IWA-MS Thunder After Thunder 4/13/2014

IWA-MS presents Thunder After Thunder
From: Clarksville, IN

Ian Rotten announces that Jonathan Gresham is not on the show due to missing his connecting flight. Thus, Christian Rose and Danny Cannon will compete in singles action. The next show is on May 1st, 2014 for Derby Madness, which is an Old School show with tickets only $10 each. Solo Darling is also not here and Jordynne Grace has an open challenge. Rotten jokes that since she turned 18 she lights to negotiate for herself.

Opening Contest: Kaden Sade vs. Jordynne Grace: Grace taked Sade down to the mat with a headlock. Grace gets a head scissors and they have a standoff. Grace slaps Sade and taunts him. They do a test of strength until Sade kicks Grace and tries for a hurricanrana, but Grace counters with a buckle bomb and a running forearm in the corner. Grace nails Sade with a running elbow strike. Grace delivers a double knee drop, but can’t get a cover. Grace chokes Sade over the middle rope and distracts the referee so that her pals can get a cheap shot on Sade leading to a near fall. Grace takes Sade over with a snap suplex for a two count. Grace slams Sade and delivers a kick to the back and then chest for a near fall. Grace forearms Sade a few times and chops Sade against the ropes. Sade gets out of a sunset flip and struggles with the idea of hitting Grace. Grace taunts Sade for not hitting her. Grace uppercuts Sade a few times followed by a slap to the face. Sade kicks Grace followed by a kick to the head for a near fall. Grace low blows Sade and hits a jumping flatliner for the win. (*1/4. That was just a weird viewing experience. I’m not sure why a guy would answer a female challenge and then have concerns over hitting a woman. The commentators were not very kind to Grace either. It was just a bizarre viewing experience.) After the match, Grace demands a match with LuFisto at the Queen of the Death Match show.

Second Contest: Christian Rose vs. Danny Cannon: Early on they trade some mat wrestling holds with neither man getting a clear advantage. Cannon gets a sunset flip out of a lockup and misses a double stomp leading to another standoff. Cannon gets a headlock on Rose, but is sent into the ropes. Cannon kicks Rose on the knee a few times. Rose nails Cannon with a shoulder block. Rose smacks Cannon on the face and keeps control with a headlock on the mat. Cannon gets a triangle choke on Rose for a moment. Cannon has a headlock on Rose, but doesn’t get a submission. Cannon delivers a spinning kick to send Rose to the floor. Cannon lands on the apron and kicks Rose before trying for a springboard, but Rose yanks Cannon down face first onto the apron. Rose tries for a dive, but is met with a kick to the face. Cannon double stomps Rose over the middle rope on the apron. Cannon misses a shooting star press off the apron and hits the floor hard. Rose rolls Cannon into the ring and delivers a knee lift to the midsection. Rose rams Cannon into the corner and bites his forehead. Cannon is stopped by a knee lift. Rose drops Cannon over the top rope gut first. Cannon kicks Rose a few times, but is stopped by a strike. Rose sends Cannon into the ring post ribs first. Rose plays to the crowd on the apron. Rose pulls Cannon down and gets a near fall on a cover attempt.

Rose drops Cannon over the top turnbuckle and delivers a few stomps in the corner. Cannon fires back with strikes to the body. Cannon spin kicks Rose and delivers a forearm. Rose avoids a suplex and a pump kick. Cannon avoids a kick and dropkicks Rose into the corner. Cannon hits a running elbow strike and a cannonball splash for a near fall. Cannon kicks Rose several times on the head, but Rose delivers a chop. Rose nails Cannon with a big boot and almost wins the match. Rose forearms Cannon and they trade several strikes. Cannon kicks Rose against the ropes and goes to the top rope, but Rose stops Cannon with a strike. Rose clubs on Cannon on the top turnbuckle looking for a suplex. Cannon knocks Rose off the middle rope with several headbutts. Cannon goes to the top rope hitting a double stomp, but slowly makes the cover only managing a two count. Cannon kicks Rose over the back and goes to the top rope again. Rose crotches Cannon on the top rope. Rose forearms Cannon on the top and bites Cannon’s nose. Rose goes for a vertical suplex off the middle rope, but Cannon fights free with elbow strikes. Cannon tries for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Rose hangs onto the ropes. Cannon manages to hit the powerbomb and almost wins with a rollup. Cannon locks in submission and rolls away from the ropes, but Rose breaks free and hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Cannon goes back to the bridging submission. Cannon rolls away from the ropes again and Rose looks like he’s passed out. The referee checks two times, but the third time Rose wakes up. Cannon knee strikes Rose and goes for the submission again. Rose refuses to give in and the match ends in a time limit draw.

Cannon grabs a microphone and wants five more minutes. They get five more minutes. They kick each other and Rose delivers a headlock driver for a near fall. Rose has Cannon on his shoulders, but Cannon elbows free. Cannon hits the Lightning Spiral for a near fall! Rose dumps Cannon to the apron and Cannon goes to the top rope. Cannon hangs on the rafters and hits a hurrcianrana on Rose! Cannon dives over the ring post and takes Rose out with a somersault dive! Cannon knee lifts Rose and rolls Rose into the ring. Cannon goes for a cover, but Rose kicks out at two. Cannon delivers a kick and they trade forearms. They trade several kicks, as well. Rose nails Cannon with a right hand and they trade a flurry of forearms. They both go down to the mat and the referee counts them both out to end the match in a double knockout. (***1/2. I know nothing about either guy and I don’t recall having ever seen them wrestle, but that was a really fun match with some hard hitting action and Cannon doing some impressive aerial stuff. I was left highly impressed by both men.) After the match, they shake hands.

Prior to the next match, Eddie Young wants Todd Morton, but instead gets his protege in Eddie Young.

Third Contest: Eddie Young vs. Johnny Rotten Ixx: Young attacks Rotten before the bell, but Rotten fires back with strikes and kicks to the leg. Rotten hits a running dropkick in the corner. Rotten continues with a dropkick and double stomp. Rotten hits a running cannonball splash. Rotten delivers an uppercut, but Young sends Rotten into the ropes. Young misses a splash and hits the middle rope groin first. Rotten nails Young with a double stomp over the middle rope. Rotten leaps off the middle rope to deliver a double stomp. Todd Morton comes out and spikes Rotten with a brainbuster. Morton continues with stomps to Rotten. Ian Rotten coms out and attacks Morton to make the save. Rotten sends Morton to the floor and they continue to trade strikes. John Wayne Murdoch runs out and brawls with Rotten. Morton plants a female referee with a piledriver. She apparently dates Johnny Rotten. Hyzaya runs into the ring with a chair to make the save. Hyzaya tosses Murdoch off of Ian. Johnny had his legs taped together in the corner. The referee’s name is Sabrina. (NR. This is mostly an angle and I thought it was done fairly well. Morton hit a sick piledriver on the female referee. I think there’s some decent heat for a tag match to take place.) Afterward, Morton says they don’t belong in wrestling. Sabrina, the injured referee, is put on a wooden board and carried out.

Fourth Contest: Hyzaya & Ian Rotten vs. Jack Thriller & Gary Jay in an I Quit match: Jay and Thriller attack Rotten and Hyzaya as they were walking backstage. Jay and Thriller stomp and choke their opponents. Rotten headbutts Jay and Thriller out of the corner. Rotten low blows Thriller. Hyzaya works over Jay in the corner with strikes. Rotten yanks on Thriller’s groin in the corner. Hyzaya sends Jay to the floor and then traps Thriller in the ropes to deliver a few strikes. Hyzaya dives off the top to take both men out on the floor. Hyzaya is sent into the ring post and Jay rams Rotten into the ring post. Jay chokes Rotten with tape. Hyzaya is double teamed in the ring having his arms pulled apart. Hyzaya continues to be double teamed, but refuses to give in. Hyzaya is hip tossed out of the corner by both men. Jay and Thriller keep control in opposite corners. Rotten pulls on Jay’s taint area, but Thriller helps out. Hyzaya sends Jay to the apron and slingshots Jay into Thriller back into the ring. Hyzaya hits a leg lariat on Jay and they put a double arm bar on Jay. Thriller makes the save to break the submission. Hyzaysa spikes Jay with a piledriver and they put stereo submissions on their opponents. Thriller submits to Rotten to end the match. (*. I was bored by this though there was a couple of decent spots thrown in. It was mostly just brawling and mindless brawling at that.) After the match, Rotten cuts another promo, but I just tune him out at this point. He seemingly puts over Hyzaya.

Karen Jarrett is the special referee for the upcoming strap match.

Fifth Contest: Mickie Knuckles vs. Randi West in an Indian strap match: Knuckles starts off with a clothesline to drop West to the mat and continues with a forearm strike. Knuckles clotheslines West coming off the ropes and tries for an under hook suplex, but settles for a Rock Bottom. Knuckles went for a cover, but Karen didn’t look interested in counting. Knuckles lets go of the strap causing West to fall into her manager on the floor. Knuckles forearms West on the floor and whips West over the back with the strap. Knuckles chokes West with the strap before returning to the ring. West whips Knuckles a few times over the back after Knuckles was distracted. West chokes Knuckles with the strap. West begins to touch the corners, but Knuckles kicks West to stop her momentum. West kicks Knuckles several times in the corner. West whips Knuckles over the chest and they go to the floor. Knuckles is sent into the corner a few times shoulder first. Knuckles has been busted open from being sent into the ring post. West delivers a few strikes to open Knuckles up some more. Knuckles drops West with a headbutt. Knuckles hits a snap suplex on the floor. Knuckles is bleeding quite a bit right now.

West goes to the middle rope and tries for a crossbody, but Knuckles catches West and hits a swinging side slam. Knuckles begins to touch the corners and is decked by West’s manager. West kicks Knuckles over the back several times. West delivers a leg drop and continues to touch the corners. Knuckles splashes West in the corner to stop the momentum. Knuckles sends West into the corner and delivers a running dropkick. Knuckles begins to touch the corners, but West sends Knuckles to the floor. West kicks Knuckles from the apron and leaps off to deliver a double axe handle. Knuckles chokes West over the middle rope and delivers a kick to the head. Knuckles chokes West over the middle rope, but West returns to the apron. West’s manager gets in the ring and Knuckles kicks the middle rope on him before hitting him with the strap. Knuckles ties West in the ropes and chokes her with the strap. West drops to the floor, but Karen reattaches the strap and didn’t count Knuckles progress. Knuckles hits a pump handle slam. Knuckles touches all four corners to win the match. (*1/2. It’s not too bad, really. Knuckles held my interest and her blade job was gnarly. It’s a bit weird to see Karen Jarrett in IWA-MS, but here we are. Strap matches tend to be a little boring and that was the case here, too.)

There’s a lengthy segment between Mitch Page and Jason Saint. Mitch is claiming to be the best and he’s not going to stay down. Saint has purchased the contract of Derek Neil to seemingly have a match with Mitch. Saint says that Page will get his ass kicked. Neil attacks Mitch from behind and they go to the floor into the crowd trading strikes. Neil delivers several left hand punches, but Mitch gains control. Mitch bites Neil’s forehead, but Neil fights back with more strikes. It looks like Neil is trying to bust Mitch open hard way with the punches, but isn’t successful. They brawl backstage to end the segment.

Sixth Contest: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Matt Cage: They start off trading wrist locks and they have a standoff. Cage keeps O’Reilly on the mat with a headlock for a moment. O’Reilly counters with a headlock of his own and trips Cage. O’Reilly runs the ropes and gets an arm bar on Cage. Cage reaches the ropes, but gets a two count. Cage heel kicks O’Reilly leading to a one count. Cage clubs O’Reilly over the back followed by a headbutt. O’Reilly misses a chop and Cage drops O’Reilly with a chop. Cage chops O’Reilly a few times. O’Reilly knee strikes Cage and then casually slaps Cage on the mat. O’Reilly misses a dropkick as Cage held the ropes and Cage responds with a slap of his own. O’Reilly is dumped to the floor and Cage hits a suicide dive to the floor! Cage goes to the top and hits a crossbody, but O’Reilly rolls through and locks in an arm submission, but Cage reaches the ropes. O’Reilly yanks down on Cage’s arm over the shoulder. O’Reilly sends Cage into the corner shoulder first. O’Reilly delivers a sliding knee to the shoulder of Cage and delivers a knee drop. O’Reilly yanks down on Cage’s arm over the top rope. Cage overhand chops O’Reilly and delivers a headbutt. Cage chops O’Reilly around the ring. O’Reilly drives Cage down to the mat arm first for a two count.

O’Reilly keeps arm control, but Cage fires back with a headbutt and strikes. O’Reilly kicks Cage several times followed by a leg sweep. O’Reilly kicks Cage on the chest a few times. Cage ducks a kick and throat punches O’Reilly. Cage atomic drops and forearms O’Reilly to the mat. Cage knee strikes O’Reilly followed by a neckbreaker for a near fall. Cage delivers a backfist strike. O’Reilly delivers a knee and a snap German suplex. O’Reilly delivers another kick to the head for a near fall. O’Reilly yanks down on Cage’s arm, but Cage hits a reverse neckbreaker and hits a frog splash for a two count. Cage picks O’Reilly up, but O’Reilly locks in a choke hold. Cage prevents his arm from dropping three times. Cage breaks free with a back suplex. Cage pump kicks O’Reilly and delivers a knee to the face. O’Reilly comes back with a lariat and a brain buster for a two count. O’Reilly gets an arm bar on Cage, but Cage reaches the ropes. Cage almost gets a chicken wing on O’Reilly, but O’Reilly breaks free to deliver a kick. Cage counters a lariat and hits the Money Clip (modified GTS) for the clean win! (***1/4. I enjoyed that quite a bit more than I was expecting. I’m not very familiar with Cage, but he held his own very well with O’Reilly. They kept a good pace and the action held my interest. This is a huge upset and a welcomed surprise. I love when homegrown talent go over guys that are on national TV.)

Seventh Contest: Shane Mercer vs. Hurricane Shane Helms: Mercer shoves Helms into the corner to breakout of a lockup. The crowd chants for 3 Count and Helms proceeds to dance a little bit. Helms gets a headlock on Mercer, but Mercer breaks free to deliver a shoulder block. Mercer delivers another shoulder block, but gets scared to the floor when Helms does his taunt. Mercer returns to the ring and is met with right hands. Hurricane elbows Mercer in the corner and hits a back elbow off the middle rope to send Mercer to the floor. Helms works over Mercer with right hands on the floor. Mercer sends Helms face first into the ring post. Helms is beaten down on the floor while the referee is distracted by Mercer. Mercer continues to stomp on Helms and briefly chokes Helms followed by a right hand. Mercer comes off the ropes and hits an elbow drop for a two count. Mercer keeps Helms on the mat with a sleeper. Helms fights back with strikes, but Mercer tosses Helms with an overhead suplex. Helms is beaten down on the floor some more as the referee is distracted, again. Helms is rolled back into the ring and Mercer manages a two count.

Mercer clubs on Helms with strikes to the face a few times. Mercer taunts the crowd as Helms is laid out on the mat. Mercer hooks Helms for a delayed vertical and drives Helms down to the mat. Helms clotheslines Mercer a few times. Helms elbows Mercer charging into the corner and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Helms misses a shining wizard and is sent into the corner. Mercer gets a rollup and his feet on the ropes for a near fall. Mercer tries for a suplex, but Helms counters with the Nightmare on Helms Street for a near fall. Helms signals for a chokeslam, but Mercer grabs the referee and low blows Helms. Mercer runs into a boot in the corner. Helms heads to the top rope, but Mercer cuts Helms off with a right hand. Mercer hits a middle rope moonsault fallaway slam for the clean win. (**. A good finish and a move that I was not expecting Helms to take, but it was done well. It’s the expected kind of match you’d see from Helms in the Hurricane character. Perfectly fine action and a great clean win for Mercer.)

Josh Crane comes out and wants to apologize to Dale Patricks for recently turning on his best friend. Crane says he was easily tricked and that Dale knows that happens to him. Crane begs for forgiveness. Dale is thinking about it as the fans are telling him to not accept it. Dale doesn’t accept the apology. Crane gets on his knees to apologize. Dale changes his tune and says they’ve been friends for a long time. Dale accepts the apology and they hug. Crane raises Dale’s arm and Dale says everyone deserves a second chance. They leave the ring, but Crane sends Dale into the ring post face first. Dale is busted wide open and is beaten down by Crane and his pals. Apparently the group is called “White America.” Gooch suplexs Dale on the floor. Hyaza runs out and scares Reed Bentley away.

Eighth Contest: Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) vs. Alex Castle & Frank Wyatt vs. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy) in a gauntlet match: IOU and Submission Squad start off the match with the Squad delivering a few kicks and strikes for the advantage. Stunner/big stomp combo by the Squad for a two count on Iggy. Pierre elbows Iggy a few times in the corner and decks Awful on the apron. Pierre delivers a big forearm to Iggy and tags in Evan to keep control of the contest. Iggy tries for a cover, but is sent into the corner and Awful is tagged in. Awful cleans house with a lariat and grabs Evan by the groin to slam him down to the mat for a near fall. Evan hits a reverse curb stomp and heart punch to IOU. Awful is put on the top rope, but Awful gets off the shoulders and gets a rollup on Evan to earn the pin to eliminate the Submission Squad.

Alex Castle and Frank Wyatt run to the ring and attack IOU. Wyatt splashes Awful after a drop toe hold by Castle Castle leg drops a bag that had nothing in it for some reason. Wyatt elbows Awful in the corner and Castle tags in to deliver several strikes to the back and a running knee strike for a near fall. Awful fires back with forearm strikes, but Castle sends Awful into the ropes only for Awful to grab his groin. Awful tries for a groin slam, but Castle breaks free to deliver a big boot and a half nelson slam for a two count. Wyatt returns to the match and works over Awful with strikes. Awful chops Wyatt a few times followed by a headbutt. Castle and Wyatt are sent into each other and Iggy tags into the match. Iggy is nailed by Castle with a knee strike in the corner. Wyatt hits a back suplex, but Iggy rolls to the floor. Awful breaks free from Wyatt and low blows him. Iggy gets a rollup on Castle to get another three count to eliminate Wyatt & Castle.

The final team is The Hooligans, Devin & Mason Cutter. Hooligans quickly attack IOU with stomps and a slam to Awful. They hit an assisted corkscrew moonsault. They also hit a standing moonsault and middle rope leg drop combo. Mason missile dropkicks Awful followed by a running senton splash in the corner. Devin forearms Iggy in the corner and sits Iggy on the top rope. Iggy reverses Devin on the middle rope and they drop to the mat. IOU double team Devin and keep Devin on the mat following a kick. Awful snaps the fingers if Devin. Iggy forearms Devin a few times and delivers several double knees to the back. Awful slams Devin to the mat. Iggy hits a diving headbutt to the groin for a near fall. Iggy tries for a suplex, but Devin counters with a Michinoku Driver off the middle rope! Awful and Mason enter the match with Mason cleaning house with clotheslines. Mason clotheslines Awful in the corner followed by Fire Thunder. Awful is double teamed in the corner with running boots and a cannonball splash. Hooligans hit a backpack stunner/double stomp combo on Awful. Iggy kicks Devin and goes after Mason with strikes in the corner. IOU double team Mason with a bulldog over the feet for a two count as Devin makes the save. Awful goes for a groin slam and hits it on Mason. Devin kicks Awful and hits a powerbomb. Iggy hits a flipping neckbreaker from the apron into the ring on Devin. Mason hits a top rope Spanish Fly on Iggy. Hooligans have Iggy on the top rope and hit a flipping slam, but Awful makes the save. Awful elbows Devin and Iggy hits a spear allowing Awful to win with a rollup. (*1/2. I really didn’t have much interest in this match to begin with, and the crowd didn’t seem all that interested either. The concept that each team needed to win against every team made it obvious that IOU would win once they won the first stage. I’m not really familiar with the guys involved in the match, but I was left impressed by IOU and the Hooligans. It also didn’t help that I am more interested in the matches following this one.) After the match, Reed Bentley and his pals beat on IOU. Gooch and Crane are helping Bentley beat on the IOU.

Reed Bentley comes out to “With My Baby Tonight”, which was Jarrett’s song that was sang by The Roadie back in 1995. That’s heat, my friend.

Ninth Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Reed Bentley: Jarrett works over Bentley after putting the referee in the corner. Gooch and Crane come out to attack Jarrett from behind. Bentley goes to the middle rope and delivers an axe handle. Bentley hits a second axe handle off the middle rope. Bentley leaps off the middle rope and accidentally hits his guys with a dropkick. Jarrett decks Bentley with a right hand and sends Bentley into Gooch in the corner. Crane is sent into both men. Jarrett rams Bentley’s face into Gooch’s groin. Jarrett eye pokes Bentley and does his strut. Jarrett is double teamed by Bentley and Crane for a moment. Jarrett is kicked to the floor and Gooch delivers a strike. Jarrett is beaten down on the floor by all three men. Bentley presses Jarrett’s head against the ring post, and Gooch delivers a right hand. The referee is a heel referee and is counting the fall for any of the three men trying to cover Jarrett. Bentley gets a two count after an elbow strike to Jarrett. Jarrett hammers away on all three men to get momentum. Jarrett sends Reed into Gooch and takes Crane over with a snap suplex. Jarrett winds up and low blows all three men with kicks to the groin. Bentley hits Jarrett with a roaring elbow for a near fall. Bentley puts a dragon sleeper on Jarrett and wrenches on the arm. The referee checks the arm two times and the third time Jarrett starts to get up. Jarrett elbows free and kicks Bentley. Jarrett tries for the Stroke, but Bentley counters with strikes. Jarrett counters a punch and attempts the Stroke, but Bentley fights out. Jarrett avoids a clothesline and fails at the Stroke again. Jarrett tries for the figure four, but Bentley counters with an ankle lock, but is kicked away. Jarrett takes Bentley down and goes for the figure four, which is locked in. Bentley manages to rollover on the hold and Jarrett is screaming no, but the referee calls for the bell and says that Jarrett submitted. After the match, Karen Jarrett comes out with a guitar and threatens the wrestlers. Jarrett lets go of the referee and is attacked by Bentley as Gooch holds Karen. Crane accidentally hits Gooch and Jarrett delivers a low blow. Jarrett smashes a guitar over Bentley’s head. (1/2*. I mean, that was just a bad match. It was hardly even a singles match as it was more of a handicap match and then you have an evil referee, too. They did a lot here to protect Jarrett by even doing a screw job finish to really screw him over. This whole match just felt bizarre.)

Tenth Contest: Kongo Kong vs. Corporal Robinson in a tables match: Kong attacks Robinson, but Robinson battles back with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Kong stops Robinson on the apron and delivers overhand strikes and a headbutt on the apron. Kong scoop slams Robinson on the floor. Robinson sends Kong into the post and delivers a weak kick. Robinson knee lifts Kong a few times. Robinson jabs Kong with a chair to the gut and over the back. Kong clotheslines Robinson in the corner and hits a cannonball splash. A table is setup in the corner and Robinson puts Kong and Kong’s manager, Rush, through the table. Robinson delivers a neckbreaker for a near fall. Robinson leg drops Kong on the knee. Robinson slides another table into the ring. Robinson dropkicks Kong to stop his momentum. Robinson tries for a cobra clutch slam, but Kong kicks free and lays Robinson onto a table. Kong heads to the top rope and misses a splash. Kong goes through the table. Robinson has a cobra clutch on Kong and tries to hit a leg sweep into the table, but Kong counters and hits a Samoan Drop through the table in the corner. Kong covers and pins Robinson. (1/2*. Kind of similar to the previous match, but this was just boring. Kong seems to be a dominate heel in IWA and I could get behind a push for him. Robinson probably shouldn’t be wrestling any longer. It was just mindless brawling and lame counters into a table.)

This is Drake Younger’s final appearance in IWA-MS.

Main Event: BJ Whitmer vs. Drake Younger: They trade go-behinds with Younger getting control with a headlock and a wrist lock. Younger backs off as Whitmer reached the ropes. Whitmer shoulder blocks Younger and runs the ropes and they trade arm drags. Whitmer and Younger have a standoff after both missing dropkicks. Whitmer wants a test of strength, but Younger knee lifts Whitmer followed by forearms. They trade a couple of pin attempts and they have another standoff. Whitmer chops Younger against the ropes a few times. Younger backdrops Whitmer to the floor and goes to the top rope. Younger takes Whitmer out with a moonsault off the top to the outside. Younger is sent into several chairs. Younger sends Whitmer face first into a ring post and sets up a few chairs on the ground. Younger slams Whitmer onto several chairs. Younger hits a top rope crossbody for a one count. Whitmer elbows Younger several times and comes off the ropes, but is stopped by a flapjack. Younger locks in an Indian death lock, but Whitmer doesn’t give in. Younger gets a two count following a northern lights suplex. Younger was met with a knee lift off the ropes. Whitmer drives Younger down with a gut buster. Whitmer chops Younger in the corner and gets a near fall. Whitmer plants Younger with a spinebuster for a near fall. Whitmer puts a seated abdominal stretch on Younger, but doesn’t get a submission.

Whitmer knee lifts Younger, but Younger comes back with a series of clotheslines, atomic drop and neckbreaker. Younger clotheslines Whitmer in the corner followed by right hands. Whitmer backdrops Younger, but Younger gets a two count. Younger kicks Whitmer and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Whitmer tries for a dead lift German, but Younger breaks free and is met with a big boot for a two count. Whitmer hits two fisherman suplexs for a near fall. Whitmer waits in the corner, but is tossed overhead by Younger into the corner for a near fall. Younger slides a few chairs into the ring to bring some more hardcore into the match. Younger wedges a chair in the corner and grabs Whitmer and sends Whitmer into the chair followed by a suplex for a near fall. Younger sets up a chair in the ring and signals for Drakes Landing. Whitmer blocks it and hits a brainbuster onto the chair. Whitmer covers, but Younger kicks out at two. Whitmer tries for an exploder suplex, but Younger elbows free. Younger plants Whitmer onto the chairs with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes on their knees. They get to their feet and continue to trade strikes. Whitmer forearms Younger, but is stopped by a knee strike and forearms. Whitmer forearms Younger and hits the exploder suplex, but Younger kicks out at one. Younger counters a clothesline hitting the Drakes Landing for a near fall. Younger hits two back suplexs. Younger tries for the Drakes Landing again, but Whitmer counters and hits a lariat for a near fall. Whitmer nails Younger with a stiff lariat and gets the win. (***. To some extent it felt like they were doing the dramatic near falls just to do them and it didn’t really fit the match. They didn’t overdo the hardcore stuff and I was entertained by the action. I didn’t find myself tuning out of the match either. So, I think that’s an effective main event.) After the match, BJ cuts a promo about being one of Younger’s first matches in 2002. Whitmer is proud of Younger for turning his life around and they embrace.

Christian Rose comes out to cut a promo during Younger’s speech. Rose talks about having his first match in late 2013 against Younger. Rose claims he was close to beating Younger. Rose thinks he was close again in a four way match. Rose talks about Younger becoming a new man. Rose says that Younger is a much better man than him. Rose shakes Younger’s hand and then says he’s a better man than Younger and kicks Younger in the midsection. Rose stomps on Younger and leaves before BJ Whitmer can get his hands on Rose. Whitmer demands a match with Christian Rose.

Younger thanks the fans for sticking around so late to watch his match in IWA-MS. Younger credits Ian Rotten for seeing something in him and giving him a chance in IWA. Younger recalled being a fan and dreaming of being in the IWA. Younger thanks Rotten for bringing in big indie names to make him a better wrestler. Younger worked for Rotten even when it wasn’t the cool thing to do. Younger thanks Rotten for everything. Younger brings his mom into the ring and credits her for his success. They embrace as the fans give them an ovation. The locker room empties to show respect at ringside. Younger gives a shoutout to his wife and kids at home.

Final Thoughts:
There are a few good matches on here and then there are some bad matches, as well. I’d checkout the Rose/Cannon and O’Reilly/Cage. The rest is mostly average or lesser on the show. That being said, I’m going to give it an average rating. It is a near four hour show, so pick and choose your matches wisely.

Thanks for reading.

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