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It’s the first time looking at a WCW magazine, and boy, it’s a long one. There’s some interesting information throughout and plenty of material. (more…)


In the next installment of Inside The Magazine, I take a look at the June ’92 edition of Inside Wrestling. Undertaker turning on Jake Roberts and the impact of that is heavily discussed. Harley Race forming his own stable of men similar to the Dangerous Alliance, IRS and Ted DiBiase winning the tag titles, Sting shares his thoughts on his WCW World Championship victory. Plus, who will be the first megastar in the post-Hogan era? Marcus Alexander Bagwell sits down for an interview in Hotseat. Tony Atlas is sick of WWF castoffs and lastly there is a one on one interview between the Patriot and the Dark Patriot. (more…)


Top Ten in WWF takes on the top ten in WCW with the writers voting on who’d win. Plus, Eddy Guerrero may broken apart the Guerrero family forever. Brian Christopher sits down for a Q&A. Plus, much more! (more…)


The tide is beginning to turn on the Monday Night Wars, but WCW still is producing good pay per view numbers and there is still interest in the bouts presented. The following month we finally had the conclusion to the Sting vs. Hogan feud with Sting finally prevailing as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and his feud with the New World Order continues on. This is the fourth installment of UnCensored which had the premise of there being no rules and anything goes throughout the night.

UnCensored took place on March 15th from Mobile, Alabama. An in-depth review of the show can be found HERE. (more…)

Flashback: WWF Royal Rumble 1993

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At the end of 1992 the World Wrestling Federation entered a new era… the New Generation. The focus was on younger wrestlers instead of the old names such as Hulk Hogan. That wouldn’t exactly last all that long in ’93, but they at least tried. The ’93 installment guarantees the winner of the Royal Rumble match a WWF World Championship match at WrestleMania IX in April.

The show features the end of a year long grudge that was rediscovered at the end of ’92, pay per view debuts and the beginning of the hype for WrestleMania IX.

A more in-depth review can be found HERE thanks to Justin and Scott. (more…)


The fourteenth installment of Would You Go To This Show brings us to Little Rock, Arkansas for a World Championship Wrestling live event. The event took place on January 3rd, and has a rather interesting main event.

A little bit of a background before looking at the card. The New World Order is full steam ahead with Hogan, Nash and Hall dominating the company. Sting hasn’t competed in a match since September and was routinely up in the rafters. As you’ll see for the show, there was a lot of changes shortly after the show, which I’ll touch upon. (more…)


The World Wrestling Federation by 1995 was pretty much at an all time low in terms of excitement and quality programming. Despite hitting a low point, the company was able to stir up some interest in their biggest event of the year. The event took place on April 2nd, 1995 in Hartford, CT with an attendance of 16,305.

An in-depth review of the show can be located HERE which were written by Scott and Justin from Place To Be. (more…)