest: Amber O’Neal & Zane Riley vs. Maria & Mike Bennett: Riley offers Bennett a drink to start the contest. Riley nearly wins with a rollup and shoulder blocks Bennett. Riley spanks Bennett a few times. Bennett begs off and kicks Riley followed by a right hand. Riley chops Bennett to the mat followed by a strike to the chest. Maria tags in and O’Neal must enter as well. O’Neal is rammed into the corner by Maria and Maria delivers a few kicks. O’Neal clotheslines Maria in the corner and does a stink face. O’Neal drop toe holds Bennett into Maria and does the stink face to Bennett. Riley tries for a stink face, but Bennett and Maria bail to the floor. Bennett grabs a microphone and complains about getting a stink face. Bennett says they are not completing the match and they are gone.

O’Neal and Riley follow to the backstage are and bring them back with headlocks. O’Neal works over Maria, but Bennett stops that offense. Maria spanks O’Neal in the corner and chokes her over the middle rope. Maria prevents O’Neal from tagging out and Bennett tags in to rake her back. That should mean that Riley automatically enters, but Bennett instead tries for a cover managing a two count. Bennett misses a middle rope leg drop and Riley tags in. Riley cleans house with clotheslines and a gut buster. Riley delivers a flatliner for a two count. Riley misses a strike in the corner but decks Bennett with a clothesline. Riley and Bennett collide heads in the corner and they are both knocked down. Maria and O’Neal get the tags with O’Neal hitting a face buster for a two count. Bennett get slapped by O’Neal. Maria plants O’Neal with a bulldog. O’Neal manages to get a rollup on Maria and gets the pin as Riley held Bennett. (DUD. That was mostly a comedy match and not a good one at that.)

It appears that the next match was suppose to be the Dojo Bros. defending the tag titles against Davey Richards and Kevin Steen. However, Jake Manning and Grizzly Redwood come out to insert themselves into the match. Manning knows that they aren’t indie names. Manning wanted to be further along in his career. Manning notes that he set everything up for the show and wants to be part of the event. Kevin Steen gets the microphone and says the best part of the show is when he talks. Steen wants the champs to accept the challenge. Steen mentions that he had his Weiner touched by a scout master and wants to get revenge. The champs accept and say the titles will not be on the line.

Fifth Contest: PWX Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards & Kevin Steen vs. Grizzly Redwood & Jake Manning in an elimination match: Strong and Richards kickoff the match. Richards gets the better of wrist control, but they have a standoff. Strong takes Richards to the mat and works over Richards arm. Richards counters with a surfboard submission. Steen enters and kicks Strong to help his partner. Strong almost pins Richards with an inside cradle. They begin to trade several pin attempts leading to a standoff. Steen enters the match and Strong tags out to Manning. Manning tries to shoulder block Steen a few times, but neither man budges. Manning grabs Steen’s groin and Redwood trips Steen. Steen back elbows Manning and decks Redwood. Manning head scissors Steen and monkey flips Steen out of the corner. Redwood hits a chop off the top for a one count.

Redwood kicks Steen, but is met with a snap powerslam. Edwards tags himself in on Steen and gets a two count on Redwood. Edwards works over Redwood with chops before grabbing Redwoods groin. Redwood gets a near fall on a rollup. Redwood gets a sleeper on Edwards, and kicks Edwards in the corner before hitting a splash off the middle rope. Redwood gets a two count on a rollup. Edwards tags in Richards to wrestle Redwood. Richards shoulder blocks Redwood and gets tripped to the mat. Redwood head scissors Richards, but Richards hits a kick to the head. Steen enters and clubs Redwood over the back followed by a few strikes to the back. Steen works over Redwood in the corner briefly and sends Redwood into Richards boot in the corner. Richards tags in and delivers more strikes to Redwood. Richards gets a two count after a snap suplex. Strong enters the match and tries for a suplex on Steen, but Steen blocks it with knee strikes and hits a vertical suplex for a near fall.

Richards returns to the match and Strong hits a heel kick. Strong beats on Richards with stomps in the corner and tags in Edwards. Edwards and Richards trade strikes until Richards kicks Edwards in the lower midsection and Steen tags in. Steen puts Edwards in the tree of woe and Richards hits Edwards in the groin. Steen nails Edwards with a cannonball splash. Steen continues to deliver knee strikes to Edwards until Manning tags into the match. Manning back rakes Edwards a few times and Richards chest rakes Edwards from the apron. Manning nipple twists Edwards and Redwood grabs Edwards groin in the corner. Strong works over Manning with a back suplex for a near fall. Redwood keeps Strong on the mat with a sleeper hold. Strong rams Redwood into the corner, but Manning tags in. Manning drives Strong down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex.

Manning tags in Redwood and slams him onto Strong for a two count. Richards drives Redwood down with a back suplex and locks in a cloverleaf. Edwards puts a chin lock on Richards. Steen puts an arm bar on Edwards. Manning puts a sleeper on Steen. Strong puts a sleeper on Manning before they all break apart. Steen tags into the match and kicks Redwood in the corner. Edwards runs into a boot by Steen in the corner followed by a slam. Steen climbs to the top rope, but Edwards kicks Steen. Edwards hooks Steen for a superplex, but Steen bites Edwards to the mat and tries for a swanton, but Edwards got his knees up. Strong tags in and keeps control on Steen with a chin lock. Steen bites his way free, but Edwards tags in and stomps Steen. Edwards elbows Steen to the mat and is pulled off by Richards. Steen gets a rollup on Edwards for a near fall. Strong boots Steen in the corner and legally tags in stomping Steen several times.

Edwards and Steen trade strikes until Edwards hits a standing hurricanrana. Steen fights back with pop-up powerbomb and they are both down. Steen tags in Richards and Richards goes to the top hitting a missile dropkick on Strong. Richards kicks Strong and they begin to trade strikes. Richards nails Strong with a kick to the head. Edwards decks Richards from behind. Richards hits a northern lights on Edwards and has a pin on Strong, but Manning breaks the cover. Richards dropkicks Manning making him DDT Redwood on accident. Everyone is brawling around ringside as Richards hit a dive onto the Dojo Bros. Strong holds Richards leg on the floor leading to a count out. Thus, Steen and Richards have been eliminated from the match.

Manning and Redwood go after the champs in the ring sending them into each other. Manning has Strong on his shoulders allowing Redwood to axe handle Edwards and Manning slams Edwards onto Strong. Manning rams Edwards into the corner face first and Redwood tags back into the match. Redwood boots Edwards, but gets kicked off the middle rope. Edwards dumps Redwood to the floor and Strong sends Redwood into the ring post ribs first. Redwood is double teamed by the champs around ringside. Edwards keeps beating on Redwood with right hands in the corner and Redwood tries to tag out, but Manning isn’t on the apron. Edwards knee lifts Redwood. Redwood fights back with strikes and is met with a knee strike by Strong. Edwards splashes Redwood in the corner and the champs hit a backbreaker on Redwood for a two count. Strong keeps a chin lock on Redwood but doesn’t get a submission.

Redwood low blows Strong with a knee strike to avoid a splash to the back. Edwards nails Manning with a running kick to knock Manning off the apron and hits the stage face first. Edwards hits a vertical suplex on Redwood for a two count. Edwards takes a fans hat and taunts the crowd. Redwood hits a Codebreaker on Edwards. Manning gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Manning flips in the corner and forearms both men. Manning hits a top rope clothesline to both men. Manning pulls down his strap and is rammed into the corner. Strong tags in Edwards but Manning kicks Strong only to be met with several kicks. Manning moves and Edwards hit Strong on accident. Manning gets a two count on Edwards after a backbreaker/flatliner combo.

Edwards boots Manning in the corner and hits a middle rope Codebreaker. Strong knee strikes Manning in the corner followed by another one and puts Manning over his shoulders. Manning counters with a back suplex for a near fall. Manning has Strong on his shoulders. Edwards crotches Redwood on the top rope. Edwards dropkicks Manning into Redwood. Strong hits a double knee backbreaker and Edwards hit a clothesline for a near fall. Redwood takes Edwards out with a hurricanrana on the floor. Manning gets an inside cradle on Strong and wins the match. (**3/4. Considering the tag titles were not on the line, this went on for far too long and I think the general interest in the match decreased as a result. The action was okay, but these guys weren’t fighting for anything and thus it just felt like a waste of twenty minutes.)

Adam Page is brought out for an interview. Page has an injured hand and says that he’s happy to be in Charlotte to support the best wrestling on the planet. Page confirms his hand is broken and wants to address Cedric Alexander. Page says that Alexander brought something out of him that he thought he had lost. Page had been brought anger and notes that Alexander has been getting better. Page doesn’t appreciate Alexander’s change in attitude. Page puts over Alexander’s match with Chip Day and how Alexander didn’t think he deserved to be in the opening match. Page notes that Alexander lost to him last time they squared off. Page says that nobody hands you anything. Page says they return on March 29th and wants to settle it then.

Sixth Contest: Chiva Kid vs. Corey Hollis in a number one contenders match for the PWX TV Championship: Kid gets wrist control, but Hollis reaches the ropes quickly to break the hold. Hollis arm drags Kid and they have a quick standoff. Kid gets a headlock on Hollis after countering a go behind, but Hollis takes Kid down to the mat gut first. Hollis shoulder blocks Kid, but is taken down to the mat. They trade a couple of arm drags and that leads to a standoff. Kid takes Hollis down to the mat, but Hollis hit a head scissors. Kid battles back with a running head scissors and delivers a few chops in the corner. Kid drop toe holds Hollis and dropkicks Hollis to the floor. Kid flips to the apron and gets yanked down to the mat face first. Hollis rams Kid back first into the apron. Hollis rolls Kid into the ring and gets a two count. Hollis gets out of a rollup and dropkicks Kid to maintain control. Hollis keeps a bearhug on Kid on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Hollis knee strikes Kid coming off the ropes to keep the advantage.

Hollis takes Kid over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Konley knee strikes Kid against the ropes a few times. Konley drops Kid gut first over the top rope. Konley drives Kid down to the mat with a gut buster for a near fall. Kid forearms Hollis and runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Hollis controls Kid with another bearhug on the mat. Kid arm drags Hollis and is met with a clothesline that turns him inside out. Hollis chokes Kid over the bottom rope and backs off. Hollis plants Kid with a back suplex for a near fall. Kid hammers away on Hollis and hits a dropsault. Kid runs into a boot in the corner and Hollis misses a running strike. Kid nails Hollis with a kick and they are both down on the mat. Kid nearly wins with a rollup. Kid takes Hollis over with a standing hurricanrana leading to a near fall.

Kid tries for a standing moonsault, but Hollis gets his knees up and spears Kid in the corner. Hollis plants Kid with a reverse Death Valley Driver for a near fall. There is five minutes remaining in the match as they trade strikes. Kid forearms Hollis and hits a spinning sit out slam for a two count. Kid heads to the top rope, but Hollis crotches him. Kid headbutts Hollis off the middle rope to the mat. Kid misses a top rope move, but rolls through. Hollis hits a gut wrench double knee backbreaker. Hollis tries for a cover, but Kid kicks out at two. Kid kicks Hollis in the corner, but Hollis delivers a kick and hits a modified neckbreaker. Hollis tries for the cover, but Kid kicks out at two. Hollis powerbombs Kid and tries for the Clash, but Kid kicks free. Hollis nearly wins with a rollup. Kid nails Hollis with a kick to the head. Kid heads to the top rope, but Hollis stops Kid on the apron. Kid punches Hollis away and crawls on the stage. Kid hits a springboard moonsault, but can’t make the cover and the match ends in a draw. (***1/4. An enjoyable match with these guys hitting some fun and impactful moves. Hollis worked like he was Roderick Strong with some of the backbreakers he delivered. Chiva Kid provided some good aerial moves. It’s a bumer that there wasn’t a finish to the match, but that would likely lead to a triple threat match in the future.)

The first fall can only be won by submission. The second fall is pin fall. The final fall, if necessary, is a last man standing match.

Main Event: PWX Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole vs. Caleb Konley in a best two out of three falls match: Cole backs Konley into a corner and they trade strikes with Konley getting the better of the exchange. Konley baseball slides Cole off the apron and hits a suicide dive to the floor! Konley chops Cole around ringside as Cole sat on a fans lap. Konley rams Cole face first onto the apron. Konley rams Cole back first into the ring post. Cole takes Konley down and catapults Konley face first into the ring post. Cole beats on Konley with strikes before grabbing a chair. Cole decides to sit on the chair and puts a chin lock on Konley. Konley breaks free with a jawbreaker and chops Cole. Konley nails Cole with a running big boot to knock Cole out of the chair. Konley beats on Cole on the floor with more chops. They are on the stage where Cole tries for a suplex, but Konley counters. Konley forearms Cole into the ring and goes to the top rope. Konley leaps off the top top hit a clothesline. Konley delivers a neckbreaker with his knee over Cole’s neck.

Cole counters a backslide with a DDT. Cole chokes Konley over the bottom rope. Konley rolls to the corner trying to regroup. Cole forearms Konley in the corner and delivers a boot before hitting a missile dropkick for a near fall. Cole tries for a Canadian Destroyer, but Konley counters with a backdrop. Konley drops Cole with a face buster and locks in the O-Face. That forces Cole to submit! Konley wins the first fall. Konley: 1 – Cole: 0

Konley backs Cole into a corner, but misses an attack. Cole kicks Konley in the midsection and misses a clothesline. Cole bails to the floor to regroup and stall for time. Konley forearms Cole on the floor several times, but Cole delivers a kick and rolls Konley into the ring. Konley dropkicks Cole to the floor and tries for a baseball slide, but Cole counters and drops Konley over the apron face first. Cole tries for a cover, but Konley kicks out at two. Cole takes Konley down to the mat with a snapmare. Cole forearms Konley to the mat and the crowd taunts Cole by calling him “Sexy Jesus.” Cole takes Konley over with a snap suplex for a two count. Cole sends Konley into the corner back first and taunts the crowd. Cole keeps Konley on the mat by locking in a sleeper. Konley fights out with elbows and gets a sunset flip for a two count. Cole decks Konley with a clothesline to regain control of the match.

Cole continues to hammer away on Konley against the ropes and pulls his hair. Cole decks Konley with a forearm strike against the ropes. Konley fights back with a chop, but Cole takes Konley down with an eye rake. Konley is sent back first into the corner and collapses to the mat. Konley fights back with a slam and a senton splash for a two count. Konley is met with an elbow strike and drives Cole to the mat gut first. Konley hits a German suplex for a near fall. Konley pulls Cole to his feet and is met with a kick to the head. Cole comes off the ropes to hit a running knee strike for a near fall. Cole lowers his knee pad, and misses a knee strike. Konley almost wins with a rollup. Konley lands on his knee wrong and Cole connects with a knee strike with his exposed knee for a two count.

Cole sits Konley on the top turnbuckle and attempts a move, but Konley tosses Cole to the mat. Konley stands on the apron trying for a springboard, but is met with a superkick in midair. Konley luckily rolls to the floor and Cedric Alexander comes out to check on Konley. Konley returns to the ring and Cole tries for a cover managing a two count. Grizzly sand Jake Manning have come to ringside to root on Konley. Cole drops Konley over his knee for a near fall as the ringside area is full of wrestlers supporting the match. Cole tries for a suplex, but Konley counters with a sit out driver for a two count. Konley waits in the corner as Cole struggles to his feet. Konley hits a forearm in the corner and delivers a seated clothesline. Cole tosses Konley with a reverse German and the Florida Key for a two count! Cole locks in the figure four, but can’t win by submission. Konley tries to reach the ropes and Cole pulls him away. Konley avoids his shoulders being counted down on the mat. Konley reaches the ropes.

Cole chops Konley in the corner several times to keep control of the contest. Konley sends Cole into the corner and waits in the corner. Konley tries to run, but his leg gives out. Cole is smiling seeing that he’s got the advantage. Cole blows a kiss to hit a superkick to stagger Konley. Cole tries again, but Konley counters with a spinebuster. Konley locks in the O-Face, but can’t win by submission. Cole has passed out and the referee calls for the bell. Apparently, Konley has won the title! (***1/2. It was clear they didn’t explain the rules of the match very well at all. The action was done really well and the wrestlers coming to ringside made the match feel like a big moment for Konley. Konley showed that he could hang with a guy like Cole and made him a credible main event guy for PWX.)

Kevin Steen, who was on commentary, enters the ring and plants Konley with the Package Piledriver! Steen grabs the microphone and says that the people shouldn’t be mad. Steen says that Konley just said he wanted PWX to get bigger and better. The only way that happens is if Steen is the champion. Steen says he’s doing the company a favor and proclaims he’s coming for the belt.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, a good show for PWX as this tends to be one of PWX’s biggest shows of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing Steen go after Konley for the gold. Konley working with bigger names is only going to continue to elevate him in the fans eyes.

Thanks for reading.

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