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TNA Impact 6/3/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Sting makes his way out saying that there are a lot of smoke and mirrors going on here. Sting thinks everything has gone Hollywood, no pun intended. Sting has been called an antagonist before and he’s use to it. Sting doesn’t owe an explantation and promises there is a meaning behind his actions. The meanings will be revealed at some point. Sting assures us that there will be change. Sting says that RVD is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sting is going to take the title off of RVD. The lights go out and we see more footage of Sting beating up people in recent weeks on the big screen.

Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ramp with the use of a crutch. Bischoff thinks we just saw the true colors of Sting. Bischoff doesn’t think Sting is the man he knew for nearly twenty years. Bischoff considers Sting to be a fraud and is avoiding the truth. Bischoff doesn’t know why he and Hogan are Sting’s problem. Bischoff thinks that Sting is his own problem. Bischoff is putting the fans first and they are going to continue that trend. Sting will be in action tonight and his match will be now. Samoa Joe is behind Sting…

Opening Contest: Samoa Joe vs. Sting: Joe jabs Sting several times in the corner followed by stomps. Matt Morgan comes out and attacks Joe from behind. Morgan chokes Joe and Sting stomps on Joe until Rob Van Dam makes the save. Sting bails to the floor while RVD spin kicks Morgan. RVD leaps off the top to kick Morgan off the apron. Eric Bischoff comes back out and says this isn’t over. Bischoff announces that tonight there will be a tag match. Samoa Joe will team with TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam against Sting and Matt Morgan. RVD chimes in and thinks it should be a four way match. Bischoff doesn’t have that authority and would have to check with Hogan. Well, Hulk Hogan makes his way out to join the segment. Hogan says that RVD has raised the bar sky high since winning the title. Hogan says that RVD gets some stroke since he’s the champion. Hogan approves of a four way main event.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviews AJ Styles. Styles is pissed about having to wrestle Kazarian and Lethal. Flair enters the scene and Styles wonders why he wasn’t told about it. Kazarian enters and thanks Flair for having faith in him. Kazarian promises to make Flair proud. Flair believes tonight will be the end of Lethal. Kazarian thanks Flair for gifting him a watch. Styles is stunned on the couch.

Second Contest: Rosie Lotta Love vs. Roxxi: Rosie legit hurt Daffney last month and gets another TV opportunity. Love uses her body to drop Roxxi to the mat followed by a scoop slam. Love sends Roxxi into the corner and misses a back splash. Roxxi forearms Love a few times followed by a dropkick. Madison Rayne hits Roxxi with the Knockouts Championship, but Love doesn’t go for the cover. Roxxi instead gets an inside cradle and pins Love. (DUD. Just some continued angle advancement for Rayne and Roxxi.) After the match, Rayne yells at Love for not getting the job done. Love plants Rayne with a choke bomb and walks off.

Jeremy Borash interviews Rosie Lotta Love on the ramp. Love says that the Beautiful People think they can take out all the ugly people. Love refutes that and says she is beautiful. Love is gonna take them out one by one and kisses Borash.

Third Contest: Jay Lethal vs. AJ Styles vs. Kazarian: Styles goes to the floor and Lethal manages a two count with a rollup on Kazarian. Lethal hits a springboard crossbody and hip tosses Kazarian. Styles enters the ring and clotheslines Lethal to gain control. Styles misses a splash in the corner and Lethal connects with a head scissors. Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination, but Kazarian dropkicks Lethal to save Styles. Styles and Kaz argue for a bit. Kazarian tries for a suplex, but Lethal hits a bulldog/clothesline combo leading to near falls. Lethal tries for a slingshot, but Kazarian hits a cutter for a near fall. Styles drives Lethal down with a backbreaker. Kazarian and Styles are trying to one up each other. Kazarian hits a twisting neckbreaker on Lethal and shows off. Lethal fires back with right hands and dropkicks both men. Styles takes Lethal over with a head scissors. They try for a suplex with Kaz trying for a back suplex and Styles trying for a vertical suplex. Styles rams Lethal chest first into the corner. Styles tries for a springboard, but Kazarian hit the ropes. Lethal knocks Styles into Kazarian and rolls Styles up for the win. (*1/2.. I’m not entirely sure how Lethal getting beaten up a bunch and then winning because the heels can’t get along helps him in the long run. I’m assuming Styles and Kazarian will be wrestling each other on PPV.)

Ric Flair confronts AJ Styles about being his protege. Flair is pissed that Styles lost to Lethal tonight. Flair says that Styles isn’t focused and he’s confused. Flair tells Styles to go home and regroup. Flair tells Styles that he’s not in his good graces. Flair wants Styles to find out where he wants to be and who he wants to be. Styles storms off. Kurt Angle makes an appearance coming up from the ground and has a stare down with Styles. Styles walks past Angle.

Kurt Angle is in the ring after a commercial break. Angle came out to show his proper respect to Kazarian before making him his first victim. Angle wants his opponent to know what he’s going to do to them. Angle says that Kazarian is ranked number ten and it starts with him at Slammiversary. Angle says that his ass is his at the PPV. Flair asks if Angle realizes he walked by him in the ring. Flair recalls saying he wanted his son Reid to be just like Angle. Flair puts over Angle and says they are in his world now. Flair says he’s 10x better as a pro wrestler than Angle was as an amateur wrestler. Flair is a God and shows his medals, which are his HOF rings. Flair wants respect from Angle. Flair tells Angle to leave like AJ. Flair suggests Angle holds the ropes for his exit. Angle holds the ropes as Flair struts the ramp. Angle tosses Flair off the ramp from behind. Kazarian attacks Angle from behind! Angle punches Kazarian through the ropes to the ramp to end the segment. Flair is livid!

Backstage, Matt Morgan meets up with Sting. Morgan says that they will do whatever it takes to win a title. Morgan wants to work with Sting and then see where it plays out. Sting doesn’t respond and walks off.

Outside, AJ Styles is fuming in the parking lot saying he’s the best wrestler in the world and says he has to kill Jay Lethal.

Christy Hemme is in the ring and calls out Mr. Anderson to reveal a big announcement regarding Slammiversary. Anderson was looking forward to this interview, but Anderson acts distracted by her cleavage. Hemme slaps his jaw to focus. Hemme turns to the side and Anderson checks her butt out. Anderson admits that makes him an asshole, which Hemme agrees. Anderson says that everyone is just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction and calls the fans assholes, too. Anderson reveals that at Slammiversary he will team with Jeff Hardy to take on Beer Money Inc. Jeff Hardy makes his way out to join the segment. Hardy knows that everyone is wondering why he’d team with Anderson. Hardy thinks Anderson’s is funny and a crazy SOB. Beer Money Inc. make their way out to join the segment. Roode asks what either of them know about tag team wrestling. Roode notes that Jeff was carried by his brother and that team sucked anyway. Roode says it’s not about being cool or looking cool. Roode says you have to be like brothers and putting your ego aside. Roode considers Hardy to be a moron and Anderson to be an asshole. Roode asks what makes them think they can even be in the same ring as them. Anderson asks why Roode’s hair is alway wet. Anderson asks why Storm is wearing sunglasses indoors. Anderson notes it’s blind people and jackoffs. Storm mock laughs at Anderson for being a comedian. Beer Money ends up attacking Anderson and Hardy with punches.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm: Storm beats on Hardy around ringside after a commercial break. Hardy sends Storm into the guard railing ribs first and rams Storm face first onto the ring steps. Storm blocks being sent into the post, but Hardy clotheslines Storm. Hardy hip tosses Storm on the floor. Hardy rolls Storm back into the ring, but Storm delivers a kick and an elevated DDT over the middle rope. Storm goes for a cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Storm chokes Hardy over the bottom rope and delivers a big boot strike. Storm manages a two count on Hardy. Storm slams Hardy, but it looked like a botched backbreaker. Storm grabs a steel chair, but the referee prevents usage of it. Hardy nails Storm with a jawbreaker. They trade right hands with Hardy hitting a clothesline to gain control. Hardy grabs the chair and leaps off of it to splash Storm for a near fall. Hardy ducks a clothesline and plants Storm with a front suplex. Hardy heads to the top rope, but Storm crotches Hardy. Storm tries for a hurricanrana, but Hardy holds the ropes and hits the Whisper In The Wind for a two count. Storm drinks his beer and spits it in Hardy’s face. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm for a near fall. Storm misses a chair shot and hits himself with it. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and goes tot he top hitting the Swanton Bomb for the win. (**1/2. I enjoyed this one as they did a bunch of big moves and we get a clean victory. I can see the constant near falls being a crutch and a little annoying, but I enjoyed the action and it felt like it properly picked up over time instead of feeling rushed.)

Fifth Contest: Mr. Anderson vs. Robert Roode: Roode shoulder blocks Anderson, but misses an elbow drop. Anderson keeps a headlock on Roode, but settles for a shoulder block and delivers a forearm to the lower back. Roode hammers away on Anderson, but is dropped over the middle rope and Anderson delivered a splash before getting a two count. Roode bails to the floor to regroup. Roode kicks the middle rope to low blow Anderson and delivers a neckbreaker. Roode chops Anderson in the corner several times. Roode delivers a rolling neck snap out of the corner to keep Anderson on the mat. Roode keeps a neck vice on Anderson, but doesn’t get a submission. Anderson counters a spinebuster trying for a Mic Drop, but Roode avoids it only to be met with a backdrop. Roode eye rakes Roode to get out of the fireman’s carry. Roode clotheslines Anderson in the corner. Anderson boots Roode on a second try and tries for a sunset flip, but Roode sits down and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (*1/2. Not nearly as good as the previous match, but I liked that Roode got the win. I thought maybe they’d have Beer Money win the singles matches, but having them split is perfectly fine with me.) After the match, Anderson grabs the microphone from the rafters. Anderson says that any man can be beaten on any day and he was beaten again tonight. Anderson says that the only way people can beat him is by cheating.

Backstage, TNA X-Division Champion Douglas Williams cuts a promo about the X-Division and not liking the high flying style. Williams wants to show them how to wrestle the right way and thinks the current style is a disservice against pro wrestling.

Sixth Contest: Desmond Wolfe & Orlando Jordan vs. TNA Global Champion Rob Terry & Abyss: Wolfe and Abyss start the match with Wolfe going after the injured arm. Jordan tags in and comes off the top to deliver an axe handle to the arm. Jordan strikes Abyss on the arm, but runs into a back elbow. Abyss splashes Jordan and sends Jordan over the top to the floor. Jordan approaches Chelsea on the floor, but is slapped by her. Jordan seems to like that and Wolfe flips out on Jordan. Abyss comes to the floor and decks Wolfe with a right hand. Abyss beats on Wolfe around ringside. Terry flips Jordan into the ring and plants Jordan with a spinebuster for the win. (1/2*. I’m not really sure what the point of this was other than doing a lackluster job in advancing the Abyss/Wolfe feud.)

A video package promoting the Team 3D/Jesse Neal feud with Brother Ray has been giving their student Neal a hard time. Neal has a singles victory over Ray.

Backstage, Jesse Neal is laid out with the Ace of spades card on his chest.

Main Event: TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sting vs. Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe: Sting and RVD brawl on the floor while Morgan and Joe brawl in the ring. Morgan misses a splash and Joe delivers a running elbow and kick to send Morgan to the floor. Sting sends RVDi into the ring steps face first. RVD heel kicks Sting followed by an atomic drop and a kick to the chin to send Sting to the floor. Morgan and Sting attack RVD and Joe from behind to prevent a showdown between the two. Morgan works over Joe in the corner while Sting focuses on RVD. RVD elbows Sting and hits a top rope kick followed by the rolling thunder splash. Morgan breaks the cover to save the match. Sting kicks Morgan, but Morgan drops Sting with a clothesline for a near fall. Joe dumps Morgan to the floor and Sting hammers away on Joe only to run into a kick. Morgan breaks the cover attempt. Morgan splashes Joe and hits a side slam. RVD tries for a crossbody, but Morgan plants RVD with a swinging slam. Morgan back elbows RVD several times in the corner. Morgan is getting distracted by someone in the crowd. Joe kicks Morgan from behind and the commentators believe it was Hernandez. Joe plants Morgan with the Muscle Buster. RVD kicks Joe to the floor and hits the Five Star Frog Splash to pin Morgan and win the match. After the match, Joe has a standoff with RVD to end the program. (*1/4. Judging by the brief interaction between RVD and Sting I’m a little worried about their main event match at Slammiversary. I’m not sure Sting is going to be able to work the kind of match or style that RVD excels at. That match wasn’t awful, but I found myself just not caring about it. I think I could get behind a RVD/Joe feud at some point, though.)

Final Thoughts:
The lack of excitement continues for Impact. Storm/Hardy had a good TV match and I’m curious about the backstage attacks with the ace of spades being left on the victims. I’m looking forward to Kurt Angle going up the ranks to challenge for the TNA World Championship down the line, but aside from those few things there’s not a lot to be interested in at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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