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PWX It’s All About Me 6/29/2013

Premiere Wrestling Xperience presents It’s All About Me
From: Concord, NC

Opening Contest: Billy Brash vs. Zane Riley: Riley spits beer into Brash’s face and Brash does the same. They begin to trade strikes until Riley delivers a clothesline to send Brash to the floor. Riley rams Brash face first onto the apron. Riley rams Brash chest first into the railing. Brash sends Riley into the railing ribs first, but Riley sends Brash back first into the railing. Brash backdrops Riley over the railing into the crowd. Riley spits beer into Brash’s face. Brash knee lifts Riley and stomps on Riley for the advantage. Brash tries for a cover but only manages a two count. Riley fights back with right hands, but Brash delivers a knee strike for a two count. Brash keeps control with a chin lock. Riley elbows free and is kicked by Brash a few times leading to a near fall. Brash drives Riley down with a neckbreaker and a leg drop. Brash elbow drops Riley for a two count. Brash knee lifts Riley several times and goes to the top rope. Riley stops Brash on the top, but Brash counters with a Backstabber for a two count. Riley forearms Brash, but is tripped to the mat. Brash connects with a slingshot cutter into the ring for a near fall. Brash puts a loaded glove on his right hand, but misses the claw. Riley has Brash on his shoulders to hit a Death Valley Driver for the win. (*1/2. A fine quick match to start the show with Riley being a fun act to keep the crowd energy alive. Brash was fine in there and seems have some potential to be a good heel down the road.)

Second Contest: Amber O’Neal & Santana Garrett vs. Amanda Rodriguez & Amy Love: Love clotheslines O’Neal and Garrett to stop them from doing their model walks. Rodriguez and O’Neal kickoff the match legally. O’Neal kicks Rodriguez a few times, but Rodriguez comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. Garrett tags in, but is taken down with a drop toe hold by Rodriguez. Love tags in and works over Garrett with strikes on the mat and an axe handle to the back. Love chokes Garrett in the corner followed by a scoop slam. Love tags in Rodriguez to keep control with forearms. O’Neal knee strikes Rodriguez from the apron allowing a superkick by Garrett. Garrett covers managing a two count. O’Neal kicks Rodriguez to keep control of the match and a kick to the back. Garrett comes off the ropes to kick Rodriguez a few times with O’Neal leading to a near fall. Garrett does a split while pulling back on Rodriguez’s arms. Garrett yanks Rodriguez down to the mat. O’Neal returns to the match clubbing away on Rodriguez. Garrett has a head scissors on Rodriguez, but is kicked a few times. O’Neal chokes Rodriguez with a head scissors over the ropes. O’Neal connects with a snap suplex for a two count. O’Neal sends Rodriguez into the corner, but Rodriguez plants O’Neal with a tornado DDT.

Garrett and Love are tagged in with Love cleaning house with shoulder blocks and a big boot. Love runs into a boot from Garrett. Garrett accidentally clotheslines O’Neal. Love nearly pins O’Neal as a result. Love plants Garrett with a slam and a leg drop after a model walk, but O’Neal breaks the cover. O’Neal clotheslines Love and then shakes her butt in Love’s face. Rodriguez accidentally collides with Love in the corner and O’Neal shakes her butt into both of their faces. Garrett superkicks Love and O’Neal connects with a facebuster. Garrett hits a handspring moonsault to pin Love for the win. (*1/2. It may have dragged a little bit, but they put forth a good effort to put on a decent match. I was most entertained by Garrett. It sure seemed like that Love was over with the PWX crowd. This probably went as good as it could have been.)

The next match was originally a singles match, but the suspended Corey Hollis came out and inserted himself into the match to make it a triple threat.

Third Contest: PWX Innovative Television Champion Chip Day vs. Corey Hollis vs. Trevor Lee: Day nails Hollis with a big boot to the floor. Lee takes Day down and misses a kick. Day arm drags Lee a couple of times. Day dropkicks Lee to the floor. Day is tripped by Hollis and sent into the railing. Lee dives over the ring post to take both men out with a somersault dive. Day missile dropkicks Lee, but is kicked by Hollis. Hollis elbows Day to keep control followed by a knee drop. Hollis misses a chop and Day connects with a series of kicks in the corner. Lee dropkicks Lee and rubs his face on the mat. Lee delivers a knee drop and Hollis delivers a strike. Lee takes Day over with a gut wrench suplex after a dropkick by Hollis. Hollis slaps Lee and responds Lee accordingly. They begin to trade strikes until Day nails them both with kicks to the chest. Day kicks Hollis off the apron and delivers a clothesline. Day nails Hollis with a knee drop to the mat. Lee tries for a gut wrench, but Day breaks free and kicks Lee. Hollis sends Day to the apron and Day rolls through a rollup. Lee double stomps Day for a two count. Hollis sends Lee to the floor. Hollis decks Day with a discus clothesline and backhands Lee. Lee knee strikes Hollis and is kicked by Day causing all three men to be down.

Hollis has Day on the top rope, but Lee comes over and hits the Tower of Doom out of the corner. Lee tries to get the cover, but fails to do so. They all begin to trade chops in the ring. Hollis shoulder rams Lee into Day in the corner and drives Day down to the mat for a two count. Lee connects with a swinging side slam on Hollis. Day kicks Lee a few times followed by a double knee drop to counter a pop up. Day superkicks Hollis, but Lee and Day are both sent to the floor. Hollis rolls to the floor trying to get Day into the ring, but the match ends in a draw. However, the match is restarted. Hollis stomps on Day in the corner as does Lee. Lee kicks Hollis and hits a clothesline for a two count. Lee misses a knee strike in the corner and is kicked by Hollis. Hollis connects with a swinging neckbreaker, but is kicked by Day. Day plants Hollis with a flatliner. Day takes Hollis out with a suicide dive to the floor. Day leaps off the top and is superkicked by Lee, but Hollis pulls Lee out of the ring. Hollis drops Lee over the railing throat first. Day delivers a kick and locks in a modified STF on Hollis, but Hollis is able to counter with a choke hold. Day counters with another modified crossface. Lee gets involved and hits a powerbomb on Hollis for a two count as Day makes the save. Day kicks Lee right on the face for the win. (***1/4. The crowd loved this and I enjoyed it, as well. Everyone looked really good in there and is a good showing from Chip Day, whom I’m really not familiar with compared to the other two wrestlers. A really good undercard match with great crowd reaction.)

Fourth Contest: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Drew Myers: O’Reilly slaps Myers instead of shaking hands despite offering the hand originally. They trade some mat wrestling holds before having a standoff. O’Reilly takes Myers down with a cross arm bar, but Myers reaches the ropes and bails to the floor. Myers gets arm control on the mat for a few moments. O’Reilly breaks free with an arm drag and there’s another standoff. Myers monkey flips O’Reilly, but O’Reilly responds with one of his own as they keep their hands locked together. O’Reilly kicks Myers arm and focuses his attack on the left arm. O’Reilly forearms Myers to the mat and gets a two count. O’Reilly keeps Myers on the mat with a hammerlock. O’Reilly twists Myers arm, which looked gruesome. O’Reilly pulls on Myers arm under the top rope and keeps focusing his offense on the arm. Myers stops O’Reilly with a big boot for a near fall. Myers tosses O’Reilly overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Myers rams O’Reilly into the corner and chokes O’Reilly for a few moments. Myers sends O’Reilly hard into the corner back first. Myers sends O’Reilly hard into the corner chest first to maintain control of the contest. O’Reilly sunset flips Myers for a two count. Myers knee lifts O’Reilly for a two count.

Myers chops O’Reilly, but O’Reilly fights back with strikes. O’Reilly kicks Myers a few times and delivers a leg sweep. O’Reilly delivers a flurry of kicks, but Myers connects with a forearm strike. O’Reilly kicks and forearms Myers followed by a side suplex for a two count. O’Reilly leaps off the middle rope, but is met with a clothesline leading to a near fall. Myers tries for a slam, but O’Reilly elbows free only for Myers to hit a dragon screw leg whip and a couple of belly to belly suplexs and an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Myers sits O’Reilly on the top rope looking for a superplex. O’Reilly punches Myers and shoves Myers to the mat. O’Reilly sends Myers shoulder first into the ring post. O’Reilly forearms Myers and connects with a running kick. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT and a brainbuster for a two count. O’Reilly switches to a cross arm bar forcing a submission for the win. (***. A good match between these two. Myers seemed to get lost a couple of times in the match, but they pulled it together and it was a quality match.)

On the big screen, John Skyler says that he’s in England and can’t defend the tag titles. Skyler wants Jake Manning to be an honorable man and defend his tag title on his own. Skyler believes he’s in better shape than Manning and wishes his partner luck, which was sarcastic.

Fifth Contest: PWX Tag Team Champion Jake Manning vs. Aaron Solo & Darren Dean vs. American Tiger & Andrew Everett vs. Elijah Evans IV & Ethan Case: Manning and Tiger kickoff the title match with both men trading arm control. Tiger arm drags Manning, but Manning shoulder blocks Tiger. Tiger arm drags Manning a few times leading to a standoff. Dean enters the match and cheap shots Manning with a few kicks. Dean takes Manning down to the mat and puts a bow and arrow on the champ. Solo comes in and senton splashes Manning for a near fall. Manning sends Solo into Dean and hits a back suplex. Case and Evans enter the match to beat on Manning. Everett gets in the ring and there’s a triple sunset flip leading to a near fall. Everett drop toe holds Case and Tiger tags into the match. Tiger gets an abdominal stretch on Case, but can’t get a submission. Everett dropkicks Case and hits a standing moonsault. Tiger hits a moonsault and Everett delivers a senton from the apron. Everett chops Case a few times and Tiger returns to the match. Dean and Solo double team Tiger with stereo kicks. Tiger continues to be worked over by Dean with a kick to the chest for a two count. Dean connects with a snap suplex on Tiger. Solo enters the match and Tiger holds onto the ropes allowing Everett to hit a missile dropkick on both men. Evans drops Everett with a backbreaker for a two count as Manning made the save.

Evans takes Everett over with a snap suplex. Evans forearms Everett a few times and rams Everett into the corner. Case hits a running double knee strike in the corner for a two count on Everett. Evans uppercuts Everett coming off the middle rope and Solo gets a two count. Everett hits a crossbody for a two count on Solo. Solo stops Everett with a knee lift. Dean slams Everett and gets a two count. Evans slams Everett and Case comes off the top to deliver a stomp on Everett for a near fall. Case drives Everett down to the mat gut first out of a back suplex. Everett nails Case with a kick to the head. Everett tries to make the tag to Tiger, bit is stopped by Evans. Everett sends Evans and Case into each other before hitting a double Pele kick. Everett tags in Tiger and Tiger cleans house with several kicks. Tiger kicks Dean causing Dean to DDT his own partner Solo. Dean kicks Tiger into a corner and runs into a boot. Tiger kicks Solo as Manning tags in and hits a double clothesline off the top rope. Manning cleans house with clotheslines. Manning hits a DDT/Flatliner combo on Dean and Solo. Evans clotheslines Manning to save Case from a piledriver. Everett kicks Evans and hits a shooting star press, but Case nails Everett with a twisting vertical suplex. Tiger nails Case with a poison hurricanrana, but Manning breaks the cover. Solo and Dean attack Tiger and Manning. Manning big boots Solo, but Solo delivers a kick and Dean almost wins with a German suplex. Everett and Tiger forearm Evans and Case sending them to the floor. Tiger and Everett hit stereo dives over the top to the floor. Manning knee strikes Solo and Dean leading to Manning spiking Solo with a piledriver to win the match and retains the tag titles. (***. This exceeded my expectations as I thought about doing a quick recap of the match, but I’m glad I didn’t. Everyone shined here and it was a fun match.)

Sixth Contest: Cedric Alexander vs. Jay Lethal: Lethal takes Alexander down with a rollup and Alexander responds with one as well with both men getting two counts. They both try for dropkicks and that leads to a standoff. Alexander controls Lethal with a side headlock. Alexander shoulder blocks Lethal, but Lethal comes back with a few arm drags. Lethal dropkicks a seated Alexander causing Alexander to regroup on the floor. Lethal takes Alexander down to the mat with a headlock to keep control on the mat. Lethal blocks a monkey flip and chops Alexander. Lethal misses a clothesline and Alexander hits a head scissors and dropkick to send Lethal to the floor. Alexander keeps Lethal on the mat with a side headlock. Alexander connects with a hurricanrana and an arm drag. Lethal misses a springboard dropkick but nails Alexander with a superkick after avoiding a tornado DDT. Lethal springboard dropkicks Alexander off the apron and hits a suicide dive to the floor. Lethal chops Alexander a few times at ringside to keep control of the contest. Lethal gets a two count back in the ring.

Lethal back elbows Alexander to the mat and gets a two count. Lethal keeps a chin lock on Alexander, but doesn’t get a submission. Lethal uppercuts Alexander and tries for a suplex, but Alexander holds on. Alexander hammers away on Lethal and delivers a boot in the corner. Lethal blocks a boot in the corner, but is met with a back elbow by Alexander. Lethal connects with a handspring back elbow for a two count. Alexander dumps Lethal to the floor and connects with a kick. Alexander takes Lethal out with a somersault dive to the floor! Alexander tries for a cover, but Lethal kicks out. Alexander keeps a head scissors on Lethal, but doesn’t get a submission. The locker room has come out to the aisle to watch the match. Lethal tries for Lethal Injection, but Alexander blocks it with a knee lift and a kick to the head for a two count. Alexander connects with a knee drop for a near fall. Alexander continues to work over Lethal with strikes in the corner, but runs into a strike. Lethal comes off the middle rope with a heel kick. They both struggle to their feet trading strikes in the middle of the ring.

Lethal delivers a backbreaker, but Alexander rolls out and misses a kick. Lethal nails Alexander with a kick followed by the Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal heads to the top rope, but hops off and is kicked by Alexander. Lethal counters a brainbuster by dropping Alexander chest first to the mat. Lethal heads to the top rope, but Alexander crotches Lethal. Lethal holds onto the ropes to block a hurricanrana. Alexander tosses Lethal with an overhead suplex for a two count. Lethal avoids a kick in the corner, but Alexander hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Alexander dumps Lethal to the apron, but Lethal delivers a strike and hits a missile dropkick. Lethal forearms Alexander and hits the Lethal Injection for only a near fall! Lethal can’t believe it. Lethal looks for a piledriver, but settles for chops instead. They trade kicks until Alexander hits a clothesline and both men are down. They are on their knees trading strikes as both men are exhausted. They are up to their feet trading strikes. Alexander hits a backbreaker and a dropkick in the corner. Lethal counters the brainbuster, but is kicked again in the corner with a dropkick. Alexander spikes Lethal with two brainbusters and wins the match! (****. That was fantastic, folks! I was worried that Lethal would win the match, but not only was the action fantastic, but they made this feel like a big deal by having the locker room come out to the aisle to watch it. Everything about the atmosphere made this match a classic PWX contest. A great showing to elevate Alexander as a must-see guy for PWX. Well done to everyone involved.) After the match, there’s a beep over the loud speaker and Tommasso Ciampa appears on the big screen. Ciampa will be at the PWX DOI 2 event. Ciampa will be arriving in PWX to wrestle Alexander. HELL YEAH. That will be on July 19th.

Main Event: PWX Heavyweight Champion Caleb Konley vs. Kevin Steen in a steel cage match: Steen slams the door into Konley’s face to start the match on the floor, though the bell hasn’t sounded yet. Konley fights back with strikes, but Steen delivers a chop on the floor. Steen beats on Konley with a kick as they continue to brawl around ringside. Steen goes after someone in the crowd and Konley delivers an axe handle off the railing. Steen tosses Konley away on the floor, but Konley responds with chops. Steen rams Konley into the post and the referee gets decked by Steen. Konley sends Steen into the cage face first as another referee is at ringside now. Konley knocks that referee down, too. Konley puts Steen on a table and begins to climb the cage, but Steen pulls Konley off the cage and Konley crashes through the table! They finally enter the ring and the match begins.

Steve Corino enters the ring and puts a referee shirt on to be an official for the match. Steen sends Konley into the cage and stands on the champs midsection. Steen drops Konley with a back suplex. Steen clotheslines Konley and connects with a senton splash for a two count. Steen kicks Konley in the corner, but Konley fights back with a few chops. Steen forearms Konley into the corner. Steen presses Konley’s face into the cage and taunts the crowd. Konley sends Steen into the cage a few times to gain the advantage. Konley hits a neckbreaker over his knee for a two count. Konley kicks Steen a few times, but runs into a pop up powerbomb. Steen powerbombs Konley into the cage and hits the F5 managing only a near fall. Steen is on the top rope and tries for a swanton, but Konley got his knees up. Konley hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Konley locks in the O Face, but Steen doesn’t give in and breaks free. Steen sends Konley into the cage followed by a sleeper suplex for a near fall. Steen tries for the Package Piledriver, but Konley avoids it. Konley is kicked into Corner and Steen hits the Package Piledriver. Corino begins to count, but decks Steen instead. Corino plants Steen with a Flatliner and Konley has a cover, but Steen kicks out at two. Steen punches Corino and hits the cannonball in the corner. Konley superkicks Steen and hits a Death Valley Driver for the three count to retain the title. (**1/2. The stuff before they got into the cage was probably the most enjoyable aspect of the match. Corino screwing over Steen isn’t a total shock since I believe SCUM has been dissolved by this point in ROH. I kind of wish that Konley wasn’t the victim of a BS finish as this doesn’t do much for him as a result. Regardless, it’s a fine main event entertainment wise.)

Kevin Steen grabs a microphone and says that the PWX Heavyweight Championship belongs to him, but that will have to wait. Steen wants a piece of Corino in a street fight on July 19th.

Final Thoughts:
An easy thumbs up from me and I’m looking forward to the July 19th show.

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