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PWU Ravens Revenge 2/17/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Unplugged Ravens Revenge
Date: 2/17/2007
From: ECW Arena

PWU Opening Video

KJ O’Doyle defeated Dizzie:
KJ is rather pumped up, and lets just say the crowd isn’t anywhere near KJ’s level of excitement. Dizzie with a monkey flip after avoiding a splash in the corner. Top rope fist drop as well for a near fall. Hip toss into a backbreaker by Dizzie. Dizzie springboards off the middle rope but KJ nails Dizzie with a clothesline. Overhead belly to belly suplex by KJ for a near fall. The referee counts very, very slowly. KJ with a side suplex. Dizzie has KJ on his shoulders and connects with a inverted gut buster and gets a near fall. Dizzie fights out of a Death Valley Driver. Dizzie misses a clothesline. KJ nails Dizzie with the Death Valley Driver to win the bout. *1/2

Mercedes Martinez & Mickie Knuckles defeated Angel Orsini & Amy Lee:
Amy Lee is the PWU Women’s Champion, and she is a big biker chick. Double dropkicks by Mickie and Mercedes. Mickie with a suicide dive onto both Angel and Amy on the floor. All four women brawl on the floor for a few moments. Mercedes sends Amy into the ring steps. Angel scoop slams Mickie on the floor. Angel sends Mickie into the guard railing. In the ring, Mercedes is working on Amy with several boots. Mickie with a kicks on Angel. Amy with a leg drop on Mercedes. Mercedes and Mickie have not been in the ring since the opening seconds of the contest. Mickie with a snap suplex on Angel, while still on the floor. Amy has control on Mercedes with several kicks. Mercedes comes back with a few right hands on Amy, until Amy nails her with a right hand. Mickie enters the ring and connects with a mediocre German suplex on Amy. Angel pulls Mickie to the floor. Mercedes with a side suplex on Amy and gets the three count. *


Joker defeated Pete Hunter (w/ The Original Pitbull): Hunter takes Joker down with a shoulder block, Joker with a arm drag and dropkicks Hunter to the floor. Joker with a somersault dive to the floor, taking Hunter out. Hunter catches Joker and connects with a spine buster. Joker locks in the cross face, but Hunter reaches the ropes rather quickly. Hunter with a few forearms and a running clothesline in the corner. Joker blocks a clothesline and connects with back suplex. Joke locks in the cross face again, and Hunter gives up. *

John House comes down to the ring after the match with his body guard. House says that a situation in the company involves Joker. He mentions the fatal four way match with the SAT and Briscoe Brothers later on in the show. House says that PWU management do not believe Joker is good enough to be in the match. Joker tells PWU management to “kiss his ass.” He and Reyes will prove to be the best. Joker wants one shot for the PWU Heavyweight Championship.

Lucky defeated Aramis and Quiet Storm:
Lucky arm drags Storm and dropkicks Aramis to the floor. Aramis takes Lucky down with a spinning heel kick. Aramis with a backbreaker on Lucky. Storm enters the ring and have a stand still with Aramis. Lucky with a dropkick on both men, sending them to the floor. Lucky with a springboard corkscrew moonsault to the floor taking both men out. Storm goes to the top rope, Aramis stops him on the top. Aramis with a German suplex on Lucky, and Storm leaps off the top to connect with a senton splash on the exposed Aramis! Storm with a German suplex on Lucky. Storm with a reverse stroke driving Lucky head first into the mat. Lucky fights out of the Storm Cradle Driver. Aramis with a sunset flip taking both men out and works on Storm with a leg drop. Aramis sends Storm to the floor. Lucky with a standing Slice Bread on Aramis. Aramis kicks out at two. Aramis with a tornado DDT off the middle rope on Lucky. Lucky takes Storm out with a spin kick. Brain buster by Aramis on Lucky for a near fall. Storm low blow Aramis, Lucky pins Aramis to win the bout. **
After the match, Storm could have broken the pin, but just stood their and taunts Aramis.


All Money Is Legal defeated Trent Acid & Azrieal: Before the bout, Acid gets a few one dollar bills from some chicks in the front row. Even a child who is no older than twelve. Johnny Kashmere grabs the microphone and says he pulled a groin muscle so he will not be able to compete. Kashmere is holding a ice pack to his groin throughout his promo. Tod Gordon comes out and questions Johnny Kashmere’s injury. Gordon says that next month he will hand pick a opponent for Kashmere. Acid gets the referee and clearly gives him the money he just for from the women in the front row. The referee accepts the money, but tells AMIL that he didn’t. Acid and Azrieal attack AMIL before the bell. AMIL come back with a double dropkick and double hurricanrana and their opponents roll to the floor. Quite a bit of staling by Acid. Acid takes Murda down with a shoulder block. Murda with a hip toss on both Acid and Azrieal. All four men are in the ring, AMIL with double kicks to take out Acid and Azrieal. AMIL roll to the floor and begin to brawl with Acid and Azrieal. Acid sends Murda into the guard railing. Acid with a missile dropkick on Pusha in the ring. Azrieal gets the tag and delivers a backbreaker on Pusha. Azrieal rams Pusha into a corner and continues to work on Pusha’s back. Acid comes in without a legal tag. Acid and Azrieal double team Pusha. Kashmere nails Pusha with his ice pack, and Acid only gets a near fall. Pusha misses a clothesline and walks right into a super kick from Acid. Murda attacks Azrieal on the floor. Acid with a moonsault off the top to the floor taking all three men out. Pusha takes Acid out with a tornado DDT and crotches Azrieal on the top rope, followed by a dropkick on Azrieal. Murda gets the tag and cleans house right clotheslines, right hands and takes Acid out with a death valley driver dropping Acid on his knee. Drop toe hold/face plant combo by AMIL on Azrieal. Back suplex running clothesline combo by AMIL on Acid for a near fall. Pusha with a running death valley driver into the corner on a chair, on Azrieal. Acid with a reverse Razor Edge, Azrieal with a double stomp on Pusha, but Murda breaks the pin up. Acid with a reverse hurricanrana off the top on Murda. Pusha breaks the pin up. Azrieal has grabbed a table and slides it into the ring. Murda us placed on the top turnbuckle. Murda with a top rope X-Factor on Acid crashing through the table! Murda only gets a two count. A gory special/roll of the dice combo by AMIL on Azrieal for the win. **1/2

Hardcore Rules: Devon Moore defeated Ian Rotten to retain the PWU Heavyweight Championship:
Ian attacks Moore on the floor before the bell. They trade a series of rights. Moore with a snap suplex through a barbed wire table that just happens to be next to the aisle way. Moore rubs Ian’s head into the barbed wire. Ian is busted open. Ian misses a head butt, and head buts the pole. Ian with a Northern Lights suplex on the aisle way. Ian tosses Moore onto the barbed wire table. Ian rams Moore into the ring post. Ian places a chair across Moore’s head and connects with a dropkick. Ian has scissors. Ian nails Moore with the scissors and LICKS the scissors afterwards. Moore is also busted open. Ian continues to use the scissors on Moore. Ian grabs a yellow rope and begins to choke Moore. Ian sends Moore over the top with the rope and begins to hang Moore, briefly. Ian grabs a sink and a chair. Moore with a trash can lid shot a few times. Ian places the sink over Moore’s head and tosses the chair onto the sink. Ian tosses a trash can at Moore. Ian places the trash can over Moore completely and delivers a few chair shots. Ian goes for a pin, but Moore kicks out, while still in the trash can. Moore with a trash can shot. Moore messes up a trash can assisted kick. Moore with a DDT onto the trash can. Ian isn’t affected by a few head butts, and delivers a few of his own on Moore. Ian continues to throw the sink onto Moore. Moore begins to choke Ian with the yellow rope. Another trash can lid shot by Moore. Ian uses the scissors yet again. Ian with a few trash can lid shots of his own in the ring. Moore with a jawbreaker and a dropkick. Moore messes up another trash can lid dropkick. Ian locks in the ankle lock. Moore locks in ankle lock of his own. Moore grabs another barbed wire table and sets it up on the aisle way. Moore with a Northern Lights through the table for the win. **1/2


Backstage, Ian Rotten cuts a promo. Rotten says that every time he comes here to the ECW Arena, says the “higher ups” do not approve of what Ian does. Ian says that he is the guy who will follow Moore down the street and kick the living shit out of him. “When I get done with you, your going to be, Devon No More.”

Damien Slugga defeated Mad Man Pondo:
Pondo has brought a stop sign with him to the ring. Slugga with a few knees. Pondo with a couple of right hands. Pondo nails Slugga with the trash can, and a clothesline for a near fall. Pondo has a fan hold a chair and rams Slugga head first into the chair. They trade a few rights on the floor. Slugga wit a knee lift on the guard railing. Slugga with a running big boot. Slugga catches Pondo in midair and connects with side slam in the ring. Back suplex by Slugga. Modified TKO by Slugga for the win. *

Jose Maximo defeated Joel Maximo/Mark Briscoe/Jay Briscoe to become the #1 Contender for the PWU World Heavyweight Championship:
Jose and Mark start the match off. They trade headlocks. A series of arm drags by both men. Jose knocks Jay off the apron, Mark knocks Joel off the apron. Mark nails Jay off. Mark and Jose with hurricanrana’s on each other. Jay comes in and delivers a few chops. Triple German suplex spot involving Jay, Mark and Joel. Jay with a dropkick on Jose. Joel runs off Mark’s back and kicks Jose in the corner. Mark with a kick off the apron and a slingshot double stomp both in and out of the ring on Joel. Jose with a suicide dive into a tornado DDT on Mark. Jay leaps over the top rope and dives onto Jose. Joel spears Jay on the floor. Joel drops a elbow off the apron onto Jay. Both men trade rights and chops. Jose with a snap suplex on Mark on the floor. Jay works on Joel in the ring with a camel clutch. Briscoe Brothers with clotheslines on Joel in the corner. Jay takes Mark out with a yakuza kick. Joel takes Jose out with a kick. Brain buster by Jay on Jose. Mark with a springboard missile dropkick on Jay followed by a exploder suplex. Jose with a twisting back suplex. Joel with a tilt a whirl power bomb, followed by a sit down Gonzo Bomb on Jose. Jay with the Jay Driller on Joel! Mark breaks the count. Mark with the cut throat death valley driver on Jay. Mark with the shooting star press on Joel. Mark leaps off the top for a moonsault, Jose catches Mark with a ace crusher in midair. Jose with a sit down power bomb into a backbreaker on Joel. Frog splash by Jose. Top rope moonsault by Jose on Joel to win the match. ****

Backstage the Briscoe Brothers are arguing. Mark says he is going to get the title soon anyway. SAT are chatting in the locker room. Jose is bragging to Joel about beating him. Jose says he is going to become the PWU champion next month.


Vampiro defeated Luke Hawx: Vampiro with control early on taking Hawx down with a clothesline. Vampiro follows Hawx to the floor and sends him into the guard railing. Vampiro lifts Hawx up and drops him chest first onto the railing Vampiro has a chair against Hawx’s throat and drops the chair to the floor. Hawx with a few chops, Vampiro sends Hawx into the ring post. Hawx avoids a gorilla press slam by chop blocking Vampiro’s knee. Hawx works on Vampiro leg and delivers a few kicks to Vampiro chest and head. Hawx misses a middle rope leg drop. Vampiro with a release power bomb. Hawx with a few more kicks. Full nelson suplex by Hawx and gets a two count. Scoop slam by Hawx. Hawx misses a top rope leg drop. Vampiro with a kick, choke slam, and the Nail in the Coffin to win the bout. **
After the match, Vampiro raises Hawx arm.

Homicide fought 2 Tuff Tony to a Double DQ:
Quite a bit of stalling on Homicide’s part. Their was some moments of mat wrestling and headlocks. Tony hip tosses Homicide who goes nuts on the floor. Homicide with a snap mare in the ring followed by a kick to Tony’s back. Spinning back elbow by Homicide. Running face wash in the corner. Tony comes back with a scoop slam. Tony with a springboard moonsault. Tony sits Homicide on a chair and connects with a cross body on the floor while Homicide is sitting. Both men are on the top rope, Tony connects with a rather weak looking ace brusher to the top rope. Homicide is dangling on the ropes, Tony with a somersault leg drop. Wasn’t expecting that. Homicide comes back with three snap suplexs. Senton splash off the top by Homicide for a near fall. Tony with a clothesline on Homicide. Tony accidentally clotheslines the referee. Homicide with a ace crusher. Homicide has Tony on his back in a back drop formation and drops down. Homicide clotheslines the referee in the corner on accident. Tony does the same move Homicide did moments ago. The referee counts to five for the close fist shots by both men. Referee DQ’s both men. *1/2
After the match, Tony and Homicide nail the referee. Homicide grabs a microphone and says things are not over with Tony and himself. Homicide cuts a heel promo on Philadelphia and he wants a rematch with Tony. Tony grabs the microphone and rambles.

Last Man Standing Match: Corp Robinson (w/ Shaggy 2 Dope) defeated Raven to retain the Hardcore Title:
Raven grabs a chair and sits in the ring and cuts a promo on the “typical Philadelphia” crowd. After the introductions, Raven nails Robinson with the chair. Referee begins to count, Robinson gets up at nine. Raven with a kicks and left jabs. Raven slams Robinson head first into the chair. Raven misses a chair shot, and hits himself as he it the ropes. Robinson with a super kick. Raven gets up at seven. Raven with a low blow. Raven misses a super kick. Robinson nails Raven with a right hand and Raven falls to the floor. Referee counts Raven out in the ring. Raven barley gets up at nine. Robinson with a drop toe hold onto the chair. Raven is being counted out again. Robinson with a chair shot to Raven’s back. Robinson goes for a splash but Raven uses the chair to low blow Robinson. Raven with a knee and grabs the microphone as he demands complete silence as he wrestles. Robinson with a few knees and running knee in the corner. Cobra clutch Russian leg sweep by Robinson. Raven grabs a chair. Raven blocks a punch with the chair. Raven with the Evenflow DDT on the chair. Robinson gets up at nine. Raven with a ace crusher and mocks DDP with a “Good God”. Raven stops the count and locks in a ankle lock and Robinson is in pain. Shaggy pulls Robinson out of the ring. He taunts Rhino with the “Gore” several times. Raven charges towards Robinson and hit’s the Gore, but Robinson had a metal object underneath his shirt. Raven is unable to get up before the count of ten. *
– After the match, Robinson taunts Raven and celebrates with JCW.


My Opinion: KJ/Dizzie wasn’t anything special. KJ is apparently a graduate of PWU’s training school. With that said, the bout was slow and rather simple offensively on KJ’s part. The women’s match was really repetitive. Joke/Hunter again wasn’t good. Two different styles that didn’t work out so well. Three way was short and decent for the time given. The crowd has been rather dead for this show. By AMIL/Acid/Azrieal match the microphones for the commentators had crapped out, which sucks as I hear nothing but static as they attempt to call the action. AMIL/Acid/Azrieal match itself had it’s slow spots but was a solid bout that went nearly twenty minutes. For a hardcore brawl, Moore/Ian was alright. Moore botched a few moves that hurt the match, but overall, the match was kind of brutal. Which was its purpose. Slugga/Pondo was really bad, simple as that. SAT/Briscoe Brothers match was really, really fun match. A lot of fast pace action and all four men hit some sick moves. Good to see Hawx get some offense in against Vampiro. The match wasn’t too bad. Vampiro is in good shape. Homicide/Tony has one interesting move by Tony from the top rope. Everything else involving the match was garbage. Main Event was lackluster. It appeared as if Raven didn’t really care about competing. The crowd being dead for most of the show really hurt the overall show. Hopefully a better crowd is at the next show. The fatal four way match carries this show to a passing grade.

Overall Grade:


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