NWA-TNA Impact 12/7/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Rhino is in the ring calling out AJ Styles for threatening him. Rhino says that Styles has pissed him off. Rhino recalls Styles saying that the next time they were face to face they’d have a problem. Rhino calls out Styles, but Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the instead. Daniels appreciates what Rhino did at Genesis, but this situation doesn’t need to get out of control. Rhino heard a fan say let them fight and Rhino says he’s not going to let Styles slide this week. Styles comes up from behind and decks Rhino. Rhino moves Daniels out of the way and security enters the ring to keep them apart.

Opening Contest: NWA Tag Team Champion Homicide vs. Petey Williams: They start off trading right hands in the middle of the ring. Williams hits a hurricanrana and a spin kick to get a near fall. Williams continues with right hands in the corner. Homicide drives Williams face first into the middle turnbuckle. Homicide hits a double under hook powerbomb followed by a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Homicide eye rakes Williams and hits a cutter after avoiding a clothesline for a near fall. Homicide backdrops Williams to the apron. Williams hits a slingshot Codebreaker and a side Russian leg sweep. Williams signals for the Canadian Destroyer, but Homicide breaks free looking for the Gringo Killer. Williams counters with a rollup and pins Homicide. After the match, Williams is triple teamed. Hernandez tosses Williams with the Border Toss. AMW run into the ring and make the save. Storm hits a bulldog on Hernandez and clotheslines Hernandez to the floor. Gail Kim has the Mexican flag and taunts LAX with it. (**. A decent match and I really liked Homicide’s offense throughout the match. Williams winning is fine as he’s trying to get over as a new babyface. LAX can offered loses since they are a hot act and this isn’t going to impact them negatively.)

A video of Kip James acting as a newsperson is shown. Kip makes a joke about protesting bush, but only does that when he can’t get any. BG is with fans who are chanting that DX sucks. BG says they just want the WWE to stop doing the DX stuff. BG realizes that he’s not wearing pants.

Backstage, Eric Young is preparing for a bikini contest.

A video promoting Tyson Tomko knowing a secret about Abyss is shown. Sting says he saw something in Abyss’ eyes. Christian Cage is going to be the number one contender. Sting is going to go down the road he promised to go down.

Paparazzi Productions segment is next. Kevin Nash is going to show pictures to X-Division guys to see what they see. Senshi just says warrior. Lethal sees Christy Hemme. Shelley sees his heart broken after Nash broke it. Starr sees the NWA World Championship. Nash knows that Sonjay Dutt is on steroids. Nash is insisting that Dutt has been abusing steroids.

Backstage, Eric Young is interviewed by Leticia Cline. Young is terrified about having a bikini contest at Turning Point against Ms. Brooks. Young has to lose a lot weight and leaves to get ready for his match.

Second Contest: Eric Young vs. Senshi: Young is wearing a sweat suit. Senshi works over Young on the floor with chops. Senshi continues to stomp on Young in the ring to maintain control. Senshi drops Young with a forearm smash. Senshi drops Young with a chop to the chest. They trade a few strikes, but Young is met with a kick to the gut and a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Senshi kicks Young in the chest followed by more chops. Young fights back with right hands to stagger Ki. Ki stops Young with a knee lift and misses a springboard kick. Young rams Senshi into the corner. Young shoulder rams Senshi from the apron and dropkicks Senshi. Ms. Brooks comes out and exposes her bikini to Young. Senshi dropkicks Young into the corner and leaps off the top to hit the double stomp for the win. (*. I’m glad that Senshi was able to get the win even if there was a distraction involved. Young is a comedy act and shouldn’t be going over a lot of people at this point.)

Backstage, Leticia Cline is with NWA Tag Team Champions LAX and Konnan. Konnan tells her to shut up and says that AMW crossed the line. Konnan says they have a flag match and explains how it works. Whomever gets the flag will have the national anthem played at Turning Point.

Another video of Kip James being a newsperson is aired. Kip pokes fun at the Marine, a WWE movie, but they censored it. BG James is at the movie theater, which is empty and has one guy sleeping. The man is snoring.

Jim Cornette is in the ring and says he’s here for a purpose. Christian Cage makes his way out to confront Cornette. Cage is with Tomko and means no disrespect to Cornette. Cage notices that Cornette is preventing people from using their freedom of speech. Cage thinks Cornette has forgotten the hiring process in TNA. Cornette says that Tomko barely passed it. Cage is here to talk about NWA World Champion Abyss wondering if he’s done a background check. Cage says that if he did, Cornette would be focused on Abyss for what he did in his past. Cage is here to tell a story about Abyss. However, NWA World Champion Abyss runs into the ring and cleans house. Abyss big boots Cage and plays to the crowd. Tomko nails Abyss with a big boot followed by right hands on the mat. Cage pummels Abyss as Tomko holds the champion. Sting slides into the ring and makes the save with a baseball bat. Sting clotheslines Cage over the top to the floor. Abyss staggers to his feet in the corner. Sting wants to shake hands. Abyss shakes Sting’s hand, but hits the Black Hole Slam to leave Sting laying in the ring to end the segment.

A video package promoting the Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle rematch is shown. Angle explains why he gave Joe a rematch because he encountered the same feeling of getting a second chance to get redemption. Angle admits he took Joe lightly. Joe is determined because Angle took his undefeated streak. Joe no longer has to worry about eighteen months being on his back.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Abyss vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage vs. Rhino vs. Samoa Joe vs. Sting in an all star war match non-title match: AJ Styles attacks Rhino during his entrance and they trade strikes at ringside. They brawl towards the backstage area as the show goes to commercial.

Angle and Cage start the match with Joe taunting Cage from the apron. Angle shoulder blocks Cage followed by a belly to belly suplex. Angle continues with an uppercut in the corner. Angle tosses Cage across the ring for a two count. Angle keeps Cage on the mat with a go-behind. Cage elbows Angle and is met with a boot to the gut. Angle tosses Cage with an overhead suplex. Angle keeps a chin lock on Cage. Cage is trying to tag in Sting, but Sting’s not interested in helping.

Angle has kept the chin lock on Cage through the commercial. Cage eye rakes Angle to tag in Abyss. Abyss decks Cage with a right hand. Angle uppercuts Abyss a few times. Cage knee lifts Angle from the apron and Abyss hits the Shock Treatment for a two count. Joe enters the ring and strikes Abyss a few times before hitting a snap powerslam. Cage avoids a slam and plants Joe with a reverse DDT. Sting plants Cage with a Scorpion Death Drop! Sting hammers away on Abyss and clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor. Cage is kicked by Joe while on the top turnbuckle. Tomko kicks Joe to prevent the Muscle Buster. Angle breaks the pin and dumps Cage to the floor. Angle and Joe pat each other. Angle looks around and hits the Angle Slam to pin Joe in the middle of the ring. (*1/2. The match started with only about six minutes left in the show. Angle pinning Joe again on TV is a bit bizarre, but I knew that Angle would turn on Joe leading into their rematch. I hope they don’t go overboard with Joe losing now that they got it out of the way.)

Final Thoughts:
I’d consider this another average episode of TV for Impact. The main event needed more time to really be effective. Whatever happened with Abyss better be good, but I feel whenever you hype of a personal surprise its never a good result. Turning Point has a few rematches, but appears to be a solid card overall.

Thanks for reading.

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