ECW Hardcore TV 4/9/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Richmond, VA

1.) CW Anderson & Bill Wiles defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill
2.) Chris Chetti defeated ECW Tag Team Champion Justin Credible
3.) Nova defeated ECW Tag Team Champion Lance Storm

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Danny Doring cuts a promo with Roadkill behind him. Doring talks about people saying that his mom was hot at the airport, but it was Electra. Doring suggests that he got an STD from Electra and insults her smell and look. Roadkill finishes off by saying “chickens.”

2.) Joey Styles says that if the Dangerous Alliance loses tonight then Electra will go nude tonight.

3.) Lou E. Dangerously is in the ring with the Dangerous Alliance telling the fans to shut their mouths. Dangerously has a very important announcement and says that he’s the greatest manager in professional wrestling today. Dangerously says he’s the best because he’s Lou E. Dangerously. Electra is introduced and she’s covered in a large jacket.

4.) Anderson hammers away on Roadkill to start the match, but Roadkill comes back with a powerslam. Doring sends Wiles into the guard railing before getting into the ring. Roadkill plants Anderson with a side slam and Doring rams Wiles into the corner. Roadkill splashes both men in the corner and they fall down into a 69 position. Wiles drops Doring with a tilt a whirl slam. Wiles chokes Doring over the middle rope. CW hits a sit out hammerlock powerslam for a near fall. CW and Doring trade strikes in the corner until CW misses a splash in the corner. Doring hits a neckbreaker over the middle rope. Roadkill and Wiles are tagged in with Roadkill cleaning house with clotheslines. Roadkill side slams Wiles and they hit a middle rope Hart Attack on CW. Roadkill slams Wiles leading to a Doring top rope leg drop. Roadkill is shoved off the top by Dangerously and crashes through a table. Dangerously accidentally hits Wiles with the phone. CW plants Doring with a spinebuster to win the match. (NR. The match was joined in progress, so I’m not sure how much was cut out. For what was shown, I thought it was solid stuff. I’m enjoying this push for CW and Wiles. CW continues to look great in there.) After the match, Doring rips off Electra’s jacket to reveal her lingerie.

5.) They show footage of a match between Rob Van Dam and Spike Dudley that has never been seen before. This obviously happened before RVD’s broken ankle in January. I’m assuming this was done to give people an RVD match. As you’d expect, RVD won the match following the Five Star Frog Splash.

6.) Credible knee lifts Chetti followed by right hands in the corner. Credible shoulder blocks Chetti, but Chetti comes back with a scissors kick and right hands. Chetti sends Credible upside down into the corner. Credible tries for the That’s Incredible, but Chetti counters with a rollup for a two count. Credible comes back with a superkick. Credible stomps on Chetti in the corner and hits a sit out powerbomb out of the corner for a near fall. Credible drops Chetti with a right hand. Credible slams Chetti and comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop for a two count. Credible keeps Chetti on the mat with a sleeper. Chetti elbows out and sunset flips Credible for a two count. Credible clotheslines Chetti and taunts the crowd. Credible gets a chair from Jason and heads to the top rope. Chetti gets a boot up to send the chair into Credible’s face. Credible misses a baseball slide and hits the ring post groin first. Chetti chops Credible in the corner and hits a double springboard heel kick for a two count. Chetti places a chair over the top turnbuckle but is met with a right hand. Credible misses a dropkick as Chetti held the ropes. Chetti catapults Credible into the corner for a two count due to Jason pulling the referee out. Credible holds Chetti, but Lance Storm accidentally kicks Credible. Chetti kicks Storm to the floor and hits the Amityville Horror for the clean win. After the match, Storm and Credible hit a spike piledriver on Chetti. Nova slides into the ring to make the save for his partner. (**. I was honestly not expecting Chetti to win over Credible, but if they are having a tag feud it’s important for them to look like legit contenders. I would have figured Nova would get the win over Chetti, but it’s a pleasant surprise.)

7.) Nova cuts a promo issuing a challenge to Lance Storm and wants to send him back to Canada.

8.) Storm and Nova trade right hands with Nova getting the advantage. Storm misses a splash in the corner and Nova hits a running bulldog out of the corner. Nova continues with stomps against the ropes. Storm misses a clothesline, but low blows Nova and connects with a dropkick. Storm clotheslines Nova in the corner followed by a running elbow and a seated dropkick. Storm stomps on Nova and rams him into the corner. Storm drops Nova with a knee lift coming off the ropes for a two count. Storm continues to stomp on Nova and delivers a gut buster. Storm tries for a backdrop, but Nova hits a powerbomb/elbow drop combo. They trade a few more right hands until Storm sends Nova into the referee in the corner. Nova hits the Kryptonite Krunch on Storm after dropping Credible on the top rope. There’s no referee allowing Dawn Marie to get involved. Jazz hits a fisherman suplex on Marie and hits the Jazz Stinger on Jason. Credible whacks Jazz with the kendo stick. Storm accidentally superkicks Credible. Nova hits a flatliner and pins Storm to win the match. After the match, Nova is double teamed and gets hit with the spike piledriver. Storm grabs a microphone saying that’s how you make an impact. (**. Another solid match and I was figuring they’d split the series. I’m fine with the tag champs losing singles matches. They are trying to make them viable contenders and I think this helps. Do I think they win the titles? No. Doring and Roadkill seemed destined for that spot, if I had to guess.)

9.) Footage of Jeff Jones revealing he put the bounty on Tommy Dreamer and that it wasn’t Raven. Mike Awesome attacked both Dreamer and Raven. Awesome powerbombed Raven through a table. Awesome powerbombed Dreamer through a table in the corner. Joey Styles notes that Awesome used Raven to destroy Dreamer.

10.) The Impact Players cut a promo to end the show. Justin Credible says they gave punk ass kids a chance to wrestle them and they shoved it up their ass. They were attacked by them and they lit a fire under their ass. Storm chimes in and says beating them in a singles match means nothing. They will never beat them in a tag match. Credible finishes off with his catchphrase.

Final Thoughts:
I don’t mind the focus on tag team wrestling this week as the division did need a focus. Nova and Chetti got some much needed steam against the champions to make that a little more interesting. I thought it was a fine overall episode.

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