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The third installment for the forgotten show that was WCW Worldwide is upon us. This edition has some TNA/Impact stars before they rose to fame. Plus, Tammy Sytch in a mixed tag match. You know that’s gotta be fun, right? (more…)


The tide is beginning to turn on the Monday Night Wars, but WCW still is producing good pay per view numbers and there is still interest in the bouts presented. The following month we finally had the conclusion to the Sting vs. Hogan feud with Sting finally prevailing as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and his feud with the New World Order continues on. This is the fourth installment of UnCensored which had the premise of there being no rules and anything goes throughout the night.

UnCensored took place on March 15th from Mobile, Alabama. An in-depth review of the show can be found HERE. (more…)


The seventh installment sees Bob take a look at a World Championship Wrestling house show on March 22nd, 1998 from Cincinnati, Ohio! (more…)

Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect

Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect

For most of 1992, Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect, was by Ric Flair’s side making sure that Flair was always in contention for the WWF World Championship. Hennig was there when Flair won the Royal Rumble and tried to help Flair keep the belt at WrestleMania 8. By the end of 1992 the relationship took a turn for the worse. (more…)


Every old-school fan has some sort of list that compiles those who, they felt, should have been WWF Champion at some point or another in their career within the company. Personally, I can confirm that I am one of those old-school fans. In this article, you will find my list of the men, that I believed, could have held the company flag quite well  in their respective moments as ‘The Man’ , and why. (more…)

For roughly eleven months, Goldberg had been on a tear in WCW. Any man who dare stepped in his way was plowed over with a devastating spear and driven down to the canvas with a Jackhammer. He won the WCW United States Championship on April 20th by defeating Raven who had won it the night before. Ever since debuting in September ’97, Goldberg had been undefeated. There wasn’t an end in sight, either.

Fans were chanting his name (maybe piped in, as well) and WCW officials realized they had stumbled upon something that could help them combat against the World Wrestling Federation in the ratings war. The WWF had overcome WCW in the ratings with their raunchy television and the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin was at full speed. WCW was looking older and they couldn’t quite find new ways to shock or entertain the fans. So, they went for it all on July 6th, 1998. (more…)