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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #7 7/31/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #7
Date: 7/31/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA Opening Video

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera welcome everyone to the show.

Opening Contest: © AJ Styles w/Jerry Lynn defeated Elix Skipper to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:
Skipper attacks Styles before the bell with right hands but that doesn’t last as Styles comes back with a leg lariat. Styles with a dropkick in the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Skipper with a nice full nelson suplex. Skipper continues his offense with a gut wrench slam. Skipper slams Styles chest across the apron and delivers a variation of the axe kick on the floor. Styles goes for a hurricanrana but Skipper plants Styles with a power bomb. Skipper has Styles in a roll up and despite Styles not being able to get his shoulders up, the referee stops at two. Styles comes back with a reverse DDT. Styles misses a top rope leg drop. Skipper with a slingshot cross body to the floor onto Styles. Styles dropkicks Skipper off the ropes as he walking the ropes. Styles follows up with the Spiral Tap for the win. **1/2
After the match, Jerry Lynn celebrates with Styles.

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote the fact that Ricky Steamboat will be the authority figure for this show. Tenay mentions that Malice stole the championship belt from Shamrock last week. Tenay mentions that Shamrock has been given the title back. Steamboat has also already lifted the sixty day suspension per request of Scott Hall. Scott Hall will be facing Jeff Jarrett later tonight.


Monty Brown music hits and he meets Elik Skipper who is walking up the ramp. Brown brawls with Skipper around ringside. Skipper gains control in the ring with boots but that doesn’t last long. Monty gorilla press slam into a fall away slam. Brown with the Alpha Bomb and taunts Skipper before leaving.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits moments later and Jarrett comes out with someone in a sack. Jarrett says that Ken Shamrock is not in attendance tonight. Jarrett mentions having to work from the bottom all the way back to the top to get a shot at the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jarrett reveals that a midget is in the sack. The midget is Todd Stone. Jarrett plants Stone with a pile driver and a slam. Jarrett finishes Stone off with the Stroke. Puppet the Psycho Dwarf makes his way down to the ring. Jarrett calls himself the “Dwarf Destroyer”. Puppet reveals that he has a handgun to even the odds. Puppet turns around with the gun to security and is beaten up with a chair by Jarrett. Ricky Steamboat is at the top of the entrance ramp. Steamboat tells Jarrett that it all ends tonight for Jarrett. Jarrett wants to fight Ricky Steamboat tonight. Jarrett says if he beats Steamboat he gets a title shot, if he loses he will take his sixty day suspension. Steamboat sends Don Harris and Bob Armstrong backstage and he is ready to fight. Scott Hall sneaks up from behind and nails Jarrett with several right hands and a clothesline to the floor. Hall goes underneath the ring and grabs a stretcher. Hall challenges Jarrett to a stretcher match.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Goldylocks wants to know where his backup is. Siaki knows she was checking him out, which she doesn’t deny. Siaki basically says that he is better than his teammates Estrada and Yang.

Second Contest: Slash w/Father James Mitchell defeated Sonny Siaki:
Siaki with a Samoan Drop early on to control Slash. Mitchell has a box that is apparently full of blood. Siaki takes Slash over with a hurricanrana to the floor. Siaki with a backdrop on the floor. Slingshot swanton dive back into the ring by Siaki for a near fall. Slash with the Slash and Burn for a near fall. Late in the match, Siaki misses a diving back splash and Mitchell throws a black hood into the ring and Slash puts the hood over Siaki and wins with a reverse neck breaker. *1/2
After the match, Mitchell puts blood all over Siaki’s face. Don Harris runs into the ring and plants Slash with a power bomb. Malice makes his way to the ring but just has a stare down with Don Harris.


Backstage, Goldylocks is standing with Ricky Steamboat. Goldylocks asks if Steamboat can gain control of NWA-TNA. Steamboat tells Jarrett and everyone else who doesn’t agree with his statements will have to deal with it because he is in charge. Steamboat refuses to be compared to Bill Behrens. Steamboat leaves and is followed by Bruce of the Rainbow Express.

The Truth makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp is talking to a girl in a cage dancing who is African American. Truth tries to make it seem like the girl is in the cage against her will. She doesn’t seem to care about what Truth is talking about. Truth blocks the woman and says she isn’t a dance and is nothing more than a “two dollar hoe”. Truth says her only future will be as a prositute in the hood. Truth begins to take his jeans off to mess around with the lady, but Monty Brown makes his way over and brawls with Truth. Truth nails Brown with a trash can and a 2×4. Truth lays Brown out and heads to the backstage area.

Ricky Steamboat comes out and mistakenly calls The Truth by his real name “Ron”. Steamboat calls Truth to come back out and Truth comes out with music. Truth wants some respect from Steamboat. Steamboat says that Truth has to earn his respect. Steamboat is here to listen to the Truth. Truth says that he and Steamboat are in the same situation. Truth puts over Steamboat/Savage at Wrestle Mania III. Truth wants to know why Steamboat never got a chance to go for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. Truth says that the WWF IC belt was always for second rated citizens. Truth says that the same thing happened to him (although he never won the IC Championship let alone a tag team championship). Truth wants Steamboat to change things around. Steamboat says that next week the Truth will be taking on Ken Shamrock for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. Truth dances in the ring and raps.

Tenay, West and Ferrera promote the just announces title match between Shamrock and Truth next week.


Third Contest: Apolo defeated Malice w/Father James Mitchell: A couple of minutes into the match sees Apolo take Malice out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Malice rams Apolo a couple of times into the ring post and busts Apolo wide open. Malice nearly wins following a power bomb in the ring. Malice with a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. Apolo with a tornado DDT and nails Malice with a super kick to pick up the win. *
After the match, Malice choke slams the referee and goes to choke slam Apolo but Don Harris runs down and big boots Malice. Slash runs down with the black hood and plants Harris with a reverse neck breaker. Malice with a choke slam on Harris. Slash and Malice hold Harris while Mitchell rubs blood over Harris’s forehead. New Church leave the ring as Harris and Apolo are hurting in the ring.

Don West is standing in the ring and introduces Miss TNA Taylor Vaughn. Vaughn is greeted with complete silence. West begins to ask Vaughn what she has been up to, but is cut off by Bruce. Bruce says that he was inspired by Truth’s comments. Bruce challenges Vaughn to put her title on the line. Vaughn decides to tease oral sex… to a gay character. She low blows Bruce to start the match.

Fourth Contest: Bruce defeated © Taylor Vaughn to win the Miss TNA Crown:
Vaughn scoop slams Bruce early on. Bruce with a short arm clothesline to stop Vaughn in her tracks. Bruce misses a second rope leg drop. Bruce with a tilt a whirl sit down front slam for the win. DUD

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Low KI who is doing pull ups. KI tells Goldylocks once again that he does his talking in the ring.

Fifth Contest: Jerry Lynn w/ AJ Styles fought Low KI to a no contest: A rather slow yet evenly contested start to the match. Lynn with a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker that starts to pick up the pace of the contest. KI with several chops and kicks on Lynn. KI locks in the dragon sleeper in the ropes. Guillotine leg drop by Lynn. Lynn actually connects with the Gory Special but only gets a near fall. KI reverses out of the cradle pile driver and locks in a arm bar but Lynn battles out of the hold. For the next several moments Lynn and KI put on a good showing kicking out of each others trademark moves. Styles leaves the announcers table and accidentally hits Lynn with a kick to the back of the neck. KI with the KI Krusher 99 but the referee has sounded for the bell. ***
After the match, Styles stands over Lynn and is taunting Lynn. KI nails Styles with a couple of kicks and Styles bails.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with Don Harris. Harris says that he will get Malice next week in a first blood match after he talks to Ricky Steamboat.

Disco Inferno makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp for this week’s edition of Jive Talking. Inferno says that he has been in talks to replace Oprah, but doesn’t exactly say Oprah. Inferno says that he has a guest to be the first woman to expose herself on Jive Talking. The guest is Goldylocks. Goldylocks doesn’t appreciate being insulted by Inferno. Goldylocks calls Inferno a “jackass”. Inferno tells Goldylocks to have some class and she closes her legs as she is sitting on the couch. They are talking about her music and she says she has been compared to a female Kid Rock. Goldylocks is talking about her music, but Inferno gets bored quickly and wants Goldylocks to show her breasts. Goldylocks refuses to show off her breasts, and gets booed by the guys in the crowd. Inferno makes reference to the Goldylocks only skill being giving oral sex. Goldylocks knees Inferno in the balls and is attacked by Paulina, who was on the first Tough Enough. Paulina locks in a sleeper hold and throws Goldylocks onto a comfy couch. Inferno closes the segment by walking backstage with Paulina.

Don West stands up and begins to promote what we will see next week. AJ Styles takes on Low KI and Jerry Lynn for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship. Don Harris takes on Malice in a First Blood match. Ken Shamrock will defend the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title against The Truth. West is coming across really crazy. His face become as red as his shirt.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Scott Hall in a stretcher match: Hall brawls with Jarrett at the top of the entrance ramp. Hall rams Jarrett face first into the announcers table. Fall away slam by Hall and Jarrett begins to leave ringside but is stopped by Hall. They go backstage where Hall continues his offense with right hands. Jarrett shoves Jerry Lynn. Jarrett nails Hall with a wooden table from the previous segment with Inferno. They brawl into the crowd where Jarrett sends Hall into the guard railing but his offense doesn’t last. Jarrett with a baseball that sends the Jarrett into Hall’s midsection. Jarrett continues to use the stretcher throwing the stretcher across Hall’s back. Hall sends Jarrett into the stretcher in the corner a couple of times. Hall nails Jarrett with “The Edge” but Truth pulls the referee out. Truth with the scissors kick on Hall and Jarrett gets a near fall. Monty Brown runs down and brawls with Truth. Jerry Lynn with a slingshot splash on Jarrett. AJ Styles attacks Lynn, Don Harris crotches Styles on the top rope. Malice and Slash run down and attacks Don Harris. Hall accidentally hit’s the referee with the stretcher. Jarrett has a chair and takes a swing at Steamboat but misses and hits the top rope which causes the chair to hit him in the face. Hall goes to use the chair, but Steamboat stops Hall and Jarrett nails Hall with the Stroke on the chair for the win. *1/2
After the match, Jarrett places Hall on the stretcher.

End of show

My Take: Despite being the number three contender, Elik Skipper got a title shot. What the hell was the purpose of that six man elimination match a couple of weeks ago? The opening match itself had a few sloppy moments but it was evenly contested and fairly entertaining. Monty attacking Skipper made sense considering what Skipper did to Brown last week so that continues the feud. The Jarrett/midget/Steamboat/Hall segment went too long for my liking. I did not like the usage of a handgun by Puppet and the crowd didn’t seem to enjoy that either. Sonny Siaki continues to be a great heel. The heel versus heel match with Slash and Siaki was average at best. I guess considering the New Church is the top heel stable in TNA, that Slash had to win. Malice is really going to be having a program with Don Harris? Malice goes from a main event heel to working with a lower tier mid carder in Don Harris. The brawl between Brown and Truth was short and yet pretty good. Truth cut a good promo towards Steamboat. Shamrock/Truth has zero actual build and they haven’t had any real interaction with each other. I can’t imagine Truth winning the belt, just doesn’t have the proper build. Now, if Truth were replaced by Jarrett, it would make sense for the match and a possible title change. The crowd doesn’t care for Apolo and I have to say I don’t care for Apolo either. Malice is free falling in terms to importance and it’s sad to see, because Malice has been impressive when he is allowed to be. Bruce/Vaughn match was nothing special, obviously. I found the whole attempt by Vaughn to tease a gay character with sex, to be a stupid thing. I’m assuming that Styles has finally turned on Jerry Lynn. KI/Lynn put on a good match before the finish. This weeks Jive Talking wasn’t great, but Inferno continues to be entertaining. The main event turned into a huge cluster fuck. The ending was creative though I will give them that. Scott Hall must either be done with TNA or he is going to be off TV for awhile with all of the recent jobbing he has been doing.

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