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Would You Go To This Show? Volume Seven


The seventh installment sees Bob take a look at a World Championship Wrestling house show on March 22nd, 1998 from Cincinnati, Ohio!

At the time, WCW was still putting on some good shows, especially with Nitro. Some of the top feuds were Hogan/Savage, Sting/New World Order, DDP/Raven, and Jericho being pure awesome with the Cruiserweight Championship. What kind of show would they put on here? Let’s see how appealing it would be.

Opening Contest saw Konnan, Psychosis and La Parka take on El Dandy, Super Calo and Lizamark Jr

More times than not, the six man tag matches involving the cruiserweights deliver a good match. Plus, having Parka on the show, that’s always a plus. Having a fast pace match with guys who don’t normally get time to shine card, is always a good start.

Second Contest: Goldberg vs. Brad Armstrong
Sure, Goldberg was starting to get way over with the crowd. But, would I pay to see this squash? Nope.

Third Contest: WCW Television Champion Booker T defended against Perry Saturn
Booker was on a hot streak throughout the year defending the TV Championship against Saturn, Benoit and Martel throughout the first half of the year. Booker was top notch in the ring and provided some great matches on television and pay per view. Saturn was underrated in the ring and worked well with Booker the few times they worked together on television. Their styles mesh well and I’d be interested to see them go 12-minutes or more here, why not?

Fourth Contest: Davey Boy Smith vs. Brian Adams
As much as I like Davey Boy, he wasn’t all that great by ’98 and working with Brian freaking Adams wouldn’t be appealing to me at all.

Fifth Contest: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Prince Iaukea
Of all the cruiserweights to replace Dean Malenko, they book Iaukea here. Iaukea has to be one of the most boring wrestlers in recent memory and I can’t believe the success the guy had in WCW. Yes, Jericho is awesome and all of that but a match with Iaukea? No thanks.

Sixth Contest: WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page defended against Raven
Yes. Yes. Yes. Raven was being promoted well on television and had a few good TV matches with Benoit the first three months of the year. These two were part of a great triple threat match at Uncensored a week prior to this show, so my interest would be heavily into this match. Their styles work very well together, as well. Probably a match of the night candidate.

Seventh Contest: Ric Flair vs. Curt Hennig:
If this was happening in the summer of ’97, without a doubt I’d want to see Flair get his hands on Hennig for everything Hennig had done. However, it’s not ’97 and Hennig was just coming back from injury. Besides, Hennig wasn’t the same wrestler as his body was slowly preventing him from working good matches. Sure, it would be neat to see Flair live, but this match wouldn’t bring me out to the show.

Main Event: Kevin Nash vs. Lex Luger
I literally have no interest in seeing this match, ever. Typically the main event is the huge draw and the main match promoted for a house show. If this was the show heavily promoted for the show, I wouldn’t even think twice about not attending the show. Two guys who would likely go through the motions and put on a five minute match? No thanks!

There are a few matches here that would make for an interesting undercard. The opener, Booker/Saturn and DDP/Raven would surely be good matches. But, with an awful looking main event and an overall lack of star power, I honestly wouldn’t spend my money on this WCW show.

Would you attend this show? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading!

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