2CW 1/13/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling
Date: 1/13/2007
From: Rochester, New York

Opening Contest: Dizzie defeated Jason Axe and Ajax 820:
Ajax and Axe start off with Ajax getting a side headlock control. Dizzie puts Ajax in a headlock as well. Ajax continues his offense with a hurricanrana on Dizzie. Dizzie with an atomic drop on Axe and Ajax drives Axe down with a bulldog. Ajax with a standing arm bar but is power bombed by Dizzie. Axe with a Samoan Drop on Dizzie but isn’t able to get the three. Dizzie is sent to the floor and Axe works on Ajax with a power slam near the corner. Axe heads up top but is stopped by Ajax who sends Axe off the apron and Axe goes hard back first into the guard railing. Ajax proceeds to take Axe out with a suicide dive! Dizzie sends Ajax back into the ring and scoop slams Ajax. Dizzie with a top rope head butt, but only gets a near fall. Ajax sends Dizzie into Axe and Ajax takes both his opponents down with a combo of a springboard DDT and neck breaker. Ajax gets two counts on both men. Ajax hits Axe with a running knee in the corner. Dizzie sends Ajax over to the top and Dizzie goes for a superplex but Ajax comes back with a springboard sunset flip superplex! All three men are laid out in the ring as the fans chant “this is awesome”. All three men begin to trade right hands. Axe ends up being double teamed and they flip flapjack Axe. Ajax punches Dizzie on the top turnbuckle a few times but is driven down by Dizzie with the Rat Trap! Dizzie covers and picks up the win. **¾


Before the next match, Loca Vida challenges JD Love to a dance off but JD Love declines. Love tells the Rochester fans that only the Syracuse fans are good enough for a dance off.

Second Contest: Loca Vida defeated JD Love:
Love with a wrist lock but Vida gets out pretty quick and places Love in a side headlock. Love leapfrogs over Vida and manages to connect with a one legged dropkick. Love works on Vida with several chops in the corner. Vida comes back with a chop of his own and hammers away on Love with several right hands. Love with an atomic drop and a running clothesline in the corner. Love pulls down his top and rubs his man boobs into the face of Vida. Love goes back to chopping Vida. Vida comes off the ropes and goes for a crucifix but Love reverses with a modified backbreaker. Vida avoids a big boot and nails Love with a couple of knees and a knee drop for a near fall. Love catches Vida coming off the ropes and drives Vida down with a back suplex. Love chops away on Vida and connects with a snap suplex. Both men are down but Love is able to get up at the count of seven. Love hammers away on Vida and sends him hard into the corner. Love pulls downs his trunks and rams his butt into the face of Vida. Vida with right hands and a running double knee attack in the corner. Vida follows up with a sling shot dropkick and a bronco buster! Love with a sit down power slam and is only able to get a two count. They begin to trade chops with Love getting the upper hand. Vida with a roll up coming off the ropes and picks up the win! **¼
After the match, JD Love attacks Vida and leaves Vida laying with a power bomb.


Third Contest: All Money Is Legal defeated the Killer Steves: the Steves attack AMIL as they enter the ring. AMIL come off the ropes with a double hurricanrana and dropkick the Steves to the floor. All four men go to the floor and AMIL are sent into each other. Kruz wants to dive over the top but Mackenzie stops him and attempts a dive of his own but crashes hard to the floor. AMIL double team Kruz in the corner and connect with a running bulldog across a knee. K-Murda runs over Kruz several times and drops a double knee to the back of Kruz for a near fall. Murda continues his offense with several right hands, a snap mare and a kick to the back. Kruz drives Murda into the corner and rams his shoulder into the midsection of Murda several times. Kruz tags in Mackenzie who delivers a double axe handle. Mackenzie with a scoop slam and double teams Murda with Kruz. Kruz covers but Murda kicks out at two. Kruz chokes Murda in front of the referee and tags out to Mackenzie who split Murda’s legs apart. Mackenzie misses a splash in the corner and Murda delivers a running knee attack and a back cracker for a near fall! Pusha tags in and hammers away on Mackenzie. Pusha works on Mackenzie in the corner with a series of right hands and monkey flips Mackenzie out of the corner. Pusha with a top rope fist drop and gets a near fall. Pusha snap suplexs Mackenzie for a two count. Kruz hits Pusha with a neck breaker behind the referees back and tags in. Kruz chokes Pusha behind the referees back. Kruz continues to work on Pusha until he tags in Mackenzie who prevents Pusha from tagging out by hitting Murda on the apron. Pusha continues to be double teamed for a few more moments. Pusha with a double stomp and a splash on Kruz for a near fall but is prevented from tagging out again by Mackenzie. Steves with a side walk slam/headlock double team move on Pusha for a two count. The Steves continue to dominate Pusha for several more moments. Pusha eventually takes Mackenzie down with a back suplex and makes a tag to Murda. Murda cleans house with several clotheslines and nails Kruz with a scissors kick! Kruz blocks a body scissors bulldog from Murda as he slams Murda face first to the mat. Mackenzie is crotched on the top rope by Pusha. Kruz gets his trunks pulled down and is slammed down by AMIL. AMIL pick up the win, even though the camera wasn’t directed at the ring for the finish. **

Fourth Contest: Portia Perez defeated Nikki Roxx:
Roxx backs Perez into the corner and slaps Perez. Perez drop toe holds Roxx and taunts her. Roxx with a boot to the midsection and several clubbing blows to the back of Perez. Perez with a couple of arm drags and follows up with a spinning head scissors for a near fall. Roxx rolls to the floor to stop the momentum of Perez. Perez pulls Roxx back into the ring slamming her from the apron back into the ring. Perez with a clothesline and gets a two count. Perez with a few right hands and drives Perez down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Roxx with a right hand to the face and lifts the referee’s shirt up as the fans chant they want to see puppies. Roxx continues to control Perez and gets a two count. Roxx chops Perez in the corner and chokes Perez as well. Roxx power slams Perez and goes for a cocky cover and Perez easily kicks out. Roxx locks in the camel clutch in the middle of the ring. Roxx begins to bite the forehead of Perez and wrenches the neck of Perez! Roxx covers but Perez is still able to kick out. Perez fights back with a boot out of the corner and a series of right hands. Perez connects with a back elbow and series of clotheslines. Perez takes Roxx off her feet with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Roxx stops Perez with a spine buster but Perez kicks out at two. They begin to roll around the ring several times as Perez rolled through on a suplex attempt. No one manages a cover and they stumble to their feet. Perez with a Flatliner but Roxx manages to get her hand on the ropes on the pin attempt. Roxx rams Perez into the corner a couple of times and puts Perez on the top rope. Roxx connects with a fisherman suplex but Perez once again kicks out. Perez manages to roll Roxx up as she blocks a power slam. Perez hangs on for the cover and picks up the win! **½


Fifth Contest: Gordy Wallace defeated Zaquary Springate III in a bullrope match: Springate with a cheap shot on Gordy and follows up with several right hands. Gordy gets up and Springate tries to bail but has the bullrope on his wrist so he gets pulled back into the ring. Gordy lets go of the rope and Springate falls to the floor. Gordy rubs the rope across the forehead of Springate. Springate hits Gordy a couple of times with the cowbell and Gordy falls down. Springate with elbow drop but Gordy kicks out on the cover. Springate connects with a back elbow and drops a knee coming off the ropes but isn’t able to put Gordy away. Springate begins to choke Gordy with the bullrope in the corner and taunts the fans. Gordy battles back with a belly to belly suplex and nearly wins the match! Gordy drives the cowbell into the face of Springate. Springate is able to trap Gordy and hits him with the cowbell a couple of times. Gordy with a big clothesline and plants Springate with a pile driver but Springate is able to kick out at two! Gordy puts the rope right across the eyes of Springate. Gordy begins to whip Springate with the rope across the back. Gordy drops his head into the groin of Springate, twice. Gordy plants Springate with a DDT but isn’t able to put Springate away. Gordy with a backdrop and Springate crashes to the mat. Springate with a low blow and DDT’s Gordy for a near fall. They begin to trade right hands with Gordy getting the advantage with a series of chops in the corner. Springate counters with right hands in the corner. Springate whips Gordy while Gordy comes back with right hands. Gordy drops Springate across the top rope and begins to hog tie Springate. Gordy covers but Springate is able to kick out. Springate misses a senton splash off the top and Gordy power bombs Springate. Gordy covers but Springate is able to just get his shoulder up. Gordy chokes Springate and sends Springate over the top hanging Springate! The referee checks Springate and Springate’s arm drops three times.
After the match, Springate goes nuts and attacks Jack Trades and Bob Foley among others.

Sixth Contest: Eddie Edwards defeated Isys Ephex:
Edwards backs Ephex into the corner and simply backs off. Edwards tries to go behind Ephex, but that is quickly countered by Ephex. Edwards takes Ephex down with a snap mare and works on the left arm of Ephex. Ephex counters again with a head scissors and Edwards kips out of that. Ephex and Edwards trade leg trips and have a standoff. Ephex with a knee to the midsection as the fans chant both men’s name. Edwards hip tosses Ephex and follows up with a dropkick. Ephex sends Edwards to the floor but Edwards goes up top and takes Ephex out with a dropkick! Ephex goes to the floor and avoids a baseball slide. Ephex with several stomps on Edwards but is met with a kick to the face. Ephex with a nice cartwheel cross body and gets a two count. Ephex continues his offense with a double under hook back breaker for near fall. Ephex with a series of snap mares and covers but only gets a two count. They begin to trade right hand and chops until Ephex takes Edwards down with a vertical suplex for another near fall. Ephex with a knee drop coming off the ropes and again covers but Edwards pops his shoulder up. Ephex with a discus punch and Edwards delivers several right hands. Ephex hits Edwards on the knee and leaps off the middle rope with an elbow drop for a near fall. Ephex scoop slams Edwards and goes up top. Edwards runs up the ropes and tosses Ephex down with an arm drag! Edwards delivers a series of clotheslines and chops. Ephex blocks a boot and nails Edwards with a spinning heel kick. Edwards catches Ephex off guard with a leg lariat and nearly pulls out the win! Edwards runs into a big boot from Ephex but is able to punch Ephex as he was on the top rope. Ephex avoids a Stunner but after a series of reversals isn’t able to avoid a German suplex! Edwards chops away on Ephex again in the corner. Edwards blocks a roll up with a rollup of his own for a near fall. They proceed to trade a series of rollups. Ephex with an elevated DDT of sorts but Edwards kicks out at two. Ephex tries to suplex Edwards to the floor but Edwards lands on the apron. Edwards tries to do the same but Ephex lands on the apron. Edwards with a super kick on the apron and hit’s a fisherman suplex on the apron! Both men are down on the floor for a few moments. Edwards covers Ephex back in the ring but Ephex is able to kick out. Ephex kicks Edwards but is met with a super kick from Edwards. Ephex is able to plant Edwards with a Burning Hammer but only gets a two count! Ephex goes up top but Edwards stops Ephex with a right hand. Edwards with several head butts and hit’s the Spanish Fly off the top to pick up the win. ***¼
After the match, Edwards and Ephex are helped the back with the help of some backstage workers.


Main Event: Abyss defeated Spike Dudley in a no holds barred match to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Abyss tosses Spike to the floor to start the match. Spike insults the mask of Abyss and slaps him. Spike ducks a big boot and head butts Abyss in the midsection a couple of times. Spike avoids a military press slam and rolls Abyss up for a near fall. Spike with a quick Acid Drop but Abyss is able to roll to the floor! Spike grabs a chair from underneath the ring and goes to hit Abyss but Abyss kicks Spike in the gut. Abyss sends Spike into the ring post. Abyss sends Spike back first into the guard railing. Spike grabs another chair but Abyss avoids being hit with it. Spike is able to connect with an Acid Drop on the floor as he sends Abyss throat first across the railing. Spike leaps off the top with a chair and rams the chair against the back of Abyss! Spike grabs a table but doesn’t set it up on the floor. Abyss sets up the table and Spike goes for another Acid Drop but Abyss crotches Spike into the ring post! Abyss covers Spike but isn’t able to put him away. Abyss sends Spike head first into a chair bridged in the corner. Abyss signals for a choke slam and goes to grab a busted open Spike. Spike is dripping blood from being sent into the chair! Abyss begins to choke Spike in the corner to maintain control of the match. Spike goes to the floor and hits Abyss with a chair but his offense doesn’t last long. Abyss has the title belt and throws the belt into the corner. Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a bag full of thumbtacks. Spike battles back with right hands to prevent Abyss from using the tacks. Spike comes off the ropes and is military pres slammed into the thumbtacks! Abyss picks Spike up and connects with the Black Hole Slam into the thumbtacks! Abyss covers and picks up the win. **1/4
After the match, Jason Axe comes out and starts taunting Spike Dudley. Axe appears to want to form a partnership with Abyss. Abyss shakes hands with Axe. Axe wants to kill Dudley’s career tonight. Axe turns his back and picks up Axe. Abyss drives Axe down with the Shock Treatment! Abyss places Axe on the table on the floor and points to Spike. Spike jumps off the top and double stomps Axe through the table. Abyss raises Spike’s arm and lifts Spike up in the air as a sign of respect. Abyss poses for the fans to close out the show.

My Take:
I find it pretty funny that Jason Axe is called the “Main Event” and he is in the under card every show. That must add to his heat from the crowd because Axe is clearly not at the main event level, at this point. I’ll admit that the opening contest completely surprised me. It was fast paced and got the crowd riled up and into the show. Good contest and I would say up to this point Jason Axe’s best showing.

JD Love/Loca Vida was a pretty decent contest. Love seems to know how to generate heel heat and did a very good job and keeping the fans interested in the match. Love also showed me that he can actually display wrestling moves and worked well with Vida here. Two rather surprising matches to start the show.

Steves/AMIL was not a good match. It was a rather drawn out tag team match that shouldn’t have gone as long as it did. AMIL don’t seem to work all that great in a traditional tag team match. The match really never got going because of all the double teaming the Steves were doing throughout the contest.

Perez/Roxx put on a good show for a women’s match. Perez was clearly still learning the ropes as she had a few awkward moves but she has really become a top women’s wrestler today in 2010. Roxx had her moments where she came across like a really tough women. Not a bad match between those two ladies.

Gordy/Springate was a lackluster match. The crowd didn’t seem to be all into the match as most bullrope matches are very limited. I liked the finish to the match this was another match that went a little too long for my liking. Could’ve have done this match in a shorter period of time.

Edwards/Ephex put on a good match. By far the best match up to that point. The fans were hot for the match throughout. Ephex is truly the best homegrown talent for 2CW and its matches like this that prove that.

Abyss/Spike wasn’t as violent as I thought it was going to be. It was a fairly repetitive with several Acid Drops and really nothing different from their TNA matches. The match was also pretty quick and I’m not sure if that was a good decision. People were more than likely attending the show to see both Abyss and Spike, two recognizable names and their match is one of the shortest on the card. Oh well. Clearly 2CW is heading into a Jason Axe vs. Spike Dudley feud. Time will tell whether or not Axe is able to work with the “big names”

Overall, first two matches were decent to good. Isys/Edwards was a good match and the match of the night. Main event was an alright brawl with a few violent spots but not much. Not a bad show from 2CW here but not one of the best either.

Thanks for reading.

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