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Bob’s Opinion On: Marty Jannetty

It would seem as if Marty Jannetty is the forgotten tag team partner of the highly successful Shawn Michaels. From the mid 1980’s to late 1991, Jannetty was part of the fast paced popular tag team known as the Rockers.

Eventually, Shawn Michaels turned heel and started a memorable career while Jannetty was seemingly lost in the shuffle. Whenever a tag team breaks up and one of the partners doesn’t achieve much on their own they are labeled as being the Marty Jannetty of the team. To be fair, Jannetty did well on his own after the split.

Yes, Jannetty had issues with drugs that prevented a match with Michaels at Mania VIII in ’92, but he rebounded. He won the WWF Intercontinental Championship on May 17th, 1993 from Michaels in a great match but only held it for a month. He had another great match with Michaels on a RAW in July.

Most of Marty’s great matches came against Shawn Michaels. There is a hidden gem of a match against Doink the Clown on RAW in June that was a best two out of three falls match.

I’m willing to say Jannetty’s singles run in ’93 and tag run with the 1-2-3 Kid were really damn good. Had Jannetty been able to stay sober, he could have had a highly successful singles career.

He was capable of playing the underdog babyface extremely well and sold very well for the heels. Even when he went to World Championship Wrestling in 1998, he was still able to bump around for his opponents.

I truly think Jannetty isn’t appreciated as much as he should be because of the demons he dealt with during his career.

Nowadays, or last I knew, Marty posts on Facebook as if his cat talks to him. I’d hope that is a joke by Marty, but with wrestlers you never know what is going inside their mind.

I’d suggest everyone check out Jannetty’s matches with Michaels and Doink mentioned in this column, because when Jannetty was mentally stable and sober the guy could hang with the best of them.

What are your opinion or memories of Marty Jannetty? Share them below!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. My fondest memory is him diving through the barber shop window to get away from Shawn in an act of cowardice.

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