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A Journey Through Memphis: January 1987

How does 1987 start off for the CWA?

CWA TV 1/3/1987
Soul Train Jones has arrived in the area. Tommy Rich is determined to show that Jerry Lawler isn’t better than him. Tracy Smothers and Boy Tony continue their feud with an eight man tag match. Rock and Roll RPMs have a special referee to combat Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis.

CWA TV 1/10/1987
The Southern Tag Team Championships are now vacant. Nick Bockwinkel has some comments for Jerry Lawler. Six man tag main event.

CWA TV 1/17/1987
Austin Idol and Tommy Rich have injured Jerry Lawler, but how did it happen? Tracy Smothers is a servant for Boy Tony.

CWA TV 1/24/1987
Fabulous Ones are out for revenge on the Sheepherders spilling over from Florida. Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis defend against Tojo Yamamoto and Tarzan Goto. Six man tag main event. Randy Hales gets an update on Jerry Lawler and his groin injury.

CWA TV 1/31/1987
Randy Hales gets another update on Jerry Lawler’s condition. The Hunter makes his debut with Bambi. Another six man tag main event.

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