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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #6 7/24/2002

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #6
Date: 7/24/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

Jeff Jarrett attacks security with a steel chair in the ring. Jarrett calls out Ken Shamrock and wants the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Jarrett says that he will hurt innocent people until he gets what he deserves. Jarrett will not leave until the belt is around his waist. We cut backstage to see Ken Shamrock attacking security guards. Shamrock takes out about eight guys and has a confrontation with Bob Armstrong. Armstrong allows Shamrock to walk to the ring. Shamrock tells Ian Harrison to make sure no man gets in and no man gets out of the room. Bill Behrens makes his way out to the ring. Behrens says that all of Jarrett’s actions will cause Jarrett to be suspended for sixty days. Behrens says he will get his security guys if needed to drag Jarrett out. Jarrett lets Behrens know his choice, with a chair shot to the head. Jarrett with a few more chair shots until Ken Shamrock runs down and attacks Jarrett with right hands and a spinning leg lariat. Monty Brown and Apolo run down to the ring and pull Shamrock off. This allows Jarrett to nail Shamrock with a chair shot. Brian Lawler and K-Krush run down to have Jarrett’s back.

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote what we just witnessed. They promote the Sabu/Shamrock match for the NWA Heavyweight Championship match tonight. They also hype up Lynn/Styles taking on the Flying Elvises for the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships


Opening Contest: Low KI defeated Amazing Red: This is the debut of Amazing Red for NWA-TNA. Red with a nice leaping hurricanrana off the apron onto the floor early on. KI with a cartwheel kick to knock Red silly. KI with a dragon sleeper with a tree of woe in the corner. The crowd is really behind Low KI. Red avoids a kick and nearly wins with the Red Star Press. Code Red by Amazing Red for a near fall and follows up with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Red misses a corkscrew moonsault. KI wins the match following the KI Krusher 99. ***1/2

Backstage, Goldylocks is backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Ian Harrison. Armstrong and Don Harris can be heard banging on the door behind Harrison.

Before the next contest, a video with Harris and Storm is shown. They say that the Hot Shots attacked them a couple of weeks ago. Harris doesn’t like Storm’s gimmick. Storm says that his cowboy gimmick isn’t a gimmick. Harris wants Storm to be serious.

Second Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated The Hot Shots (Cassidy O’Reilly/Chase Stevens):
O’Reilly says he and Stevens are “pricks, proud and protruding”. A brawl between all four men start the contest before Storm and Harris gain control. Hot Shot survive the first onslaught by Harris and Storm. Double dropkick on Storm for a near fall. Stevens takes to much time and misses a moonsault attempt on Storm. Harris gets the hot tag and cleans house. Storm with a second rope spinning reverse DDT on O’Reilly. Harris pins Stevens following a Northern Lights suplex. **
After the match, O’Reilly and Stevens beat down Harris and Storm. Super kick/German suplex combo on Harris. Hot Shots beat up Storm with his own cap guns

Backstage, Ken Shamrock is getting checked up on by a doctor. Shamrock grabs the doctor and wants to find Jarrett.

Third Contest: Apolo defeated Brian Lawler:
Lawler continues to get really good heel heat. Apolo takes Lawler down with a sit out power bomb for a near fall early on. Lawler chokes Apolo with his necklace to gain the advantage. Lawler continues his attack with a missile dropkick. Apolo with a clothesline and a leg drop for a near fall. Apolo nails Lawler with a super kick. Lawler reverses the TKO with a reverse DDT. Lawler is bleeding from his mouth from the super kick. Lawler dances for the crowd and is rolled up by Apolo who gets the three count. *1/4
After the match, Lawler gets in Don West’s face for saying “it was still a good job”. Lawler chokes West on the announcers table. Tenay and Ferrera pull Lawler off of West. Tenay and Ferrera hype up the fact that they don’t have any security at the moment.


K-Krush makes his way down to the ring and a video airs from last week where Krush hung Smiley with his belt. The video continues with the hanging of Scott Hall with his belt. Krush has a microphone and says that K-Krush is dead his name is “The Truth”. Truth says he will walk when he wants to, and will talk when he wants to talk. Truth says he will not be following the rules. Truth mentions various African American athletes. The fans are screaming “preach on”. The fans really like “The Truth”. Monty Brown makes his way down to the ring and cuts Truth off. Monty puts himself over as being a guy going to two Super Bowls. Monty says he left football to go to NWA-TNA. Monty says “they” helped him get into the company. Obviously “they” is referring to white people. Monty challenges Truth to prove himself to being as bad as he is. Truth says he doesn’t have a problem with Monty. Truth calls Monty a “Uncle Slam sell out”. Brown and Truth brawl in the ring with Brown nailing Truth with the Alpha Bomb.

Video promoting the recent issues between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles is shown.

Mike Tenay introduces a interview he had earlier with the NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions. The sound is messed up, so the segment restarts. AJ Styles says he wants to be just like Jerry Lynn. Styles says he “respects” Lynn and knows that Lynn was trying to teach him. Jerry brings up the fact that ten years ago he was in the same shoes as Styles. Lynn appreciates that Styles has smarten up. Lynn says they can finally get down to the business.

Fourth Contest: © AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn defeated Flying Elvises to retain the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship:
This is the first show that has Styles using his theme song that he would use for years to come. Estrada and Yang will be going for the tag team titles tonight. Siaki is on commentary, but the microphone is not really working. Lynn controls Estrada with a tilt a whirl head scissors take down. Yang enters and gets taken down with a kip up hurricanrana by Styles. Yang blocks a springboard cross body by Styles with a gut buster. On the floor, Siaki clotheslines Styles down. The Elvises work on Style’s midsection for several moments. Lynn manages to get the hot tag and cleans house. Lynn with a springboard sun set flip power bomb on Estrada for a near fall. Lynn brawls with Yang on the floor but is taken out with a moonsault by Estrada. Styles leaps over he top looking for a dive, but Siaki shoves his guys out of the way and Styles hits Lynn! Lynn is busted open big time. Big splash/leg drop combo on Styles though he isn’t the legal man. Lynn pins Estrada following a slingshot body splash by the apron. **1/4
After the match, Styles who was going for the Spiral Tap just looks at Lynn and is not happy that Lynn got the win. Styles leaves a bloody Lynn in the ring.


Disco Inferno is at the top of the entrance ramp sitting in a couch. Inferno puts over his wins over Joey Maggs and Barry Horowitz. Inferno says that he has lived the life that everyone wishes that they could live. Inferno says he is in Nashville, Tennessee to help teach some guys like AJ Styles to be a superstar. To find Ken Shamrock a personality. He hopes to help Jerry Lynn look younger. Inferno will be attempting to teach the people of Tennessee to speak English. Inferno will be debuting his new talk show “Jive Talking” next week.

Backstage, Ken Shamrock runs into Ian Harrison and asks if Jeff Jarrett has been around. Harrison says yes. He tells Harrison that Jarrett better hope he doesn’t find Shamrock.

Fifth Contest: Monty Brown/Elik Skipper defeated Simon Diamond/Johnny Swinger: Skipper/Brown is a odd pairing. Skipper with a hurricanrana on Diamond in the opening moments of the contest. Swinger and Diamond work on Skipper using their size to their advantage. Double face jam on Skipper for a near fall. Diamond accidentally clotheslines Swinger which allows Skipper to take Swinger down with a Northern Lights suplex. Skipper taken down with a flapjack into a DDT combo move. Moments later, Brown plants Diamond with the Alpha Bomb for the win. *
After the match, Skipper hugs Brown and this allows The Truth to run down and choke Brown with his belt. Skipper fist pumps Truth. Skipper set Brown up!

Backstage, Goldylocks with the Dupp Brothers. They are upset that they don’t have match tonight. Stan sends Bo that all you have to do is bump into someone and you get a match that same night. Bo Dupp walks over to Ian Harrison and bumps into him. Bo challenges Ian to a match, and he accepts by yelling and chasing them.


Sixth Contest: Ian Harrison defeated Bo Dupp w/Stan Dupp:
Bo with a big boot and a big splash to nearly win the match within two minutes. Harrison with a scoop slam and gets a near fall. Stan Dupp runs into the ring and attacks Harrison causing a disqualification. Harrison holds his own and breaks the piece of plywood and the Dupp’s bail. DUD

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett enters the locker room that Harrison was suppose to be blocking. Ken Shamrock is in the room and brawls with Jarrett. Jarrett wants his belt.

Video from last week showing the surprise of Sabu taking on Malice in a ladder match. A good portion of the contest is shown, mainly high points of the contest.

Main Event: © Ken Shamrock fought Sabu to a no contest in a ladder/submission match to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Tenay announces that security has left the arena. Shamrock with several kicks and various submission attempts. Tenay with another announcement saying that Ricky Steamboat will have complete control next week. Sabu with a slingshot leg drop and goes for a arm bar submission. Shamrock baseball slides the ladder right into Sabu. Shamrock sends Sabu into the dancers cage and into the ring post which causes Sabu to bleed. Sabu sends Shamrock into the guard railing and sets up a table. Sabu misses a double springboard dive and crashes through the table.. Shamrock climbs the ladder and nearly has the belt, his music even starts to play. The lights go out, and Malice runs down to choke slam Shamrock off the ladder. Malice yanks the belt off the hooks and leaves the ring with the belt. **

End of show

My Take:
The opening segment really makes you believe that Jarrett/Shamrock will be happening, it really has to at this point. This was their first real interaction since the first pay per view. Red/KI put on a great show to open up the sixth PPV. Amazing Red deserves to be on the roster after that match. The tag match was pretty average. O’Reilly works too softly, which kind of hurt the match for me. Also, the whole reveal that the Hot Shots attacked Harris and Storm could have been done much better. Ken Shamrock gets checked on by a doctor every week it seems like to me. Sure Apolo got a sneaky win, but this could be a sign that Lawler will be moving down the card. Tag Team title match was average. Nothing was bad about the contest, but nothing that was great either. Looks like they are still promoting issues between Lynn and Styles. Good to see Disco Inferno in NWA-TNA. Inferno had a good promo and some his career highlights he mentioned were quite funny (beating Barry Horowitz fifteen times and retiring Joey Maggs). Skipper setting Brown up was a nice idea. I wonder if Skipper and Truth are now in a alliance or if that was just a one time situation. Ian Harrison got zero crowd reaction from the crowd and he wasn’t impressive. Main Event was really lackluster. Their was one big spot near the end with Sabu diving through the table but it wasn’t fun overall. The whole Malice involvement was butchered with the playing of Shamrock’s music and the lighting going out for two seconds. Just seemed horrible.

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