A Look Back At: PWI Awards 1998

How did the PWI readers vote for the 1998 Achievement Awards? Lets find out!

Top Ten WCW Wrestlers In 2000

There is no denying that World Championship Wrestling had become a shell of itself and lost a record amount of money in a twelve month period. Despite the company not…

WCW Nitro 3/26/2001

WCW Nitro 3/19/2001

WCW Nitro 3/12/2001

WCW Nitro 3/5/2001

The Good & The Bad: WCW 2000 Part Two

Finishing off the year 2000 for WCW in this series. Do you agree with my assessment of what was good and bad during the year? Part one of the series…

WCW World Title Tournament In 1999: First Round

At Halloween Havoc 1999, there was a controversial moment where WCW World Champion Sting retained the championship over Hulk Hogan in their anticipated rematch from Fall Brawl. Sadly, Hogan would…

WCW Nitro 2/26/2001

WCW Nitro 2/19/2001