Life Outside The Big Time: Volume One

By the fall of 2005, Abyss had been wrestling for Total Non-Stop Action for two years and had established himself as a dominant heel for the company. Considering TNA didn’t run house shows, at that time, many times wrestlers would venture out and wrestle on the independent scene. That was the case on October 29th, 2005. (more…)

Reliving A Feud #31: Christian Cage Vs. Abyss In TNA ’06


A lot of times when a baby face wins the World Championship they usually encounter a monster heel challenger and have to fend them off in some dangerous matches. Off the top of my head, Ric Flair defending against Vader in WCW circa 93-’94, or Steve Austin defending against Kane and/or Undertaker in ’98.

The same can be said for when Christian Cage won the NWA-TNA World Championship at Against All Odds in February 2006 when he pinned Jeff Jarrett. It wouldn’t take long for the monster Abyss to step up and issue a war to the ever popular, Christian Cage. (more…)

Yearly Review: 2CW 2007


With one year under their belt and the growing pains out of the way, Squared Circle Wrestling embarked on their second year of existence. Their first year saw them run seven shows from April to December. In 2007, they would double their shows by holding fourteen shows over the year. They didn’t even wait to make a splash in 2007. Here is how 2CW’s second year unfolded. (more…)