A Journey Through Memphis: January 1987

How does 1987 start off for the CWA? Read more of this post

The Match #11: Austin Idol Vs. Jerry Lawler In Memphis ’87

In late 1986, Austin idol wasn’t happy about his inability to get a championship match with Nick Bockwinkel. He wanted a shot against Jerry Lawler, but his friend wasn’t allowing it. Thus, Idol aligned himself with Tommy Rich. Idol attacked Lawler prior to his eventual match with Bockwinkel.

Eventually, Rich and Idol would get matches with Lawler on the same show both getting involved to get their hands on Lawler. They would ram Lawler groin first into the ring post and bragged that they had retired Lawler once and for all. A few months later, Lawler would get revenge with partner Bam-Bam Bigelow managing to send Idol groin first into the ring post.

For weeks, Idol demanded to get a steel cage match with Jerry Lawler with a hair vs. hair stipulation, but instead he would wrestle against Lawler in a lumberjack match, a match without a referee and a chain match. Soon enough, Idol would get his wish. Read more of this post

Retro Reading Vol. 2: Wrestling Superstars – Spring 1984



This is another quarterly magazine from TV Sports, which I actually received by mistake. During my teen years, when I was reading an old magazine that I’d ordered, I learned that they had actually published quite a few other magazines besides PWI, Inside Wrestling, and The Wrestler. Without internet access, I wrote them a letter asking if they had any back issues of those available. They sent along a list, no pictures and no descriptions, just a list of titles and issues. I ordered the spring edition of Wrestling 84, but was actually sent this one instead. I wrote them another letter, explaining the mistake, and they sent along the right one. Read more of this post