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ECW Hardcore TV 7/31/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: New Orleans, LA

1.) ECW Tag Team Champions Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney defeated Dudley Boys to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mahoney is wearing a neck brace thanks to a powerbomb at the PPV. All four men are in the ring brawling to start the title match. D-Von is working over Mahoney in the corner while Bubba focuses on Spike. Spike hammers away on Bubba in the corner to get momentum. Bubba nails Spike with a boot in the corner. Bubba tosses Spike over the top to the floor. Bubba sends Spike into the guard railing back first. Mahoney jabs D-Von several times in the ring. Mahoney drops D-Von with a right hand. Bubba rams Spike head first into the railing a few times. D-Von nails Mahoney with a leaping shoulder block and taunts Mahoney before getting a two count. Bubba hits Spike with poster board while Mahoney tosses D-Von with a belly to belly suplex. Bubba sets a chair up in the corner, but Spike nearly wins with a rollup from behind. Bubba backdrops Spike to maintain control of the contest. Bubba elbows Mahoney several times while D-Von works on Spike. Bubba plants Mahoney with the Bubba Slam and delivers a chair shot over the head. Bubba taunts the fans by holding the chair in the air.

Spike drops D-Von’s arm over the railing. Bubba gets a sign from Sign Guy while Spike axe handles D-Von over the railing. Bubba uses a cheese grater on Mahoney. Balls drills Mahoney in the groin with a weapon. Bubba and Spike brawl into the crowd . D-Von and Mahoney soon follow into the crowd, as well. Spike low blows Bubba in the crowd and delivers a few right hands. D-Von beats on a bloodied Mahoney. Bubba powerbombs Spike in the crowd! Bubba brings Spike up in the crowd and drops Spike groin first over the hand railing. Mahoney is biting D-Von to battle back. D-Von stops Mahoney with right hands. Bubba crotches Spike again over the hand railing. Spike leaps off the railing to dive onto Bubba on the floor! D-Von and Mahoney have returned to the ring. D-Von leg drops Mahoney for a near fall. All four men are back in the ring brawling. Bubba powerbombs Spike off the middle rope. Bubba piledrives Mahoney onto a steel chair. Bubba holds Mahoney allowing D-Von to hit a headbutt off the middle rope to the groin.

Bubba whacks Spike over the back with a steel chair. Bubba rams Mahoney into the corner and continues to choke Mahoney. Spike hits a middle rope bulldog on D-Von for a two count. Mahoney jabs Bubba a few times in the corner. Mahoney low blows Bubba in the corner. Mahoney plants Bubba with a sit out spinebuster for a near fall. D-Von drops Spike over the top rope throat first while Mahoney is sat on the top rope. Bubba hits a superplex on Mahoney and D-Von comes off the top with a diving headbutt. Spike makes the save on the cover. Spike goes for the Acid Drop, but Bubba shoves Spike over the top through a table on the floor. D-Von whacks Mahoney with a chair shot over the head. Bubba hits Mahoney several times with a sign. Bubba argues with the referee and the Dudley’s hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo on Mahoney. Spike heads to the top rope and gets clotheslined in midair by Bubba. Mahoney hits Bubba with a chair and Spike hits the Acid Drop on D-Von landing onto a chair for the win. (***1/4. An enjoyable tag brawl as they kept the action going and it didn’t feel like a long twenty minutes. I’ve really enjoyed Spike and Mahoney as a tag team.)

2.) There appears to be some tension between Bubba and D-Von following the loss to Spike and Mahoney. However, they don’t come to blows. They begin to argue and Sign Guy tries to cool them off. Bubba draws a line in the ring and wants D-Von to come at him. Instead, they embrace and makeup.

3.) They show Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer from Hardcore Heaven 1999. They are teasing that Tommy Dreamer may have wrestled his last match, which we know is not the case.

4.) Sabu attacks Danny Doring and Roadkill in the ring before their scheduled tag match. Sabu sends Roadkill to the floor and Doring’s girlfriend, Angelica, gets in the way of Sabu. Alfonso superkicks Angelica. Alfonso lays Angelica onto a table and Sabu hits a springboard elbow drop through the table. Sabu signals that he wants RVD. Justin Credible comes in and attacks Sabu with a kendo stick as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
A fine episode as the tag title match was enjoyable and held my interest. The final segment continues to promote the Sabu/Credible feud, which has been going on for awhile. It will be interesting to see how Hardcore TV is handled upon the debut of ECW on TNN.

Thanks for reading.

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