The Match #18: Abyss Vs. Mick Foley In TNA ’09

By 2009, Total Non-Stop Action had a deep roster of talent that included young up and comers and legends. Mick Foley had been with TNA for just over a year by the time Bound For Glory 2009 came around. At the biggest event of the year for TNA, Foley would square off against one of the most intimidating wrestlers that TNA has ever had compete for them.

Abyss had been in TNA since 2003 and competed against the very best that TNA had to offer. A lot of fans compared Abyss to Foley’s previous character Mankind. They both worked a hardcore style and Abyss wore a mask similar to what Mankind wore. For some people, seeing Abyss and Foley compete in a hardcore match was a dream match. Well, it wasn’t just a dream come Bound For Glory. They would meet in a Monster’s Ball match.

Monster’s Ball is essentially a hardcore match that had become quite popular in TNA due to the men competing in them doing some insane spots. Eventually, the stipulation became played out because TNA overused it, but it was still relevant in 2009, I’d say.

Dr. Stevie is the special referee for the match. I believe Stevie had a loose association with Abyss being his therapist. Actually, Mike Tenay just said that Stevie was his former therapist. Taz thinks that Stevie isn’t going to call this down the middle. Apparently, thumbtacks have been banned from a match that doesn’t have rules. Lets see how this goes.

Foley comes down during the entrance for Abyss and hits him with a barbed wire bat from behind. Foley hammers away on Abyss at the top of the entrance way and hits a swinging neck breaker. Foley starts to climb the fixture and Abyss follows Foley. Foley punches Abyss several times and tries to knock Abyss off. Foley manages to knock Abyss off and Abyss crashes through the entrance way.

Foley slowly climbs down and Dr. Stevie seems to be praising Foley telling him that Abyss is done. Foley leaps off the side of the entrance way to hit Abyss with the barbed wire bat. Stevie again tells Foley that Abyss is done and tells Foley he did a great job. The fans are chanting for Foley, as well. Abyss isn’t done as he tosses a table out of the entrance way and comes up through the ramp. Abyss nails Foley with a clothesline and makes his way to the ring. Abyss tosses a trash can full of weapons into the ring. Abyss loosens the guard railing and puts a barbed wire board across the railing and apron. Abyss whacks Foley over the head with the trash can several times. Foley crashes to the canvas. Abyss brings another barbed wire board into the ring. Abyss grabs Foley and goes for a choke slam. Foley counters with a DDT onto the barbed wire board.

Stevie slaps Abyss and Foley uses the barbed wire bat on the forehand of Abyss. Foley whacks Abyss on the arm with the barbed wire bat, too. Foley sets a barbed wire board up in the corner. Abyss has been busted wide open. Abyss sends Foley back first into the barbed wire board. Foley is able to avoid a big splash in the corner and Abyss gets sandwiched between two boards. Foley comes off the ropes with deliver an elbow drop for a two count. Foley has a bag of thumbtacks and dumps them on the canvas. Abyss gets up and goes for a choke slam but Stevie tells Abyss he can’t use the tacks. Abyss lets go of Foley and hits the Shock Treatment on Stevie.

Daffney comes out and gives Foley something. Foley has a taser it looks like. Foley uses it and Abyss falls down after a few sparks. A second referee comes out to make the count but it appears to be a botch as Abyss kicks out. Foley puts the sock on and has barbed wire on it. Abyss drop toe holds Foley into the barbed wire board. Stevie pulls the referee out of the ring to make the save. Daffney is on the top rope but Abyss puts her through the table on the floor with a choke slam. The angle of the camera misses the spot. Stevie hammers away on Abyss and takes off his referee shirt. Abyss puts Stevie onto the tacks with a Black Hole Slam! Abyss choke slams Foley onto the barbed wire board. Abyss forces Stevie to make the count and wins the match. (*1/2)

Yeah, there was some violence there but this wasn’t a classic match that you’d probably hope for. This happened when Foley probably should have been retired. They depended on interference from Stevie and Daffney to even make it ten minutes worth of action. The crowd seemed rather dead for the hardcore stuff, too. This probably would have been much better had they been able to do it in 2006 or somewhere around then. It came across like their was more a focus on the issues between Abyss and Stevie than there was a focus on the issues between Foley and Abyss.

What are your memories on this match?

Thanks for reading.

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