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Retro Reading Vol. 2: Wrestling Superstars – Spring 1984



This is another quarterly magazine from TV Sports, which I actually received by mistake. During my teen years, when I was reading an old magazine that I’d ordered, I learned that they had actually published quite a few other magazines besides PWI, Inside Wrestling, and The Wrestler. Without internet access, I wrote them a letter asking if they had any back issues of those available. They sent along a list, no pictures and no descriptions, just a list of titles and issues. I ordered the spring edition of Wrestling 84, but was actually sent this one instead. I wrote them another letter, explaining the mistake, and they sent along the right one.

Barry Windham doesn’t wrestle like he’s in a straight jacket!

FAN FORUM: Dennis Sandler from St. Cloud, MN isn’t impressed with last month’s article from Bobby Heenan about the men he’d like to manage, and doesn’t think Heenan has a prayer of managing any of them. Amy Snyderman from Ft Lauderdale disagrees with Heenan’s assessment that Barry Windham wrestles like he’s in a straightjacket. Frank Madderns from Milwaukee thinks that if Heenan managed David Von Erich, then he’d definitely become a World Champion. Sally Mendenhall from Astoria likes the Jimmy Snuka photos from the last issue. Daniel Hodgkins from Memphis doesn’t care for Adrian Street. He thinks he’s a public nuisance and hopes he doesn’t show up at any shopping malls in his area. Randi Freidberg thinks that Abdullah the Butcher should be banned from the sport, and his photos banned from the magazines. Sandra MacNee is glad that Larry Zbyszko left Georgia after losing the national title to Brett Wayne. Joanne Dawson from Nashville is happy that there was a feature on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, because the Fabulous Ones seem to get so much attention.

Jimmy Snuka preparing to fly onto Muraco at the Garden.

SUPERSTAR GRAPEVINE: Super Destroyer was forced to leave town after losing to Buzz Tyler, and has gone to World Class, where he teams up with another Super Destroyer and wants to challenge two of the Von Erichs. Buzz Tyler has gone on a strict training regimen and has lost almost 85 pounds, he drinks a quart of grapefruit juice, combined with raw egg before each match, which helps keep his energy up. Hulk Hogan recently defeated both Mr. Saito and David Schultz in a handicap match, because he was tired of Schultz interfering. Ted DiBiase was suspended from Georgia for attacking Tommy Rich, but it turned out he was already planning to go to Japan. Gary Hart is managing Kevin Sullivan and the Purple Haze in Mid-Atlantic. Magnificent Muraco defeated Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match in Madison Square Garden, but afterwards Snuka gave Muraco a superfly splash off the cage. Snuka recently wrestled in St. Louis, and Buddy Rogers said that if the promoters want them back, they’d consider it.

SUPERSTAR QUOTEBOOK: Ric Flair is fully focused on regaining the NWA Title from Harley Race. Michael Hayes says that Iceman Parsons wants hair for Christmas, but is only getting coal. Eddie Gilbert is excited to get back to action after being injured by Masked Superstar. Road Warrior Animal says that he and Hawk are the best tag team in the world and should be world tag team champions. Tully Blanchard says the good ol’ boys in Texas aren’t happy about Adrian Street being in the area, and neither is he. Mike Rotundo, says that the most important things to a wrestler are conditioning and strategy. Stan Lane thanks the fans, for making him and Steve Keirn so popular, and when they win, they’re winning for them. David Von Erich says he’ll be the NWA World Champion in 1984, and you can bank on it! Nick Bockwinkel wants some sort of challenge, because competition has been too easy. Bugsy McGraw is excited for Christmastime. Tony Atlas is excited to team with Rocky Johnson, and knows they’ll beat the Samoans. Magnificent Muraco says Jimmy Snuka is too stupid to ever beat him.

Greg Valentine

SUPERSTAR INTERVIEW – GREG VALENTINE: An interview conducted by Dan Shocket, Valentine in enjoying some notoriety as one of the most dangerous men in wrestling, Valentine attributes it to his matches with Roddy Piper. He doesn’t much care what the fans think of him. He admits that Piper is probably the best wrestler in the Mid-Atlantic outside of himself, and if Piper was twice as good as he thinks he is, he’d only be half as good as Valentine. He admits that he does have some respect for the other champions, and that he wouldn’t feel remorse if he ended someone’s career, and wouldn’t expect anyone who ended his career to feel any.

PRETTY BOYS DON’T WIN TITLES – AUSTIN IDOL: “MY TALENT WILL TAKE ME TO THE TOP”: Austin Idol has transformed himself from acting, and dressing, like a conceited clown, into serious wrestler. He recently defeated Ken Patera for the International Title, and turned him back in a rematch. He now wants a shot at Nick Bockwinkel, who cannot duck him anymore because of his image. The writer agrees, and says that if the Patera matches were any indication, Austin Idol is a future AWA Champion.

THE NWA’s ULTIMATUM TO DUSTY RHODES: WRESTLE RACE OR YOU ARE THROUGH: Dusty Rhodes has been unable to win the NWA Title from Harley Race, and has decided he will no longer wrestle him. The NWA eventually sent him a letter telling him that if he doesn’t accept a match with him, he’ll be removed from the alliance. Dusty doesn’t want to, but part of being a man is doing things that you don’t want to do.

Carlos Colon battling to win the NWA World Championship from Harley Race.

THE HOMETOWN ADVANTAGE – HOW IT ALMOST WON CARLOS COLON THE NWA TITLE: Harley Race recently traveled to Puerto Rico to defend the NWA Title. He expected as easy night, but Carlos Colon wound up having the night of his life, and Race barely escaped with the title when the time limit ran out.

Rick Martel’s greatest fear? Betraying the fans.. He must have forgotten that.

Andre the Giant has a recurring nightmare that he’ll be beaten. Jerry Lawler is afraid of what he’ll do in order to stay famous. Jimmy Snuka is afraid of permanent injury due to the way he wrestles. Kerry Von Erich is afraid he’ll have to do something very painful to make sure that he’s not seen as simply “David and Kevin’s younger brother.” Tommy Rich is afraid of disgracing himself again. Dusty Rhodes once brutalized a preliminary wrestler so bad that he crippled him, and his afraid he’ll do something like that again. Jimmy Valiant is afraid that all the guys who hate him with join up to take him out. Junkyard Dog is afraid of having to retire. Rick Martel is afraid of betraying his fans. Barry Windham is afraid that there’s too much of his father in him.

BRUNO SAMMARTINO’S GREAT SPORTS LEGENDS SCRAPBOOK: An article by Bruno, with photos from Bill Apter, about Bruno attending the grand opening of Bally’s Park Place Hotel and Casino, and meeting many sports legends including Larry Holmes, Phil Esposito, and Joe Frazier.

RATINGS AND ANALYSIS: Some big changes to the ratings this issue, the Southwest area is being dropped, and being replaced by Mid Southern. Mid Southern covers Tennessee, Kentucky, and the outlining areas. The International Champion, Austin Idol, will be ranked number one, and the Southern Champion, Jesse Ventura, will be ranked number two. Southwest was dropped because after Scott Casey won their World Title, he retired it, so it’s superfluous to list contenders for a title that doesn’t exist. Abdullah the Butcher has been making appearances in Georgia and Florida, so he is included in ratings for both territories, and is also ranked #2 in the Most Hated category.

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