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Reliving A Title Run Volume #21: The Quebecers As WWF Tag Team Champions In ’93 – ’94

On July 24th, 1993 the Quebecers made their debut on WWF Superstars. Jacques and Pierre dressed similarly to Jacque’s former character The Mountie. Their theme music even made mention that they were in fact not Mounties. Within a month of their debut, they lost to the Bushwhackers on All-American Wrestling, but the loss wouldn’t prevent them from reaching the pinnacle of tag team wrestling success.

That’s because on September 13th, 1993 on WWF RAW the Quebecers challenged the WWF Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers to a match contested under Quebec Province rules. Essentially, the championships could change hands on disqualification or count outs. I believe it’s one of the rare times that such a stipulation had been put in place when the champions were good guys.

After twenty-two minutes of action, Scott Steiner whacked Jacques over the back with a hockey stick and got himself disqualified. Thus, the Quebecers became the WWF Tag Team Champions. The match is actually one of my favorite matches from the first year of RAW. Jacques and Pierre also got a new manager during the match in the form of Johnny Polo, better known later on in his career as Raven.

Following their title victory, the Quebecers found themselves defending against a newly form teamed that consisted of Adam Bomb and Bam-Bam Bigelow. They were able to successful defend the titles when they won by count-out. On the September 27th edition of RAW, the Quebecers retained the titles against the 1-2-3 Kid and Barry Horowitz in a competitive match.

On the October 31st edition of Wrestling Challenge, the Quebecers fought Men on a Mission and lost by count-out when Mabel delivered a leg drop to Jacques on the floor. For most of October, the Quebecers successfully defended against Men on a Mission on the house show circuit.

By the end of October into the beginning of November, the Quebecers defended against the Smoking Gunns managing to retain the championships by both pin fall and count-out. The Steiner Brothers would get several championship matches, as well, but failed to regain the titles. Quebecers were able survive the end of 1993 still as the WWF Tag Team Champions.

On January 7th, the Quebecers nearly lost the titles to Men on a Mission in Elizabeth, NJ, but Jacques was able to save the titles when he hit the referee to save the titles. Three days later, Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid shocked the Quebecers on RAW when they won the titles after an eighteen minute match. Quebecers regained the titles a week later at Madison Square Garden.

Twelve days later at the 1994 Royal Rumble in Providence, Rhode Island the Quebecers faced off against the tag team of Bret and Owen Hart. The Hart’s entered the match looking to put behind their family issues dating back to the end of 1993. They had their sights set on tag team gold. The Quebecers were able to retain the titles when the referee deemed Bret was too injured to continue. To go along with the matches against Jannetty & Kid and the PPV match against the Harts, the Quebecers were having some quality title defenses and were entertaining while doing so.

Following the Royal Rumble, the Quebecers defended the titles against the Steiner Brothers on the house shows losing the matches by count-out or disqualification allowing them to retain the titles.

On the February 21st, 1994 edition of RAW, the Quebecers defended against WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid losing the match by disqualification when Shawn Michaels got involved in the match. Leading into WrestleMania X, the Quebecers successfully defended against the Smoking Gunns and the team of 1-2-3 Kid & Jim Powers on house shows.

At WrestleMania X, the Quebecers defended the tag titles against Men on a Mission. The Quebecers sensed that their titles were in danger and decided to take a count-out loss to hang onto the titles. Following WrestleMania, the Quebecers battled the 1-2-3 Kid & Sparky Plugg and were able to retain the titles by disqualification.

The Quebecers couldn’t runaway from Men on a Mission every night because on March 29th, 1994 in London, England, the Quebecers lost the tag titles to Mabel and Mo. Two days later on Sheffield, the Quebecers regained the titles.

On the April 11th, 1994 edition of RAW, fans were given the chance to vote for a team to challenge the Quebecers. Men on a Mission won the vote, but failed to win the titles.

May 2nd, 1994 marked the end to the Quebecers run as WWF Tag Team Champions when they lost to the Headshrinkers after fifteen minutes of action. Jacques and Pierre wouldn’t compete on TV for the rest of the year. Pierre came back in 1995 and the Quebecers would return as a team in 1998 for a few months.

The Quebecers were one of my favorite teams and fondly watch their matches. As I noted before, their match with the Steiner Brothers on RAW was a match I enjoyed a lot as a kid and it has held up rather well. They weren’t likable but on some level you had to respect their in-ring work.

What are your memories of the Quebecers title reign in the WWF?

Thanks for reading.


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