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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #98 6/9/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #98
From: Nashville, TN

Raven is at an empty arena near the Asylum and has issued a challenge to Sabu to meet him there. Raven was sitting in a ring as Mike Tenay was doing a voiceover.

A red carpet is laid down as we see the NWA World Championship on display. This is the first weekly PPV to feature a six sided ring, which made it’s debut on the first ever Impact TV show. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way out. Tenay and West are disgusted by Jarrett’s narcissism. There is a crown in the ring and it looks like Jarrett is taking the King of the Mountain name a bit seriously. Jarrett recalls it was one short week ago that he regain the championship in a spectacular match. Jarrett wants Vince Russo to come down to the ring and put the belt around his waist because he knows that Russo would do it for the other guys involved in the match. Russo makes his way down and puts the belt around Jarrett’s waist and the crown on his head. Russo was clearly not thrilled by this. Russo suggests Jarrett take bow, and Jarrett does one. Russo has to ask one question and asks why? Russo reminds Jarrett about getting a call from Jarrett two years ago to get involved with the new company. Russo talks about the growth of the company starting on PPV, syndication and now on TV. Russo says they did this as a team. Jarrett cuts Russo off saying that his blood, sweat and tears are on the TNA logo. This has not been about a team, but rather all about him. Russo tells Jarrett that he’s always given Jarrett credit. Russo demands that Jarrett acknowledge that other people had something to do about TNA’s growth. Russo wants them to be on the same page. Jarrett says that for two years everyone doubted him that this could happen. Jarrett says he’s the king and Russo is standing in his castle. Jarrett grabs Russo by the neck until 3LK run into the ring and attack Jarrett. Jarrett is knocked to the floor and bails up the aisle. Ron Killings gets a microphone and says that Jarrett will be wrestling in a 3LK triple jeopardy match tonight. Jarrett doesn’t know what that means.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Elix Skipper. Christopher Daniels has been injured in Japan. Skipper thanks the fans for voting them to wrestle AMW, but they have to wait for the opportunity. Daniels will be out for up to six weeks. Trinity enter the scene with Gilbertti and Swinger. Trinity believes they are the real People’s Choice. Swinger tells Skipper it is Swing Time. Swinger reminds us that he’s won the tag titles before. Gilbertti says they do what they want when they want. Trinity also says that Daniels can get a beating when he comes back.

Opening Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger: Gilbertti and Swinger go on the attack early on, but Storm beats on Gilbertti outside the ring. Harris takes Swinger down with a Thez Press followed by punches. Storm has both challengers and rams them into each other on the floor. Harris backdrops Storm over the top onto Gilbertti and Swinger. Harris gets a one count on Gilbertti as they legally start the match. Harris beats on Swinger in the corner, but runs into a big boot. Swinger sends Harris into the corner shoulder first. Swinger works over the left shoulder with strikes and tags in Gilbertti. Gilbertti sends Harris to the floor and wraps the injured left shoulder around the ring post. Gilbertti tries for an arm bar, but Harris avoids it. Swinger knee drops Harris on the shoulder followed by a leg drop. Gilbertti elbows Harris upon returning to the match and gets a near fall after a right hand. Harris battles back with right hands, but Gilbertti jabs Harris and runs into a boot. Harris tries for a clothesline, but Gilbertti blocks and hits an arm breaker. Swinger goes to the top rope delivering a knee strike to Harris’ shoulder.

Gilbertti continues to work over the shoulder, but Harris fights back with strikes. Harris nails Gilbertti with a leaping clothesline and drops Gilbertti with another clothesline with his right arm. Swinger and Storm get the hot tags with Storm hitting a slam. Storm hits a swinging neckbreaker on Gilbertti followed by a kick to the head. Storm goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Storm gets a rollup on Gilbertti, but Swinger delivers a boot and Gilbertti almost wins. Harris plants Swinger with a full nelson slam, but Gilbertti knocks Harris to the floor. Storm clotheslines Swinger, but Gilbertti delivers a side Russian leg sweep. Storm superkicks Gilbertti, but Swinger decks Storm from behind. Trinity gets on the top rope, but Desire shoves Trinity off. Harris nails Swinger with a spear after a kick by Storm for the win. After the match, Desire brawls with Trinity into the crowd. Desire nails Trinity over the back with a steel chair and face first onto the bleachers. Desire misses a shot with a pipe. Desire sends Trinity into the door until Gilbertti forearms Desire from behind. Trinity chokes Desire on the floor. Desire is put on a table as Trinity climbs to the top of the balcony. Sonny Siaki and Pat Kenney run out to make the save. (*1/2. Well, the tag title match ended up feeling like a complete afterthought. Considering XXX was suppose to compete instead of the NYC, I’m not going to complain about the titles being secondary here. The aftermath was done well to actually provide some interest in the Desire/Trinity feud.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Kid Kash and Dallas. They lost the tag titles to AMW on Impact. Kash doesn’t seem all that stressed. Kash says they aren’t going to going for a rematch. Kash claims discrimination and thinks it’s because he’s too good, pretty and his attitude. Kash is going to show how easy it is to get some gold. Kash wants us to watch and learn.

At the empty arena, Raven has a stick and is calling for Sabu. We see Sabu pacing at the Asylum and stares at a picture of his uncle, the original Sheik.

Second Contest: Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane: Shane has control with a go-behind, but Sabin counters with a wrist lock rather quickly. Shane forearms Sabin several times followed by strikes in the corner. Sabin chops Shane in the corner several times. Sabin arm drags Shane followed by a hip toss and a headlock on the mat. Sabin ducks a clothesline and Shane runs into a hurricanrana sending Shane to the floor. Sabin dives off the top rope onto Shane with a crossbody on the floor. During the match, Shane Douglas goes to find Raven. Douglas is now on the broadcast team. Sabin is dropkicked while trying to pull himself back into the ring. Shane beats on Sabin with forearm strikes and knee lifts. Shane clotheslines Sabin for a two count. Shane twists Sabin’s neck in the middle of the ring, but doesn’t get a submission. Shane hits a wheelbarrow suplex and goes to the top rope. Shane leaps off and misses an elbow drop. Sabin elbows Shane followed by a step-up kick to the head. Shane counters a suplex attempt and is tripped by Traci. Sabin pulls Traci to the apron and kisses her. Shane misses a superkick. Sabin tries for the Cradle Shock, but Traci helps Shane. Shane sends Sabin into Traci, knocking her off the apron. Shane superkicks Sabin for the win. (**. I like the finish and apparent new attitude for Shane, who will win at any cost. That will likely lead to some tension between himself and Traci. With Douglas now on the broadcast team, I hope that Shane adopts some of his attitude. The action here was fine, but nothing memorable.)

At the empty arena, Shane Douglas has met with Raven. Raven is laying his head on a trash can. Douglas asks Raven what is going on with him. Raven is glad that Douglas has realized that he retired him years ago. Raven notes that he’s never wrestled Sabu at any point in their careers. Raven believes that Sabu is terrified of him and that’s why they have never wrestled. Raven has tried to wrestle Sabu everywhere, but Sabu continue to refuse. Raven promises to retire from pro wrestling if Sabu meets him tonight.

Backstage, Sonjay Dutt talks with Sabu saying that as soon as his match is over he’ll talk to Raven.

Backstage, Scott Hudson talks with David Young about Gut Check. Young doesn’t understand the concept because he has a spot on the roster. Young dismisses his losing streak. Young promises to win the match. D-Ray 3000 enters the scene asking where the ring is at. D-Ray likes it in TNA and doesn’t want to be fired. They will see each other in the ring.

Third Contest: D-Ray 3000 vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. David Young: Dutt and Boy kickoff the match. Boy arm drags Dutt to the mat and keeps arm control. Ray tags in and beats on Dutt for a moment. Dutt arm drags Ray across the ring and hits a head scissors. Young tags in and beats on Ray with right hands. Young powerslams Ray for a two count. Young clotheslines Ray for a two count. Ray nearly pins Young with an inside cradle. Ray nearly wins with a crossbody. Ray connects with a jumping back elbow and Young tags in Boy. Dutt tags into the match and beats on Ray with a right hand to the ribs. Ray sits Dutt on the top rope and attempts a suplex. Boy hits a sunset flip powrbomb leading to a superplex by Dutt onto Ray. Boy and Ray leap off the top rope and collide in midair. Dutt plants Boy with a Slice Bread for a two count. Dutt brings Young into the ring with a hurricanrana. Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop on Dutt. Young plants Boy with a spinebuster for a two count. Young hits a spinebuster on Ray as well for a two count, but Ray didn’t kick out. Dutt counters a spinebuster and manages to pin Young with a rollup. (*. So, this was just a segment for Young to continue his losing streak. Since Dutt is apparently involved with Raven/Sabu situation I’m not surprised by the victory here. I think D-Ray may have been knocked silly on the whiplash of the spinebuster and didn’t kick out.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with 3LK for an interview. Konnan says that Jarrett is going to need help tonight in their barrio strap match. There’s one strap and he’s got it. BG James says they will have a trailer park trash match if Jarrett survives. That is essentially a street fight. Killings chimes in and says they will have a ghetto justice match.

Fourth Contest: Bobby Roode, Eric Young & Petey Williams vs. Jerry Lynn, Hector Garza & Heavy Metal: All six men go at it as soon as Lynn enters the ring. Lynn kicks Roode and hits a head scissors. Lynn chases after Scott D’Amore into the crowd. Young drops Garza with a strike, but Garza comes back with a clothesline. Garza kicks Young on the knee. Garza delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker and Williams tags in. Metal flips off the top rope and crashes to the mat. Metal hits a handspring elbow to Williams. Metal and Williams go over the top to the floor and return to the ring quickly. Young kicks Metal, but Garza enters to help. Metal and Garza punch Young and Williams. Metal and Garza hit dropkicks and Garza clotheslines Roode to the floor. Garza and Metal hit stereo dives to the floor. Scott D’Amore appears on the aisle and is sent into the ring by Lynn from behind. D’Amore bails to the floor as Roode clotheslines Lynn from behind and pummels Lynn with right hands. Roode drives Lynn into the corner back first and Williams hits a dropkick in the corner. D’Amore gets a cheap shot in on Lynn while the referee is distracted. Williams sends Lynn into the corner, but Lynn drop toe holds Williams into the corner. Lynn misses a kick, but hits a running double leg slam. Garza and Metal tag in and clean house on Team Canada. Roode and Young are sent into each other.

Metal slams Roode and Garza takes Young out with a moonsault off the middle rope to the floor. Roode tries for a powerbomb, but Metal counters with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Lynn catapults Williams over the top to the floor. D’Amore hits Metal with the hockey stick. Roode plants Metal with a sit down powerbomb for the win. (*1/2. Will Team Canada ever win without having to use the hockey stick? Garza and Metal were a lot of fun here, but the action wasn’t all that interesting for the most part.) After the match, Lynn has a hockey stick of his own and cleans house. D’Amore is hit the stick a couple of times. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver, but Williams clotheslines Lynn. D’Amore tears the NWA flag until Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin slide in for the save.

Back to the empty arena and Raven is gloating about Sabu not showing up. Sonjay Dutt says that Raven knows about the promise. Raven slaps Dutt and Dutt responds with right hands. Dutt sends Raven into a ring post and they enter the ring. Dutt hits Raven with a trash can, but Raven low blows Dutt. Raven hits Dutt with a trash can lid and the trash can. Raven plants Dutt with the DDT and grabs handcuffs. Raven wants Sabu to get some guts and begs for Sabu to meet him. Raven tells Dutt to remind Sabu that promises are meant to be broken. Sabu ended up running into the arena and checked on Dutt.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett to talk about the triple jeopardy match. Hudson goes through the matches that Jarrett would compete in. Jarrett reminds Hudson that he won the title last week with the deck stacked against him. Jarrett is confident that he’ll win tonight, as well. We will find out why Jarrett is the King of the Mountain tonight.

Fifth Contest: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Konnan in a non-title barrio strap match: Konnan whips Jarrett to start, but Jarrett clotheslines Konnan. Konnan got three whips in, but Jarrett quickly comes back with three of his own. Konnan nails Jarrett with a rolling thunder lariat and a face buster. Konnan has gotten up to eight lashes. They trade blows on the floor, but Jarrett drives Konnan face first onto the steps. Jarrett gets to seven lashes until Konnan dropkicks Jarrett. Jarrett goes into his trunks and tosses powder into Konnan’s face. Jarrett manages to get the remaining lashes need and wins the match. Jarrett continues to use the strap after winning the match. Jarrett chokes Konnan with the strap. We see Gorgeous George standing in the balcony.

Sixth Contest: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James in a non-title trailer park match: James hits Jarrett with a chair and a broom. James nails Jarrett with a trash can lid shot. James nails Jarrett with a mailbox a few times. Jarrett grabs the shopping cart and runs into James. Jarrett hits James with a milk crate. James jabs Jarrett a few times and they return to the ringside area. Jarrett whacks James with a trash can lid several times. Jarrett knocks James down with a trash can lid shot in the ring. James jabs Jarrett several times and whacks Jarrett with a trash can. James nails Jarrett with a trash can. James sends Jarrett onto the announcers table and they stand on the table with James knocking Jarrett onto the railing. James misses a splash and hits the railing. Jarrett hits the Stroke onto the railing for the win.

Seventh Contest: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings in a non-title ghetto justice match: Jarrett hammers away on Killings, but Killings hits a forearm smash and a powerslam. Killings avoids Jarrett in the corner and delivers a heel kick for a two count. Killings is crotched on the top rope and crashes to the mat. Jarrett tosses a trash can into the ring. Jarrett nails Killings with a trash can shot. Jarrett puts a sleeper on Killings, but Killings doesn’t stay down. Jarrett ducks a heel kick to go back to the sleeper. Killings drives Jarrett down to the mat and both men are laid out. Killings plants Jarrett with a sit out spinebuster and a Falcon Arrow. Jarrett avoids a middle rope scissors kick and grabs his guitar. The referee tries to stop Jarrett from using the guitar. Jarrett smashes the referee with a guitar. Killings rolls Jarrett up as a second referee comes out and wins the match. (*. As a whole segment, I was not entertained by this at all. Killings seems to be popular with the Asylum crowd, but an extended program with Jarrett isn’t holding my interest.)

A pre-tape video made by Goldylocks at 3:15am is shown where she wanted a meeting with Vince Russo. Goldy wants to talk about the rumors that she stole Erik Watts money. Goldy says she’s a working woman and denies those claims. Goldy wants Erik Watts’ contract. Goldy wants a match between Abyss and Watts where if Watts wins then he gets the money back, but is Abyss wins the Goldy gets his contract. This started over love, but will end over money.

In the ring, Jarrett is having a temper tantrum as the fans are chanting 1-2-3. Jarrett promises to see Ron Killings on Impact.

D’Lo Brown gets a vignette saying he’ll be returning soon.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles to talk about the main event. Styles has a chance to reclaim the X-Division Championship from Frankie Kazarian. Styles says he’s earned his spot and all he needs is a mistake by Kazarian to win the title and become a three-time champion.

Main Event: NWA X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian vs. AJ Styles: Styles backs Kazarian into a corner but cleanly backs off. Styles takes Kazarian down to the mat to keep control of the contest. Kazarian counters with an arm bar on the mat for a few moments. Styles shoves Kazarian away after reaching the ropes. Styles yanks down on Kazarian’s arm to keep control with a wrist lock. Kazarian eye rakes Styles, but doesn’t followup on the advantage. Styles dumps Kazarian to the floor and the fans taunts Kazarian. Kazarian backs Styles into a corner and keeps wrist control for a moment. Styles breaks free and they have a standoff. Styles kicks Kazarian on the left leg several times. Styles shoulder blocks Kazarian and runs over Kazarian’s back. Styles forearms Kazarian against the ropes. Kazarian slides to the floor to avoid Styles. Styles slingshots Kazarian into the ring from the apron and delivers a powerbomb after Kazarian avoided the Styles Clash. Styles nails Kazarian with a dropkick. Styles comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a near fall. Kazarian battles back with a few strikes and a leg sweep. Styles takes Kazarian over with a head scissor to the floor. Kazarian is a bit frustrated.

Styles fakes a dive to the floor and lands on the apron. Kazarian plants Styles with a slingshot DDT onto the apron. Kazarian manages a two count on a rollup and dropkicks Styles. Kazarian stomps on Styles a few times and hits a snap suplex. Kazarian rolls through and hammers away on Styles for a moment. Styles manages a two count on a rollup. Kazarian avoids the Styles Clash to hit a neckbreaker. Kazarian slams Styles and goes to the top rope. Kazarian connects with a springboard leg drop and Styles rolls to the floor. Kazarian follows to the floor to deliver strikes. Styles fires back with strikes in the ring and sends Kazarian into a corner. Styles splashes Kazarian in the corner but misses a splash. Kazarian dropkicks Styles into the corner. Kazarian dropkicks Styles in the corner and taunts the crowd. Kazarian controls Styles with a chin lock on the mat. Kazarian dropkicks Styles to the apron and chokes Styles over the top rope briefly. Kazarian clubs Styles over the back with a strike and sends Styles chest first into the apron. Kazarian forearms Styles and runs to the corner where Kazarian lands on the apron and drops Styles over the top rope. Kazarian messes up a slingshot attempt and lands on the top rope. Styles and Kazarian trade strikes on the apron as they go to the top rope.

Kazarian tries for a superplex, but Styles fights free and they both land on the apron. Styles manages to hit a superplex to the floor! They return to the ring after a minute and they trade strikes. Styles fires back with a series of forearms and a neckbreaker out of a vertical suplex position. Kazarian tries for the Wave of the Future, but Styles breaks free to hit the Pele kick. Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Kazarian kicks free and almost wins with a rollup, but Styles didn’t kick out. Kazarian nails Styles with a kick to the face for a two count. Kazarian sits Styles on the top rope and delivers a forearm strike. Kazarian tries for a hurricanrana, but Styles blocks it. Kazarian avoids a middle rope Styles Clash to hit the Wave of the Future for a near fall. Kazarian taunts Styles looking for the Styles Clash, but Styles blocks it. Styles nails Kazarian with a discus clothesline. Styles goes to the top rope, but Kazarian kicks Styles on the top rope. Styles elbows Kazarian and shoves Kazarian to the mat off the top rope. Styles gains his footing and completely misses the Spiral Tap. Styles covers and wins the match. (**1/2. Oh no. Styles completely missed the Spiral Tap and the referee kept to the finish despite that happening. The crowd knew that he didn’t hit the move and it made for an awkward finish. The match was actually going well, but the finish really brought the match down overall. That’s an unfortunate thing to have happen.) After the match, Dallas attacks Styles. Styles breaks free and slides to the floor. Styles is attacked by Kid Kash from behind on the aisle. Kash and Dallas work over Styles with Kash pummeling Styles with strikes to the back. Dallas slams Styles and Kash comes off the top with a frog splash. Kash grabs the X-Division Championship and taunts the crowd and Styles to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
There were quite a few missteps throughout the show and it seemed to be a referee issue for the most part. The main event scene between Jarrett and Killings is probably the least interesting aspect of the show. I’m interested in the Raven/Sabu angle since it’s never been done before and I’m intrigued to see how well they work together. Kash vs. Styles could be a lot of fun fo the X-Division Championship. As for the overall show, this one gets a thumbs down from me.

Thanks for reading.

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