PWU Vendetta 11/8/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Unplugged Vendetta 2006
Date: 11/8/2006
From: ECW Arena

PWU Opening Video

Former PWU General Manger John House comes down to announce who he is going to bring to the top. Good lord, Annihilation comes out with him. Annihilation is the same guy from the 3PW reviews. House says that Annihilation is his new bodyguard. House brings Azireal to the ring. House offers Azireal a proposition. Annihilation gives Azireal a envelope that has 20,000 in it. House wants Azireal to hand over his title shot. Azireal accepts, and leaves the ring. House proceeds to introduce the Backseat Boys, Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere. “Backseat Sucks” chant by the crowd. House has signed the Backseat Boys. House asks Kashmere and Acid who is going to face Devon Moore later tonight. They do rock, paper, scissors and Acid eventually wins. Trent Acid battles Devon Moore for the PWU World Heavyweight Championship. Kashmere gets some guy to enter the ring and takes a photo of the group. Backseat Boys attack the reporter who took the photo as a “message” for Tod Gordon.

The Angus Brothers (Billy/Danny) defeated The O’Doyle Brothers (KJ/CJ):
KJ O’Doyle forces people to slap his hand as no one cares for the guy. O’Doyle Brothers with a early advantage taking care of Danny with a few doubles team moves. Billy comes in and nails CJ with a head scissors take down. Danny with a leg lariat on CJ. Angus Brothers continue to work on CJ for several moments. CJ manages to spike Billy with a reverse DDT. KJ gets the tag and takes care of Danny with a few clotheslines and backdrop. Double team backbreaker by the O’Doyle’s. Side Russian leg sweep/rolling neck breaker combo on Billy. Angus Brothers send CJ to the floor. Powerbomb/top rope clothesline combo on KJ for the win. **

Annie Social comes out for a interview. Annie Social is the vice president of PWU, apparently. Social says the way she acted at the last month was inappropriate. The crowd continues to rip on her to have her take her clothes off. She continues to laugh. Annie Social brings in some chick who she attacked last month. The girl is clearly planted, and is playing the excited fan, too much over the top. Social apologizes to the fan. The fans calls Social a “crazy bitch” when she attacked her. Social slaps the “fan” and pulls her down to the mat. Several referees come down and help the lady.


Ian Rotten defeated The Juggulator: Juggulator has a fresh cut on his forehead. Not a scar, but a clear cut. Rotten grabs the microphone and says he is the “undisputed king of hardcore.” Rotten proceeds to rip on the Philadelphia crowd. Rotten says the hardcore Ian Rotten is gone. He is now a pure wrestler, basically. Rotten with a head butt to Juggulator’s forehead, and he is easily busted open. Juggulator is POURING out blood. Which is fairly disgusting. There are puddles of blood on the mat, from a head butt. Ian with a super kick. Juggulator avoids a splash and takes out both Amy Lee and the Mad Doctor on the floor with a suicide dive. Ian with a sick running dropkick in the corner. Brain buster by Ian, and locks in a butterfly submission to win the bout.
After the match, Rotten grabs a microphone and wants a title shot. He wants Trent Acid to win the strap. *

Joker & Ricky Reyes defeated Drew Blood & Teddy Fine:
Joker and Reyes go to work on Blood and Fine before the bell rings. Joker/Reyes control Blood, who missed a missile dropkick, Joker works on Blood for a few moments before tagging in Reyes. Blood takes Reyes down with a spinning heel kick and a shining wizard. Blood gets some offense in, but Joker enters the ring and clotheslines him down. Running cannonball splash by Joker in the corner. Teddy Fine enters the ring, but is unable to help out Blood. Reyes controls Blood with a backbreaker. Blood attempts to make the tag, but Reyes prevents Blood from doing so. Blood with a kick to Reyes head. Blood makes the tag to Fine. Fine runs into a back elbow from Reyes. Joker with a running clothesline. Joker with a few stiff kicks to Fine’s lower back. Fine avoids a splash in the corner and delivers a few forearm shots to Joker. Joker with a couple of running forearms for a near fall. Reyes controls Fine with a kick and a rear chin lock. Fine comes back by dropping Joker on the middle rope. He tags in Blood, and they connect with a double dropkick. Reyes distracts Blood. Joker with a overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner. Blood plants Reyes with a jumping DDT off the middle rope for a near fall. Fine comes in and lifts Blood up. Fine goes to throws Blood into Reyes, but Reyes moves. Seconds later, Reyes locks in a dragon sleeper and forces Blood to tap out to win the bout. **1/4


Aramis defeated Azrieal: Aramis with a spinning heel kick to send Azrieal to the floor. Azrieal drops Aramis head first on the floor. Eventually, Aramis connects with a moonsault off the apron and gets a near fall back in the ring. Aramis goes to the top, Azrieal sends the referee into the ropes and crotches Aramis on the top. Azrieal with a dropkick in the corner. Azrieal plays to the crowd as he continues to deliver kicks. Azrieal with a slingshot off the apron back into the ring and connects with a splash. Azrieal has connected with several different variations of dropkicks. Aramis with a cross body and both men are down. Azrieal with a running bulldog of sorts for a near fall. Azrieal drops Aramis face first and connects with a double stomp for a near fall. Azrieal has Aramis on his shoulders, but Aramis fights off and rolls Azrieal up for the win. **1/2

PWU Tag Team Champions The S.A.T. defeated AMIL to retain the titles:
Joel and Pusha start off and neither man get advantage. Jose and Murda get tags. Jose with a arm drag on Murda, but Murda connects with one of his own. Both men trade rights and chops in the corner. Joel and Pusha are tagged back in. Joel with a hurricanrana, Pusha with one of his own. Leg lariat by Pusha. Pusha with a running suicide dive tornado DDT on Joel. Jose with a suicide dive on Pusha on the floor. Joel has Murda in a Boston Crab, Jose with a slingshot leg drop on Murda. Murda with middle rope elbow drop. AMIL ram Joel rib first into the ring post, and deliver several dropkicks as Joel is still across the ring post. SAT double team Murda with several boots in the corner. Murda runs over Joel with a few times before dropping a double knee for a near fall. Reyes and Joker have made their way down to ringside. AMIL with a double team reverse Stroke on Joel. Joel comes back and takes both AMIL guys down. Jose with a cross body off the top on Pusha. Jose avoids a splash in the corner and nails Pusha with a frog splash but only gets a near fall. SAT with a wheelbarrow ace crusher combo on Murda for a near fall. Joel with a moonsault on Murda. Joel misses a attack in the corner. Back stabber by Pusha, Murda with a double stomp off the top rope. Joel with a brain buster. Pusha with a death valley driver in the corner on Joel. Jose nails Murda with a super kick. Pusha with a middle rope bulldog on Jose for a near fall. Pusha nails Jose with a top rope X-Factor for a near fall. Double ace crusher on Jose. Joel with a sick Sudden Death move on the apron! Jose with a three suplexs on Pusha. Pusha has Jose on the top rope. Pusha sends Joel off the top. Jose has Pusha, but Pusha blocks. Pusha with a top rope hurricanrana on Jose. Joker pulls the referee out. Reyes enters and takes out Pusha. Joel with a sit down power bomb and Pusha lands on Joel’s knees. Joel hooks the leg and wins the match. ***
After the match, all three teams brawl all over the ECW Arena. SAT tells Reyes/Joker they didn’t need their help and they continue to brawl in the crowd.


“The Pitbull” Gary Wolfe& Pete Hunter defeated The Krash Krew (Gemini/Kwame): Gemini and Wolfe start off and both men shove each other down. All four men brawl on the floor. Wolfe throws a chair at Kwame and Gemini does the same to Hunter. Gemini has sent a table into the ring. Wolfe with a neck breaker on Kwame in the ring. All four are now in the ring. Krash Krew have control. Gemini sends Hunter through the table connecting with a fall away slam. Wolfe sends Gemini back first into the broken table in the corner. Kwame has set another table up on the floor. Hunter takes both Krash Krew guys down with a clothesline. Wolfe nails both Gemini and Kwame with a broken piece of the table for a near fall. Kwame is holding Hunter, Gemini charges and hits Kwame. Kwame was suppose to crash through the table, but didn’t. Hunter rolls Gemini up for the win. *1/2
After the match, all four men continue to brawl, with Kwame splashing Hunter through the table.

For the PWU Women’s Championship, No Disqualification Match: Mercedes Martinez fought Detox to a double count-out to retain the title:
Detox crawls underneath the ring and kicks Martinez. Martinez sends Detox into the guard railing. Martinez with a few clotheslines and a dropkick on Detox. Detox with a kick to Martinez neck. Detox chokes Martinez.Martinez comes back with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Martinez locks in a STF. Delayed brain buster by Martinez. Sit down scoop slam by Detox into a corner. Martinez to take Detox out with a backdrop over the top to the floor. Suicide dive to the floor onto Detox. Martinez has gotten a table. Holy shit, Martinez with a fisherman buster off the apron through the table on the floor! Referee counts to ten, and the match ends in a double count-out. **

Corporal Robinson & Violent J fought Chuckwagon & Mad Man Pondo to a no contest:
Robinson cuts a promo and says he is going to take out their opponents tonight. He introduces Violent J. Pondo brings several chairs and a stop sign with him. Pondo and Robinson trade right hands. Robinson gain control with several right hands. Stop sign show by Pondo on Robinson. Pondo sits Robinson on a chair, and connects with a spinning splash for a near fall. Chuck Wagon comes in and drops a leg drop for a near fall. Running knee in the corner. Vertical suplex on a chair by Pondo on Robinson. Pondo misses another side cross body off the top. Robinson has a cobra clutch locked in, and Violent J and Wagon enter the ring. J has turned on Robinson. J with a sit down scoop slam on Robinson. J nails Robinson with a moonsault off the top. Pondo with another splash off the top, onto a chair onto Robinson. J tells Robinson he was a JCW wrestler, but he is not anymore. J tells Robinson to make a decision. Angus Brothers enter the ring but are quickly sent to the floor. The same happens for the O’Doyle Brothers. Finally, about ten guys enter the ring and JCW finally leaves the ring. Tod Gordon tells them to bring all their JCW goons to PWU. Gordon spits on the JCW belt. Kashmere says they will not lose to JCW.


Backstage, JCW cuts a promo. Chuck Wagon cuts a simple promo. Pondo rips on PWU fans compared to JCW. Violent J says that Robinson disrespected the JCW title belt. They will be returning to JCW.

Backstage, a bloody Corporal Robinson cuts a promo. He says he is coming after JCW.

PWU Heavyweight Championship – Tables, Ladders, & Scaffolds: Devon Moore defeated Trent Acid to retain the PWU Heavyweight Championship:
Acid has brought a chair to the ring, as Moore has brought a ladder to the ring. Moore with a spinning heel kick and a somersault splash to the floor onto Acid for early control of the contest. Moore climbs the ladder to go to the scaffold but Acid throws Moore off the ladder to the mat. Acid with a few rights and chops to continue his offense. Moore runs up the ladder and connects with a moonsault for a near fall! Moore misses a diving bronco buster and goes hard against the ladder. Acid grabs a chair. Acid bridges a ladder across two chairs in the ring. Acid with the Acid Bomb onto the ladder and only gets a two count! Acid sets a table up on the floor. Moore with a double stomp on the apron! Acid nails Moore with a super kick on the floor. Acid with a springboard moonsault onto Moore crashing through the table! Acid climbs up the ladder, but Moore connects with a springboard cross body to take Acid down. Moore bridges the ladder onto two chairs. Moore misses a springboard moonsault and lands on the ladder. Yakuza kick by Acid which sends Moore to the floor. Acid gets another table. Moore is placed onto the table. Acid climbs up the scaffold but Moore stops him. Moore with a pile driver through the table! Moore slowly goes for the cover but Acid kicks out. Moore with dropkick and a couple of kicks to knock Acid down. Moore grabs yet another table. Moore plants Acid with a DDT. Moore places Acid on a table, and Moore climbs up the scaffold and begins to climb a ladder on top of the arena. Moore with a sick shooting star press using the ladder to springboard off. Moore goes for the cover and picks up the win. ***1/2

End of show

My Opinion:
The opening match was really quick, and that’s fine. KJ is really green and given time will improve. He definitely has the size to be a good wrestler, is the talent their? Social interview segment was bland. Social continuing to laugh when the crowd chanted take her top off, killed the possibility that she was serious. Rotten/Juggulator was a squash. Juggulator was bleeding ungodly amount of blood. Reyes/Joker/Fine/Blood match was really average. Nice surprise to see Aramis pick up a huge upset victory, and doing so cleanly. AMIL/SAT was a fun contest. Reyes/Joker getting involved works out well as now their appears to be a three way feud for the tag straps. Wolfe/Hunter/Krew tag match was botched heavily and the crowd wasn’t into the bout at all. JCW/PWU is starting a feud, which could be bloody and brutal. Acid/Moore was a fun spot fest main event. The crowd really liked the bout and rightfully so.

Overall Grade: B-

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