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The Match #17: Fred Yehi Vs. Brian Cage In FIP ’17

I’ve been actively seeking out more and more independent wrestling since I’ve grown tired of the national wrestling scene. Recently, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I noticed a fellow wrestling reviewer, TJ Hawke, suggest that fans check out a match that took place earlier in 2017 between Brian Cage and Fred Yehi. Since I’m more than willing to check out wrestling matches, especially independent, I figured why not.

I’ve always been impressed by Brian Cage. His strength is impressive and he has a superstar look. Admittedly, I probably haven’t watched nearly enough of his work to get a true appreciation. On the other hand, I don’t know much about Fred Yehi. I’ve heard people praise him, but from what I’ve seen of his work, which is very few matches, I haven’t been overly impressed.

Fred Yehi is the FIP Heavyweight Champion and he defends it against Brian Cage at FIP Ascension on February 11th, 2017. Lets see how this delivers.

Yehi doesn’t wait for the bell hitting Cage with a series of running forearms in the corner. Cage shoves Yehi away after a few chops, but Yehi delivers more chops. Cage sends Yehi into the corner but Yehi gets to the apron and hits Cage on the foot. Yehi comes off the middle rope but is caught in midair. Cage casually tosses Yehi with a fallaway slam. Cage rams Yehi into the corner and delivers a series of short arm clotheslines. Cage tosses Yehi out of the corner. Yehi gets control of the left arm of Cage, but Cage turns Yehi inside out with a clothesline for a two count.

Cage works over Yehi in the corner with a shoulder ram but sends Yehi into the corner and hits a double leg sit out slam for a near fall. Cage kicks Yehi to the apron but Yehi comes back with a shoulder strike. Cage counters a sunset flip attempt with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Cage continues to work over Yehi in the corner with strikes. Yehi kicks a charging Cage but is met with a power slam. Cage misses a middle rope moonsault. Yehi battles back with a series of chops. Cage drops Yehi after one chop. Yehi blocks a boot and stomps on Cage’s feet. Yehi dropkicks a seated Cage a few times for a two count. Yehi attempts a suplex, but Cage counters with a pump handle slam for a two count.

Yehi drops Cage’s arm across the top rope followed by a running dropkick and a German suplex but Cage manages to kick out at two on the cover attempt!

Yehi can’t believe that Cage managed to kick out of that and tries for a submission but Cage easily gets up and plants Yehi with a swinging side slam for a two count. Cage looks for a power bomb it looks like, but Yehi holds onto the challengers leg. Yehi hits the knee of Cage to stop Brian’s momentum. Yehi fights back with chops and a roaring elbow. Yehi comes off the ropes but Cage nails Yehi with a discus clothesline. Cage plants Yehi with two power bombs and a F-5! Cage demands the referee to count the champion out.

Yehi gets up and is splashed in the corner. Cage hits a buckle bomb in the corner followed by a power bomb turned into a backbreaker. Cage puts Yehi on the apron and hits a suplex back into the ring from off the middle rope for a two count. Yehi counters a suplex with a Backstabber and a Codebreaker! Yehi puts the Koji Clutch on in the ropes and Cage is choking over the bottom rope. Yehi is able to get the submission victory! In FIP there aren’t any rope breaks. (***1/2)

It’s a good match and kept me interested and entertained throughout. Yehi did a good job selling for Cage and he had a few decent spots towards the end. I just left the match being more impressed and more interested in Cage. Cage is a monster and came across as one here. The story was nicely done as Yehi focused on areas that everyone is vulnerable to get hurt when he attacked Cage’s feet. The finish is good for Yehi and protects Cage since he was essentially getting choked over the bottom rope. This match was worth the time to watch it and they kept a non-stop pace without any rest holds or anything. Check it out below.

Thanks for reading.

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