Retro Reading Vol. 9: Wrestling 85 – Spring 1985

Dusty Rhodes is featured on the cover of the Spring edition of Wrestling 85

Mike Campbell is back with a new volume of Retro Reading! Read more of this post

Retro Reading Vol. 3: Inside Wrestling – February 1984

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Vol. 3: INSIDE WRESTLING – February 1984 Read more of this post

Retro Reading Vol. 2: Wrestling Superstars – Spring 1984



This is another quarterly magazine from TV Sports, which I actually received by mistake. During my teen years, when I was reading an old magazine that I’d ordered, I learned that they had actually published quite a few other magazines besides PWI, Inside Wrestling, and The Wrestler. Without internet access, I wrote them a letter asking if they had any back issues of those available. They sent along a list, no pictures and no descriptions, just a list of titles and issues. I ordered the spring edition of Wrestling 84, but was actually sent this one instead. I wrote them another letter, explaining the mistake, and they sent along the right one. Read more of this post

Retro Reading Vol. 1: Wrestling 83 – Winter 1983


First off, I have to thank my good friend Bob Colling for not only giving me the forum for this column, but, also for giving me the OK to piggyback off of his concept for recapping magazines.

While “Inside the Magazine” is something of a catch all, featuring whatever magazines Bob has access to. Retro Reading is going to focus specifically on the 1980’s.

As a young fan in the 1980’s and 90’s, the wrestling magazines were intrinsic to my childhood. Even before I could actually read, I would just look at the pictures whenever my father, grandfather, or uncle would get one, or would just have one lying around. Then, later on, when I got older and got an allowance, I would not only buy them for myself, but I would order back issues. These were the days before eBay, when I had to order them directly from the publisher, and wait 4-6 weeks. The kids today have it too easy! Read more of this post

Yearly Review: MLW 2002

Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling

The first year of existence for Major League Wrestling. Read more of this post