PWU Iron and Steel 7/28/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Unplugged Iron and Steel
Date: 7/28/2007
From: ECW Arena

PWU Opening Video

Zack Maguire defeated JC Ryder:
Ryder with a arm drag and plays to the crowd. Maguire comes back with a few arm drags of his own. Springboard dropkick by Maguire to dropkick Ryder off the apron. Twisting splash to the floor by Maguire. Ryder with a simple double axe handle off the apron onto Maguire. Ryder with a hot shot onto the apron. Ryder continues his offense with a kick to Maguire’s back. Hip toss into a swinging neck breaker by Ryder. Ryder with a springboard splash for a near fall. Jaw breaker by Maguire. Reverse neck breaker by Maguire. Springboard moonsault by Maguire for another near fall. Ryder backdrops Maguire to the apron and delivers a kick. Ryder dangles Maguire on the middle rope and spikes him with a DDT for a near fall. Maguire with a rollup and nearly wins the match. Maguire with another rollup and has Ryder all tangled up to win the match. **1/2

Team P.I.T. (Aramis/Pete Hunter) defeated Bloodline (Billy Blade/Gangrel: This is Gangrel’s debut in PWU. Hunter shoves Blade down a few times. Gangrel gets the tag. Gangrel with a few over hand shots and boots on Hunter. Hunter with a backdrop and a scoop slam. Billy comes in but Hunter slams him down. Aramis gets the tag. Split legged moonsault by Aramis for a near fall. Spinning heel kick for a near fall. Aramis goes up again, Gangrel pulls him off. Blade with a spinning heel kick. Gangrel comes in and goes to work on Aramis. Gangrel drops a elbow. Bloodline double team Aramis in the corner. Aramis fights out and takes Blade down with a tornado DDT. Hunter gets the tag and takes both men down with clotheslines. Hunter with a spine buster. Hunter with a flapjack on Blade. Gangrel sends Hunter to the floor. Impaler DDT on Aramis. Hunter sends Gangrel to the floor. Hunter with the “Completion” which is a version of the F-5 on Blade to win the match. **1/2


Z-Barr defeated Devon Moore: Barr toys with Moore early on by dropping Moore with a snap mare. Moore comes back with a arm drag, hip toss and a dropkick. Barr rolls to the floor. Moore with a suicide dive onto Barr on the floor. Barr nails Moore with a super kick. Moore comes back with a neck breaker for a near fall. Running leg lariat in the corner by Moore. Barr blocks a running clothesline by getting his boots up. Barr with a nice reverse DDT for a near fall. Barr with boots to every part of Moore’s body. Side slam by Barr. Barr misses a top rope moonsault. Moore dropkicks Barr into the corner, Running clothesline, followed by a springboard cross body by Moore for a near fall. Moore with a few head butts and connects with a side suplex. Clothesline/leg sweep by Moore for a near fall. Barr rolls to the floor, Moore dives off and lands onto Barr. Barr sends Moore into the guard railing. Barr with a spinning side slam on the floor! Barr goes for the cover back in the ring, but Moore kicks out. Moore with a kick to Barr’s head. Both men trade a series of forearms and chops. Moore with a few head butts. Barr rolls through a rollup and manages to keep Moore down for the win. ***

Number One Contender’s Match: Joey Matthews defeated Trent Acid:
Matthews grabs a microphone and cuts a promo on the crowd and Trent Acid. Matthews says that Acid declined to shake his hand earlier in the day. Matthews says Acid is jealous of everything that Matthews has done in wrestling. Matthews says that he is not a nice guy. Once the bell sounds he will beat respect into Acid. Acid says all the money Matthews made, has made him into a asshole. Acid calls Matthews a “backseat boy wannabe”. Acid cuts a typical “Philadelphia Boy” promo. Matthews with a few rights and boots in the corner. Matthews taunts the crowd and Acid comes back with a few rights. Acid with a dropkick and both men go to the floor as Acid clotheslines Matthews to the floor. Acid pulls Matthews to the floor and sends Matthews intro the guard railing a couple of times. Acid with a springboard moonsault onto Matthews on the floor. Matthews puts the referee in front of him and knocks Acid off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Matthews rams a chair into Acid’s midsection. Delayed vertical suplex by Matthews for a near fall. Acid with a double knee in the corner. Matthews avoids a spear in the corner and locks in a Boston Crab. Matthews with a back suplex for a near fall. Matthews with a backbreaker and torques Acid’s back across his knee. Roaring elbow by Acid. Springboard spinning neck breaker. Acid with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Acid with a blue thunder driver for a near fall. Matthews avoids the yakuza and rolls Acid up nearly winning the match. Acid misses a moonsault but nails Matthews with super kick for a near fall. Matthews crotches Acid on the top turnbuckle. Matthews with a hurricanrana, but Acid rolls through for a near fall. Matthews with a backslide and uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee notices. Acid pulls the same move, the referee notices again. Matthews with a low blow. Matthews with a double arm DDT to win the match. **1/2


PWU World Championship: Too Cold Scorpio (c) defeated “Psycho” Sid Vicious to retain the title: Sid uses his power to shove Scorpio back into a corner. Sid misses a clothesline, Scorpio with a right hand. Sid takes Scorpio down while in a wrist lock and briefly works on Scorpio’s arm. Scorpio kips up and continues to work on Sid’s arm. Sid with a chop and Scorpio rolls to the floor. Sid rams Scorpio back first into the ring apron. Scorpio is kicked onto the guard railing and Sid pushes down on Scorpio. Scorpio fights out of the camel clutch. Scorpio goes for a scoop slam which obviously doesn’t work. Sid continues to work on Scorpio’s back. Scorpio ducks a clothesline, scoop slams Sid and connects with a top rope moonsault! Sid manages to kick out at two! Scorpio flips out of the choke slam. Sid grabs Scorpio again and plants Scorpio with a choke slam. Helter Skelter enters the ring wearing face paint to distract Sid. Scorpio rolls Sid up to win the match. *1/4
After the match, Sid works on Helter. Sid with a few belly chops. Scorpio with a side kick. Sid with a choke slam off the apron through a table on the floor. Scorpio and Sid embrace in the ring.

Tod Gordon comes down to the ring. It is time for Commissioner idol. Tod goes over the rules for Commissioner for PWU. Gordon says next month the fans will choose the matches before the show. Amy Lee comes out and tests the people about wanting a raise. She does that to everyone. I’m done reporting on this segment.

The Bosom Buddies (Drew Blood/Teddy Fine) vs. The Best Around (Bruce Maxwell/TJ Cannon):
The Bosom Buddies try to get the crowd going, but for the most part they do not care for these guys. Drew and TJ start the match. Drew with a few chops and right hands. Drew with a spinning heel kick. Drew with a backdrop and TJ flips in the air and lands on his gut. Airplane spin by Drew, TJ falls down and Drew gets a near fall. TJ comes back with a kick to Drew’s head after Bruce distracted Drew. Bruce/TJ mess up a TKO/neck breaker combo attempt on Drew. Bruce gets the tag and works on Drew connecting with splash in the corner. Drew is sent to the floor. TJ drops Drew on the guard railing chest first. TJ gets the legal tag and delivers a few forearm shots. TJ misses a 450 splash but Bruce gets the tag and quickly works on Drew. Teddy gets the tag, but TJ distracts the referee. TJ sets Drew up and Bruce barley connects with a leg drop off the top. Drew comes out of a corner and clotheslines TJ. Drew is still unable to get a tag to Teddy. Drew plants Bruce with a DDT. Teddy finally gets the tag and cleans house. Teddy with a sit down power bomb on TJ for a near fall as Bruce breaks the pin. Teddy with gut wrench face buster on Bruce. TJ pulls Bruce out of the way as Teddy went for a knee lift. Teddy rolls Bruce up, Drew dropkicks TJ and Teddy picks up the win. **1/2
After the match, The Best Around send Drew to the floor and double team Teddy. TJ with a yakuza kick and taunt the crowd.


Luke Hawx defeated Eddie Kingston/John McChesney: Hawx grabs a microphone and says he is the undefeated Luke Hawk in triple threat match. He calls out Eddie Kingston. Hawx continues to rip on Kingston while he is in the ring. Hawx tells Kingston he can head backstage and save himself a ass whopping. Kingston with a few insults of his own. John McChesney comes out. McChesney grabs the microphone and tells both men to shut up. McChesney wants to wrestle. McChesney and Kingston chop away on Hawx. Double back elbow on Hawx. Snap suplex by Kingston for a near fall. McChesney with a Northern Lights on Hawx for a near fall. McChesney with a cheap shot on Kingston. McChesney dropkicks Kingston to the floor. McChesney leaps off the middle rope and Hawx connects with a super kick. Kingston drags Hawx to the floor. They trade a series of chops and right hands. McChesney with a suicide dive on both men on the floor. Kingston crotches McChesney on the guard railing. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Kingston on Hawk, twice for a near fall. Hawx blocks a right hand and connects with a kick to send Kingston to the floor. McChesney with a missile dropkick on Hawx. Kingston with a back suplex on McChesney. Hawx with a wrist lock into a face plant on Kingston for a near fall. Hawx misses a dive in the corner. McChesney with a modified 619. Kingston has Hawx in a body scissors, Hawx rolls through, grabs Kingston’s tights and wins the match. **1/2
After the match, John McChesney rolls back in the ring and both men attack Kingston after the match. Batman, Robin and Trent Acid come down and chase off Hawx and McChesney. The bat man is Johnny Kashmere. Kashmere grabs the microphone and says he is excited about something. He has two huge announcements. Kashmere says the Bat Mobile will be at a PWU show in the future. Kashmere also announces that PWU will be on Philadelphia television. Power Surge TV. Kashmere tells Kingston he deserves to be on television. He tosses out some free Batman cards.

Lucky defeated Detox:
Detox surprises Lucky by coming in wearing a security shirt. Lucky bails from the ring. A few moments into the match, Lucky trips Detox while running the ropes and is proud of himself. Detox with a knee to Lucky’s face. Detox with a springboard dive to the floor, which he got ridiculous amount of air on. Detox catches Lucky, but Lucky fights out and takes Detox down with a German suplex. Detox with a springboard sunset flip for a near fall. Lucky with a knee and a standing 450 splash for a near fall. Lucky kicks Detox off the top rope and they brawl on the apron. Lucky reverses a suplex on the apron and connects with one of his own. Lucky leaps off the top but Detox connects with a sit down power bomb in midair. Detox botches a double under hook sit down power bomb. Lucky backs into the ropes and crotches Detox on the top rope. Lucky rolls Detox up for the win. **1/4


Steel Cage Match: Messiah defeated Adam Flash: Flash sends a chair into the cage before the start of the bout. Messiah with several right hands, Flash blocks being sent into the cage. Messiah with a knee and sends Flash into the cage a few times. Snap suplex by Messiah followed by more right hands. Messiah sends Flash into a corner and Flash flips in the corner. Flash is pressed against the cage, Messiah with a few running double knee shots. Messiah has Flash set up for a Razors Edge, and rams Flash against the cage again. Messiah has Flash set up for a power bomb, but again rams Flash against the cage. Messiah climbs to the top of the cage, Flash with a low blow. Flash connects with a superplex back into the ring. Flash with several right hands on Messiah. Flash with a power bomb into the cage. Flash bridges a chair in the corner. Messiah sends Flash head first into the chair. Flash is busted open. Messiah sends Flash head first into the cage, again. Flash with a backdrop. Several forearms by Flash, running forearm in the corner followed by a running face wash, another face wash but with a chair across Messiah’s head. Flash climbs to one of the platforms. Flash leaps off and connects with a leg drop! Messiah crotches Flash on the top of the cage. Both men are on the cage. Flash with several rights. Flash rams Messiah head first against the cage, Messiah falls off and happens to crash through a table at ringside. Messiah wins by hitting the floor first. **1/4

Backstage, Adam Flash cuts a promo. Flash says he just broke Messiah’s back. Flash says that Messiah hasn’t won the war. Flash says he will be a thorn in Messiah’s side when he returns to PWU.

Steel Cage Match w/ Platforms: SAT defeated PWU Tag Team Champions AMIL to win the titles:
SAT double team Pusha. Murda leaps off the platform and dives onto the SAT. Murda with a bulldog onto Pusha’s knee on Jose. Joel is rammed back first into the cage. Jose sends Murda into the cage face first. Jose slingshots Murda into the cage. Pusha runs into a double boot and a legs weep/spinning heel combo by SAT. SAT with a double team move to ram Murda head first into the cage. SAT control the match for a few moments. Jose with a dropkick on Pusha for a near fall. Jose with a dropkick on Pusha against the cage. Jose and Joel with a few snap suplexs on Murda. All four men in the corner. Murda with a sunset flip to cause a double German suplex and superplex! Joel works on Murda’s leg with a half Boston Crab. Pusha with a pin attempt on Jose and gets a two count. Joel plants Pusha with a DDT. Murda with a hurricanrana on Jose. Several hurricanranas and kicks to each others head. Pusha goes to the platform. Murda with a Death Valley Driver in the corner. Pusha leaps off the platform and nails Jose with a X-Factor. All four men are out. Pusha goes for the cover but only gets a two count on Jose. Joel takes Pusha out with a slam. SAT have Murda on top of the platform. SAT connect with the SPANISH FLY. SAT with a double cover to win the bout and titles. ***
After the match, Pusha grabs a microphone and says that SAT earned the tag team titles tonight. SAT are seemingly going to show AMIL some love, but they instead deliver right hands and leave the cage.


End of show

My Opinion:
Opening match was surprisingly good. Maguire didn’t look to comfortable doing a few things, and I personally believe that JC Ryder is far better overall than Maguire. Solid match. Team PIT/Bloodline was a solid five minute match. Aramis is rather entertaining. Barr/Moore was also pretty good. Barr going over cleanly was a huge surprise. Matthews/Acid was decent as well. Glad to see Matthews ready to put on a decent show. Sid/Scorpio had about thirty seconds of entertaining action, the finish to the match was really weak. Buddies/Best Around was OK. Drew Blood took a beating for quite some time. Best Around appear to be a solid team. McChesney impressed me during the three way. The match itself was fairly decent. Lucky dominated his match with Detox. Really a average bout. Flash did a sick leg drop off one of the platforms which was pretty cool. The whole table spot was kind of lame. Another average bout. AMIL/SAT put on a solid cage match with a sick spot to finish the match. There was a lot of decent wrestling here with minimal bad, thus it gets a mild thumbs up from me.

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