NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #15 10/9/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #15
Date: 10/9/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to NWA-TNA. Tenay and West hype up that actor Chris Rock will be here tonight along with Hermie Sadler. A rematch from last week with Jerry Lynn taking on AJ Styles in a ladder match for the X-Division Championship. Chris Harris/James Storm defend the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships against the Maximo Brothers. Syxx-Pac, Scott Hall and a mystery partner will face Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett and Brian Lawler in a six man tag team match.

A video highlighting a mystery man attacking Ron Killings last week is shown.

Ron Killings makes his way down to the ring, apparently that isn’t on the format according to the announcers. Killings has a microphone and tells the fans to boo their football team instead of him. Killings says that he knows a conspiracy when he sees one. Killings believes that BG James, Syxx Pac and Scott Hall hired a hit man to do their dirty work. Killings believes that mystery man is also the mystery partner for tonight. Killings will not have any of that here tonight. Killings says “don’t sing it, bring it”. Killings calls out Don West. West rips on Killings for being “The Truth” but telling the truth.

A video highlighting Ron Killings, Brian Lawler, Elix Skipper and Jeff Jarrett attacking the baby faces last week.


Ron Killings tells the “baseball card guy” that West just disrespected him. Killings threatens West that he could beat him with a baseball bat. Killings wants either James, Hall or Pac or even all three of them, he doesn’t care. BG James and Syxx-Pac make their way out to the top of the entrance ramp. BG says that Killings has been crying every week like a little girl. BG tells Killings he will learn a hard lesson tonight. BG says that “you will learn that we don’t live in a perfect world… or do we”. BG points to the entrance way and out comes… CURT HENNIG! Hennig says that he was brought in to “do a job”. Hennig doesn’t like the truth. Pac says that they are going to kick Killings ass just like his mother should have. As they make their way to the ring, they are attacked by Jeff Jarrett and Brian Lawler. All six men brawl in the ring until the baby faces send the heels to the floor. BG challenges them to a match right now, and they accept!

Opening Contest: Curt Hennig/BG James/Syxx-Pac defeated Ron Killings/Jeff Jarrett/Brian Lawler: Jarrett and BG start off but Jarrett wants Syxx-Pac. Instead, Hennig gets the tag and starts off the match. Hennig slaps Jarrett after a brief stalling period. Hennig knocks Jarrett down with a shoulder block and knocks both Killings and Lawler off the apron. Jarrett controls Hennig with several right hands and connects with a rolling neck breaker. Jarrett walks into right hands from BG and Pac. Hennig connects with a rolling neck breaker of his own. Pac works on Jarrett with right hands and chops until he runs into a back elbow from Jarrett. Lawler gets the tag and misses a springboard cross body off the middle rope. Lawler drives Pac down with a snap power slam. Killings gets the tag and scoop slams Pac down. Killings misses a springboard twisting leg drop. BG gets the tag into the match and starts off connecting with right jabs and eventually hits Killings with a forearm shot. Killings avoids a clothesline and nails BG with a scissors kick for a near fall. Jarrett misses a running attack against the ropes and goes groin first onto the middle rope. Lawler enters and drives BG down with a neck breaker for a near fall. BG manages to take Jarrett down with a clothesline and makes his way to his corner making the tag to Pac. Pac with a standing side kick and a spinning heel kick knocking Jarrett down. Pac goes up top connecting with a cross body for a near fall. Lawler accidentally elbow drops Jarrett. Jarrett blocks the Bronco Buster by getting his foot up right into the groin of Pac. Killings enters and quickly covers Pac for a near fall. Killings with a running power slam and tags in Lawler. Lawler with a head butt to the groin of Pac. Jarrett and Lawler double team Pac behind the referees back. Jarrett drives Pac down with a delayed vertical suplex. Killings with a sit out inverted vertical suplex on Pac for a near fall. Lawler continues to control Pac with a reverse chin lock. Pac fights back and drives Lawler down with a sit down power bomb. Hennig and Jarrett get tags with Hennig cleaning house with right hands. BG hits Jarrett with a chair all the way to the backstage area. Hennig and Pac continue to work on Killings and Lawler until Lawler low blows Hennig. Lawler goes for the Hip Hop Drop and connects but Pac breaks up the cover. Pac plants Killings with the X-Factor but Lawler pulls the referee out and hits the referee on the floor. Pac works on Lawler on the floor. A masked man with Mr. Wrestling III on his jacket enters and power bombs Killings. Hennig connects with the Hennig Plex on Killings to win the match. NOTE: Killings was not the legal man, Jarrett was. **
After the match, Hennig and Pac embrace in the ring.

Backstage, BG James is knocked out cold while Jeff Jarrett is holding his knee. Their was a pipe present in the area. Tenay and West wonder if Jarrett hit BG with the pipe.

A video highlighting the attack by Sonny Siaki and AJ Styles on Jerry Lynn and the ladder match between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles that same night.

Jeremy Borash introduces the NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Jerry Lynn, who does not have the title as it has been suspended over the ring. Lynn turns his attention to Sonny Siaki saying that Siaki has achieved to piss him off. Lynn challenges Sonny Siaki to a match next week if he is a man to face him. Siaki’s music hits and he stands at the top of the entrance ramp. Siaki says that he is life and the reason that the fans have attended the show. Siaki wants Lynn to fight him right now. Lynn tells Siaki he is right and he storms towards Siaki. Lynn spears Siaki on the ramp and they trade several right hands. Siaki throws Lynn off the entrance ramp and Lynn hits the railing. Lynn’s knee gets caught in the railing. Tenay and West discuss the injury history of Lynn. Security slowly walk over and a stretcher is brought out. Lynn selling the injury pretty well. The fans are bored of the segment.


Mike Tenay and Don West wonder what will happen regarding the ladder match tonight for the X-Division championship. Lynn is placed in a ambulance.

Earlier in the day, Syxx-Pac walks towards Goldylocks and goes into the locker room and apologizes to Low Ki for comments made last week. Pac says that Ki is his favorite wrestler in TNA. AJ Styles walks over and is laughing at the ass kissing from Pac. Styles believes that he should be Pac’s favorite wrestler. Styles walks away as Pac laughs and Ki says “what a jerk”.

Second Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated The SAT’s to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Storm and Joel start the contest off. Storm takes Joel down with a arm bar submission. Joel nails Storm with a spinning leg lariat and a dropkick to the knee of Storm. Joel locks in a Indian death lock of sorts but Storm reaches the ropes. Storm with a hurricanrana on Joel, but Jose connects with a missile dropkick. Harris enters and spears Jose! Jose climbs the turnbuckle but is shoved off by Harris who falls over the ring post and onto his partner Joel. Harris with a cross body on the Joel as well. Harris follows up with a bulldog on Jose in the ring. Storm is crotched on the top by Joel. Jose with a rolling dominator slam on Storm for a near fall. Joel has Storm set up for a elevated reverse neck breaker, but Jose connects with a moonsault on Storm connecting with a sick combo move but they only get a near fall. Storm with a fireman’s carry spinning STO of sorts on Jose for a near fall. Harris enters and drives Jose down with a spinning running power slam for a near fall. Jose leaps over a charging Harris in the corner and plants Harris with a tornado DDT. Storm and Joel get tags with Joel dropkicking and snap power slamming Storm down. Joel drops Harris with a back suplex as well. Joel hit’s a moonsault off the top on Harris for a near fall. Joel blocks Storm’s attempted super kick. Joel springs off the middle rope but is met with a super kick in midair. Storm gets a near fall following that move. Jose snap suplex’s Storm down goes up top where he battles Harris for a few moments. Jose leaps off and still connects with a leg drop but only gets a near fall. Harris catches Jose and plants Jose with the Catatonic but Joel breaks up the pin. Harris is crotched on the top rope but Harris shoves Jose off several times. The SAT attempt the Spanish Fly but Storm dropkicks Jose down and shoves Joel to the floor. Harris and Storm set Jose up for a spinning double slam and connect. Storm covers Jose to win the match and retain the titles. ***

Goldylocks is in the ring as he introduces actor Chris Rock! Rock actually gets a pretty good reception from the crowd. Goldylocks welcomes Rock to the NWA-TNA. Rock gets a cheap pop proclaiming that NWA-TNA is the best wrestling company in the country. Goldylocks thanks Rock for coming out. Rock heads to back.

Third Contest: Ace Steel defeated Kid Kash, Tony Mamaluke, and Low Ki in a 15 minute Iron Man match to become the number one contender for the X-Division Championship: The man with the most pin falls after fifteen minutes will be declared the winner. All four men will be in the ring at the same time. Mortimer Plumtree makes his way down to the broadcast table to scout the match. Kash hits several hurricanrana on Ki and Steel in the opening moments, with the latter being a botched springboard attempt. Kash also takes Ki and Steel out on the floor with a double springboard cross body. Mamaluke takes all three men out on the floor with a dive off the top, as well. Kash and Ki connect with a springboard clothesline on each other in the ring. Mamaluke with a leg drop on Kash and Steel with a slingshot splash on Ki. They both earn pin falls
First Decision:
Tony Mamaluke pinned Kid Kash following a leg drop to earn one fall.
Second Decision: Ace Steel pinned Low Ki following a slingshot splash to earn one fall.
Steel with a belly to belly suplex on Mamaluke for a near fall. Kash takes Mamaluke down with a pump handle slam and a leg drop as well. Steel works on Ki with several forearm shots in the corner. Kash with a Muscle Buster of sorts on Mamaluke to earn a fall.
Third Decision: Kid Kash pinned Tony Mamaluke following a Muscle Buster
Fourth Decision: Low Ki makes Ace Steel submit to a arm bar submission
On the floor, Kash throws a chair at the face of Mamaluke. Mamaluke rams Kash face first on the announcers table. Kash throws Mamaluke off the announcers table to the floor with a scoop slam! Ki attempts a leapfrog and holds his ankle in pain. Steel with a swinging ankle slam to damage the ankle even more. Steel drops across the ankle of Ki a few times as well. All four men trade a series of rollups with just over four minutes remaining in the contest. Kash with a power bomb on Mamaluke for a near fall. Mamaluke with a Northern Lights suplex on Steel for a near fall. Kash locks in a Boston Crab on Mamaluke until Steel dropkicks Kash from behind coming off the middle rope. Ki and Kash trade several vicious chops on the floor. Mamaluke has a leg lock on Steel looking for a submission. One minute remains in the match. Steel with a running dropkick on Ki in the corner. Ki locks in the Fight of the Dragon on Steel in the ropes. Ki leaping sidekick as well. Steel rolls to the apron, Ki sets him up for a suplex back into the ring. Mortimer Plumtree holds the leg down of Ki and Steel picks up the win.
Fifth Decision: Ace Steel pinned Low Ki with help from Mortimer Plumtree to win the match. **3/4
NOTE: The bell sounded before the pin occurred.
After the match, Mortimer Plumtree raises the hand of Ace Steel.


Don West is in the ring and introduces Hermie Sadler. Sadler will be driving the NWA-TNA NASCAR car. West puts over the importance of this weekends race. Sadler promotes the race of TNT. Sadler says that the car was fast and hope to win the pole. Bruce’s music hits and out comes the Miss TNA holder. Bruce says that Sadler is standing in “Miss TNA’s Queens Court”. Bruce insults Sadler’s job as “driving co-karts for a living”. Bruce asks Sadler if he is going to be a wrestler or a racecar driver. Sadler calls Bruce a freak, but is cut off by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that Sadler isn’t a wrestler or even a racecar. Jarrett wants to know why they didn’t get a real NASCAR superstar. Jarrett says that Sadler sucks at being a wrestler and a racecar driver. Sadler insults Jarrett as not having a championship either. Sadler says that Truth has earned his respect as he is the champion of TNA. Sadler asks Bruce if he is going to grow up as a man or a woman. Bruce storms the ring and misses a clothesline. Sadler with several right hands but is beaten down by Jarrett and Bruce. BG James runs down and hits Jarrett and Bruce with several forearm shots and atomic drops Jarrett. BG sends Jarrett over the top and grabs a microphone. BG says that “we are far from done and we are just staring”. BG checks on Sadler. Apparently, BG has recovered from the pipe shot in the back earlier.

Fourth Contest: Chris Michaels/Rick Michaels defeated Ron Harris/Sonny Siaki in a number one contenders match:
Harris and Siaki attack Chris and Rick early on. Harris works on Chris on the floor while Siaki beats on Rick in the ring. Siaki with a somersault spinning neck breaker on Rick for a near fall. Rick with a hip toss, arm drag and a dropkick for a near fall on Siaki. Harris and Chris enter the match with Harris controlling Chris with right hands. Chris takes Ron down with a dropkick off the middle rope. Chris enters the match but Harris simply drops Chris over the top to the floor. Siaki drops Chris face first onto the ring steps. Harris with a snap suplex on Chris back in the ring. Siaki enters and delivers a uppercut and a nice super kick to the face of Chris. Chris with a face breaker and a quickly drops Siaki with a neck breaker. Rick enters the ring but is sent to the floor where Siaki takes Rick down with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Harris with several clotheslines on Rick in several corners. Rick knocks Siaki down with a flying clothesline. Rick gets the tag and cleans house with a few clotheslines. All four men get involved where Harris backdrops Chris over the top to the floor. Siaki plants Rick with the Samoan Pop and goes for the cover but Harris stops the pin attempt. Harris goes for a big boot but hits Siaki. Rick covers Siaki and wins the match. Harris just turned his back. *1/4
After the match, Ron yells at Siaki for blowing the match. Siaki knocks Ron down with right hands. Ron comes back to trade right hands with Siaki. Security runs down to break up the fight.

Bill Behrens is in the ring and mentions how a X-Division Championship was promoted for tonight. Behrens says that Jerry Lynn will get a match of his choice when he his healthy enough to compete. Behrens says that tonight Ace Steel will face AJ Styles in a ladder match for the championship. Low Ki comes out limping due to an ankle “injury” he suffered earlier. Ki says that Steel gets a title shot after some computer helping him. Mortimer Plumtree and Ace Steel come out and Plumtree calls Ki a liar. Plumtree says that he never offered Ki any money to join him. Plumtree mentions some sort of confrontation Ki had with Tammy Sytch. Ki calls Plumtree a nerd once again. Ki says that Plumtree will always be a “outsider looking in”. Bob Armstrong walks down to the ring and says that Low Ki will face Ace Steel and the winner gets a title shot tonight. The match starts..


Fifth Contest: Low Ki defeated Ace Steel via disqualification: Ace works on the ankle of Ki but Ki manages to deliver a few kicks to the head of Steel. Steel continues to work on the heel of Ki. Ki is on the apron where Plumtree slams a chair against the ankle of Low Ki. Ki falls to the floor and holds his ankle in severe pain. The referee counts to eight and that is when Bob Armstrong, and Bill Behrens walk down and tell the referee about what happened. Low Ki has been counted out. *
After the match, Bob Armstrong enters the ring and says that they will have a ladder match. Armstrong says that any X-Division wrestler can compete in a ladder match to crown a champion. All of the X-Division wrestlers in the building come down to the ring.

Main Event: Syxx Pac defeated Tony Mamaluke, Joel Maximo, Jose Maximo, Ace Steel, Kid Kash, and AJ Styles, to win the vacant NWA-TNA X-Division Championship in a ladder match:
To start the match, three men are not starting off (Syxx-Pac, Chris Michaels and Rick Michaels). SAT’s sandwich Mamaluke with two ladders. Steel and Kash dropkick the ladders into the SAT’s. Styles takes everyone out with a springboard shooting star press to the floor. Steel sends Styles over the railing into the crowd. Joel rams Steel head first into a chair. Styles with a springboard reverse DDT on Joel in the ring. Styles dropkicks Jose in midair as he leaps off the top rope. Styles plants Kash with a brain buster. Styles slides in a ladder and sets it up but is met with a spear from Mamaluke. Mamaluke is at the top of the ladder but is dropkicked off by Joel. Mamaluke falls off and is screaming in agony holding his arm. Styles with a front suplex on Steel landing on the ladder. Kash with a slingshot hurricanrana on Joel on the floor. Steel rams a ladder into the face of Styles. Steel hangs Styles on the ladder in the corner and delivers a dropkick to the chest of Styles. Kash drops Styles with a vertical suplex and drops a ladder onto Styles. Kash hangs Joel against a ladder in the corner. Styles charges with a ladder and slams the ladder into Joel. Styles and Kash proceed to power bomb Jose onto Joel who is still sandwich between two ladders in the corner! Kash takes Steel down with a superplex off the top rope. Kash climbs up the ladder but Mamaluke tips the ladder over. Mamaluke and Kash climb up the ladder but Kash punches Mamaluke off. Kash takes Steel and Jose Maximo out with a moonsault off the ladder! Styles attempts a suicide dive but Joel puts a ladder in front of the move and Styles hits the ladder hard. Steel stomps a ladder onto the arm of Mamaluke and Mamaluke again screams in pain. Kash and Styles begin to climb up ladders and exchange right hands at the top. The SAT’s stop Kash at the top and attempt the Spanish Fly but are unable to. Kash plants Joel with a DDT off the top of the ladder! Kash also power bombs Jose as he climbs up the ladder. Styles is at the top but Kash and Steel tip the ladder over causing Styles to crash to the mat. Kash with a top rope cross body onto Jose on the floor. Styles and Joel fight on the top of the ladder but fall down with the ladder crashing onto Joel! Steel and Mamaluke are at the top of the ladder but are dropkicked off by Kash! Jose takes Kash down with a single man Spanish Fly off the ladder! Styles takes Steel down with a sunset flip power bomb off the top of the ladder! Mamaluke connects with a sit out DDT on Styles off the ladder! Mamaluke shoves Kash off the ladder. Styles gorilla press slams Mamaluke over the top to the floor. Styles with a brain buster off the middle rope on Kash. Styles begins to climb the ladder but Syxx-Pac runs down and back suplex’s Styles off the ladder! Syxx slowly climbs the ladder playing to the crowd and grabs the belt. **3/4
After the match, Syxx-Pac plays to the crowd.

Don West briefly promotes next weeks show which includes Syxx Pac taking on Styles in a ladder match, Ron Killings, BG James and Jeff Jarrett all being in action as well.

End of show


My Take:
A great surprise by TNA to bring in Curt Hennig who looked to be in good shape. The six man tag match wasn’t anything all that special but it was okay for what it was worth. I’d think that Hennig is now in line for a title shot after pinning the champion. I like the Lynn injury angle as they gives time to hold off any sort of rematch ladder match between himself and Styles. That segment also helps Siaki come across as a cocky bad ass and a potentially credible title threat. A very entertaining tag team title match between Harris/Storm and the SAT’s. However, it appears that TNA have relax rules on the legal man and whatnot as I am pretty sure Storm wasn’t actually the legal man. Chris Rock segment was very quick and simple. Nothing really else to say on that. The fifteen minute iron man match was a solid encounter. The fans adore Low Ki and rightfully so. Low Ki losing didn’t really hurt him in my eyes considering how it all went down. Ace Steel is also a good talent and could easily pull off a crazy man gimmick. Now to the Hermie Sadler segment. I have one problem with this portion of the show. Sadler calling Bruce a “freak” because the character is gay. That isn’t something that should be said. I know it is not a big deal. Who knows though, children could be watching and think that since a hero (possibly) to them in Hermie Sadler calling a homosexual character a freak, could only lead to bad things. TNA continues to also ram BG James down the fans throat, but lets face it even in TNA BG James is nothing more than a mid-carder talent. Chris and Rick Michaels are not impressive at all to me. Their offense was extremely simple and nothing that a typical independent wrestler couldn’t do. For how brief the Ki/Steel match was, I liked it. It continued was could be a program between Ki and Steel. Hopefully TNA continues with that situation. The main event was a spot fest and was a pretty good match. The crowd loved it and the wrestlers did their best to deliver. I must note that Tony Mamaluke sold a right arm injury either really well or he was seriously injured. As good of a main event it was, I hated the finish. Six guys bust their asses to put on a great match only for Syxx-Pac to do literally one move and grab the belt. That is a slap in the face to those six wrestlers. Not to mention that what Pac did would have been far more effective if a heel had actually done that. Lastly, where was Siaki for the main event? He after all did take out the champion Jerry Lynn earlier in the show. Things are getting interesting in TNA and it is nice to see some young talent getting pushed.

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