CZW Retribution 4/3/2004

Combat Zone Wrestling presents Retribution
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (EC Negro & KC Blade) vs. DJ Hyde & Merc vs. The H8 Club (Nate Hatred & Nick Gage) vs. CKNY (Cory Kastle & Niles Young) in a number one contenders gauntlet match: CKNY is conjoined together like the movie Stuck On You, which is actually pretty funny. They are using DJ Hyde’s gear to pull this off. Hyde comes out and chases after them. Hyde is attacked by a guy named Jude with chair shots, I think. Merc goes after CKNY in the ring with strikes as they are no longer conjoined. Hyde continues to be destroyed with chair shots. Young dropkicks Merc to get the advantage. Merc is double dropkicked by CKNY. CKNY deliver double elbow drops. Merc his a double flapjack, but is superkicked by Kastle. CKNY mess up an Un-Prettier/frog splash combo, but they still get a three count on Merc.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are the next team out. Negro tosses Kastle to the floor with a suplex. Young fights off both Blade and Negro with strikes. Blade kicks Young and delivers a gut buster. Negro goes to the top and they hit a spiked brainbuster, but Young rolls to the floor. Kastle returns to the ring with right hands, but Negro and Blade hit the Dirty Rotten Driver to pin Kastle.

The next team is a mystery team, but it’s the H8 Club. Gage and Hatred quickly go after the Scoundrels with strikes. Hatred clotheslines Blade in the corner. Gage sends Negro into the railing. Hatred clotheslines Blade again and plants Negro with a chokeslam to earn the three count.

Second Contest: CZW Tag Team Champions Rebel’s Army (Derek Frazier & Rockin’ Rebel) vs. The H8 Club (Hatred & Gage): Gage and Hatred go after the Army, but Rebel clotheslines Hatred to get control in the ring. Army hit a top rope Hart Attack on Hatred. Rob Hartog spears Rebel and Hatred delivers a sit out slam. Hatred clotheslines Frazier. Gage tosses Danny Rose onto a table at ringside. Hatred press slams Frazier over the top to the floor. Gage brings Frazier towards the Nest. Gage and Hatred stack tables. Hatred puts Frazier on the top table. Gage leaps off the stage hitting a senton splash and pins Frazier to win the tag titles. (**. As a whole segment including the opening match, I thought it was a fine way to start the show. I was relieved that the gauntlet match wasn’t some kind of 20+ minute match. The H8 Club is clearly over with the crowd and winning in a dominating fashion was what the crowd wanted. A fine warmup match for the rest of the show.)

Third Contest: BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs: Whitmer shoves Jacobs to the mat a couple of times. Whitmer tries for a slam, but Jacobs counters with rollups for a two count. Jacobs dropkicks Whitmer on the knee and stomps on his fingers. Whitmer chops Jacobs, but Jacobs responds with chops of his own. Whitmer eye rakes Jacobs followed by a clubbing strike over the back. Whitmer forearms Jacobs and rams Jacobs into the corner face first. Whitmer runs into a boot in the corner. Jacobs kicks Whitmer a few times and is dumped to the apron. Jacobs shoulder rams Whitmer and hits a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Jacobs slips on a springboard to the floor, but Whitmer catches Jacobs and powerbombs Jacobs into the railing! Whitmer drops Jacobs gut first over the top rope and Jacobs falls to the floor. Whitmer sends Jacobs into the railing back first. Whitmer drops Jacobs gut first over the railing and they return to the ring. Whitmer drives Jacobs down with a few gut busters. Becky Bayless makes her way down to ringside to cheer Jacobs. Whitmer delivers another gut buster for a near fall. Whitmer keeps an abdominal stretch on the mat before kicking Jacobs. Whitmer tries for a press slam, but Jacobs counters with a DDT. Jacobs ducks a strike and clotheslines Whitmer. Jacobs knee strikes Whitmer for a two count. Whitmer has Jacobs on his shoulders, but Jacobs counters with a modified Un-Prettier for a near fall. Jacobs kicks Whitmer and looks for a Slice Bread, but Whitmer sits Jacobs on the top rope looking for a back suplex. Jacobs knocks Whitmer off and is met with a forearm strike. Whitmer has Jacobs on the middle rope hitting a gut buster. Bayless prevents Whitmer from using the ropes on the cover. Whitmer tosses Bayless to the mat. Bayless kicks Whitmer in the corner and delivers a tornado DDT. Jacobs gets up in the corner to deliver a yakuza kick for a near fall. Whitmer tosses Jacobs with an exploder suplex out of the corner. Whitmer tries for a top rope powerbomb, but Jacobs counters with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Jacobs tries for another Slice Bread, but Whitmer drops Jacobs over the top rope and connects with another exploder suplex for the win. (***. There were a few sloppy moments, but the action was good throughout and held my interest. These two work well together. Bayless getting involved kind of hurt the flow of the match, so I don’t think that was really necessary. This was Whitmer’s debut for CZW and I think he did well enough to warrant some more bookings.)

Trent Acid comes to the ring through the crowd. Acid says that he loves wrestling and loves CZW. Acid recalls having helped build the company. Acid says he was at the bar and saw the CZW show on the TV. Acid mocks Teddy Hart for being on the show and shows off a plaque he won from the fans. Acid won the CZW Wrestler Of The Year award. Acid claims that he’s the best wrestler ever in CZW. Zandig comes out to confront Acid. Zandig talks about having to remove Acid last month. Zandig tells Acid that he can drink booze after his match. Zandig says he’s the best deathmatch wrestler and doesn’t need to brag about it. Teddy Hart makes his way out to join the segment. Hart moonsaults into the ring and gets a microphone. Hart agrees that Acid was the best in 2003, but it’s 2004 and it’s his year. Hart wants to do hardcore, but it’s tough to hear on these microphones. Acid talks about not working for the company due to mistakes. Zandig doesn’t like Acid, but he respects his talent. Zandig asks the fans if they want Trent Acid back in CZW. Acid says that if he can’t beat Teddy tonight then he’d never wrestle in CZW again. Zandig gets in Hart’s face and books the match and welcomes Acid back to the company.

Fourth Contest: Chris Cash vs. Grim Reefer vs. Nick Berk: They all go after each other with quick rollups, but nobody gets a three count in the opening minute. Berk is slapped by both men. Reefer has a headlock on Berk, but Cash hits a flipping cutter on Reefer. Reefer hits a head scissors/tornado DDT combo. Berk dumps Reefer to the floor. Cash takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor. Reefer sends Cash into the railing and goes to the middle rope hitting a frog splash on the floor. Reefer runs the ropes, but Berk gets an Indian death lock until Cash hit a top rope leg drop. Cash hammers away on Reefer with strikes and chops against the ropes. Cash delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker and Berk nails Cash with a somersault leg drop. Berk and Reefer have an awkward exchange seemingly messing up the same spot two times. Cash dropkicks both men to the apron and delivers another dropkick. Berk drives Cash down to the mat face first and is dropkicked by Reefer. Reefer is kicked by Cash and Reefer hits a standing hurricanrana on Berk. Cash has Reefer on his back, but Reefer counters to ram Cash into the corner ribs first. Berk tosses Reefer with two suplexs as Cash has grabbed a ladder. Berk almost pins Reefer with a dragon suplex. Cash sets a ladder up in the corner, but Berk shoves Cash to the apron. Cash counters a suplex and drops Berk over the ropes. Berk delivers a neckbreaker over the top rope and goes to the corner, but Reefer shoves Berk off the ropes onto a pile of chairs on the floor. Cash stops Reefer on the ladder and hits a Samoan Drop for the win. (**. It felt a little disappointing and underwhelming. There were a few awkward moments that hurt the flow of the match. Regardless, it’s a decent match, but it could have been executed better.)

Fifth Contest: Jon Dahmer vs. Joker in an Xtreme Strong Style first round match: They start off with a test of strength and trade kicks to the thighs. Joker spits at Dahmer and flips him off. Dahmer controls Joker with a test of strength and takes Joker down to the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Dahmer tries to keep Joker on the mat, but is kicked several times. They go back to a test of strength with Joker taking Dahmer down to the mat, but doesn’t get a three count. Dahmer kicks Joker and delivers a running kick to the throat. Dahmer tries for a choke, but Joker doesn’t give in. Joker gets control on Dahmer’s ankles, but Dahmer avoids giving up. Joker keeps Dahmer on the mat with a leg lock. Dahmer reaches the ropes and is chopped by Joker in the corner. Dahmer nails Joker with a spinning heel kick in the corner and a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Joker gets a triangle choke on Dahmer, but Dahmer punches free with right hands. They trade right hands on the mat. Joker uppercuts Dahmer into a corner followed by a chop. Joker misses a knee strike and goes behind Dahmer looking for a suplex. Dahmer counters and they go to the corner. Dahmer tosses Joker with a suplex managing a two count. Dahmer puts a camel clutch on Joker, but no submission. Dahmer hits a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Dahmer spikes Joker with a vertical suplex and puts a modified Cattle Mutilation, but doesn’t get a submission again. Joker kicks Dahmer on the back. Dahmer is attacked on the floor by BLKOUT, but fights them off with a chair. Joker kicks Dahmer on the back, but Dahmer comes back with a choke.

Joker breaks free and Dahmer is on the apron where Joker delivers another kick to the chest. Joker goes to the top and knee strikes Dahmer off the apron to the floor. Dahmer slams Joker coming off the apron onto the floor. Dahmer can’t get a three count in the ring. Joker hits a straight jacket suplex. Dahmer blocks a powerbomb and tries for another choke. Joker pummels Dahmer with strikes for a two count. Dahmer tries for a powerbomb, but Joker breaks free and locks in the rolling clutch submission. Dahmer can’t break free and almost passes out. Wifebeater comes out and attacks Joker to throw out the match. Wifebeater sends Ruckus into the railing and delivers a chair shot to the back. Wait, apparently Joker won the match by submission. (1/2*. There were a couple of good spots, but this was overall very boring and it seemed like Dahmer was not capable of working a long match. The fans eventually turned on the action as it didn’t really use the hardcore style that the tournament encourages.)

Sixth Contest: Team FIST (Gran Akuma, Icarus), Mike Quackenbush & Mister Zero vs. Hallowicked, Jigsaw & The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Jack Marciano): Kingston and Akuma kickoff the match with Akuma keeping wrist control before arm dragging Kingston and keeps control on the mat. Akuma kicks Kingston a few times and locks in a standing submission, but Hallowicked makes the save. Akuma arm drags Hallowicked into the corner and tags in Icarus. Zero tags into the match and stomps Hallowicked. Quack tags in and punches Hallowicked a few times. Icarus hits a top rope crossbody and a head scissors to take Hallowicked down to the mat. Quack hits a springboard crossbody to the floor. Icarus arm drags Jigsaw a couple of times. Icarus dropkicks Jigsaw to the floor. Quach wants Marciano and he tags into the match. Quack controls Jack on the mat with a chin lock. Quack boots Jack in the corner and plays to the crowd. Quack arm drags Jack and ties Jack up in the ring before tagging in Zero. Zero gets a newspaper and sits on Jack! Hallowicked nails Zero with an eye rake. Zero hits Hallowicked with the newspaper and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Akuma returns to the match, but Kingston comes in and hits a suplex. Kingston delivers a few kicks, but can’t keep Akuma down on the mat. Kingston tags in Hallowicked to choke Akuma over the ropes and delivers a splash to keep the advantage. Jack and Jigsaw hit stereo 619s on Akuma for a near fall.

Kingston plants Akuma with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Jigsaw enters the match and knee strikes Akuma several times. Akuma and Jigsaw trade several rollups until Jigsaw connects with a heel kick for a near fall. Jack tags in and hits a suplex on Akuma followed by strikes to the partners in the corner. Akuma is powerbombed by Hallowicked and is triple teamed with three dropkicks off the ropes for a near fall. Jigsaw double stomps Akuma and goes to the top rope missing a corkscrew dive. Icarus tags in and cleans house with a dropkick and clothesline to Hallowicked. Zero DDT’s Kingston to end the chain of headlocks. Icarus hits a DDT on Hallowicked off of Zero and Jack in the corner. Quack spikes Jigsaw with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Kingston decks Zero in the corner. Kingston tosses Quack with the Royal Flush German suplex out of the corner. Jack takes Quack out on the floor. Kingston is kicked by Akuma on the top rope and Akuma hits a middle rope Code Red for the win. (***. I feel like every time there’s a CHIKARA showcase match I’m not interested in seeing it because that style normally doesn’t work for me. This time around the match was entertaining and it didn’t drag along for me. They didn’t overdo comedy and the action was impactful and fun to watch.)

Seventh Contest: Arik Cannon vs. Dan Maff: Cannon controls Maff with a wrist lock, but Maff kicks free. Cannon keeps arm control on Maff and takes Maff over with an arm drag. Cannon keeps a wrist lock on Maff and keeps Maff on the mat. Cannon stomps on Maff’s arm and goes back to arm control on the mat. Cannon slaps Maff in the corner and taunts the crowd. Maff misses a clothesline, but chops Cannon to the mat. Maff delivers a kick to the back and Cannon rolls to the floor. Maff backs Cannon against the ropes and delivers a chop. Maff chops Cannon against the ropes and over the back. Maff is met with a low blow and right hand by Cannon. Cannon keeps arm control on Maff, but doesn’t get a submission. Cannon chops Maff in the corner a few times. Cannon goes back to the arm work, but Maff refuses to give in. Cannon continues with chops in the corner, but runs into a boot. Maff powerbombs Cannon into the corner and hits a running back splash. Maff hits a running cannonball splash for a two count. Maff knee strikes Cannon and delivers a senton splash for a near fall. Cannon delivers an arm breaker to Maff followed by forearm strikes. Maff hits a side suplex and both men are down. They trade several strikes in the middle of the ring. Maff tosses Cannon with a suplex and another half nelson suplex. Maff misses a clothesline and Cannon hits an exploder suplex. Cannon tosses Maff with a German suplex. Cannon delivers a shining wizard for a two count. Maff clotheslines Cannon and plays to the crowd. Maff tries for the Burning Hammer and hits it for the clean win. (*. I’m glad Maff won, but the match was rather boring to me with Cannon controlling a good portion of the match. Cannon normally bores me and I was not looking forward for this one. Maff appears to be over with the CZW crowd and could be someone to get a bigger push soon.)

Eighth Contest: CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Roderick Strong: They all do go-behinds and counter each other. There are several rollup attempts, but that leads to a standoff. They do triple headlocks and head scissors before switching to leg locks and there’s another standoff. Dutt and Williams work together on Strong, but Strong overpowers them. They get an arm bar on Strong, but Strong knee lift frees. Dutt tries for a springboard on Strong, but Williams gets a rollup for a two count. Strong clotheslines Williams. Dutt heel kicks Strong coming off the ropes. Dutt springboard dropkicks Strong off the apron. Dutt ducks a clothesline on the floor and kicks Strong from the apron. Williams kicks Strong into the crowd and Dutt knocks Williams into the crowd. Dutt hits a springboard moonsault into the crowd! Dutt misses a splash and plants Williams with a cutter out of the tree of woe. Strong clubs Dutt on the middle rope a few times. Williams back suplexs Strong, who tosses Dutt with a suplex, too. Dutt hammers away on both me and hits a neckbreaker/DDT combo for a near fall. Dutt tries for a tornado DDT, but is dropped over the top rope by Strong. Strong drives Williams down with a backbreaker for a two count. Dutt gets a rollup on Strong, but Williams breaks the cover. Williams hits a crucifix bomb on Dutt for a near fall. Strong chops Williams against the ropes, but misses a clothesline. Strong drives Williams down with a few backbreakers and toss Williams into the corner. Williams blocks a rollup and puts the sharpshooter on Strong. Dutt takes Williams down with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Strong plants Dutt with a gut buster and a backbreaker for a near fall. Strong chops Williams and tries for a powerbomb, but Williams counters with the Canadian Destroyer, but Dutt breaks the cover. Dutt hits the Hindu Press, but Strong breaks the cover at two. Strong sits Dutt on the top rope and looks for a suplex, but Dutt shoves Strong off. Dutt goes to the top and is crotched by Strong. Strong hits a twisting cutter off the middle rope, but Williams makes the save. Williams kicks Strong to the floor, but Dutt counters the Destroyer with a reverse piledriver for the win. (***. There wasn’t much of a story to the match and it was just three dudes hitting some fun stuff to fill some time. This is before Williams was really doing the Canadian gimmick in TNA. Dutt had a nice counter to the Destroyer, which wasn’t something I was expecting. Roderick Strong is always fun to watch.) After the match, Dutt cuts a promo about getting his title back, but the lights go out. There’s a chair shot in the darkness. Dutt is seen left laying with a chair over his face.

Ninth Contest: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Rob Hartog in a boxing match: I feel like this a match to allow people to get food or bathroom break. Rebel dominates the first round with several punches and Hartog looks out on his feet already. Hartog knocks Rebel down with several punches after Rebel was distracted on the apron to start the second round. Hartog knocks Rebel to the mat again. Hartog punches Rebel and it’s a low blow because Rebel hiked his shorts up to trick the referee. Rebel’s pants are pulled down and knocked down to the mat again. Rebel bites Hartog’s ear and knocks Hartog to the mat. The fight continues to the fifth round and Rebel is knocked down, but the bell sounds to prevent a loss. The fans are not enjoying this and neither am I. Eventually, Wifebeater and Nick Gage come out and attack Rebel and Hartog. Gage delivers a chair shot to Hartog. Dan Maff comes out as well and watches Hartog get beat up. That ends the segment.

Tenth Contest: All Money Is Legal (K-Murda & K-Pusha) vs. Ruckus & Sabian: Ruckus and Sabian attack from behind. Ruckus shoulder blocks Murda and delivers an arm drag. Sabian and Pusha are brawling on the floor. Ruckus press slams Murda followed by a kick on the way down. Sabian and Pusha are now in the ring legally with Sabian hitting an arm drag into the corner. Sabian works over Pusha in the corner with a chop. Sabian takes Murda out with a somersault dive to the floor. Pusha takes Sabian out with a somersault dive, as well. Ruckus hits a handspring dive to the floor to take everyone out. Murda dropkicks Sabian into the corner, but Sabian drop toe holds Murda into the corner followed by a running dropkick. Sabian works over Murda with strikes over the back. Ruckus hits a running Fame-Asser and a shooting star press off the ropes for a near fall. Ruckus kicks Murda to stop his momentum. Ruckus plants Murda with a vertical suplex. Sabian tags into the match and hits a moonsault with assistance from Ruckus on the middle rope. Ruckus also connects with a double knee splash to Murda. Murda kicks Sabian, but is met with a heel kick. Sabian kicks Murda over the back a few times. Ruckus stomps on Pusha and Sabian works over Murda in the corner. Sabian and Ruckus hit splashes in opposite corners. Murda knocks Ruckus down with a kick. AMIL hit a blockbuster over the knees on Ruckus, but Pusha is sent to the floor by Sabian. Murda shoves both men off the middle rope and hits a double hurricanrana.

Murda looks to make the tag, but is stopped. Sabian punches Pusha off the apron. Ruckus has Pusha over the shoulder and drives him down to the mat face first. Murda dropkicks Sabian from the middle rope and Sabian’s momentum causes him to hit Ruckus with a hurricanrana. Pusha enters the match to double team Ruckus with a flatliner. Sabian is planted by Pay In Full (twisting DDT out of a Gory Special). Ruckus hits a corkscrew kick to both men. Murda hits a neckbreaker on Ruckus onto a chair. AMIL have Sabian in the corner locking in the Stick Up, but they don’t get a submission. Joker runs into the ring and saves Sabian as the referee was distracted. Sabian hits the Blackout and Joker hits Joker Driver. Ruckus plants Murda with a suplex onto chairs to win the match. (**1/2. The structure of the match seemed to get lost at one point and the flow just felt really weird for me. The action was fine as both teams are entertaining. It just seemed like their ideas got scrambled together and they lost the direction at points in the match.) After the match, BLKOUT attack AMIL some more.

Eleventh Contest: CZW Iron Man Champion Jimmy Rave vs. Chris Hero in a non-title match: Hero works over Rave with a wrist lock to kickoff the match. Rave counters with one of his own. Hero reverses Rave to get another wrist lock on Rave. Hero keeps a neck vice on Rave, but Rave counters with a front face lock. Hero takes Rave down to the mat with wrist control. Rave takes Hero down to the mat and wrenches on the leg, but is kicked away and they have a standoff. Hero dropkicks Rave running the ropes and taunts the fans. Hero keeps Rave on the mat with a headlock. Hero gets a rollup on Rave for a two count. Rave gets out of a full nelson and nearly wins with a rollup. Rave takes Hero down to the mat for a near fall. Rave follows up with a chop and keeps arm control on the mat. Rave arm drags Hero and continues to work the arm. Rave tries for a hip toss, but Hero counters with an overhead toss. Hero drops Rave with a strike and controls Rave with a neck vice before hitting a double stomp and a senton splash off the ropes. Hero misses a shining wizard, but puts a sleeper on Rave instead. Hero nails Rave with a forearm strike for a two count. Hero plants Rave with a twisting suplex for a near fall. Hero clubs Rave over the back, but runs into a kick. Rave gets a rollup on Hero and is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Hero keeps Rave on the mat with a chin lock. Rave hammers away on Hero with strikes and kicks Hero several times on the side of the head. Hero chops Rave several times, but Rave responds with a flurry of strikes. Rave decks Hero with a clothesline and a forearm. Rave drives Hero down with a backbreaker and STO for a two count. Rave forearms Hero in the corner, but Hero responds with a boot in the corner. Hero hits a middle rope Hangman’s Clutch for a near fall. Rave avoids a clothesline and superkicks Hero for a two count. Rave forearms Hero followed by more strikes, but is stopped by a clothesline for a near fall. Hero chops Rave in the corner and delivers a running big boot. Hero nearly wins the match with a rollup. Hero forearms Rave in the corner several times. Rave elbows Hero and hits a hurricanrana followed by a shining wizard to win the match. (**1/4. A decent match, but a little too slow for my liking. The finish was a little unexpected, but a good win for the champion in a non-title situation. I figured Hero would have won to earn a title shot, so this was a nice change of direction.) After the match, Hero attacks Rave to possibly get a title match anyway down the line. Hero hit a double leg slam and locked in the STF.

Twelfth Contest: Wifebeater vs. Adam Flash in a grudge match: Flash takes Wifebeater down to the mat, but then backs off into a corner. They trade wrist locks, which is not something to expect from Wifebeater. Wifebeater takes Flash over with a fireman’s carry and chops Flash against the ropes. Wifebeater powerslams Flash and delivers a strike to the groin. Flash drop toe holds Wifebeater into the corner. Flash drops Wifebeater over the top rope and kicks Wifebeater to the floor. Flash leaps off the top to takeout Wifebeater with a crossbody. Flash rams Wifebeater into the railing and delivers a few strikes. Wifebeater nails Flash with a trash can shot on the floor a few times. Wifebeater hits Flash with a trash can lid several times, as well. Wifebeater puts the trash can and lid onto Flash and delivers several chair shots to the back. Wifebeater has a staple gun and hits Flash. Wifebeater punches Flash a few times and Flash has been busted open. Flash gives Wifebeater a wedgie. Flash staples the shirt to Wifebeater’s head. Flash delivers several unprotected chair shots to the head. Ian Knoxx whacks Flash with a chair shot allowing Wifebeater to hit a middle rope chokebomb for the win. (*. There wasn’t much to this. Some mindless hardcore stuff.)

Main Event: Teddy Hart vs. Trent Acid in a match where Trent Acid’s career is on the line: Acid backs Hart into a corner, but neither man gets control. The crowd is hot for this match. They start with a mat based counters. Acid has a hammerlock on Hart, but is elbowed. They counter each other with wrist locks. Hart keeps a front face lock on Acid, but doesn’t get a submission. Acid tosses Hart away, but Acid goes for a tornado DDT only to be rammed into the corner. Acid boots Hart in the face. Acid spikes Hart with a tornado DDT and Hart goes to the floor to regroup. Acid avoids several strikes and shoves Hart to the mat. Acid decks Hart with a right hand. Hart grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. It doesn’t work, though. It eventually works and Hart begins to cut a promo complaining about something that I can’t hear. It looks like they are going to make this a street fight.

Hart whacks Acid with a chair shot on the apron. Hart goes tp the top hitting a shooting star press onto the chair on top of Acid for a two count. Hart nails Acid with a few strikes to the face. Hart plants Acid with a double under hook DDT and goes to the top rope. Hart hits the Open Hart Surgery for a near fall. Hart casually shoves Acid to the mat and tries for a cocky cover, but doesn’t get a three. Hart pummels Acid with right hands on the mat. Hart spikes Acid with a reverse piledriver and signals for the end. Hart hits a corkscrew splash, but Acid kicks out at two. Hart can’t believe it and has a bit of a temper tantrum. Hart has a confrontation with Zandig before he goes into the crowd with Acid. They make their way outside the venue. Acid sends Hart into a car on the street. Acid tosses Hart onto the hood of a car. Acid spikes Hart with a piledriver on the car. Acid leaps off the car to hit a moonsault, but hits someone other than Hart. Hart sets a table up outside and they go to the car where Hart powerbombs Acid off the car onto the table, which didn’t break. Hart dumps a drink on Acid to insult him. Hart carries Acid back into the venue. Majority of the fans actually followed them outside. Hart hits Acid with a coffee maker. Hart rolls Acid into the ring as the fans are chanting for Acid. Hart tries for a cover, but Acid kicks out at two.

Hart gets in the referees face not agreeing with that count. Hart tosses a few chairs into the ring and is pissed that Acid kicked out. Hart taunts several fans in the front row. Hart backs Acid against the ropes, but Acid drops to the mat unable to stand. Hart signals for the end again. Acid nails Hart with a yakuza kick for a two count. Acid grabs a steel chair, but Hart kicks Acid and goes for a German suplex, but drops Acid face first onto the chair with the Hart Rate. Hart misses a clothesline, but counters a yakuza kick attempt. Hart tries for a powerbomb, but Acid hit a hurricanrana onto the chair face first. Hart recovers first leading to a near fall. Hart has a chair, but Zandig gets in the ring and fakes hitting Hart with it. Hart catches the chair and Acid hits a yakuza kick knocking the chair into Acid’s face for the three count. (***1/2. The fans didn’t like that finish and I feel like Zandig getting involved in it was just not needed. The match had a big match feel to it and the fans were eating it up. They went outside and had some fun action take place. I have been wanting to watch this match for a long, long time. I remember seeing some high praise for it at the time, and in 2004 I’m sure it was next level. Watching it now, it’s still a good match, but it’s not an all-timer kind of match to me. There were a lot of stalling moments and that’s how it was able to drag out for nearly a half-hour. Still, it’s a good main event with a disappointing finish with Zandig getting involved.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s nearly a four hour show, but despite the length I still found myself enjoying the show. I’ll give it a recommendation to check out as there is some quality wrestling. Acid/Hart angle is good and the crowd is actively engaged for most of the action making it easier to watch, too.

Thanks for reading.

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