Inside The Magazine Volume #29: WWF Magazine July 1993

In this magazine, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer sit down for an interview regarding Giant Gonzalez. Jim Ross has his career highlighted prior to joining the WWF. Tatanka looks to figure out a way to get the better of Bam-Bam Bigelow. Money Inc. may have been uncovered as being crooks! Lex Luger has a deadly forearm and Bret Hart may be next to feel it. Speaking of Bret Hart, what if he wrestled Hulk Hogan, how would that play out? All this and much more is written about!

AROUND THE RING: written by: Ed Ricciuti

Ed talks about how busy the schedule is for WWF stars as they wrestle at night and during the day they workout in the gym along with personal appearances. They have to find time to sleep and eat, too. The life of a WWE superstar is not easy as they recently had WrestleMania IX, then off to Tucson and then traveled to Europe. Ed asks if the readers would want to read about wrestlers traveling on the road making towns.


This section is dedicated to fans sharing their memories on Andre the Giant, who had recently passed away and was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame. Most of the letters were fans remembering Andre for his match against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III. Other memories include how he’d manhandle opponents and dumping Bobby Heenan as his manager at WrestleMania VI.


Doink is asked what his true identity and the Doink double. Doink denies there is a second Doink and says it is him playing a trick on the fans. He suggests checking out the next issue for him to reveal his identity. Damien Demento is asked about the voices he hears in his head. He says that the voices are shaping his career and tell him that his time is now and he needs to be patient. Sometimes, he doesn’t even know where the voices are coming from. The Editors ask Mean Gene when is he going to get his own car and foot the bill for the rental car. Gene defends himself saying he does a lot of thinking for his interviews coming up and he needs to lead people around various towns or cities. Gene isn’t going to drive or pay for anything.

A facial injury can’t stop Beefcake!

Brutus Beefcake is asked about his facial injury and says that it was a disadvantage at first, but it quickly turnaround and he knows how people with a true disadvantage are people with true courage. Bob Backlund asks Terry Taylor about his clothes and says that Taylor bought his clothing from K-Mart. Taylor denies this and says that everything for him is made by a tailor. Terry believes that his clothing cost more than Bob’s house. Bret Hart assures a fan that his confidence hasn’t been shaken since losing the WWF World Championship. Jack Tunney tells a fan that he will not step down because there isn’t anyone capable of doing the job and don’t know what the job entails.


Mr. Perfect has put Shawn Michaels face on a trash can and puts sand in it everyday before lifting it up and kicking it. This is apparently motivation for Perfect to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Michaels. With the recent attitude changes for the Nasty Boys and the Beverly Brothers following confrontations with Money Inc, perhaps DiBiase and IRS should be guidance counselors. Razor Ramon may be suffering from a knee injury, but Bob Backlund probably wouldn’t attack it since he’s Mr. Clean in the ring. Luna Vachon has talked to her uncle and father about how she can beat up Sherri Martel. Bret Hart has been taking steps to get his hands harder prior to future matches with Lex Luger.


Jim Ross is the focus of the article highlighting his past where he went to school for broadcasting. Ross graduated from Northeastern Oklahoma State and was a college referee and umpire. Ross has also broadcasted from the Atlanta Falcons for their radio programs. Now, he’s in the WWF and he’s excited about it. He thinks he’ll have to get use to Bobby Heenan’s antics but he’s up for the challenge.


The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are the subjects for the interview piece. Taker has been feuding with Giant Gonzalez since the Giant made his WWF debut in January at the Royal Rumble. Bearer is confident that Gonzalez and Harvey Whippleman can be destroyed. They will search in the urn for the solutions. Bearer says that Taker can’t be destroyed because he’s already dead. Taker chimes in and says that he has the soul of many victims and there is one spot open for Giant Gonzalez. Bearer says they were recently in California where they are looking to make a coffin for Gonzalez. Bearer finishes off saying they have a meeting coming at a time yet to be determined and Gonzalez will end up in the icebox.

BATTLE OF THE TITANS: written by: Lou Gianfriddo

Jim Duggan and Papa Shango squared off in a King of the Ring qualifying match. The match is the what is highlighted in the magazine. Duggan had just returned from an injury thanks to Yokozuna and was able to prevail over Papa Shango. Duggan won the match following a clothesline.

TATANKA’S GREATEST TEST: written by: Ed Ricciuti

Tatanka is stalking his next prey, Bam-Bam Bigelow. Recently on WWF TV, Bigelow attacked Tatanka and cut some of his hair off. Ed considers it to be Wounded Knee all over again. Bigelow whacked Tatanka with a steel chair and continued to beat on him. The attack came to an end when Bigelow cut Tatanka’s hair. Tatanka was embarrassed but his spirit was crushed more when he was practically scalped. Tatanka went into seclusion and performed the Sun Dance to heal his wounds. The dance is seen as a way to purify the body and spirit. Tatanka is confident that he’ll defeat Bigelow, which he has done before on Superstars. Bigelow may end facing a greater power than he ever thought of.

MONEY INC. EXPOSED!: written by: Lou Gianfriddo

Ted DiBiase and IRS stormed into the WWF headquarters to confront the publisher of the magazine regarding the June 1992 magazine. IRS told the publisher, Tom Emanuel, that the thought of them being crooks is crazy. DiBiase demanded that the lies be retracted. However, Emmanuel had evidence to support his claims and that prompted Money Inc. to change their tune but demand possession of the tape. IRS took the tape and they left the building and Emmanuel was shaken from the whole ordeal. Thus, Tom organized an investigation and on June 3rd there was success. Money Inc. was found in a parking garage in Phoenix, Arizona. There, they were overheard about getting money from a failed car dealership and their plan to have an apartment complex in the Cayman Island where they can have a huge write-off. All information has been sent to Jack Tunney and a trial may soon follow. Tom is referring to the whole ordeal as “Camouflage Garage.”

MAN OF STEEL: written by: Keith Elliot Greenberg

Bret Hart has been hit by a lot of men and has had every dirty trick done to him in the squared circle. However, at the WrestleMania IX brunch, Bret was attacked by Lex Luger and Bret was left feeling like it wasn’t a human. Bret thinks that a piece of metal tucked in his skin. After a brief investigation, it was revealed that Lex Luger had a metal rod surgically inserted into his arm. Luger has denied the allegations and recently had a reporter in his dressing room. There, Luger had the reporter touch his forearm and say it was simply genetics. Luger believes he is a real life superman. Luger is sickened by Bret Hart’s family and considers them to be weak stock. Luger hated the attention Bret got at brunch and thus he took him out. Luger thinks that Hart should blame his ancestors for why he got knocked out by one single blow. Bret Hart isn’t intimidated by Luger and his steel arm. Luger doesn’t believe that Hart would be able to defeat him even without the steel in his arm. Hart has inferior genetics and has a sloppy physique.


The matchup in question would be between Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. The article takes a look at their strengths, weaknesses, key wins, key losses, finishing move, and strategy. Here’s the breakdown for each wrestler…

Bret Hart
Weight: 234 pounds
Strengths: He can initiate and counter any move.
Weaknesses: He is shorter and lighter making it clear he can’t go one on one with Hogan. If they were to battle in a full scale donnybrook it’s likely that Hart wouldn’t prevail.
Key Wins: He won the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Mr. Perfect in 1991, won the WWF World Championship in late 1992 against Ric Flair. He successfully defended against Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and Papa Shango.
Key Losses: British Bulldog at SummerSlam 1992 and losing to Yokozuna at WrestleMania IX.
Finishing Move: The Sharpshooter, which may be effective if Hogan’s not in top condition.
Strategy: Quick go-behinds and takedowns. Get Hogan on the canvas to possibly get the Sharpshooter.

Hulk Hogan
Weight: 275 pounds
Strengths: He’s a seasoned veteran who has defeated many superstars due to his size and and power. Plus, he has Hulkamania on his side.
Weaknesses: Hogan doesn’t attack in the air and that makes it hard to counter Hart’s offense. Hogan has had numerous injuries, including a detached biceps muscle, a pulled hamstring and a torn pectoral muscle.
Key Wins: Defeated Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III, Randy Savage at WrestleMania V, Sgt. Slaughter at WrestleMania VII and Yokozuna at WrestleMania IX.
Key Losses: He has rarely been pinned, but he isn’t invincible. He has lost to Andre The Giant and the Undertaker during his career.
Finishing Move: The legdrop, which has proven to be a devastating move. If he were to perform it on Bret, it’s likely he’d be victorious.
Strategy: Hogan would have to use his strength and power to work over Hart and doesn’t let up. He’d have to show Hart no mercy in the ring.


Luna Vachon grew up around her father Butcher and uncle Mad Dog. Luna was never bothered by kids at school as they were complimenting her without even knowing it. She grew up in the shadow of power and strength. She is going to humble Sensational Sherri. She has gotten into a feud with Sherri due to the feud between Shawn Michaels and Tatanka. Luna may be smaller but she is born for brutality. What she was gotten from her ancestors make her rabid, raving lunatic. She dismisses the notion that Mean Gene is mean by any stretch of the imagination. She’s going to claw her way to glory over the body of Sensational Sherri.


Various wresters go through their workout styles and what they have accomplished. Bob Backlund, Beau Beverly, Jim Duggan and Crush shared their comments for the story. They all just showcase their strengths and how much they can lift.


There are behind the scene pictures of the wrestlers at WrestleMania IX. It includes the production team for the event.


Several bad guys were seen signing autographs during WrestleMania IX. Those men included Shawn Michaels and the Headshrinkers. Vince McMahon was signing autographs but he believes people mistook him for Lex Luger. Sgt. Slaughter, Virgil, Tatanka and Randy Savage made some media appearances for the WWF. Freddy Blassie is honored that REM mentioned him in the song Man on the Moon. There’s a list of ten noting that ten wrestlers would never do something. That includes the following…

1.) Bob Backlund drink a beer.
2.) Bam-Bam Bigelow gets a haircut.
3.) Doink makes a kid laugh.
4.) The Macho Man completes a sentence without saying Dig It.
5.) Skinner takes a bath.
6.) Mr. Perfect stubs his toe.
7.) Luna enters a convent.
8.) Slick misses Sunday services.
9.) Virgil on the cover of this magazine
10.) Mr. Hughes cracks a smile.


The editors are a little annoyed that Lex Luger acts like they aren’t around when they are backstage. Even guys like Bam-Bam Bigelow at least acknowledge them in some way. They hope Luger loses against Bret Hart. Jack Tunney continues to not do anything in regard to Mr. Fuji’s salt and perhaps Sgt. Slaughter is angling to get his job as WWF President. Apparently, Virgil has been complaining about not getting press in the magazine. The editors flat out told him he needs to win some big matches to get that kind of coverage. Virgil continues to whine. They lastly suggest that Sherri Martel not stoop to Luna Vachon’s level and just beat Luna up with her fists instead of hair pulling and eye scratching.

Virgil gets picked on in the WWF Magazine.

The final page of the magazine has Virgil performing a flying clothesline. The editors took another shot at Virgil hoping that he’s happy now that he got a full page to highlight him.

That wraps up another installment of Inside The Magazine. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the magazine or on what was going on in the WWF at this time.

Thanks for reading.

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