NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #87 3/24/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #87
From: Nashville, TN

A video package highlighting Raven ruining two matches last week to screw over AJ Styles and Chris Harris starts the show. Vince Russo announced that Jarrett would defend the title inside a steel cage the next time he defends the title. The road to the steel cage starts tonight.

Shane Douglas cuts a promo insulting the fans. Douglas says nobody makes noise like himself, Michael Shane and Traci Brooks. Douglas asks if the fans want them to breakup but that’s not going to happen. Douglas assures us that their partnership is strong.

Opening Contest: Shane Douglas & Michael Shane vs. Christopher Daniels & Low Ki in a tag title tournament match: Daniels and Ki are revealed as a mystery team in the tournament. Shane and Ki kickoff the tag match. Shane shoulder blocks Ki and taunts the crowd. Ki kicks Shane away and comes off the ropes with an elbow drop. Daniels tags in and stomps on Shane in the corner with Ki. They deliver a few boot scrapes to Shane in the corner, as well. Daniels heel kicks Shane managing a two count. Shane kicks Daniels to the mat and Douglas tags in. Daniels dropkicks Douglas into the corner and tags in Ki. Douglas is dropped over the top rope and met with a dropkick by both men. Elix Skipper is watching the tag match and doesn’t appear to be thrilled. Ki chops Douglas against the ropes, but Douglas delivers a few strikes to regain control of the contest. Ki delivers a few chops to Douglas and tags Daniels back into the match. Ki comes off the ropes with a forearm strike. Daniels almost hits Ki on accident allowing Douglas to deliver a clothesline. Shane tags back in and hammers away on Daniels followed by a neckbreaker for a two count.

Shane keeps a chin lock on Daniels, but Daniels elbows free. Shane hits a belly to belly suplex on Daniels for a two count. Shane jabs Daniels several times and Douglas chokes Daniels while the referee is out of position. Daniels forearms Shane on the apron a few times. Douglas stops Daniels with a right hand. Daniels connects with a step-up kick to the head. Shane and Ki tag into the match with Ki delivering several chops against the ropes. Ki nails Shane with a forearm strike. Douglas tries for a belly to belly suplex, but Ki blocks it. Ki hits a somersault kick on Douglas and dropkicks Shane. Ki begins to nail Shane with stiff kicks to the chest. Ki delivers a kick to the head and almost wins the match. Ki elbows Shane, but Shane plants Ki with a flatliner for a near fall. Daniels sneaks a tag and holds Shane to allow a springboard kick by Ki. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault for a two count, but Douglas makes the save. Daniels decks Douglas to the floor and hits a crossbody to the floor. Ki nails Shane with a cartwheel kick in the corner. Ki tries for the Ki Krusher, but gets distracted by Traci on the top rope. Traci hits Shane with an elbow from the top rope. Daniels and Ki hit a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo on Shane to win the match. (**1/2. It’s a little weird to see Daniels and Ki teaming after they almost killed each other just a couple of months ago, but their history of teaming makes some sense. I thought they looked really good in the ring this week and I’d like to see them continue to team on a regular basis.) After the match, Traci freaks out on Michael Shane, but Douglas steps in and cools them off.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Glen Gilbertti and David Young to talk about their tag match. Gilbertti asks if he can depend on David Young and Young assures that he can. Kid Kash enters the scene and says that Johnny Swinger is home where he needs to be. Kash can’t trust Gilbertti, Young or Trinity. Kash reveals he’s going back to his roots to find a tag partner tonight that he can trust. Gilbertti joked that Kash had gone back to the trailer park.

Second Contest: Glen Gilbertti & David Young vs. Slash & Sinn in a tag title tournament match: Slash and Sinn deliver headbutts to start the match and right hands in opposite corners. Young and Gilbertti are sent into each other and Young is driven down with a double Torture Rack slam. Gilbertti bails to the floor to regroup. Slash works over Young in the corner and stomps on Young. Young eye rakes Slash and tags in Gilbertti. Gilbertti hammers away on Slash, but Slash comes back with a clothesline and a side Russian leg sweep as Sinn hit a dropkick at the same time. Sinn splashes Gilbertti leading to a near fall. Sinn is pulled down by Young from the apron and Gilbertti connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Young tags in and nails Sinn with a clothesline for a near fall. Gilbertti tags into the match and elbow drops Sinn after a drop toe hold by Young for a two count. Gilbertti hammers away on Sinn in the corner several times. Sinn kicks out of a pin attempt after a double elbow strike. Young keeps control with a scoop slam and signals for a moonsault, but misses a moonsault off the top rope.

Sinn jabs Young several times but misses a right hand and Young plants Sinn with a spinebuster. Slash enters the ring to make the save. Young atomic drops Sinn and Gilbertti delivers a clothesline. Sinn avoids an elbow drop, and tags in Slash. Slash cleans house with strikes. Slash nails Gilbertti with a big boot and a big boot for Young. Slash drives Gilbertti down with a neckbreaker and a powerslam on Young for a two count. Sinn is sent to the floor and Gilbertti clotheslines Slash from behind. Trinity cheap shots Sinn, but Slash dropkicks both men. Slash ducks a clothesline by Trinity and plants Young with the whirly bird for the three count as Sinn took care of Gilbertti with a leg lariat. (**. I was not expecting Sinn and Slash to actually prevail here, but I’m good with it. I thought they looked decent in there and I really didn’t have interest in seeing Gilbertti several times on the same show.)

Backstage, BG James is asking Vince Russo what he’s supposed to do if Konnan doesn’t arrive to the building in time for their tag match. Raven enters the scene and he’s pissed that he’s been suspended and found out online. Russo tells Raven that he shouldn’t be there. Raven believes he’s better than everyone in the building. Russo tells Raven they can talk all he wants next week. Russo suggests Raven leave the arena. Russo reveals that Sabu works for him tonight and he’s not going anywhere while Raven needs to leave.

Don Harris makes his way out to the ring, but Monty Brown attacks Harris from behind. Brown sends Harris into the guard railing and nails Harris with a chair shot. Brown demands the referee call for the bell. Brown traps Harris’ arm on the chair and stomps on it. Security and officials rundown and protect Harris from further punishment. Brown gets on the microphone and says that the ring is his hunting ground. Brown says this is not rabbit or duck season. Brown is issuing an open challenge to anyone that wants to come to the ring and fight him.

Sabu comes down to the ring and Brown hammers away on Sabu in the corner. Brown tries for a powerbomb, but Sabu counters with a hurricanrana and a dropkick to the knee. Sabu hits a triple jump moonsault. Sabu misses a chair shot and Brown bails to the floor to avoid Sabu’s offense to end the segment.

Scott Hudson is with Team AAA to talk about the X-Cup tournament against Team UK in two weeks. Hector Garza is the new captain for the team. Juventud Guerrera is gone from AAA for disciplinary reasons.

Third Contest: Kid Kash & Dallas vs. Simon Diamond & Sonny Siaki in a tag title tournament match: Kash and Diamond start off the match trading wrist control and mat wrestling. Diamond hip tosses and arm drags Kash to keep control of the contest. Kash eye rakes Diamond and is sent chest first into the corner. Diamond jabs Kash a few times and tags in Siaki. Kash takes Siaki down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Siaki shoulder blocks Kash and connects with a spinebuster for a two count. Kash is slammed to the mat gut first by Siaki and Diamond leading to a near fall. Diamond takes Kash over with a series of snap suplexs. Kash tries for a clothesline, but Diamond delivers right hands. Dallas trips Diamond and Kash delivers an elbow drop. Dallas helps Kash hit a standing moonsault for a two count on Diamond. Diamond fights back with a few chops, but runs into a big boot. Dallas tries for a cover, but Diamond kicks out at two. Kash hits a splash off the top rope, but Siaki breaks the cover. Kash delivers a backbreaker and a knee drop to the lower back. Dallas tags into the contest to hit a double backdrop on Diamond. Kash and Dallas elbow drop Diamond to maintain the advantage. Dallas side slams Diamond for a near fall. Kash returns to the match and bites Diamond’s forehead.

Diamond tries to fight back with right hands and is stopped by a dropkick. Kash presses his knuckles into Diamond’s ear and keeps Diamond on the mat. Dallas delivers a few right hands and tags Kash back into the match. Kash stands on Dallas’ shoulders, but misses a moonsault. Diamond manages to tag in Siaki and Siaki hammers away on Kash before hitting a slam. Siaki chops Dallas a few times and clotheslines Dallas. Siaki hits a Samoan drop on Kash for a two count. Diamond is sent into the corner by Dallas. Siaki is drilled by a spear/clothesline by Kash and Dallas. Diamond superkicks Dallas over the top to the floor. Diamond hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Kash almost pinned Siaki. Kash and Siaki trade chops while Dallas has gotten a pipe. Dallas ends up hitting Siaki with the pipe and Kash gets the pin to win the match. (*1/4. The match went too long for my liking and the finish was rather lame. Siaki doesn’t connect as a babyface and the crowd just doesn’t care for him at all. I think Dallas and Kash could be a solid tag team with more time teaming together.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles. Hudson mentions how Styles isn’t booked on the show. Styles is not happy about standing on the sidelines. Styles is a patient man, but Vince Russo enters the scene and says he needs to talk with Styles. Styles is not interested in speaking to Russo. Styles notes that the last time they talked was in October. Russo doesn’t want to talk about that. Russo is going to standby his decision. Styles wants a match with Raven, but Russo can’t do that.

Fourth Contest: The Naturals vs. Konnan & BG Jame in a tag title tournament match: James is double teamed to start the match since Konnan hasn’t arrived yet. James kicks Stevens and jabs Douglas a few times until Stevens attacks from behind. James rams them into each other and clotheslines Douglas over the top to the floor. James rams Stevens into the corner face first to keep control of the match. James blocks Douglas’ kick and sends Stevens into Douglas. James boots Stevens and plays to the crowd before getting a two count. Douglas runs into a backdrop and a right hand by James. Stevens tags in and James sends them into each other. Douglas is sent over the top onto Stevens on the floor. James grabs Douglas, but Stevens delivers a right hand. Douglas eye rakes James and delivers headbutts to the back several times. Douglas knee lifts James for a two count. Stevens chokes James in the corner and Douglas keeps control with stomps along with Stevens. Stevens nails James with a clothesline for a two count. Stevens keeps James on the mat with a seated abdominal stretch.

James continues to be double teamed in the corner. James ducks a strike to hit a double clothesline. Konnan makes his way out and gets on the apron looking for a tag. James makes the tag and Konnan hits a rolling thunder lariat on Douglas. Konnan hits a reverse DDT on Stevens and sends both Naturals to the floor. The referee twists his ankle after falling off the middle rope. Douglas has powder and tosses it into Konnan’s face. Stevens whacks Konnan with a steel chair. The referee counts the fall and Konnan has been pinned. (*. What a weird match. Konnan coming out and still losing was a bit of a surprise. The referee twisting his ankle and somehow not seeing or hearing the chair shot is a little ridiculous. I’m glad the Naturals won but this wasn’t a good match.)

A video package highlighting the match between Jarrett and Harris from last week is shown. Jeff Jarrett cut a pre-tape promo saying that Harris wasn’t ready. The road to the cage starts tonight. The winner of Killings vs. Abyss will wrestle Harris and then the winner of that match will wrestle Jarrett inside the cage. Jarrett says he went to Mexico and beat the entire AAA roster while Jerry Lynn embarrassed the NWA by losing his match.

Mike Tenay is in the ring and wants to introduce someone. Tenay runs down the history of the man in question and it ends up being Sting. Sting enters the ring playing to the crowd. Tenay welcomes Sting back to the Asylum. Tenay asks Sting to tell us about developments for his career. Sting talks about a movie being made about his life up to current day. He says that they are filming next week and thanks the fans. Sting says it’s about time that the direction of TNA has changed and that wrestlers have started to wrestle. Sting hypes up the fans seeing better stuff in the coming weeks. Sting says that time is not on Russo’s side if he’s lying. Tenay talks about Chris Harris nearly winning the NWA World Championship. Tenay wants to talk about 1990 and when Sting won the NWA World Championship for the first time against Ric Flair. Sting believes the NWA World Championship is the most important one in wrestling. Sting promotes the road to the steel cage and says he’s going to be involved next week. Sting’s not sure what he’s going to be doing, but he’ll be here. Tenay says that Sting will always have a home in TNA.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Ron Killings. Killings says that things have changed around here with politics no longer being an issue. Killings is going to get some gold for 3LK. Killings believes that Abyss can’t handle the truth. Goldylocks enters the scene and asks if Killings is ready for Abyss tonight. Goldy says that Abyss is ready for Killings.

Fifth Contest: Ron Killings vs. Abyss: Killings taunts Abyss by dancing and delivers a few right hands, Abyss knee lifts Killings and sends him into the corner. Killings counters with strikes and trips Abyss in the corner and rams Abyss into the post groin first a few times. Killings goes to the top rope looking for a crossbody, but Abyss catches Killings. Killings nails Abyss with a kick to the head and clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Killings leaps off the apron to hit a head scissors on the floor. Killings uppercuts Abyss on the outside and tries for a leaping kick, but Abyss catches Killings and drops Killings over the railing. Abyss sends Killings into the crowd. Abyss rams Killings onto the bleachers. They continue to brawl in the crowd for a few moments. Killings leaps off the bleachers to clothesline Abyss. Abyss backdrops Killings back to the ringside area. Abyss sends Killings into the ring steps. Killings avoids a chair shot and scissors kicks Abyss onto the chair. Killings nails Abyss with a forearm smash and leaps off a chair to splash onto Abyss in the corner. Killings hammers away on Abyss in the corner and hit a leaping heel kick to send Abyss into the corner. Killings headbutts Abyss on the groin.

Killings leaps off the middle rope to dropkick Abyss. Killings hits a front suplex, but Raven pulls the referee out of the ring. Raven distracts Killings and Abyss hits the Shock Treatment. Killings manages to kick out at two. Killings kicks Abyss in the corner and runs into the Black Hole Slam. Raven whacks Abyss over the back with a steel chair causing the referee to throw the match out. After the match, Raven whacks Killings over the head. AJ Styles slides into the ring and attacks Raven with right hands. Styles decks Raven several times. Abyss gets up and plants Styles with a Black Hole Slam. Killings is back up and hammers away on Abyss and Raven. The locker room empties to try and stop the fighting amongst the four men. (*1/2. I’m assuming this is leading to a tag match between these four men. The action wasn’t bad, but there just wasn’t a reason to be invested for it, really.)

Ron Killings cuts a promo about biting his tongue a lot lately. Killings says that Raven wasn’t suppose to be here this week. Killings suggests a four way match next week. Killings begs Russo to make the match to happen.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Elix Skipper and Jerry Lynn. Hudson wonders what NWA will have to wrestle AAA again. Skipper says that it doesn’t better who wins between UK and AAA because they want them. Lynn wants a one night tournament with all the countries to see who the best really is. They are involved in a number one contenders match for the X-Division Championship. Lynn knows it’s nothing personal and it’s just business. Scott D’Amore enters the scene and says it’s a total fantasy that either of them would win the titles. D’Amore believes that Petey Williams will be winning the match tonight. D’Amore thinks that a bigger scale would be great as it would just mean NWA would choke again. D’Amore suggests thart Team NWA find a new captain and Elix Skipper is seen thinking about that, which frustrates Lynn.

Rudy Charles comes out and says that there will be a four way between Styles, Raven, Killings and Abyss next week. Sting will be the special enforcer. The microphones were completely messed up so they had to repeat what Charles had said.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Chris Harris and they talk about James Storm. Harris thanks Storm for having his back last week. Harris says that Storm has been there for him and has been supportive of him as he’s gone for a singles title. Harris trusts Russo is doing the right thing. Harris says he might not have the title, but he has a lot of pride. Harris has the heart and desire to be the NWA World Champion. Harris is gunning for Jarrett inside a steel cage. Harris doesn’t care who wins the four way because he’ll beat whomever in order to get Jarrett in the cage. Harris says that his book just started last week and he’ll right the final chapter as the NWA World Champion.

Main Event: Nosawa vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Petey Williams vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Elix Skipper vs. Amazing Red in an elimination match: This is Red’s return after five months off due to a knee injury. Kazarian and Skipper start the match with Kazarian working over Skipper with a back elbow and clothesline. Kazarian hits a crossbody for a near fall. Skipper delivers a spin kick, clothesline and a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Skipper and Lynn hammer away on Kazarian. Lynn dropkicks Kazarian after a drop toe hold by Skipper. Nosawa dropkicks Lynn on the knee and hits a shining wizard. Lynn dropkicks Nosawa to the floor. Williams head scissors Lynn and tries for a tornado DDT, but Lynn counters with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Red tags into the match, but Williams hits a running Codebreaker. Red plants Williams with a DDT for a near fall. Nosawa tags into the match and superkicks Lynn for a two count. Lynn dropkicks Nosawa after rolling through a sunset flip. Kazarian kicks Lynn from the apron. Nosawa and Lynn trade right hands, but is clotheslined to the floor. The other four men brawl in the ring with Williams hitting a side Russian leg sweep on Skipper. Skipper drops Williams over the top rope gut first and hits a springboard leg drop onto Williams.

Kazarian hip tosses Skipper over the top to the floor. Kazarian hits a springboard somersault dive to the floor onto Skipper. Red takes both Kazarian and Skipper out with a somersault dive. Lynn clotheslines Nosawa and spikes him with a cradle piledriver for the first elimination.

Williams tries for a suplex, but Lynn counters. Williams sends Lynn to the floor with a head scissors and they both crash to the floor. Skipper and Lynn are in the ring, but Kazarian dropkicks Skipper from behind and sends him into Lynn. Lynn crotches Kazarian over the top rope allowing Skipper to walk the ropes and hit a hurricanrana. Red hits Skipper with a swinging flatliner off the middle rope, but Williams stops the cover. Lynn baseball slides Red into the commentary table, but on accident. Kazarian eliminated Skipper, but the camera missed it.

Lynn hits a slingshot splash for a two count on Kazarian. Lynn kicks both Kazarian and Williams in the corner. Red dropkicks both Kazarian and Williams from the top rope. Williams drops Red with a piledriver. Lynn hits a TKO on Williams. Lynn tries for a piledriver, but Kazarian backdrops Lynn. Kazarian tries for a move, but Lynn hits a reverse piledriver for a near fall. Lynn sends Williams to the apron. Kazarian sits down and gets help from Williams to pin Lynn.

Williams plants Red with an elevated DDT as Red tried to sunset flip Kazarian. Williams works over Red with elbow strikes in the corner. Kazarian takes Red over with a snap suplex and Williams looks for the Canadian Destroyer. Williams hits the Destroyer. Kazarian plants Williams with the Wave of the Future to eliminate Williams.

Kazarian works over Red in the corner with strikes. Red counters the Back to the Future and almost wins with the Code Red. Red counters Wave of the Future and hits the Red Star Press to win the match and is now the number one contender to the X-Division Championship. (***. A decent match with a predictable outcome when it was down to the final three. I’m thinking we get a Lynn heel turn since he’s been losing and it would appear that his teammates are losing faith in him, or at least questioning it. I’m glad that Red is back and I’m hopeful that he can win the X-Title and get a decent run with it for once.)

Backstage, there’s a massive brawl taking place between Abyss, Raven, Killings and Styles taking place with the locker room trying to stop the fighting and not succeeding very well.

Final Thoughts:
An average week this time around for TNA as it felt like a building block for a bigger week next week. I’m interested in seeing the four way match and they are doing a good job building to a cage match with Jarrett. I think it’s leading to Harris prevailing as the NWA World Champion as that’s the most logical booking decision I can think of. Plus, TNA would benefit from trying something new to elevate a new guy into the main event.

Thanks for reading.

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