ECWA Toys For Tots IV 12/5/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

East Coast Wrestling Association presents Toys For Tots IV
From: Woodbury Heights, NJ

Opening Contest: ECWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Bobby Shields vs. Azireal: Shields chases after Azireal on the floor to start the match, but Azireal is protected by his stablemates. Azireal bails to the floor again to stall as Shield is ready for a match. Shields gets out of a headlock and hip tosses Azireal. Azireal misses a right hand and is met with an atomic drop and scoop slam. Shields connects with a standing dropkick. Shields continues with chops in the corner. Shields works over Azireal with right hands and chops in the corner. Azireal misses Shields in the corner and is taken down by a hurricanrana. Azireal gains control with a neckbreaker as Shields was distracted. Azireal elbows Shields for a two count. Azireal drives Shields down with a back suplex. Azireal chokes Shields over the top rope to maintain control of the match. Azireal drops Shields with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Azireal delivers a running boot in the corner and goes for a cover, but Shields kicks out at two. Azireal keeps Shields on the mat with a chin lock, but doesn’t get a submission. Shields fights out of a headlock with strikes to the midsection. Shields runs the ropes, but the ropes are pulled down and Shields crashes the floor where he is met with some cheap shots.

Azireal locks in another chin lock, but Shields doesn’t give up. Shields elbows free and avoids Azireal in the corner as Azireal hits the corner groin first. Shields clotheslines Azireal followed by back elbow strikes. Azireal tries for a back suplex, but Shields lands on his feet and delivers a clothesline after knee strikes for a two count. Shields works over Azireal with chops in the corner, but Azireal stops Shields with a few knee strikes. Azireal drives Shields to the mat with a backbreaker for a near fall. Azireal knee lifts Shields against the ropes a few times. Shields drives Azireal to the mat face first, but Azireal gets his boot on the bottom rope. Shields chokes Azireal with a shirt, but Azireal is pulled to the floor. The referee has disqualified Shields. (**1/4. The finish sucks, but the action wasn’t all that bad. Shields started off exciting, but the pace quickly slowed down when Azireal did his heel work. A better finish would have made this a better opener, but these two are veteran workers and still put forth a decent match.)

Second Contest: ECWA Women’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Renee Michelle: They shake hands before the start of the match to show mutual respect. They trade rollups early on and they have a standoff after Michelle does a couple of kip ups., Purrazzo shoulder blocks Michelle to the floor and Michelle runs around ringside. Michelle dropkicks Purrazzo for a two count. Michelle slams Purrazo face first onto the mat and chokes Purrazzo over the middle rope. Michelle uppercuts Purrazzo followed by a spinning forearm smash for a two count. Michelle mounts Purrazzo and slams the back of her head onto the mat. Michelle stands on Purrazzo’s hair and lifts her up by her arms. Purrazzo forearms Michelle and delivers a shoulder block. Purrazzo delivers a knee lift and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Purrazzo keeps arm control for a moment, but Michelle drops Purrazzo with a kick to the head. Michelle has a go behind on Purrazzo, but can’t do anything. Purrazzo takes Michelle down with an arm bar and wins the match by submission. (1/2*. They honestly did very little and Purrazzo was dominated until she got the submission hold to win the match. This went less than five minutes and seemed to be just a way to get women on the card. Purrazzo is capable of a lot more so this was a bit disappointing to give them so little time.)

Joe Zanolle comes out and is greeted with boos. Zanolle is not a heel as he’s thanking the fans for supporting the kids. He talks about the Super 8 tournament. The 20th anniversary will be an all-star edition of past competitors. Jason Kincaid is the first competitor of the tournament.

Third Contest: Josh Adams vs. Cory Kastle: They begin to trade strikes until Kastle delivers a clothesline. Kastle dumps Adams to the apron and delivers a knee lift. Kastle chops Adams and delivers a Codebreaker to send Adams to the floor. Kastle eye rakes Adams on the floor and fakes sending Adams into the crowd. Adams misses a baseball slide and they trade strikes. Adams nails Kastle with a boot on the floor. Adams rolls Kastle into the ring and connects with a clothesline in the corner followed by a northern lights suplex. Adams continues with knee strikes. Kastle counters with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Adams takes Kastle down to the mat and locks in a leg lock, but Kastle reaches the ropes. Adams tries for a backslide and gets a near fall. Kastle stops Adams with an eye rake followed by a backbreaker for a two count. Kastle sits Adams on the top turnbuckle, but Adams kicks Kastle away and tries for a crossbody but is caught. Adams wiggles free, but Kastle connects with another backbreaker for the win. (1/2*. Yet another quick match on the card. This was promoted as a big blowoff and it was such a quick encounter. It didn’t go long enough for me to get invested or care about.)

Fourth Contest: Zac Conner vs. Chris Wylde in an I Quit match: Wylde superkicks Conner to start the match followed by a missile dropkick. Wylde chops Conner in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Wylde continues to beat on Conner with strikes. Wylde uppercuts Conner followed by chops. Conner plants Wylde with a powerbomb. Conner drives his knee into Wylde’s back followed by a stomp to the back. Conner beats on Wylde in the corner with stomps. Wylde avoids a powerbomb and gets a choke on Conner. Conner breaks free by ramming Wylde into the corner back first. Wylde elbow drops Conner several times to keep Conner on the mat. Wylde puts an Indian death lock on Conner, but Conner doesn’t quit. Wylde climbs to the top rope missing a splash. Conner decks Wylde with a clothesline. Conner goes to the floor and takes the ring announcers belt. Conner whips Wylde with the belt and taunts the fans. Conner clotheslines Wylde with the belt. They go to the floor where Conner continues to beat on Wylde with the belt. Wylde chokes Conner with the belt briefly. Wylde hits Conner with the ring bell and Conner is knocked out on the aisle. Conner is acting out of it. Wylde climbs onto the entrance display and takes Conner out with a crossbody. They return to ringside to continue the match. They both toss chairs into the ring. Wylde gets the advantage with strikes and hits a spear coming off the ropes. Wylde climbs to the top rope, but Conner stops Wylde with strikes. Conners nails Wylde with a strike and piles the chairs on top of each other. Conner hits a superplex onto the chairs. Conner goes into his bag and has some tape on his fist. Conners knocks Wylde out with the roll of duct tape. Conner tapes Wylde to a chair and has a sickle. The ring announcer saves Wylde and low blows Conner! Wylde hits Conner with a chair several times. Wylde superkicks the chair into Conner face. Wylde hits a top rope frog splash. Wylde goes to the top again as Conner rolls onto a chair. Wylde delivers a diving headbutt off the top rope. Wylde hits another frog splash off the top. Wylde lays the chair across Conner face. Wylde leg drops the chair onto Conner face and Conner is knocked out, but refuses to give up. Wylde has the sickle and Conner wants Wylde to kill him. Wylde doesn’t do it and proceeds to quit. (DUD. They wrestled this match like it would be a last man standing match. Why would you beat a guy up for twenty minutes and then have a change of heart to give your former friend the match? Basically, this whole match was a waste of time. I’d assume these two are going to be friends again.)

Fifth Contest: Mr. Ooh La La & Shockwave The Robot vs. JD Browning & Mike Tartaglia: Considering this match has two guys dressed as robots and involves the owner of the ECWA, I can’t imagine this is going to be more than a comedy match. La La and Browning start the match with La La controlling with a headlock. Browning counters with a wrist lock. Tartaglia tags in and keeps arm control. Robot gets tagged in and yanks on Tartaglia arm. Robot stomps on Tartaglia arm on the mat. Tartaglia is knocked down with a double clothesline. They are going ti do a dance off. This goes on for an extended period of time. Browning eventually attacks La La and focuses his offense on the leg. Browning slams La La and splashes onto the leg for a two count. Tartaglia tags in and locks in a figure four, but doesn’t get a submission. This has been brutal to sit through. If you don’t mind, I’ll just skip to the finish. Tartaglia hits Browning with a toy fist and Robot nails Tartaglia with it to win the match. (DUD. It’s not a good segment at all.)

Sixth Contest: Chuck Payne vs. Breaker Morant: They collide in the middle of the ring and neither man budge. Payne clotheslines Morant after a distraction by his manager. Payne continue to beat on Morant but misses a splash in the corner. Morant splashes Payne in the corner a couple of times. Payne nails Morant with a big boot and nearly wins the match. Morant is choked over the middle rope while the referee is distracted. Payne takes Morant down to the mat and keeps a chin lock on Morant. Payne yanks Morant down to the mat for a two count. Morant hits a springboard back elbow to knock Payne down. Morant dropkicks Payne into the corner. Payne splashes Morant in the corner a few times. Payne hits a side slam on Morant. Payne heads to the top rope missing a swanton bomb. Morant has Payne on his shoulders to hit a neckbreaker for the clean win. (1/2*. I’m assuming Morant is getting a push as a top face for ECWA. Another match that didn’t get a lot of time, but I’m not complaining about that here.) After the match, Chuck Payne is attacked by his partner in the Extreme Rednecks. Kyle Payne tosses Chuck with a few German suplexs. Kyle tosses a few chairs into the ring. Kyle attacks The Don, too. Kyle hits a TKO onto the chairs. Joel Blackhart is apparently managing Kyle now.

Seventh Contest: ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez vs. Jimmy Konway & Lucca Brazzi: Adams and Brazzi kickoff the tag match. Brazzi has wrist control and tags in Konway. Konway keeps wrist control on Adams and Brazzi tags back in to hit an axe handle off the middle rope. Adams comes off the ropes and is met with a double hip toss for a two count. Adams forearms Konway and tags in Martinez, but is stopped by a drop toe hold. Konway tags in Brazzi, who comes off the top with a double stomp to Martinez arm. Konway tags in and big boots Martinez for a near fall. Konway fish hooks Martinez. Brazzi tags back in and keeps control on Martinez. Martinez breaks free with a headbutt. Adams tags in and yanks down on Brazzi’s arm. Brazzi shoulder blocks Adams, but is met with a knee strike by Martinez while the referee was distracted. Martinez hits a back suplex on Brazzi for a two count. Martinez knee lifts Brazzi to the mat and taunts the fans. Martinez chokes Brazzi some more and sends Brazzi hard into the corner back first. Adams tags back in and beats on Brazzi with several strikes in the corner followed by a shoulder ram.

Adams misses a spear and hits the ring post shoulder first. Brazzi kicks Adams away and Konway gets the hot tag hitting spin kicks. Konway slams Martinez to the mat for a two count as Adams hits his own partner on accident. Brazzi comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Brazzi takes Adams out with a suicide dive. Konway drives Martinez down with a backbreaker for a two count. Martinez low blows Konway with the referee distracted and Martinez wins the match with a rollup. (*1/2. For the most part, this was a boring match as they focused way too long on doing arm work on both ends. The closing minute was entertaining because the action picked up, but it was mostly just slow and plodding stuff.) After the match, Bobby Shields runs into the ring with a chair to save Brazzi and Konway. Shields issues a challenge for a six man tag match at the next show in January.

Main Event: ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion Matt Saigon vs. Sean Carr in an 30-minute Iron Man match with no disqualifications or count outs: Saigon works over Carr with right hands, but Carr fires back with strikes of his own. Carr chokes Saigon in the corner, but Saigon comes back with a clothesline to knock Carr to the floor. Carr tossed a rubber chicken into the ring, but Saigon kicked that away. Saigon sends Carr into the ring post face first. Carr tries to use a chair, but Saigon blocks it and hits Carr over the back. Saigon sits Carr on the chair and whacks Carr with another chair. Saigon suplexs Carr onto the bleachers, but Carr fights back with strikes and sends Saigon into the wall. Carr chops Saigon a few times followed by right hands. Saigon sends Carr into the wall back first. Saigon lays Carr onto a plastic table at ringside. Carr rolls off the table to avoid Saigon’s attempt.

Carr beats on Saigon with strikes and rams Saigon face first onto the ring steps. Carr smashes Saigon with a chair shot to the face. Carr rolls Saigon back into the ring and slides a chair into the ring. Carr hits a spinning leg drop and jabs Saigon with a chair shot for a near fall. Carr wedges a chair in the corner, but Saigon counters and sends Carr back first into the chair. Saigon gets a few chairs and sets them up in the ring. Saigon scoop slams Carr onto the two chairs for a near fall. Saigon forearms Carr a few times followed by a clothesline. Carr low blows Saigon and delivers a superkick. Carr drops Saigon with a spinning forearm and goes to the top hitting a Swanton for a three count and gets the first fall. Carr: 1 – Saigon: 0

Carr runs the ropes but settles for a sleeper hold on the mat. Saigon elbows free from the hold, but runs into a spinning heel kick. Carr takes Saigon over with a snap suplex and chokes Saigon over the middle rope. Carr taunts a fan and kicks Saigon before going back to taunting the child. Carr continues to beat on Saigon with right hands. Saigon tosses Carr with a release German suplex. Carr knee lifts Saigon for a near fall. Carr comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop and goes to the floor to get a ladder. Carr sets the ladder up in the corner. Carr works over Saigon in the corner with right hands. Saigon fights back with strikes, but Carr sends Saigon hard into the ladder. Saigon forearms Carr in the corner followed by a kick to the back. Saigon drops the ladder onto Carr’s face. We are at the halfway mark for the match.

Saigon jabs Carr with a chair and whacks Carr over the back with two chairs. Saigon continues to hit Carr with the double chairs. Saigon completely misses a chair shot and jabs Carr a few times. Saigon tries for a cover, but Carr kicks out. Saigon has a sunset flip, but Carr kicks out. They begin to trade pin attempts, but neither man gets a three count. Saigon plants Carr with an ace crusher to get a three count. Carr: 1 – Saigon: 1

They begin to trade strikes from their knees. They both standup and Carr delivers a kick to the face. Saigon comes back with a roaring elbow. Carr superkicks Saigon. Saigon responds with a superkick and another ace crusher. Saigon goes for the cover, but Carr manages to kick out this time. Carr trips Saigon onto the apron and taunts fans in the front row. Carr has a chair and whacks Saigon over the back a few times. Carr chokes Saigon with the chair on the floor. Carr continues to insult fans in the front row. Saigon battles back with right hands, but Carr kicks Saigon to knock the champ down on the floor. Carr rolls Saigon back into the ring to continue the match. Carr superkicks Saigon and heads to the top rope. Carr misses a swanton and crashes to the mat hard. Saigon tries for a cover, but Carr kicks out at two. Saigon chops Carr a few times, but Carr delivers a kick to the midsection to send Saigon rolling to the floor.

Carr quickly follows and chokes Saigon and taunts a kid, who just laughs at Carr. Carr lays a ladder over the top turnbuckle and rams Saigon’s face onto a table. Carr lays Saigon onto the plastic table and goes to the apron. Carr runs off and misses a forearm hitting the table face first. Saigon kicks Carr back into the ring. Carr works over Saigon with strikes in the corner. Saigon sends Carr face first into the ladder in the corner. Saigon sets a ladder up in the middle of the ring. Carr kicks Saigon in the head and climbs the ladder. Saigon nails Carr over the back as they both climb the ladder. Carr avoids an ace crusher and hooks Saigon for a suplex, but the ladder tips over and they both fall over the top rope. They are both laid out.

Zac Conner enters the ring and waits for Saigon to get up. Conner is struggling to get a fireball lit. He ends up lighting the fireball into his own face. That was horrible. Saigon takes Carr over with a snap suplex. Saigon plants Carr with an ace crusher onto a steel chair. Carr is holding the bottom rope, but Saigon gets a cover on Carr for a two count as two minutes remain in the match. Conner is back and this time manages to toss the fireball into Saigon’s face. Saigon is selling the fireball on the floor. Carr rolls Saigon into the ring and plants Saigon with a tombstone onto the chair to earn a fall. Carr: 2 – Saigon: 1. Carr lays over the top rope and is just waiting for the time to run out as referees are attending to Saigon. Time runs out and Carr wins the title. (**1/2. A decent match, but probably an underwhelming Iron Man match. There weren’t any dragging moments or anything, but there were a few botches that hurt the flow of the match. Saigon completely whiffing on a chair shot kind of sucked the life out of the crowd. Carr is lights years ahead of Saigon in regard to presence and interacting with the fans. Carr comes across as a top level heel for ECWA and got the best reaction out of everyone on the show for his work.) After the match, Sean Carr superkicks Breaker Morant, which will likely setup a match between the two of them. Morant gets microphone and says that he’s coming for Sean Carr.

Final Thoughts:
I went into this show wanting to watch the main event because I’m a supporter of Sean Carr having seen him wrestle locally and think he’s a good wrestler. Carr was really the only highlight on this show as he has stellar heel work and worked a decent main event with Saigon. There’s not enough here to recommend, sadly.

Thanks for reading.

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