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ECW House Show 4/18/1997

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
From: Downington, PA

Opening Contest: Balls Mahoney vs. Chris Chetti: They shake hands before the match and the crowd didn’t like that. Chetti gets a hammerlock and then a headlock on Mahoney. Mahoney counters and shoulder blocks Chetti. Chetti misses a clothesline and dropkicks Mahoney to the floor. Mahoney backs Chetti against the ropes and delivers a few right hands. Chetti hits a crossbody off the ropes and a dropkick to send Mahoney through the ropes to the floor. Mahoney regroups on the floor again and Chetti takes Mahoney out with a dive to the outside! Chetti hammers away on Mahoney, but is stopped by a powerbomb. Mahoney covers Chetti for a near fall. Mahoney keeps a sleeper on Chetti as the fans chant this is boring. Chetti is stopped by a knee lift and a fist drop. Mahoney keeps a chin lock on Chetti, but doesn’t get a submission. Chetti elbows free, but Mahoney eye rakes Chetti into the corner. Mahoney works over Chetti with strikes and chokes Chetti in the corner. Chetti boots Mahoney in the corner and hits a middle rope clothesline. Mahoney tosses Chetti with a suplex and wins the match. (*. That was weird as the finish came out of nowhere. I’m thinking Chetti got hurt as he was not really moving his left arm at the end.) After the match, Mahoney cuts a promo, but I have no idea what he’s saying because the microphone isn’t linked with the camera obviously. Eventually, the Sandman comes out for a match against Mahoney.

Second Contest: Balls Mahoney vs. The Sandman: Mahoney works over Sandman with several right hands to bust Sandman open more from his already cut forehead from beer can smashing. Mahoney continues with right hands against the ropes. Sandman overhand chops Mahoney in the corner. Mahoney regains control with strikes and sends Sandman to the floor. Mahoney beats on Sandman with strikes and sends Sandman into the railing chest first. Mahoney sends Sandman into the railing back first. Mahoney has a chair and smashes Sandman over the head in the ring. Mahoney puts a chair over Sandman and leg drops a chair onto Sandman’s face. Mahoney goes to the top and misses a leg drop landing on the chair. Sandman plants Mahoney with a DDT onto the chair for a near fall. Sandman elbow drops a chair onto Mahoney. Sandman goes to the apron and hits a slingshot leg drop onto the chair for a near fall. Sandman has a kendo stick and microphone. Sandman whacks Mahoney over the head and gets another two count. Sandman hits Mahoney again over the head for a two count. Sandman hits Mahoney again and pins Mahoney for the win. (*. I’m not sure if the point of this was to make Mahoney into a guy who has heart with the kendo stick shots, but I feel like the crowd wasn’t really buying into Mahoney. The crowd loves Sandman and that was at least a positive aspect of the first half hour of the show.) After the match, Mahoney has a beer to seemingly get respect from Sandman.

Third Contest: The Lost Boys vs. Axl Rotten & Cpl. Punishment: The fans have no idea who the Lost Boys are and they make sure they know it. Lost Boys try for the cheap advantage, but they are quickly knocked to the floor. Long story short for this one. Rotten wins the match with a lifting reverse DDT, which looked good.

Fourth Contest: The Pitbulls vs. ECW Television Champion Shane Douglas & Louie Spicolli: Douglas is nervous to fight Pitbull #1 and stalls to the apron. #2 and Spicolli kickoff the match with #2 delivering a shoulder block and Spicolli backs off. #2 shoulder blocks Spicolli again and Louie regroups in the corner. Douglas drops to the floor to avoid being tagged into the match. Louie attacks #2 from behind and connects with a scoop slam followed by overhand strikes. Douglas tags in and stomps on #2 several times. Spicolli returns to the match and is met with a clothesline. Spicolli rolls to the floor to regroup with Douglas and Francine. Spicolli works over #1 in the corner with strikes. #1 clotheslines Spicolli from behind and works over Spicolli with kicks in the corner. Douglas tags in and gets a front face lock, but #1 breaks free and tosses Douglas into the corner. Douglas tags out and freaks out on the floor. Douglas knee lifts #1 from the apron and Spicolli hits a spinebuster. Douglas tags into the match and #1 is double teamed. Douglas takes #1 over with a snap suplex and Spicolli tags into the match. Spicolli gets a headlock on #1, but #1 doesn’t give in. #1 ducks a clothesline to hit a crossbody. Spicolli knocks #1 off his feet and Douglas returns to the match to deliver a headbutt to the lower midsection. #1 is choked on the apron as the referee is distracted. Douglas twists #1 neck on the mat followed by a dropkick to the back. Spicolli puts an arm bar on #1, but can’t get a submission.

1 no sells a few strikes by Douglas and Douglas bails to the floor afraid for his life. Spicolli hits a German suplex for a near fall. Spicolli puts a headlock on #1 and hits a rolling neck snap. Douglas tags back into the match and stomps on #1. #1 powerbombs Douglas and their both down. Spicolli and #2 get tagged in with #2 hitting a backdrop and a scoop slam. #2 nails Spicolli to the mat. Spicolli is driven down with a back suplex by the Pitbulls. Douglas is given a chair, but leaves as Spicolli is powerbombed off the middle rope and pinned. (**. A fine little match and there was some good heat between the two teams. Douglas playing the cowardly role was expected and avoiding Pitbull #1 was good booking. If they made the loop again with a singles match between the two it would probably be worthwhile checking out.)

Fifth Contest: Super Nova vs. The Dirt Bike Kid: Nova shoves Kid into a corner and hits an arm drag and drop toe hold. Nova puts a headlock on Kid, but Kid counters with a hammerlock. Kid shoulder blocks Nova and is tripped where Nova elbow drops Kid. Nova slams Kid and hits a leg drop followed by a dropkick for a near fall. Kid nails Nova with a spinning heel kick and springboards off the ropes to dropkick Nova into a corner. Kid covers Nova for a near fall. Nova is sent into a corner and Kid stomps on Nova. Kid dives off the top to hit a splash for a near fall. Kid dives over the top to take Nova and his buddy out on the floor. Kid kicks Nova a few times in the corner. Nova crotches Kid in the corner and gets a two count. Nova goes to the middle rope and missile dropkicks Kid. Kid elbows Nova and hits a northern lights suplex for the win. (*. That has to be a major upset and a finish that nobody was expecting no doubt about it. It wasn’t a bad match, but I was hoping it would go a little longer. Kid had some decent offense, but there wasn’t enough done here to really gauge how good he was or wasn’t.)

Sixth Contest: D-Von Dudley & Big Dick Dudley vs. New Jack & Mustafa: Jack and Mustafa work over the Dudley’s with weapons to start the match. They whack Dick with two chair shots and he drops to the mat. Jack sends D-Von over the railing into the crowd where Jack continues to work over D-Von with strikes. Jack sends D-Von into empty chairs in the crowd followed by a chair shot over the back. Jack continues to brawl with D-Von through the crowd on the floor. Mustafa big boots Dick into a corner. Mustafa slams Dick while D-Von beats on Jack on the floor. Mustafa sends Dick into the ring post as they brawl on the floor now as well. D-Von whacks Jack with a chair shot over the head. Jack has been busted wide open by this point. Mustafa hits a suplex on Dick, but Dick gets right up. Jack continues to beat on D-Von outside the ring. Jack whacks D-Von over the head with a chair shot and smiles about it. Jack goes to the top rope with a chair and is met with a low blow by Bubba with a crutch. Dick chokeslams Jack and uses the ropes for leverage to pin Jack for the win. (*. The live audience liked this stuff because it was just brawling and weapons shot. Watching this on tape it’s just repetitive stuff and kind of boring overall.) After the match, Jack is literally squirting blood out of his forehead.

Seventh Contest: Lance Storm vs. Taz: Storm gets a hammerlock, but Taz counters with a headlock to the mat. Storm gets a head scissors and they have a standoff. Storm is taken down to the mat and Taz keeps wrist control until Storm reaches the ropes. Taz hammers away on Storm, but misses a clothesline and Storm hits a spinning heel kick. Storm hits a crossbody to the floor onto Taz. Taz hooks Storm and hits a German suplex. Taz stomps on Storm to keep control on the mat. Taz kicks Storm a few times and hits an exploder suplex. Storm works over Taz, but Taz kicks Storm in the corner. Storm hits a springboard back elbow. Storm dropkicks Taz and heads to the top rope. Storm hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Storm hits a handspring splash in the corner and continues with strikes. Storm tries for a springboard, but Taz catches Storm and locks in the Taz Mission to win the match. (**1/2. For a sprint of a match it was a good one between these two. Storm had some good shine and his offense was fun. The finish was done well and Storm doesn’t lose anything in the loss. I’d like to see these guys in a longer form match.)

Eighth Contest: Little Guido vs. Spike Dudley: Guido hides on the floor and kicks a chair into Spike’s face and Spike was going after Guido’s partners at ringside. Guido hits a front suplex for a two count. Guido knee drops Dudley and taunts the crowd. Spike slides to the floor and brawls with Bad Crew. Guido accidentally hits them with a crossbody on the floor. Spike leaps off the top to hit a flying crossbody to take everyone out. Spike forearms Guido in the corner followed by a knee lift. Guido stomps on Spike and Spike is hit with a chair from the apron. Spike elbows Guido, but runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Spike nearly wins with a rollup and Guido delivers a clothesline and a leg drop. Guido slams Spike and goes to the apron hitting a slingshot elbow drop for a near fall. Spike is triple teamed against the ropes. Spike fights them off and backdrops Guido to the floor. Spike hits a headlock/head scissors combo on Bad Crew. Spike bulldogs Guido out of the corner for a near fall. Spike is tossed off the top rope and Guido gets a rollup for the cheap win. (*1/2. Another quick match with the closing sequence being the most entertaining part of the match.) After the match, Tracy Smothers comes out and helps beat up Spike. Tommy Dreamer comes down to make the save and we get into our next match. Beulah got involved hitting Guido with a low blow, too.

Ninth Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. Tracy Smothers: Smothers works over Dreamer before the bell and Guido gets in the ring to help get the cheap advantage. Dreamer clotheslines both men and hits a baseball slide to send them into the railing. Dreamer rolls Smothers into the ring and grabs a chair. Guido trips Dreamer and allows Smothers to hit Dreamer over the back with the chair. Smothers stomps on Dreamer a few times. Smothers backhands Dreamer and Dreamer gets choked over the bottom rope. Smothers works over Dreamer in the corner with several strikes to the ribs and midsection. Dreamer gets an inside cradle, but the referee is distracted. Smothers decks Dreamer with a clothesline and taunts the crowd. Dreamer works over Smothers with right hands in the corner. Smothers boots Dreamer in the corner and manages a near fall. Smothers nails Dreamer with a kick to the back of the head. Smothers stomps on Dreamer and rams Dreamer into the corner. Dreamer counters with a bulldog out of the corner. Dreamer misses an elbow drop, but punches Smothers coming off the top rope. Dreamer nearly wins with a cover attempt. Dreamer spikes Smothers with a piledriver. Dreamer sets up a chair in the ring and atomic drops Smothers onto the chair. Guido shoves Dreamer off the top and Smothers covers for a two count. Dreamer ends up planting Smothers with a DDT for the win. After the match, Beulah is dragged into the ring and the FBI dance with her against her will. Spike returns with a chair to make the save. (**. There was nothing earth shattering here, but it was a fine for what it was. Smothers has a way to keep the audience engaged and Dreamer tends to put forth a solid effort.)

Tenth Contest: Raven vs. Stevie Richards: Raven yanks Richards down to the mat by his hair. Raven controls Richards with a wrist lock and yanks Richards down to the mat again. Richards hammers away on Raven in the corner. Richards gets a one count after a snapmare. Raven kicks Richards and Richards gets a two count with a rollup. Raven decks Richards with a right hand. Richards gets a sunset flip on Raven for a near fall. Richards dropkicks Raven’s buddy off the apron, but Raven clotheslines Richards for a two count. Raven sends Richards to the floor and delivers an elbow drop on the apron. Raven whacks Richards over the back with a steel chair for a two count. Raven punches Richards several times, but Richards low blows Raven and continues with jabs. Richards hits a leaping forearm smash and a backdrop. Richards grabs the chair and drop toe holds Raven onto the chair for a near fall. Raven stops Richards with a low blow. Raven hits the referee with a chair shot on accident in the corner. Richards waits in the corner and tries for a superkick, but Raven bails to the floor. Blue Meanie and Nova roll Raven into the ring. Meanie slams Raven, but misses a top rope moonsault and Raven decks Nova. Richards superkicks Raven, but the cover is broken up. Raven is put on top and pins Richards. (*1/2. I’m not really sure why this was so short like most of the matches. It’s obvious the crowd is invested in this feud. The action was basic, but effective.)

Main Event: ECW Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn & John Kronus vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam in a tables and ladders match: Sabu and Saturn trade strikes in the ring to start the match with Saturn delivering elbows and stomps to get the advantage. Kronus enters and kicks Sabu in the corner followed by a few strikes. Kronus clotheslines Sabu and they have a standoff. Sabu covers Kronus for a near fall. Saturn enters the match and beats on Sabu with strikes. Saturn keeps a headlock on Sabu for a few moments. Sabu takes Saturn down to the mat and gets an ankle lock on Saturn, but Saturn kicks free. RVD enters the match and puts a hammerlock on Saturn. Saturn savant kicks RVD and hits a standing hurricanrana. The champs hit a double spinning heel kick to RVD. RVD gains control with a dropkick to Kronus. RVD powerbombs Kronus and Sabu hits a leg drop. RVD stomps on Kronus followed by a forearm strike. Kronus clotheslines RVD over the top to the floor. Kronus kicks RVD several times around ringside. RVD sends Kronus into a ladder against the railing. Kronus sends RVD into the railing and hits RVD with a ladder. Sabu stops Kronus with a kick. RVD takes Kronus down with a suplex and they double team Kronus. Sabu hits a somersault leg drop from the apron for a two count. Saturn breaks the cover. Sabu keeps wrist control on Kronus. Saturn dropkicks a seated Sabu.

Sabu fights back with a leg drop for a near fall. Saturn crotches Sabu on the top rope and hits a springboard kick. Saturn leaps off the apron to deck Sabu. They fight over a ladder and they get the ladder sent into them by RVD and Kronus. All four men are on the floor brawling. Saturn rolls both men back into the ring. Kronus and Saturn delivers kicks to Sabu and the same to RVD. Saturn grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring. RVD is sent into the ladder and Kronus hits handspring elbow strike in the corner. Saturn goes to the top and spin kicks a ladder into Sabu’s face. Sabu and RVD spin kick the ladder into the tag champs. RVD and Sabu hit a rolling thunder splash and leg drop onto Kronus on the ladder. Kronus has been busted wide open. RVD spin kicks Saturn leading to a near fall. Saturn is sent into the corner and met with stereo heel kicks leading to a near fall. Saturn fights back with a few kicks. RVD kicks a chair into Kronus on the floor. RVD puts a ladder in front of Saturn’s face and hits a running baseball slide into Saturn’s face. RVD gets a two count on Saturn with a rollup. Saturn hits a side Russian leg sweep on RVD, but is kicked by Sabu. Sabu hits a triple jump leg drop onto Saturn. Sabu dives onto Kronus on the floor. RVD puts a surfboard on Saturn and Sabu tosses a chair at Saturn. RVD slams Saturn and Kronus gets knocked into the guard railing. Saturn is put onto a ladder and the challengers go to opposite corners to hit a top rope leg drop and splash. Sabu leg drops a chair onto Kronus. RVD and Sabu leg drop the ladder onto Saturn. Sabu splashes into Saturn in the corner. Sabu dropkicks Kronus on the knee. Sabu hammers away on Saturn several times. Sabu clotheslines Saturn and RVD enters to stomp on Saturn. Saturn hits a brainbuster on RVD for a near fall. Sabu misses a triple jump moonsault and Kronus cleans house with strikes. Kronus powerbombs both RVD and Sabu. Kronus clotheslines RVD, but Sabu decks Kronus in the corner. Saturn takes Sabu out in midair from the apron. Saturn and Kronus kick Saturn on the mat. Sabu puts Kronus on a table at ringside and hits a slingshot splash through the table. Saturn plants RVD with a Falcon Arrow and goes to the top missing a moonsault. RVD spin kicks Saturn to the mat. Taz makes his way down to ringside. Sabu brawls with Taz on the floor. Taz sends Sabu into the guard railing and they brawl up the aisle. RVD slams Saturn, but its kicked by Kronus from behind. That leads to Total Elimination and a pin fall for the champs. (***1/2. I enjoyed this one as they had several good big spots and the overall violence was fitting for the stipulation. The crowd had been wanting some blood and violence throughout tonight and they delivered on that to end the evening. The finish with Taz getting involved wasn’t a surprise and it’s a good win for the tag champs.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the main event there’s not really a strong match on the show. There’s just not enough to carry this to a good show, which is a bit disappointing considering the card seemed strong on paper.

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