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WCW Saturday Night 1/20/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit
2.) Scott Norton defeated Bill Payne
3.) Men at Work (Kanyon & Starr) defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater
4.) Arn Anderson defeated Big Bubba Rogers
5.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Chris Nelson
6.) WCW United States Champion One Man Gang defeated Super Giant Ninja
7.) Brian Pillman defeated Todd Morton
8.) Alex Wright defeated Dean Malenko by disqualification
9.) WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Sting & Lex Luger by disqualification to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Benoit dropkicks Guerrero on the knee from behind before the bell. Benoit focuses his attack on the left knee with several stomps. Pillman wraps Guerrero’s leg around the post while the referee was distracted by Benoit as we go to commercial. During the break, Benoit delivered a knee breaker to maintain control of the contest. Benoit taunts Guerrero while keeping a standing leg lock on Eddie. Guerrero fights back with strikes and rams Benoit into the corner. Guerrero hits a middle rope hurricanrana! Guerrero nearly wins with an inside cradle, but Benoit goes back to work on the knee. Guerrero counters a knee breaker with a rollup for a two count. Benoit snapmares Guerrero’s leg into the ropes. Guerrero is sent to the floor and Pillman chokes Guerrero with his jacket. Benoit tries for a back suplex, but Guerrero lands on top for a two count. Guerrero plants Benoit with a tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Benoit decks Guerrero. Pillman hits Benoit on accident on the apron allowing Guerrero to win the match. (*1/2. They kept this rather basic and it would appear the focus was to promote the match between Guerrero and Pillman for the Clash. These two are capable of a lot more, obviously.)

2.) Mean Gene interviews Eddie Guerrero regarding the Clash contest. Guerrero says that the Four Horsemen are part of the elite in wrestling. Guerrero says that Pillman has a big mouth and he’s not the only one who is tired of Pillman. Guerrero has a chance to shut Pillman up and he’s excited for their match at Clash.

3.) Mean Gene interviewed Scott Norton following his victory. Gene says that Norton is making a list of names, but doesn’t have a lot of opponents. Norton says that nobody is safe with him in the ring. Norton isn’t scared of any opponent. Norton doesn’t need titles, but rather opponents.

4.) Starr and Slater kickoff the tag match. Slater yanks Starr down by his hair and backs off into the ropes to avoid a strike. Starr slams Slater coming out of the corner. Buck tags into the match and works over Starr with strikes in the corner. Buck tosses Starr across the ring and chokes Starr over the top rope. Slater returns to the match, but Starr fights back with a strike. Buck decks Starr from the apron as the referee was distracted. Starr is sent to the floor and Buck whips Starr with a rope. Buck chokes Starr with the rope. Slater tries for a suplex, but Starr counters with a suplex of his own. Kanyon tags in with right hands and a dropkick. Buck tags in and nails Kanyon with a big boot. All four men are in the ring with Slater hitting Starr. Buck has the rope, but Kanyon gets a rollup on Buck to get a surprise three count! (1/2*. The match isn’t very good at all, but I love that Men at Work got the win here. I enjoy their team and think they could be a lot of fun in the tag division if given the chance to shine.)

5.) Rogers backs Anderson into a corner, but decides against punching Anderson. Anderson forearms Rogers against the ropes a few times. Rogers puts a sleeper on Anderson, but Arn breaks free quickly. Rogers gets an abdominal stretch on Anderson and uses the ropes for leverage. Anderson fights back with a few strikes to stagger Rogers and continues with a choke. Anderson bails to the floor to avoid a big boot. Rogers slides to the floor and punches Anderson. Rogers sends Anderson back first into the apron. Anderson trips Rogers off the apron causing Rogers to hit the apron face first. Rogers knee lifts Anderson to counter a shoulder ram. Anderson punches Rogers and leaps off the middle rope but is caught with a spinebuster for a two count. Anderson elbows Rogers and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Rogers tosses Anderson through the ropes to the floor. VK Wallstreet appears and sends Anderson into the ring post face first. Jim Duggan is at ringside with the 2×4 but instead gives Anderson some tape to wrap his fist. Anderson decks Rogers with a taped fist to win the match. (1/2*. That was a bizarre match to have Duggan help a heel to defeat another heel. It was okay, but just an odd match to have.)

6). Mean Gene interviews Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. They promote their Clash of the Champions match against WCW World Champion Ric Flair and The Giant. Hogan continues to promote the secret weapon and how it’s worrying Flair. Hogan mentions that he’s wrestling One Man Gang on Nitro in a non-title match. Hogan has a problem with Savage getting a title shot despite losing a lot of matches lately. Savage is fine with their friendship ending if that’s what Hogan wants. Hogan still believes that he should have a title shot. Hogan is confident that they will win the tag match at the Clash.

7.) Mean Gene interviews Diamond Dallas Page. Page says he was voted Most Improved and won the WCW Television Championship in 1995. He’s going to be even better in 1996. Page is still focused on Johnny B. Badd, who has his belt and his girl. Page wants one more title match against Badd.

8.) Mean Gene interviews Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart. Hart says that Disco Inferno’s shaking booty tour will end at the Clash. Sullivan wants to teach Inferno a lesson in respect. Sullivan asks Gene if he’d rather bump into him or Inferno in a dark alley. Sullivan is going to break Inferno’s hands.

9.) Mean Gene interviews WCW United States Champion One Man Gang. Gang promotes his match against Hulk Hogan on Nitro. Gang wants Hogan to try and take the title, though its a non-title match. Gang promises that it won’t be happening.

10.) Mean Gene interviews Brian Pillman. Pillman talks about Paul Orndorff being in the hospital after making a mistake in putting his hands on Pillman. Pillman says they have the power and the women. Pillman puts over Eddie Guerrero for being a great competitor. Pillman promises to smack Guerrero in the face at the Clash and he will prevail in their match.

11.) Malenko backs Wright into a corner, but cleanly backs away. Wright puts a hammerlock on Malenko and they trade hammerlocks. Malenko controls Wright with a top wrist lock on the mat. Wright gets a head scissors on the mat, but Malenko rolls through leading to some mat wrestling. Malenko shoulder blocks Wright and decks Wright with a clothesline after a kip up by Wright. Wright backdrops Malenko followed by a head scissors and a dropkick to send Malenko to the floor. Wright arm drags Malenko, but Malenko gets leg control on the mat. Wright counters the Cloverleaf with an inside cradle. Malenko delivers a dropkick and a knee drop to regain control of the match. Malenko stomps on Wright’s knee, but Wright fires back with right hands. Malenko puts a leg lock on Wright in the middle of the ring, but doesn’t get a submission. Malenko clotheslines Wright in the corner, but Wright counters a suplex by dropkicking Malenko into the corner. Wright almost wins with a gut wrench suplex. Wright uppercuts Malenko in the corner and hits a heel kick. Malenko almost wins with a rollup. Wright slams Malenko and heads to the top rope, but Malenko dropkicks Wright on the knee. Malenko locks in the Cloverleaf, but Wright reaches the ropes. Malenko refuses to let go of the hold and the referee disqualifies Malenko. (**. A decent match between these two and it adds to their match at the Clash. I like that Malenko kind of snapped and it gives his character an added layer.)

12.) Mean Gene interviews WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd and Kimberly. Badd puts over DDP for being an improved wrestler. Badd says that Page hasn’t beaten him for the title or for Kimberly. Apparently, Badd is dismissing the idea of a title match. Kimberly has a lot fo hurt and anger towards DDP. Kimberly doesn’t want to see DDP in person and thinks that Badd is onto bigger and better things. Badd is not accepting the challenge.

13.) Eric Bischoff interviewed Jim Belushi regarding Steve McMichael. Belushi talks about Mongo being touch and for being intelligent. Belushi promotes his movie with Halle Berry, which was called Race The Sun.

14.) Sting and Booker start the main event. Booker knee lifts Sting followed by several strikes to the back. Booker shoulder blocks Sting, but Sting comes back with a dropkick and a drop toe hold. Luger tags into the contest and kicks Booker in the ribs. Luger plays to the crowd allowing Booker to deliver a few strikes and tags in Ray. Ray hammers away on Luger against the ropes. Luger kicks Ray to avoid a backdrop and tags in Sting. Ray stops Sting with a few elbow strikes. Sting elbows Ray in the corner followed by right hands and tags in Luger. Luger ducks a clothesline and drops Ray with a clothesline. Booker is tagged in as Luger is playing to the crowd. Booker nails Luger with a leaping side kick. Booker knee lifts Luger a hits a scissors kick! Ray tags into the contest to stomp on Luger. Ray keeps control with a clothesline for a two count. Ray drops an elbow for a two count. Ray keeps a nerve hold on Luger, but doesn’t get a submission. Booker tags in and nails Luger with a forearm smash for a two count.

Booker heel kicks Luger and taunts the crowd. Booker tosses Luger over the top to the floor, but the referee didn’t see it. Ray drops Luger with a savant kick. Ray tags into the match, but Luger knee lifts Ray. Ray regains control with a knee drop and chokes Luger for a moment. Ray puts a nerve hold on Luger. Booker returns to the match and plants Luger with a side slam. Booker misses a middle rope leg drop. Luger makes the tag to Sting. Sting hammers away on Harlem Heat to clean house. Ray decks Sting from behind, but Sting hits a springboard double back elbow for a near fall. All four men are in the ring as Booker misses a splash in the corner. Sting puts the Scorpion Death Lock on Booker, but Luger backdropped Ray over the top to the floor. Harlem Heat retain the tag titles as a result. There’s a rematch between these two on Nitro, according to Tony. (**1/2. I enjoyed the match and the finish doesn’t bother me too much. Harlem Heat looked good in there and Luger didn’t drag the match down all that much. They worked a smart match and held my interest throughout.)

15.) WCW World Champion Ric Flair and Randy Savage cut promos with a split screen. Flair says he heard Savage not getting along with Hogan and says that Space Mountain will be riding all night long. Savage promises to be in Vegas with or without friends. Savage is coming for the WCW World Championship. Flair talks about beating Sting, Luger and Savage at Starrcade. Flair is going to beat Savage on Nitro and then at the Clash will win the tag match. Savage is going to explode in Flair’s face like dynamite. Flair wants Savage to go to sleep tonight knowing that Flair has been through two of his family members. Flair will remember just how sweet Elizabeth really was. Savage finishes off saying he’ll walk all over the Nature Boy!

Final Thoughts:
There was quite a bit of hype for Nitro and Clash, but there was some decent action here on Saturday Night. They touched on the main angles that needed focus and we got an upset win for Men at Work. This was an enjoyable overall episode.

Thanks for reading.

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