NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #30 2/5/2003

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #30
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the show and they go over some of the matches that will be tonight’s edition.

Larry Zbyszko is standing is standing in the ring with the NWA World Championship. Zbyszko talks about saying that he has gotten back in the lime light. He says he is going to something nice for AJ Styles tonight. Zbyszko mentions that the belt he has belongs to Jeff Jarrett. He says that he has been very impressed with the work of AJ Styles. Zbyszko makes sure to mention that Styles couldn’t beat him twice in ten minutes. Zbyszko demands that Jarrett gives Styles a title match. Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the champion appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Jarrett thinks the nine tenths of the law thing is crap. Jarrett reminds us he is the champion and says that Styles only needs to ask for title shot, something Styles hasn’t done yet. He will agree to the match once Styles simply asks. Jarrett threatens to take the belt from Zbyszko the hard way. Zbyszko warns Jarrett not to threaten him and he wants to do it the hard way. Jarrett makes his way to the ring but is attacked by AJ Styles from behind. Styles beats on Jarrett in the ring with Zbyszko trying to get Styles off of him. This allows Jarrett to get up and works on Styles. Jarrett knocks Zbyszko out and grabs his championship. However, several masked men in army gear come down and attack Jarrett. They place a hood over Jarrett’s head and they drag him outside the building. It is clearly S.E.X.


Mike Tenay and Don West go over the attack that just happened.

Opening Contest: Jorge Estrada defeated Glen Gilbertti:
Gilbertti comes out wearing the army clothing from the previous segment, confirming the attack previously. Estrada refuses a handshake from Gilbertti. Gilbertti works on Estrada until he is taken down with a head scissors and springboard swanton bomb for a near fall. Gilbertti with a back elbow but misses a clothesline. Estrada with a springboard dropkick and gets a two count. Gilbertti sends Estrada over the top to the apron and pokes Estrada in the eyes. Estrada drops Gilbertti across the top rope and goes for a slingshot split legged moonsault but Gilbertti gets his knees up. Atomic drop from Gilbertti and follows up with a clothesline. Gilbertti begins to dance, taunting the fans. Gilbertti with a swinging neck breaker and dances once again. Gilbertti with another swinging neck breaker and gets a two count. Gilbertti works on Estrada in the corner with several boots. Estrada is sent hard back first into the corner and Gilbertti again plays to the crowd. Gilbertti does the same thing. Gilbertti takes Estrada down with a clothesline and begins to dance, again. Gilbertti with a side Russian leg sweep and misses a elbow drop coming off the ropes. Estrada with a cross body and gets a near fall. Estrada with a clothesline and a springboard moonsault but Gilbertti kicks out. Gilbertti plants Estrada with a DDT but doesn’t get the three. Estrada shoves Gilbertti off on a attempted Last Dance and gets a near fall on a roll up, twice. Estrada with a backslide reversing the Last Dance to pick up the win.
After the match, Gilbertti and Sanders beat down Estrada. They rip off Estrada’s costume and head to the back.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. Goldylocks is freaking out over Jarrett’s capture. Armstrong says he has been busy and knows S.E.X have gone past wrestling. Armstrong has a man on the job to find out what happened. Armstrong assures Goldylocks that they will not get away with it.

S.E.X. music hits and the lights go out. Glenn Gilbertti is at the top of the balcony with Vince Russo who say welcome to operation S.E.X. Russo says they have taken out the leader and they will take out the army. They will also take out everyone in attendance because they boo them. Russo makes it clear that Jarrett is in no harm and says that he loves Jeff Jarrett, something no one seems to understand. He is doing this for Jarrett’s own good. Russo says he is the uncle to Jarrett’s kids. Russo says that he cares about Jeff Jarrett and no one is buying into this. Russo turns to Gilbertti and says that Jarrett is confused. Russo goes over the gimmicks that Jarrett has had over the years. Russo doesn’t believe that Jarrett know who he is. Russo says that Jarrett is his friend. Russo tells Gilbertti he needs to “right a wrong” and wants Gilbertti to develop the character of Jeff Jarrett. Russo wants Jarrett to be cursing and only thinking of tits and ass. Russo wants Jarrett to flush tradition down the drain. Russo tells Gilbertti to go do his business. Russo has given everyone a warning. Russo continues to speak, as Gilbertti is attacked by Dusty Rhodes! Rhodes just goes to the ring as Gilbertti runs towards where Jarrett apparently is. Rhodes has a microphone and says that Armstrong told him that Jarrett was abducted. Rhodes says that this bullshit needs to stop tonight. Rhodes calls out Ron Killings, Amazing Red, Jerry Lynn and America’s Most Wanted. They make their way to the ring and puts over all five men in the ring. Rhodes tells Killings that a man won the World Championship not a black man but a man. Rhodes is going to find Jarrett and wants those men to keep control in the building. Rhodes and four of the men leave the ring as Amazing Red stays in the ring for the next match.


Second Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Amazing Red to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Siaki backs Red into the corner quickly but doesn’t do anything. Siaki shoves Red down out of a lock up. Siaki goes down to his knees to mock the height of Red and is met with a kick to the face. Siaki chases Red around and falls to the floor. Red with a somersault dive on the floor and takes Siaki down with a head scissors take down in the ring. Red with a dropkick and a spin kick for a near fall. Red goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick getting a two count. Siaki with a reverse Samoan Drop and gets a two count. Siaki throws Red chest first across the top rope and gets a couple near falls. Siaki locks in a bear hug to control the match. Red elbows out of the hold and delivers right hands and a spin kick. Red with another kick that sends Siaki to the floor. Red comes off the ropes and fakes a dive. Red attempts a hurricanrana off the apron but Siaki catches Red and slams Red head first into the announcers table! Siaki rams Red face first into the title belt on the announcers table. Siaki also sends Red into the ring steps. Siaki goes for the cover in the ring but Red pops his shoulder up. Siaki with a somersault neck breaker and goes for the cover but Red again kicks out. Siaki with a bow and arrow submission but Red will not give in. Red elbows out but runs right into a super kick. Siaki goes for the cover and Red kicks out at two. Siaki lifts Red up and drops Red stomach first across the top rope and covers again but only gets a two count. Siaki with a running clothesline in the corner and places Red on the top turnbuckle delivering a couple right hands. Red shoves Siaki off the middle rope and leaps off hitting the Red Eye and gets a near fall. Red with several right hands and hit’s the Code Red but Siaki kicks out! Red is sent into the ropes and is hooked by Desire. Siaki is able to hit the Siakilypse but Red manages to kick out as Siaki took to much time going for the pin. Siaki runs into a big boot and is tripped down by Red who follows up with the Red Star Press but Siaki kicks out. Red goes up top but is slowly making his way up. Siaki shoves the referee down and Desire is able to trip Red off the top. Siaki manages to plant Red with Siakilypse Now and gets the three. ***
After the match, Siaki and Desire celebrate the win over Amazing Red. Red shoves Desire and is beaten down by Siaki and Desire. Trinity and Kid Kash run down and dropkick Siaki and Desire to the floor.

A video package highlighting the attacks by Konnan over recent weeks. Konnan doesn’t have a contract with the company but gets a video package? Hmmm.

Mike Tenay had a sit down interview with Konnan earlier in the day. Tenay talks about Konnan’s recent attacks on the X-Division. Tenay asks Konnan the reason behind the attacks and how does Tenay know the reason behind them. Konnan puts himself over his drawing power back in Mexico… from 1997. Tenay says that Konnan was misused in WCW. Konnan calls Tenay a corporate kiss ass by allowing lucha libre to be renamed the X-Division. Konnan believes that they are racist. Konnan talks about other sports where minorities are featured heavily. Konnan goes over all the Latinos who have been pushed aside. Tenay reminds Konnan this isn’t 1996. Tenay believes the X-Division may have advanced the styles and embraced it. Konnan again calls Tenay a racist. Konnan says their isn’t a plan, he is going to make sure they aren’t fucked over ever again.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. Goldylocks asks Armstrong for a update. BG James comes over and says that he is worried about his father. Bob Armstrong says that he has Dusty Rhodes on his side and tells BG that he has a surprise for him in the ring.


Third Contest: Tenacious Z defeated BG James: Tenacious Z is a one legged wrestler. BG is confused as to what is going on. BG attacks Z from behind and works on Z with several right hands in the corner. Z with a dropkick and several kicks to the chest. Z with several right hands but is shoved off from the corner. BG takes Z down with a clothesline and taunts the fans. BG with several jabs and misses a right hand. Z with a leg lariat that sends BG to the floor. Z with a springboard moonsault on the floor. BG with a low blow to stop Z’s momentum. BG with a running big boot and goes for the cover but pulls up Z at the count of two. BG takes Z down with a vertical suplex and again pulls Z up at two. BG gets in Scott Armstrong face. Scott slaps BG and Z rolls BG up but gets a two count. Scott ducks a clothesline from BG and low blows BG. Z rolls BG up and wins the match. ½*
After the match, Raven slides into the ring and beats down Z until Z is dragged out of the ring.

Raven has a microphone and tells security to get rid of Z. Raven turns his attention to AJ Styles and says that AJ Styles has something that belongs to him, which is the NWA World Championship. Raven wants Styles to bring the title back to him. Raven walks a road of horror while Styles walks a different road. Raven talks about pain and other things. Raven talks about debt and hunger as well. AJ Styles makes his way out with the belt around his waist. Raven calls Styles the biggest pussy if he doesn’t come to the ring so that he can get his belt back. Raven says that Styles has beaten anyone until he faces him. Styles storms the ring and is met with several knees and overhand shots to the back. Styles connects with a leaping kick and goes for a clothesline but Raven bails to the floor. Styles with a baseball slide that sends Raven into the guard railing. Styles sends Raven into the guard railing back first. Raven with a clothesline back in the ring and a running high knee lift to control the brawl. Styles with a series of right hands a discus clothesline. Styles with a spin kick but is met with a low blow from Raven. Raven grabs Styles hand and begins to break Styles fingers! Raven grabs the belt as Larry Zbyszko comes down with a steel chair. Officials are checking on AJ Styles who is in pain.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong who is with the New Church. Armstrong says that she has a wife who does enough bitching. America’s Most Wanted come over and demand a rematch. James Mitchell says that as soon as the New Church win the tag team titles they will give AMW a rematch. AMW want to fight New Church, Armstrong prevents that from happening, though.

A video going over the history between David Flair, Mike Sanders, Ron Killings and Jerry Lynn is shown.


Fourth Contest: Ron Killings defeated Jerry Lynn, David Flair and Mike Sanders in a elimination match:
First Elimination: Sanders and Lynn start the match. Lynn avoids a dropkick from Sanders and takes Sanders down with a shoulder block. Lynn takes Sanders down with several arm drags but is poked in the eye by Sanders. Lynn drops a leg to the arm of Flair who was tagged in. Lynn with a arm breaker and stomps away on Flair. Lynn scoop slams Flair down and tags in Killings. Killings with several right hands on Flair in the corner. Killings avoids a clothesline and connects with a spinning heel kick and gets a two count on Flair. Flair with a right hand and several blows to knock Killings down. Sanders tags in and works on Killings back and delivers several right hands. Killings with a scissors kick to get a near fall. Killings is send into the ropes and knocks Lynn off the apron. Sanders takes advantage and double teams with Flair taking Killings down with a back elbow. Flair with a vertical suplex and gets a near fall on Killings. Flair stomps away on Killings. Sanders gets the tag and stomps away on Killings. Killings with several right hands until Sanders delivers a knee lift. Killings continues to work on Sanders with right hands. Sanders ducks a clothesline from Lynn and Lynn accidentally hits Killings. Flair with a rolling neck breaker on Killings and gets a two count. Flair and Killings collide in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline. Sanders and Lynn get tags into the match. Lynn back drops Sanders down and delivers a clothesline. Lynn with a sit down power bomb but Sanders kicks out. Lynn with a elbow drop to the knee and locks in a Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Flair enters and is attacked by Lynn. Sanders backdrops Killings over the top to the floor. Estrada runs down and hits Sanders with a missile dropkick. Lynn covers Sanders and eliminates Sanders. Mike Sanders is eliminated.
Second Elimination: Flair works on Lynn until he is take down with a dropkick and back elbow. Flair avoids a dropkick and works on the right knee of Lynn with several elbow drops. Lynn rolls Flair up and gets the three. David Flair has been eliminated.
Final Elimination: Ron Killings takes the referee out with a running forearm smash. David Flair this Lynn with the burlap sack. Killings with the Truth or Consequences and pins Lynn to win the match.
After the match, Lynn shoves Killings away from him and they begin to argue and have a shoving match. Killings bails from the ring.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Elix Skipper and Low Ki. Goldylocks call their win last week when they stole the tag team titles from AMW. Skipper says they are family and begins to sing “we are family”. Ki says that the family will bring the gold home. Desire and Sonny Siaki come into the scene. Desire tells Goldylocks that she got one of the worst boob jobs ever and says her nipples should be pointing up and not down.

Fifth Contest: Trinity defeated Desire:
Well this one gets a long story short. Siaki hits Trinity on the floor early on to give Desire the advantage. Desire and Siaki control Trinity for a good portion of the match. Eventually, Trinity fights back and hit’s the moonsault off the top to win the match. DUD
After the match, Trinity and Kid Kash taunt Desire and Sonny Siaki.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over the main event for the tag team titles. They also discuss the Jeff Jarrett situation.

Main Event: Low Ki/Elix Skipper fought the New Church to a No Contest. The tag team titles are held up: Slash dives over the top onto both Skipper and Ki and all four men brawl on the floor. Lee sends Ki into the guard railing while Slash sends Skipper into the announcers table and hits him with a chair. Lee is choking Ki on the announcers table. Slash has the ring steps and leaps off the steps diving onto Ki who is on the announcers table! Lee slams Skipper onto the announcers table. Tenay and West are freaking out over the action. Slash with a sit down scoop slam on Ki on the entrance ramp. Lee and Skipper are brawling in the crowd. Skipper with a few knee lifts on Lee and Ki sends Slash back first into the guard railing. Skipper and Lee actually manage to enter the ring with Skipper working on Lee with right hands and chops in the corner. Lee takes Skipper down with a overhead belly to belly suplex and tags in Slash. Slash with a few right hands but Skipper comes back and rams Slash into the corner tagging in Ki. Ki with a few chops to control Slash. Ki dropkicks Slash in the corner and follows up with a series of uppercuts. Slash with a military press slam into a DDT and gets a near fall on Ki. Slash chops Ki against the ropes and bites the forehead of Ki. Ki misses a springboard kick and holds his knee on the canvas. Ki shoves the referee into Slash and hit’s a springboard kick. Skipper enters and takes Slash down with a clothesline. Ki with a several chops and stomps on Slash in the corner. Ki and Skipper are double teaming Slash in the corner delivering several face washes. Skipper covers Slash and gets a two count. Skipper begins to work on the left knee dropping several elbows. Ki is standing on the back of Skipper to add extra leverage to a standing leg lock. Ki enters and locks in a ankle lock it appears. Slash with a big boot to knock Ki down and goes for a power bomb but Ki has the dragon sleeper locked in! Ki with a arm breaker but lets go so that Skipper can lock in the same move. Skipper with a northern lights suplex on Slash to maintain control of the contest for his team. Skipper with a abdominal stretch on the mat. Ki is bleeding from the mouth, as we get a up close shot of him spitting blood out. Ki leaps off the top and delivers a double stomp to the back of Slash. Lee enters and this allows Skipper and Ki to deliver a double clothesline and Ki gets a near fall. Ki with a series of kicks to the chest of Slash and a dropkick as well. Slash catches Ki off the top and drops Ki with a spinning slam. Slash makes his way to his corner and tags in Lee. Lee cleans house with a series of clotheslines and throws Ki onto Skipper. Lee scoop slams Ki down and goes for the choke slam. Lee lifts Ki up but Ki manages to fight it and gets to the top rope. Ki goes up top but Mitchell holds Ki’s foot. Skipper enters and hits Lee with a chair. Ki falls onto Lee but only gets a two count. Skipper sets Slash up but Slash reverses and hits the Slash and Burn on Skipper on the steel chair. Slash covers but Skipper manages to kick out. Ki chops Slash in the corner. Slash catches Ki in the corner and the referee is knocked out. Skipper has a title belt and sends Slash to the floor. Skipper low blows Lee. Slash crotches Skipper on the top rope and connects with a top rope slash and burn. Slash covers Skipper as Ki covers Lee following a title shot to the head. We have ourselves a double pin. **½
After the match. Scott Armstrong comes out and says they are holding the tag team titles up. AMW storm the ring and they attack Skipper and Ki. S.E.X. all masked up come down and attack AMW and the New Church. Only two mask men this time around. Russo is heard saying that they have a war. Well, this is just a massive brawl involving everyone just from the previous match and AMW and the masked members from S.E.X. Jerry Lynn runs down and gets involved in the brawl. Mike Sanders comes out and attacks Jerry Lynn in the ring. Kid Kash and Jorge Estrada run down and try to help out in the brawl that S.E.X are controlling. Trinity makes her way down as well and goes to work on Desire but that doesn’t last long. Amazing Red runs down as well. Chris Harris is trying to throw Skipper off the balcony! Bob Armstrong storms the ring and begins hitting BG James with right hands. Raven comes down with the belt and a rope. Raven is just standing in the ring and taunting the fans. Russo is telling his guys to lock the wrestlers in the S.E.X locker room.


Vince Russo is in the ring and asks where the NWA and tradition wrestling now. S.E.X is standing tall in the ring. Russo says that they are coming after all of the fans, now. Russo wants the fans to know he is a man of his word. Russo repeats that he didn’t hurt Jeff Jarrett because he loves him. Russo tells Gilbertti to take off is mask. Gilbertti is seen at the top of the ramp… The man who Russo thought was Gilbertti is … Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett takes Sanders out and tackles Russo as NWA-TNA goes off the air!

End of show

My Take:
Well, the opening segment leads me to believe that Jarrett vs. Styles will be happening in the very near future. I really like how the Styles push has been going as it has been getting some decent build up now for four or five weeks. Interested to see how that plays out in the future. The whole abduction angle could have been good, but as you read later on in this, you’ll understand why I think it was rather bad.

Jorge Estrada has really been a jobber as of late, but yet he goes over the recently returned Glenn Gilbertti? How is that a good way to help Gilbertti get over and help out the S.E.X. group? S.E.X should be able to dominate the under card.

Dusty Rhodes has been doing a good job of being a leader for the NWA group. I kind of thought having Amazing Red out their was a mistake. Red doesn’t strike me as a major player in TNA, at least not yet.

Siaki/Red was a good match. Red flopping around like he usually does make his opponent look really good. I do believe that Siaki could have gone over clean, as S.E.X seem to only win matches with outside interference or something of that nature. Clean wins don’t always hurt baby faces.

I have no interest in Konnan. As soon as that segment came up I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Having BG James lose to a one legged wrestler is just horrible. I don’t care if the referee helped Tenacious Z pick up the win, it was a horrible decision. BG James is made to look like a idiot, just as Gilbertti was earlier in the show.

Raven vs. AJ Styles has to be coming soon and it has to be for the number one contenders spot. I think it is rather obvious that is the direction. Good segment overall between them with Raven breaking Styles fingers as being a nice touch to the storyline.

Looks like Ron Killings is either turning heel on his own or is going to be joining S.E.X. Either way, Killings excels as a heel and should be booked in that capacity.

Trinity/Desire was just horrible. To think that match got just under nine minutes of airtime. What a waste of time.

The double pin fall spot was botched. Skipper got caught on the top rope so one of the referees had to literally wait five seconds for Slash, Skipper and the other referee to get in position to start the count. It just came across horrible. I was really expecting a dominating title reign for Triple X as well. But, of course not.

The abduction angle earlier would have worked well if Jarrett didn’t already break free of being abducted within a hour and a half. If a group of eight guys, roughly, can not keep ONE guy from leaving a area, how are we suppose to take them seriously? This whole S.E.X. group has so much promise but now they have lost a lot of steam and a lot of my interest as a whole. The only person I am interested in from the group is Raven. He has only been their for about three weeks so there is a lot of time to mess up his character, anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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