NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #11 8/28/2002

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #11
Date: 8-28-2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to NWA-TNA. Tenay hypes up the triple threat ladder match between AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and Low Ki for the X-Division Championship.

Brian Lawler is seen coming into the building and is about to tell Goldylocks what Jeff Jarrett did to him, but before he can say anything he is attacked by Jeff Jarrett. Several officials break up the brawl.

Opening Contest: Kid Kash defeated Amazing Red:
Both men with wrist locks and hammerlocks with neither man getting a clear cut advantage. Red monkey flips Kash but he lands on his feet. Kash with a hip toss and they trade leg sweeps and then have a stand still. Kash shoves Red who slaps Kash and drop toe holds Kash to the mat. They trade arm drags and again have a stand still. Red calls Kash a old man and wants a test of strength. Kash messes around with Red and slaps him. Red backdrops Kash to the apron and knocks him to the floor where Red connects with a somersault dive! Kash sends Red into the guard railing and throws a chair right into the face of Red. Kash with a nice springboard clothesline off the top for a near fall. Kash locks in a Boston Crab but lifts Red up and drops him down to the mat and drops a elbow for a near fall. Kash runs into a big boot and is taken down with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Red with a spin kick and gets another near fall. Kash leaps off the middle rope and nails Red with another clothesline for a near fall. Gut wrench power bomb by Kash. Red rolls Kash up for a near fall and dropkicks Kash. Red leaps off the middle rope connecting with a inverted tornado DDT for a near fall. Kash drives Red down from the top rope with a gorilla press slam but only gets a two count. Red with several kicks in the corner but misses a attack and is left to dry in the corner before suffering a guillotine leg drop for a near fall. Kash with a cross body off the top for another near fall. Kash sends the referee into the ropes to crotch Red on the top. Kash with Bankruptcy and picks up the win. ***
After the match, Red tries to shake hands with Kash but Kash clotheslines Red. SAT come down to the ring and attack Kash to save their buddy. SAT take Kash down with the Spanish Fly off the top rope.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Goldylocks mentions that Siaki will be facing Monty Brown. Siaki has his back turned to the camera and finally turns around on his terms. Siaki says that Brown isn’t on the level of Siaki. Siaki is bigger than the Super Bowl. Siaki leaves after saying he is bigger than everyone and everything.

Second Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Monty Brown:
Before the match, Brown grabs a microphone and cuts a promo on Jeff Jarrett saying that he will take Jarrett apart with his bare hands and not with chairs. Brown has chosen to Alpha Bomb Jarrett to oblivion. Siaki and Brown trade right hands in the corner with Brown coming out with the advantage with right hands and chops. Brown sends Siaki into the corner and Siaki flips over the top to the floor. Brown charges Siaki on the floor but is drop toe hold into the guard railing. Brown comes back by sending Siaki into the guard railing and delivering several chops on the floor. Brown keeps on sending Siaki into the guard railing. Brown gets a near fall back in the ring. Brown with a side slam for another near fall. Brown with a splash in the corner and a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Brown with yet another near fall following a vertical suplex. Brown with one of the worst chin locks in the history of wrestling. Siaki comes off the ropes but runs right into a clothesline. Siaki finally gets some offense planting Brown with a DDT. Brown takes Siaki over with a modified fisherman suplex. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Brown to continue to dominate the match. Brown with the Alphaultion. Jeff Jarrett comes down and distracts Brown which allows Siaki to low blow Brown and rolls Brown up to pick up the win. *1/2
After the match, Bullet Bob comes out to the entrance ramp with a chair which allows Brown to work on Jarrett with right hands. Jarrett is backed against the guard railing where Brian Lawler chokes Jarrett with his belt. Security runs down to break up the brawl.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Slash and some random guy. Slash says that there aren’t friends when you live in the womb of hell. There are only people who are like him. The random guy with him names is Cobain. Cobain apparently likes the thought of suicide, pain and his own blood.


Third Contest: James Storm/Chris Harris defeated Backseat Boys, New Church and the Hot Shots in a elimination match:
Cassidy O’Reilly and Johnny Kashmere start the contest off. Cassidy works on the arm o Kashmere for a few moments but is taken down with a spine buster by Kashmere. Cassidy slaps Kashmere and Trent Acid. Acid gets the tag and must face his own partner. Kashmere and Acid dropkick Slash off the apron, Acid with a yakuza kick on Cassidy. Acid and Kashmere with a couple of double team moves on Chase Stevens connecting with the Dream Sequence. Cassidy O’Reilly and Trent Acid moonsault off the top onto everyone on the floor. Kashmere with a somersault dive onto everyone. Stevens with a extremely dangerous looking 450 splash to the floor. Stevens and Acid go at it trading right hands. Slash tags himself in as Acid plants Stevens with a sit out slam. Slash with the Slash and Burn on Acid to eliminate the Backseat Boys.

Cobain comes off the top dropping a knee to the chest of Stevens as he was across the knee of Slash. Stevens with a fireman’s carry stunner on Cobain. Harris tags himself in and is taken down with a leaping side kick by Stevens. Hot Shots with a double dropkick on Harris for a near fall. Cassidy with several chops on Harris, but Harris comes back wit several of his own. Cassidy with a sit down scoop slam and springboard off the middle rope for a moonsault but Harris got his knees up. Harris with a running clothesline. Cobain tags himself in and works on Cassidy with a clothesline. James Storm tagged himself in but is crotched on the top rope. Cassidy misses a hurricanrana attempt. Storm plants Cassidy with the swinging noose off the middle rope to eliminate the Hot Shots.

Slash with several head butts in the corner and boots to control Storm. Slash with a crucifix spinning slam for a near fall on Storm. Cobain with a twisting dive to the floor onto Storm. Brian Lee and Ron Harris make their way down to the commentary booth and are not happy about not being in the match. Harris with a Thez Press on Slash and works on Cobain with right hands and a running bulldog for a near fall. Storm with a super kick on Slash but Harris only gets a near fall. Storm super kicks Cobain off the apron and Cobain takes a sick bump to the floor. Slash blocks the swinging noose and connects with a stunner on Storm for a near fall. Harris reverses the Slash and Burn and connects with the Catatonic to pick up the win. *1/2
After the match, Brian Lee and Ron Harris run down and attack Chris Harris and James Storm. Backseat Boys and Hot Shots come back down but are dominated by Ron and Brian Lee.


Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is yelling at Bob Armstrong. Jarrett wants a title shot and will reveal who the mystery man is. Armstrong says that Jarrett will get what he deserves.

Before the next match, Bruce thanks the fans for supporting him. Bruce says that “all the men want to be with him, and all the woman want to be him”. Bruce rips on some fitness girl named April Hunter who is challenging Bruce for the crown.

Fourth Contest: © Bruce defeated April Hunter to retain the Miss TNA crown:
Hunter gets in Bruce’s face but is shoved by Bruce. Hunter with right hands and chops and a Japanese arm drag. Hunter with a tilt a whirl head scissors take down. Bruce drops Hunter throat first across the top rope and stomps away on Hunter. Bruce takes Hunter down by the hair and rubs her face in the mat. Bruce with a scoop slam and a delayed vertical suplex. Hunter battles back with a boot but is taken down with a springboard sunset flip attempt for a near fall for Bruce. Bruce power bombs Hunter down and picks up the win. *
After the match, Slyck Wagner Brown runs into the ring and attacks Bruce as he tries to take Hunter’s top off.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada and Jimmy Yang. Yang and Estrada will be facing the Maximo Brothers tonight. They aren’t affected by Sonny Siaki doing his own thing. Sonny Siaki proceeds to come into the picture. Siaki says that he is the number one contender for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. Siaki says that if you take your vitamins and say your prayers, you’ll lose your hair prematurely.

Fifth Contest: the Flying Elvises (Yang/Estrada) defeated Maximo Brothers:
Estrada and Jose start the contest. A series of roll ups and pin attempts early on by Jose and Estrada which leads to a stand still. Hurricanrana by Jose but misses a dropkick. Estrada with a snap scoop slam and a dropkick to send Jose to the floor. Yang dropkicks Joel. Double springboard moonsault to the floor onto both Maximo Brothers. Estrada gets a near fall on Jose. Estrada with a fireman carry slam and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Yang gets the tag and connects with a leg lariat for a near fall on Jose. Yang works on Jose in the corner before tagging in Estrada who kind of connects with a slingshot elbow drop. Jose leaps off the middle rope to deliver a spinning heel kick and follows up with a missile dropkick. Joel gets the tag and works on Estrada with several right hands. Joel with a assisted moonsault with Jose for a near fall and follows up with a shining wizard of sorts. Estrada drops Joel with a elevated neck breaker. Yang comes in and drops a elbow on Joel for a two count. Yang with a vertical suplex and hangs on to connect with a neck breaker. Joel hasn’t really gotten any offense in this match, thus far. Estrada with a slingshot swanton bomb but only gets a near fall. Estrada gets crotched on the top turnbuckle following a kick from Joel. Estrada battles Joel on the top and drives Joel down with a hip toss into a neck breaker off the top rope! Jose and Yang get the tags with Jose connecting with clothesline and a overhead belly to belly suplex. Jose monkey flips Estrada out of the corner is speared by Joel. Yang with a double dropkick on the Maximo’s. Twisting vertical suplex by Yang on Joel for a near fall. Jose leaps off the top connecting with a leg drop for a near fall. DDT by Estrada on Joel and follows up with a springboard somersault splash for a near fall. Jose with a German suplex on Estrada for a near fall. Jose with a full nelson suplex on Estrada for another near fall. Joel with a missile dropkick on Estrada as Jose held Estrada. Yang with a leg attack in the corner on Joel. Yang is crotched on the top and looks like a Spanish Fly attempt, but Sonny Siaki comes down and shoves the SAT off. Yang goes for the Yang Time but appears to miss it. Yang with a reverse DDT on Joel who was on the top turnbuckle to pick up the win. **3/4
After the match, Siaki looks from the entrance ramp with a cocky grin on his face.


Goldylocks comes down to the ring and introduces Brian Lawler. We will finally be told what Lawler’s problem is with Jeff Jarrett. Goldylocks wants to know what is going on with Lawler and Jarrett. Lawler mentions that Goldylocks always comes out in tight jeans and showing her cleavage off. Lawler calls Goldylocks a “two dollar whore”. Lawler says that a wrestling ring doesn’t deserve to have a piece of trash like Goldylocks and kicks her out of the ring. Goldylocks flicks some of Lawler’s own sweat into his face before leaving. Lawler gives Jarrett five seconds to come to the ring, but Jarrett doesn’t show up. Ron Killings comes out and asks what Lawler was going to say. Killings says that Lawler thought he was out with a concussion but he is back. Lawler says that he accidentally hit Killings with a chair. Lawler tries to tell Killings that they are “homies”. Killings says that Lawler will find out what the truth is all about. Killings goes backstage as Lawler is not happy. Lawler says that this situation has to do with his girlfriend. Lawler asks a guy with a camera if he is taking pictures of his girlfriend. The girlfriend says that he was. Lawler shoves the camera guy down and brings his girlfriend to the backstage area. That was it?

Footage from last week where Jarrett was attacking “Bullet Bob Armstrong”. It would be revealed that he was not wrestling Bob Armstrong as Armstrong showed up at the top of the entrance ramp with a chair.

Sixth Contest: The Bullet defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification:
It is obvious that “The Bullet” is not Bob Armstrong. Jarrett sends Bullet into the guard railing and over into the crowd delivering chair shots as well. Jarrett with several chair shots across the back. Bullet with several jabs a and a knee job. Bullet with a atomic drop and a goes for a pump handle slam but is low blowed by Jarrett. Jarrett handcuffs Bullet to the top rope. Jarrett grabs a microphone and says it is time to find out who the guy is. Jarrett throws a chair into the ring. Bob Armstrong enters the ring and hits Jarrett with several right hands. Jarrett hits Armstrong with a steel chair and the referee calls for the bell. Bob Armstrong is busted open. Jarrett with another chair shot that knocks Armstrong out. Security runs down and prevents Jarrett from finding out who the masked Bullet is . *

Mike Tenay and Don West hype up next weeks show. Don West goes into massive sell mode. West hypes up the “Best of the X-Division” next week.

Footage from last week where Lynn and Styles had a best two out three falls match ending in a draw. Clips of all the pins in the match up are shown. Low Ki entered the ring and attacked both men and challenged them to a triple ladder match for the X-Division Championship.

Main Event:Jerry Lynn defeated © Low Ki and AJ Styles in a ladder match to win the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:
Ki and Lynn trade right hands and chops while Styles goes to the floor and gets a ladder. Styles backs into Lynn on the floor with the ladder, but Ki kicks the ladder into the chest of Styles. Ki works on Styles in the ring with a flying forearm smash and several right hands. Styles misses a leaping kick and is met with a kick from Ki. Lynn misses a guillotine leg drop and is kicked by Ki. Ki with a springboard heel kick on Styles. Lynn with a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Ki. Lynn with a backdrop on Styles and a surfboard submission on Ki. Styles with a running bulldog on Ki while he was stuck in the move. Delayed vertical suplex by Lynn on Styles. Boston Crab locked in by Lynn on Styles. Ki with several stiff kicks on Lynn and after three kicks, Lynn falls down. Ki with a somersault kick in the corner to knock Styles silly. Ki sets Styles up for a Muscle Buster of sorts, but rams Styles into Lynn in the corner. Ki grabs a ladder but Styles baseball slides the ladder into Ki. Styles bridges the ladder on the apron and guard railing. Ki with a chop but Styles comes back with a kick to stop Ki. Styles drops Lynn chest first across the ring apron. Styles and Ki are on the bridged ladder. They trade chops and head butts, as Lynn is on the ladder as well. Lynn and Styles drive Ki face first across the ladder. Lynn baseball slides the ladder into the chest of Styles. Ki kicks Lynn to stop him from setting the ladder up. Styles stops Ki from doing the same. Styles with several right hands and knees on Ki but is met with a clothesline from Lynn. Lynn and Styles hip toss Ki off the ropes onto the ladder! Lynn reverses a tornado DDT attempt from Styles and connects with a release suplex that drives Styles back first into the ladder set up in the corner. Ki reverses a running power bomb attempt from Lynn and connects with a hurricanrana that sends Lynn back first into the ladder. Styles is the first guy to try to get the belt. Ki kicks Styles off the ladder and Styles is in a tree of woe on the ladder. Ki with several kicks to the chest of Styles. Lynn stops Ki on the ladder and connects with a back suplex off the ladder! Styles is close to getting the title but Ki stops Styles. Ki pulls Styles off the ladder. Lynn begins to climb but the ladder is tilted by Ki and Styles. Ki gets a second ladder but sets it up on the floor. Styles with a springboard reverse DDT on Ki. Lynn catches Ki springing off the middle rope and plants him wit a power bomb. Styles throws the second ladder into the ring and the ladder hits Lynn in the face. Ki slides in a third ladder. All three ladders are set up next to each other. Ki climbs up the middle ladder but is stopped by Lynn. Styles clotheslines Lynn down. Styles and Ki are battling atop the ladders. Ki manages to lock in the dragon sleeper on top of the ladders! Lynn with right hands on Ki and all three men are on ladders. Lynn tries to shove both men off but Styles and Ki hang on. Styles is eventually sent off the ladder crashing to the floor. Lynn connects with a cradle pile driver on Ki off the ladder! Lynn manages to get up and begins to climb up the ladder and grabs the belt to win the match! ***1/2

End of show


My Take:
Kash/Red was a fun match but the constant high spots and then no selling of the moves is bothering. I mean, a gorilla press slam off the top by Kash, and then right after that Red is in control? TNA makes it seem like these guys can recover in two seconds after some what you would think to be vicious moves. Makes you wonder why these guys wouldn’t be able to compete for the top title. If Red can kick out of a gorilla press slam off the top, I’m sure he could kick out of The Stroke other lesser impact finishers that the main event guys have. Well, that Monty Brown/Sonny Siaki bout went on way too long for my liking. Brown controlled the match for really the whole bout, but still loses. Sure Jarrett got involved but that loss doesn’t help Siaki at all and it makes Brown look foolish. Besides, Brown is very green and shouldn’t be in top level angles. I am not a fan of Cobain, as I am not a fan of bringing real life events into storylines. I don’t get the ruling that if you are tagged in during the tag team elimination match while your partner is in, you would have to wrestle him. Wouldn’t that mean if you beat your partner, you would eliminated from the match? Why would someone want to do that? The match itself was alright, again quite a few high spots but it wasn’t overkill like some matches. TNA appears to be trying to get Brian Lee and Ron Harris over as a high caliber tag team. Bruce/April Hunter was nothing special and was thankfully kept short. Bruce is still entertaining. West/Tenay really over hyped up the ladder match in my opinion. At one point Tenay would act as if he had forgotten that match was on this show. Maximo/Elvises match was slow at the start but really picked up at the end. The crowd was really dead for that match which took away from many of the high impact moves. We have waited quite a long time to find out what Brian Lawler was claiming Jeff Jarrett did to him and when he finally tells us all he says is “it has something to do with my girlfriend”. This makes me think that the TNA bookers have no idea what to say and came up with the idea that Jarrett was messing around with Lawler’s girlfriend and just leave it at that. It appears that Lawler is being portrayed as very protective of his girl and thus that creates conflicts with some people. Jarrett/Bullet match was more of a brawl and just something to get to the aftermath. People in the crowd already know who the masked guy is. However, I will act like Don West and Mike Tenay and act as if I have no idea. Good ladder match to end the show. I do wish that Low Ki had gotten a longer run as champion. He was a such a force in the division that he could have held onto the strap for a long time. Lynn is a good choice and I would suspect that he and Styles will continue to feud, and now it will be over the X-Division championship. Just a random note, but this show seemed to not have a lot of people in attendance. During the Jarrett segment it was really clear to me that the bleachers were nearly empty. That is not good. I would think that in the coming weeks TNA will be bringing in bigger names to start attracting some people to the shows. Jeff Jarrett just isn’t enough to sell tickets, that was made clear back in WCW. TNA is showing a best of X-Division on 9/4 and is not airing a show on 9/11 out of respect to the events of the 9/11 attacks last year. TNA returns on 9/18 with the Gauntlet for the Gold, tag team style.

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