IWA-MS Schools In 3/4/2021

IWA-MS presents Schools In
From: Jeffersonville, IN

Ian Rotten starts the show at ringside with a microphone to talk to the fans. The attendance doesn’t appear to be all that great for this show. Ian is also not talking all that well. Aaron Williams comes out and says that Ian is probably going to make him captain for the Battles of the Sexes. Ian notes that ever since he said that IWA need Aaron that he has been demanding. Alice Crowley comes out wanting to be the captain for women. Hollyhood Haley J comes out to join the segment. Jake Crist comes down to join the segment, as well. Crist insults Aaron and says he’s IWA. Crist and Haley believe they should be captains because they are champions. Aaron goes to leave, but Haley smacks the back of his head. Haley says if Aaron doesn’t like her, then they should fight. Rotten makes the match between Aaron Williams and Hollyhood Haley J.

Opening Contest: Nick Ando vs. Zodiak: Ando controls Zodiak with a side headlock to start the match, but Zodiak breaks out with a few strikes. Ando comes off the ropes and staggers on a shoulder block. Zodiak grabs Ando by his beard, but Ando fights free with a few strikes. Zodiak sends Ando into the corner, but doesn’t follow up. Ando gets a waist lock on Zodiak and switches to a headlock. Zodiak sends Ando into the corner, but misses a splash. Ando dropkicks Zodiak to the floor followed by a baseball slide dropkick. Ando sends Zodiak into the post and hits a stalling senton from the apron for a near fall. Ando works over Zodiak in the corner with strikes. Ando shoulder rams Zodiak several times followed by a throat thrust. Ando elbow strikes Zodiak in the corner. Ando pummels Zodiak with right hands, but is pushed away. Ando misses a running dropkick in the corner. Zodiak headbutts Ando followed by a clothesline. Zodiak chops Ando on the shoulders followed by an elbow strike. Zodiak clubs Ando in the midsection to the mat followed by a punt kick to the ribs. Zodiak forearms Ando into the corner and chokes Ando over the middle rope. Zodiak tosses Ando to the floor and tells the referee to ask Ando if he quits. Ando returns to the match having not quit. Ando ducks a clothesline and avoids a TKO attempt. Ando runs into a Black Hole Slam, but kicks out at two. Zodiak elbows Ando several times, but is met with a dropkick in the corner. Ando heads to the top rope, but is met with a boot to the face. Zodiak nails Ando with the Heart Punch for the win. (*1/4. I’ve seen quite a bit from Ando in 2CW and ESW, so it was a bit disappointing that the crowd had no idea who he was and didn’t react to him one bit. He didn’t play into his captain gimmick at all, though. Zodiak didn’t impress me here and it didn’t seem as if they clicked very well.)

Second Contest: Alice Crowley vs. Malia Hosaka: Crowley starts off with a headlock on Hosaka, and avoids getting sent into the ropes. Hosaka backs Crowley into the ropes to break free and cleanly backs off. Hosaka kicks Crowley a few times to the mat and keeps control with a test of strength. Crowley reverses the test of strength and keeps control for a moment. Hosaka throat thrusts Crowley a few times. Hosaka wrenches Crowley with a wrist lock, but Crowley reverses with a wrist lock. Hosaka takes Crowley down to the mat and goes for a knee bar, but Crowley reaches the ropes to break the hold. Hosaka knee lifts Crowley followed by an eye rake and chokes Crowley over the middle rope. Hosaka forearms Crowley on the chest a few times and keeps a chin lock on Crowley. Hosaka knocks Crowley down to the mat. Hosaka kneels on Crowley’s throat and taunts the crowd. Hosaka nails Crowley with a clothesline and goes back to work with a chin lock. Crowley elbows Hosaka to break free and goes for a sunset flip, but Hosaka kicks out at tow. Hosaka throat thrusts Crowley to maintain the advantage.

Hosaka snapmares Crowley by her hair a few times. Hosaka chokes Crowley over the bottom rope. Hosaka nails Crowley with a kick in the corner, but Crowley hits a bulldog out of the corner for a near fall. Crowley and Hosaka trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Crowley backs Hosaka into a corner and is dumped over the top to the apron. Crowley drops Hosaka over the top rope and hits a dropkick. Crowley uppercuts Hosaka a few times. Hosaka elbow strikes Crowley, but Crowley fights free and hits a rip cord clothesline for a near fall. Crowley hits a side suplex for a two count. Hosaka kicks Crowley in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee saw that quickly. Hosaka gets a rollup with a handful of tights for the win. (*. Yeah, that wasn’t very good either. It was just a match that happened that lacked anything of real substance or moves that were good.)

Third Contest: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Anthony Gaines in a relaxed rules match: They start off trading a flurry of strikes until Murdoch tosses Gaines to the floor. Murdoch hits Gaines with a sign to the midsection. Gaines goes under the ring to escape. Murdoch grabs a ladder and hits Gaines with the ladder. Murdoch hip tosses Gaines onto the ladder. Murdoch grabs a door from under the ring and a couple of chairs. Murdoch pummels Gaines with elbow strikes on the mat. Murdoch lays the door onto the two chairs on the floor. Gaines kicks the middle rope to low blow Murdoch and delivers a chop on the apron. Gaines hits a swinging neckbreaker off the apron through the door on the floor. Wait, Murdoch countered the move, I guess and got a two count. Murdoch hits Gaines with pieces of the broken table. Murdoch chokes Gaines with the piece of table. Murdoch smashes Gaines with a chair shot, but only gets a two count. Gaines stops Murdoch with another low blow. Gaines stomps Murdoch on the groin. Gaines sends Murdoch into the ring post face first. Murdoch tries to send Gaines into the ladder, but misses and Gaines sends the ladder into Murdoch.

They return to the ring and Gaines sets the ladder up in the corner. Gaines chops Murdoch and sends Murdoch into the ladder. Murdoch manages to backdrop Gaines onto the ladder in the corner. Gaines sends Murdoch into the corner, but Murdoch hits a swinging neckbreaker. Murdoch covers, but Gaines kicks out at two. Gaines headbutts Murdoch and steps on Murdoch. Gaines hits a bottom rope moonsault, followed by a middle rope moonsault and tries for a top rope moonsault, but Murdoch got his knees up. Murdoch hits a slinging flatliner. Murdoch plants Gaines with a DDT for a near fall. They trade strikes from their knees until Gaines hits a Twist of Fate. Murdoch spikes Gaines with a Deep South Destroyer and a brainbuster to win the match. (**1/4. For a brawl focused match it wasn’t bad. Gaines took some good bumps as I expected him to. Gaines is another ESW mainstay and he works a good match taking some good bumps throughout his matches. Gaines did manage to get some crowd reaction unlike Ando from earlier. Murdoch is a guy that I haven’t seen much from, but I thought he did a good job here.)

Fourth Contest: Kongo Kong vs. Dewey Wellington: Kong is a monster and Wellington looks as if he’s fresh out of high school. Michael Elgin was originally booked for this instead of Kong, but he’s not here. Wellington slaps Kong, but is met with a flurry of strikes. Kong tosses Wellington across the ring. Kong continues to beat on Wellington in the corner and tosses Wellington to the floor. Wellington hits a couple of suicide dives, but Kong doesn’t go down. Kong clubs Wellington over the back. Kong slams Wellington on the mat. Kong misses a leg drop on the floor and Wellington hits a basement dropkick. Wellington hits a running sliding splash on the floor. Wellington looks for a count-out, but Kong gets to his feet. Wellington stomps on Kong’s hand and jumps on the back for a choke. Kong climbs into the ring with Wellington on his back. Kong enters the ring, but is sent into the corner. Kong drops Wellington with a strike for a two count. Kong chokes Wellington on the ropes to keep the advantage. Wellington chops Kong, but Kong responds with several clubbing blows. Kong headbutts Wellington in the corner and tosses Wellington across the ring. Kong slams Wellington and gets a near fall. Kong delivers a leg drop, but Wellington kicks out at two. Wellington forearms Kong on the mat, but Kong decks Wellington leading to another near fall. Kong tosses Wellington into a corner. Kong misses a cannonball splash in the corner. Wellington knee splshes Kong followed by a stunner. Wellington hits another springboard stunner. Wellington hits a Dewey Dog (Dudley Dog), but only manages a two count. Wellington heads to the top rope missing a double stomp and is promptly met with a clothesline. Kong plants Wellington with a sit down powerbomb, but Wellington kicks out for a two count. Kong tries for a slam, but Wellington counters with a stunner and attempts the Dewey Dog, but Kong counters with the Rikishi Driver for the win. (***. Okay, so that was actually an enjoyable match. However, there was probably zero reason for Dewey to last nearly this long against a guy like Kong. Dewey came across as a fantastic underdog type of wrestler and his offense was fun. I just think this should have been a lot quicker and dominate. Kong’s a solid big man wrestler, too.)

Fifth Contest: Corey Storm vs. Tony Evans: They start off with a test of strength with Storm powering out and they have a standoff. Storm arm drags Evans, but Evans sends Storm into the ropes and bails to the floor. Evans returns to the ring and keeps wrist control in the middle of the ring. Evans switches to a headlock and doesn’t let go. Storm tries for a shoulder block, but Evans doesn’t budge. Storm drop toe holds Evans and delivers an atomic drop. Evans misses a clothesline, but hits a hurricanrana and dropkick. Storm goes to the apron where Evans moves the apron and Storm crashes to the floor. Evans drops Storm on the apron with a suplex. Evans connects with a leg drop on the apron. Evans boot scrapes Storm’s face and gouges Storm’s face. Evans drops Storm to the mat with a right hand. Storm dropkicks Evans on the knee to send Evans into the corner. Evans decks Storm with a clothesline for a two count and chokes Storm on the mat. Evans stomps on Storm and sends Storm into the corner. Evans sends Storm into a corner, but runs into an elbow. Storm boots Evans in the corner and avoids a splash. Storm kicks Evans from the apron and delivers a superkick after a sunset flip. Storm hits a springboard cutter for a near fall. Storm kicks Evans a few times on the legs. Evans stops Storm with a knee lift to the midsection. Evans drops Storm with a strike to the mat. Evans hits a double underhook powerbomb for a near fall. Evans waits in the corner and is met with a dropkick by Storm. Storm goes to the top rope, but Evans press slams Storm to the mat. Storm hits a snapmare driver and pins Evans after Evans was distracted by Storm’s manager. (**. A decent match, but the crowd clearly doesn’t care about a lot of the talent in IWA-MS.)

Sixth Contest: IWA-MS Women’s Champion Hollyhood Haley J vs. Aaron Williams: Haley avoids a charging Williams at the start of the match. Haley gets a headlock on Williams, but Williams doesn’t seem bothered by it. Williams shoulder blocks Haley, but misses a double stomp. Haley almost wins with a rollup. Haley gets a rollup for a two count. Haley comes off the ropes to dropkick Williams into the corner and delivers a kick to the chest a few times. Haley kicks Williams on the chest several times, but Williams blocks a kick. Williams responds with a kick to Haley’s chest and Haley goes to the floor and under the ring. She returns from under the ring and Williams delivers a chop against the apron. Williams slams Haley onto the apron. Williams scoop slams Haley for a two count. Williams sends Haley into the corner and taunts the crowd. Williams sends Haley into the corner hard a few times. Williams strikes Haley over the head and removes his shirt. Haley chops Williams a couple of times before slapping him across the face. Haley plants Williams with a tornado DDT. Haley goes for the cover, but Williams kicks out at two. Haley palm strikes Williams, back fist and a superkick to drop Williams to the floor. Haley goes to the top rope and takes Williams out with a crossbody on the floor.

Haley kicks Williams from the apron and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Haley splashes Williams over the middle rope and hits a running double knee to the back of the head. Williams blocks a kick and drives Haley down to the mat with an STO for a near fall. Williams tries for a superplex, but Haley low blows Williams and hits a German suplex off the middle rope for a near fall. Williams plants Haley with a powerbomb to counter a hurricanrana. Williams spikes Haley with a piledriver, but pulls her up at two. Williams nails Haley with a kick to the head and pins Haley with one foot. (**1/2. I was worried that this match was going to be an example of a male doing very little and the woman having most of the offense to avoid the controversy of a male vs. woman match. That didn’t end up being the case as it turned into an actual match and Haley putting forth a good effort against Williams.)

Seventh Contest: IWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Blake 182 vs. Kevin Giza in an old school IWA rules match: Blake backs Giza into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Giza controls Blake with a go-behind, but Blake counters with a hammerlock. Giza switches to a side headlock. Blake shoulder blocks Giza followed by a hurricanrana to send Giza to the corner. Giza boots a charging Blake in the corner. Blake responds with a dropkick for a two count. Giza shoulder blocks Blake and runs the ropes. Giza nails Blake with a dropkick before kicking Blake to the floor. Giza runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive to the floor. Giza hits a second suicide dive to the floor. Giza tries for a suplex, but Blake counters with a strike and sends Giza to the floor. Blake nails Giza with a running baseball slide dropkick to knock Giza up the aisle way to the entrance. Blake rolls Giza into the ring and goes to the top rope trying for a splash, but Giza got his knees up leading to a near fall. Giza hits a Falcon Arrow leading to a near fall. Giza heads to the top rope again and misses a frog splash attempt. Blake nails Giza with a kick to the face. Blake stomps on Giza and they trade chops. Blake forearms Giza in the corner. Blake hits a running elbow strike to drop Giza. Blake takes Giza over with a snap suplex and a slingshot senton for a near fall.

Giza forearms Blake and sends Blake into the ropes, but Blake catches himself and ends up hitting a clothesline to Giza. Blake hits a handspring forearm strike. Blake hits a springboard flatliner for a near fall. Blake misses a springboard moonsault and Giza sends Blake into the railing a few times. Giza drops Blake over the railing and hits a double stomp off the apron to the floor. Giza hits a top rope frog splash for a near fall. Giza stops Blake in the corner hitting a running Alabama Slam into the corner. Giza tries for a cover, but Blake kicks out at two. Giza tries for a double under hook, but Blake counters and stomps Giza several times on the chest. Blake waits in the corner, but misses a superkick and Giza delivers a forearm strike. They trade a few forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Blake ducks a forearm and kicks Giza to the corner. Blake covers for a near fall. Giza hits a Canadian Destroyer and hits a Pedigree for a near fall. Giza nails Blake with the Ball Buster to win the match and title. (**1/4. The crowd continues to not really react to anything that’s going on. The match was okay, but wasn’t anything special. I’m not sure why the stipulation of old school IWA rules when there wasn’t any usage of weapons or anything of that nature.) After the match, they show respect by sharing a hug.

Eighth Contest: IWA Tag Team Champions The PD Express (Logan James & Tyler Matrix) vs. GKFAM (Piper & Prima Donny): Donny and James kickoff match with Donny hitting a shoulder block in the opening moments and taunts the crowd. Piper and Matrix enter the match with Piper taunting the crowd quite a bit. Piper avoids a lockup and continues to taunt the crowd in the corner. Matrix stops Piper’s taunting with a dropkick in the corner followed by stomps. Matrix runs into an elbow by Piper and a clothesline leading to a near fall. Piper elbows Matrix against the ropes, but Matrix comes off the ropes and they both attempted a crossbody. They are both down in the middle of the ring. Matrix and Piper grab each other by the throat after sitting up. Matrix plants Piper with a chokeslam before tagging in James. James delivers a double stomp out of a rollup for a one count on Donny. James tries to tag in Matrix, but James gets double teamed in the opposite corner. Piper stomps on James in the corner and Donny takes some time to choke James, as well. Donny delivers a dropkick in the corner leading to a near fall. Piper keeps a sleeper on James for a few moments.

Piper continues with a swinging neckbreaker and drops a leg drop for a near fall. Donny tags back into the match and hits a top rope axe handle to drop James to the mat for a two count. Donny and James forearm each other several times in the corner. James fights free, but Donny hits a wheelbarrow German suplex for a two count. Donny keeps James on the mat with a sleeper for a few moments. James tries to fight back, but Donny delivers a big boot for a near fall. Piper tags back into the match and kicks James in the ribs. Piper hooks James for a suplex, but James blocks it and nails Piper with a forearm smash. James crawls to the corner and kicks Piper away before tagging in Matrix. Matrix cleans house on the champs. Matrix takes Donny out with a suicide dive to the floor. Matrix hits a swinging neckbreaker and a Falcon Arrow on Piper. Donny nails Matrix with a boot. Matrix and James hit Total Elimination on Donny for a two count. Donny is met with double forearms in the corner a few times. Piper trips James off the apron. Matrix kicks Donny in the corner. Matrix is sent into the corner, but Matrix avoids Donny and James kicks Donny. Donny breaks free from Matrix and the champs hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a two count as James makes the save. Piper is kicked off the top by James. James and Matrix hit a forearm/jumping knee combo on Donny. James gets dumped to the floor by Donny’s manager. Piper decks Matrix with a tag championship. Piper goes for the cover, but James kicks out at two.

All four men are in the ring and begin to trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. Piper and Donny get the advantage with strikes, but they are stopped against the ropes. Matrix holds Piper for the Curb Stomp that Matrix and James hit on a springboard for the win. (**1/2. Out of the four, Piper came across as the least experienced. I enjoyed Donny’s work and both Matrix and James displayed a good skillset throughout the match. The match may have gone a little long, but I enjoyed the action.)

Main Event: IWA World Champion Jake Crist vs. Colin Delaney: There’s a slow start to the match with Delaney bailing to the floor to regroup after getting to the ropes. Delaney controls Crist with a headlock, but Crist breaks free quickly and Delaney bails to the floor again. Delaney taunts the crowd upon returning to the ring. Crist takes Delaney’s shirt off and Delaney again bails to the floor. Delaney returns to the ring and they do a test of strength, but Delaney kicks Crist in the midsection followed by an elbow strike to the head. Delaney sends Crist to the floor, but Crist returns to the ring and is met with a strike. Delaney rams Crist into the corner face first and chops Crist. Delaney pummels Crist on the mat and continues to taunt the crowd. Delaney continues to work over Crist in the corner and chokes Crist. Crist boots a charging Delaney, but runs into a heel kick by Delaney. Delaney chokes Crist over the middle rope to maintain control of the contest. Delaney catapults Crist into the middle rope for a one count. Delaney kicks Crist to the floor and delivers a few chops around ringside. Delaney elbow strikes Crist on the aisle way before grabbing a chair. Delaney slides the chair into Crist’s hamstring and delivers several forearm strikes. Delaney grabs a broom and chokes Crist with it.

Delaney chops Crist a few times and rams Crist into the apron. Delaney gets a running start, but Crist nails Delaney with a spinning heel kick from the floor. Crist drops Delaney onto the apron with a back suplex. Crist sends Delaney into the ring, but Delaney knocks Crist to the floor and hits a springboard crossbody to the floor to knock Crist down. Delaney leaps off the top, but is met with a superkick by Crist for a near fall. Delaney gets up in the corner and avoids Crist. Delaney palm strikes Crist on the top turnbuckle. Delaney hooks Crist for a suplex, but is shoved off. Crist gains footing on the top hitting a crossbody. Crist kicks Delaney a few times leading to a near fall. Delaney nails Crist with a stunner and a springboard stunner for a near fall. Delaney avoids a kick in the corner and hits a sliding German suplex. Delaney hits another springboard stunner, but Crist kicks out at two. Crist comes back with a cutter and almost wins with a rollup. They begin to trade pin attempts. Delaney almost wins with a backslide. They trade a few more strikes in the middle of the ring. They trade running forearms. Crist superkicks Delaney followed by a cutter and wins the match with a backslide. (***. This is a good match with a bad crowd that didn’t want to react to anything that was going on. I was a little bummed to see Delaney playing a heel role and stalling in the early moments of the match. Despite that, it became a good main event with quality action.)

The Players Club come down to the ring and attack Crist. Aaron Williams, Matrix and James are attacking Crist. John Wayne Murdoch comes down and makes the save. Murdoch ends up hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Crist. Murdoch stands tall with the title to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’ll give this a show a mild thumbs up that suffers due to a poor crowd reaction and overall involvement with the show.

Thanks for reading.

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