NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #29 1/29/2003

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #29
Date: 1/29/2003
From: Nashville, Tennessee

A video highlighting the tag team title win by Triple X is shown.

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the show. The lights go off and a spotlight appears on Raven who is sitting in the balcony.

Raven has the NWA World Championship and says that possession is nine tenths of the law. Raven puts over the belt saying it is the greatest prize in the business. Raven names a few people who have worn the belt. Raven believes that Jarrett doesn’t realize the revolution going on in TNA. Raven knows that people may say he is insane, but they aren’t allowed to judge him. Raven calls the fans cockroaches. Raven will do what it takes to show Jarrett the error of his ways. Raven will urinate in his bone morrow and rip of his neck. Raven says that he has something planned for Jarrett which he will never forget. Raven welcomes everyone to the clock work orange house of fun. Jeff Jarrett runs over and nails Raven with a trash can. Jarrett hits Raven sending him out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. Jarrett also hits Raven with a chair and continues his attack with the trash can. Jarrett grabs his belt and nails Raven with the belt. Jarrett sets up the table in the ring. Jarrett places Raven on the table and goes up top with the trash can but Vince Russo runs down and holds Jarrett. Raven recovers and drives Jarrett through the table with a superplex off the top. Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings and AMW run down to save Jarrett. Vince Russo stole the belt, again.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada. Goldylocks asks Estrada what Mike Sanders wanted to do with him. Estrada says that Sanders offered him a job in S.E.X. Estrada doesn’t know if he is going to join them. Estrada asks Goldylocks what she would do in his situation.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over what just happened involving Russo, Raven and Jarrett.

A video highlighting the group S.E.X. is shown.

Opening Contest: Amazing Red defeated Jorge Estrada: Neither man can get the advantage early on, and they both miss moonsault. Estrada rolls Red up and gets a near fall which gets a stand still. Red with a spinning heel kick which sends Estrada to the floor. Red with a moonsault off the apron onto Estrada on the floor. Estrada drops Red across the top rope but misses a slingshot split legged moonsault. Red goes up top but is stopped by Estrada who takes Red down with a hip toss of the top rope and gets a two count. Estrada with a flapjack and rolls through into a half Boston crab but Red manages to reach the bottom rope quickly. Red with two spinning side kicks and gets a two count. Red works on Estrada with right hands in the corner. Estrada with a springboard dropkick knocking Red down on the apron. Estrada follows up with a springboard leg drop and gets a two count. Estrada works on Red with a series of boots and a running back elbow in the corner. Estrada slows the match down with a sleeper hold. Red elbows out but runs into a clothesline and Estrada gets a near fall. Red connects with the Code Red but Estrada kicks out. Red leaps off the top but Estrada connects with a northern lights suplex and gets a two count. Estrada goes to the top rope but Red shoves Estrada off and hit’s the Infrared and the Red Star Press to win the match! **¼
After the match, Mike Sanders enters the ring with a microphone and tells Estrada that he doesn’t need the NWA. Sanders needs a answer from Estrada, today. Estrada shoves Sanders and this him with a right hand, saying no. Sanders backs off in the corner, and that is when Glen Gilbertti comes in and hits Estrada with a steep chair. Gilbertti is announced as the Director of Talent Development. Gilbertti beats Estrada down with the chair.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong and asks him what is he going to do. Jeff Jarrett comes over and shoves Armstrong against the wall saying that he wants Russo and Raven tonight.

Second Contest: David Flair defeated Jerry Lynn:
Lynn has a burlap sack of his own and Flair bails from the ring. Lynn gets Flair in the ring and connects with a dropkick and a running bulldog for a near fall. Flair misses a horrible spear in the corner and falls to the floor. Lynn works on Flair delivering a few shots to the chest and sends Flair into the guard railing a few times. Flair manages to crotch Lynn on the guard railing. Flair chops away on Lynn and delivers several blows to the back of Lynn. Flair gets a near fall using the ropes for leverage. Flair scoop slams Lynn down and goes to the top rope but Lynn gets up and power slams Flair off the top. Lynn with several more right hands and a spinning back elbow for a two count. Lynn with ten punches in the corner and Flair falls flat on his face. Lynn with standing leg drop and gets another near fall. Lynn drops a elbow to the right knee of Flair a few times. Lynn locks in the figure four and Flair is screaming in agony. Flair’s shoulders drop a few times, but Flair kicks out. Lynn accidentally knocks the referee down. Flair has the burlap sack, but Ron Killings comes out and takes the sack away from Flair. Killings hits Lynn as Flair shoved Lynn in the way. Flair covers and picks up the win.
After the match, Ron Killings just walks to the back.

A video going over Bob Armstrong’s issues with the S.E.X. stable as of late.

Earlier today, Mike Tenay has a sit down interview with BG James in the middle of the ring. Tenay asks BG about his wrestling history. Tenay talks about the wrestling history of his family, and BG says it was great growing up in a wrestling family. “Not only am I professional wrestler but I am a sports entertainer and damn am I good”. BG says he would bet Jeff Jarrett for the belt. BG says that the real Double J gimmick was Vince McMahon idea and it “sucked”. Tenay brings up DX. BG says that he was the most entertaining man in the company. BG believes that his family is jealous of him. BG says that HE sold out Madison Square Garden twenty times in a row. Scott Armstrong walks down and gets in BG James, but Tenay ends the video.


America’s Most Wanted have a microphone and enter the ring. Chris Harris says that before this started they were just unknown wrestlers. However, they are now America’s Most Wanted. Harris says that you can’t take away all their effort they have given since day one. Harris continues by saying no one thought they would win the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships. Harris mentions they held the belt for sixteen weeks. Harris says that it wasn’t Low Ki and Elix Skipper didn’t beat them, but instead it was Triple X, and it was a 3 on 2 disadvantage. They want their title shot tonight. James Storm again says that they busted their asses and that they are the best tag team going today. Storm also calls out Triple X. Storm finishes off by saying “sorry about your damn luck”. BG James and his S.E.X. crew come down to ringside and says that Triple X weren’t able to be here tonight. BG James assumes AMW is “sexually aggravated”. James says they will get some group sex, and S.E.X. beat down AMW. That is, until the Rock N’ Roll Express run down to the ring with steel chairs and run S.E.X. off! AMW turn around and are hit with the chairs from the Rock N’ Roll Express. They beat down AMW with the steel chairs for a few moments while BG James rips on the crowd. Security and referees come down and escort the Rock N’ Roll Express out of the ring.

Third Contest: Mike Sanders defeated Ron Killings: Sanders works on Killings with several right hands in the corner but is taken down with a series of hip tosses and arm drags by Killings. Sanders goes for a roll up but Killings connects with a wheelbarrow slam and gets a near fall. Sanders kicks Killings on the knee and goes to work on the left knee of Killings. Sanders places Killings in a modified STF hold but Killings manages to reach the bottom rope to break the hold. Sanders continues to work on the left knee of Killings with a leg lock. Killings comes back with a STO but Sanders trips Killings down and slams Killings left knee down to the mat, a couple of times. Sanders locks in a half Boston crab but Killings doesn’t give up as he manages to reach the bottom rope. Killings manages to kick Sanders into a corner but Sanders dropkicks the left knee of Killings to regain control of the match. Sanders taunts the fans and when he turns around, Killings takes Sanders out with a missile dropkick off the top rope. Killings with a series of right hands and a flying forearm smash. Killings takes Sanders down with a back drop and a power slam getting a two count. Killings floats over Sanders but hurts his knee. Killings rolls Sanders up for a near fall, Killings with a heel kick for a near fall. Jerry Lynn is brawling with David Flair on the floor. Killings knocks Lynn off the apron and is rolled up by Sanders who picks up the win.
After the match, Jerry Lynn enters the ring and gets in Killings face. Lynn shoves Killings.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with the Rock N’ Roll Express, Mike Sanders, Glenn Gilbertti and BG James. Ricky Morton says that he knew what sports entertainment was all about when they had all the pyro and lights. Morton says that rock n roll is back in the house. Bob Armstrong comes into the picture and tells them to screw themselves. Armstrong sets up a tag match between Rock N’ Roll Express and America’s Most Wanted for later tonight.

AJ Styles comes out and had a microphone as he stands in the ring. He wants to know what else does he have to do to become a NWA World Champion. Styles is telling the crowd to “zip it” and wants them to listen to him. Styles says that he is NOT with Mortimer Plumtree or Vince Russo. Styles says that he is the “mack daddy of the X-Division” but he wants to be a NWA World Champion. Styles goes over all people he has beaten including Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett and Larry Zbyszko. Styles says that is he had ten minutes he could have beaten Zbyszko, twice. Styles isn’t leaving until he has the World Championship in his hands. Raven chimes in and tells Styles that if he wants the title, he needs to talk to him. Raven comes into the ring and says that he doesn’t think Styles is ready to compete for the title. Styles cracks a joke saying “is that a syringe in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” Raven returns by saying “that is funny coming from someone who looks like Elton John’s life partner”. Raven also says that Styles is wearing a N’Sync starter kit. Styles wants Raven to hand over the NWA World Championship. Styles then tells Raven to head to the back so he can “shoot up some more heroin!” Raven gets right in Styles face and shoves him. Styles returns the shove and officials run down breaking up the situation. Jeff Jarrett runs down and attacks both men. Jarrett plants Styles with the Stroke and has regained possession of the NWA World Championship. Raven left the ring and went back to the S.E.X locker room.


Larry Zbyszko walks down to the ring and gets in Styles face. Styles doesn’t know what Zbyszko is doing here. Jeremy Borash gives Zbyszko a microphone. Zbyszko says that he sees a lot of himself in AJ Styles. Zbyszko says that twenty nine years ago he had all the talent but not knowledge. Zbyszko tells Styles that he can have the wrestling lifestyle with a lot of expensive things. Zbyszko says that Styles needs to go through the school of hard knocks. Zbyszko wants to see if Styles can beat him twice in ten minutes. If Styles can do that, Zbyszko will do everything he can to get Styles a title shot. Zbyszko double dog dares Styles to do it. Styles doesn’t accept the challenge is slapped by Zbyszko. Styles attacks Zbyszko, and I guess the match begins.

Fourth Contest: Larry Zbyszko defeated AJ Styles in a best of two falls match:
First Fall:
Styles beats down Zbyszko in the corner with a series of right hands and a running clothesline. Styles with a scoop slam and a standing swanton bomb. Styles delivers a stiff kick to the back of Zbyszko. Zbyszko locks in a abdominal stretch and falls back for a pin attempt but Styles manages to get his shoulders up on the pin fall attempts. Zbyszko with another submission hold working on the leg and neck. Styles kicks Zbyszko off but Zbyszko comes back and backdrops Styles down getting a two count. Zbyszko with a full nelson but Styles reaches the ropes. Zbyszko low blows Styles and Styles goes to the apron but is dragged back in where Zbyszko scoop slams Styles down. Zbyszko with a standing figure four using the ropes for leverage. Zbyszko with a back suplex and gets another near fall. Zbyszko locks in a sleeper hold but Styles gets out of the hold with a top wrist lock but Zbyszko gets a hammerlock set in but Styles reaches the ropes. Zbyszko takes Styles down with some mat wrestling and places Styles in a modified ankle lock submission it looks like. Styles manages to reach the ropes, yet again. Zbyszko with a inside cradle but only gets a two count. Zbyszko with several shots, but Styles springs off the middle rope and plants Zbyszko with a reverse DDT and gets the first fall!

Second Fall:
Their is under four minutes left in the match at this point. Styles misses a splash in the corner and is dropped with a spine buster by Zbyszko and locks in a Boston crab. Mortimer Plumtree runs down and is cheering on Styles to reach the bottom rope. Styles manages to reach the bottom rope thanks to Plumtree. Plumtree hands Styles some brass knuckles but Zbyszko blocks the punch. Plumtree tries to throw powder into the eyes of Zbyszko, but misses. Zbyszko with a neck breaker on Styles and gets a near fall. Styles with a series of forearms and a dropkick and both men are down. Both men collide in the middle of the ring. Plumtree has bridged a chair in the corner. Zbyszko sends Styles head first into the chair and Zbyszko rolls Styles up but only gets a two count. Styles didn’t beat Zbyszko twice, so Zbyszko wins the match. **
After the match, Mortimer Plumtree is freaking out because he lost the services of AJ Styles.

Goldylocks is standing in the ring and introduces Percy Pringle. Goldylocks says that its been a few months that Pringle has been around. Goldylocks really sucks up Pringle being a “pioneer” to the business. Goldylocks also asks Pringle about how he was embarrassed by Russo. Pringle puts over being honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club as being the elite club in the wrestling industry. Pringle says that the name Vince Russo just makes his stomach sour. Pringle also says that Russo never get the honor of being honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club. Pringle continues by saying that every drop of blood from his head he saw Vince Russo and all of his S.E.X. goons. Pringle tells Goldylocks that he isn’t going anywhere. All of a sudden, TONY SCHIAVONE enters the ring. Schiavone looks drastically different. Schiavone says that he really admired Pringle’s career. Schiavone believes that Pringle kissed Vince Russo’s ass last week. Schiavone insults Pringle’s weight and says that Pringle stooped to a new low. Schiavone has been wondering why he hasn’t a job in wrestling for two years. He turns to Goldylocks and makes the assumption that Goldylocks has slept her way to her job. Schiavone says that Goldylocks has been here for five minutes, and tells Goldylocks that she is in this business for “tits and ass”. Schiavone calls Goldylocks a “blond bimbo” and says that Goldylocks should he holding something other than a microphone (penis reference). Mike Tenay says this is enough, and enters the ring. Schiavone asks how Tenay’s family is going, and Tenay says fine. Schiavone thought when TNA came around he thought this was the perfect time to get back in the wrestling business. Schiavone talks about doing all the high profile shows while Tenay is doing dirt sheets. Schiavone believes that Tenay screwed him over because Tenay thought Schiavone held him down. Tenay says that he made Schiavone’s job easier. Tenay says that Vince Russo cost both their jobs in WCW. Schiavone says that Vince Russo jumped the Titanic before it sank because he knew it was going down. Vince Russo comes down to the ring while Tenay and Schiavone continue to argue. Russo says that Tenay has “bullshit between his ears”. Russo says that Tenay represents tradition and Tenay doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Russo tells Tenay that Schiavone doesn’t need Tenay. Russo begins to try and recruit him to S.E.X. Tenay reminds Schiavone of his motto of “anywhere the wind blows”. Schiavone says that Tenay has always been bullshit. Schiavone says that Scott Hudson could do Tenay’s job. Tenay says that Schiavone was always about politics and never about performance as Schiavone leaves with Russo.


A video putting over the recent feud between Sonny Siaki and Kid Kash is shown.

Fifth Contest: Kid Kash/Trinity defeated NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Sonny Siaki/Desire:
Siaki and Kash start the match. Siaki takes Kash down with a arm drag but Kash comes back with a dropkick. Kash with a overhand chop. Siaki catches Kash’s attempted cross body and botches a Samoan Drop attempt and gets a near fall. Siaki with several chops, but Kash comes back with several of his own. Kash with a double springboard hurricanrana. Siaki backdrops Kash to the apron but Kash leaps off the top looking for a dive but is met with a clothesline in midair from Siaki. Siaki covers and gets a two count. Siaki misses a kick and Kash nails Siaki with a kick. Kash with a springboard somersault dropkick and Siaki falls to the floor. Trinity with a top rope moonsault taking Siaki out. Kash covers Siaki back in the ring but Siaki kicks out. Kash attempts a tornado DDT but Siaki takes Kash down with a northern lights suplex. Desire wants a tag, and get it. Kash tags in Trinity to take on Desire. Trinity takes Desire down and goes for a arm bar but lets go. Trinity with a drop toe hold and a dropkick getting a near fall. Trinity with a few uppercuts and a standing spin kick getting a two count. Desire elbows Trinity and kicks Trinity down getting a two count of her own. Desire drives Trinity down with a delayed vertical suplex and gets a near fall. Siaki enters and drops Trinity across the top rope throat first. Siaki clotheslines Trinity down and knocks Kash off the apron. Siaki with a snap suplex and tags in Desire. Athena comes down to the apron and slaps Desire. Athena hits Desire and Trinity manages to roll Desire up for the win.
After the match, Kash, Trinity and Athena celebrate the win.

Tony Schiavone comes back out and asks Tenay if he is done with his words. Schiavone asks if Athena is a slut and if she is allowed to interfere in every match. Schiavone enters and interviews Siaki and Desire. Schiavone wants to talk about Siaki’s title match against Amazing Red next week. Before Siaki can say anything, Konnan runs down and attacks Siaki with a kendo stick. Konnan leaves the ring and gets Tenay in his face saying that Tenay is the problem. Konnan will give Tenay a interview. Tenay is confused.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says he is going to be a marked man as long as he is the champion. Jarrett doesn’t care who Russo puts in front of him. Jarrett says that Russo will regret the day meeting Jeff Jarrett.

Main Event: Rock n Roll Express defeated America’s Most Wanted:
All four men brawl to start with AMW taking down Morton and Gibson with clotheslines. Storm and Morton start the match off officially. Storm blocks a hip toss but not a knee to the gut. Morton flips and is met with a clothesline. Harris tags in and delivers a running back elbow and running bulldog on Morton. Gibson is taken out with a dropkick. Gibson tags in takes Harris down with a shoulder block. Harris drives Gibson down with a scoop slam and the same for Morton. Storm with a missile dropkick taking Gibson down. AMW roll and knock Morton down. Double clothesline on Gibson as well. Morton trips Storm down and Storm hits the mat hard. Storm is double teamed for a few moments. Storm is sent to the floor and is rammed into the ring steps by Gibson. Storm with several right hands backing Morton into a corner but Morton stops Storm with a atomic drop and a running clothesline. Morton gets a quick two count and tags in Gibson. Gibson prevents a roll up by hitting Storm with a right hand. Gibson with a back elbow and knocks Harris off the apron. Morton drives a fist down to the chest of Storm off the middle rope. Storm with a sunset flip roll up but only gets a one count as the referee was distracted by Gibson. Gibson drives down across the left knee of Storm and knees Storm in the groin. Gibson continues to drive his knee onto the ribs of Storm. Morton enters and slaps Storm in the corner, but Storm comes back with several right hands but misses a splash in the corner. Gibson chokes Storm as the referee is distracted. Storm takes both men down with a diving clothesline after ducking a double clothesline attempt. Storm makes his way to Harris and makes the tag. Harris with several left hands cleaning house. AMW hit the Death Sentence on Morton but the referee is distracted. Elix Skipper shows up and hits Storm with a tag team title off the tope. Morton covers Storm and picks up the win. **
After the match, the New Church attack Elix Skipper. Brian Lee on Elix Skipper. Slash with a reverse neck breaker and Lee drops a knee off the top on Skipper. The fans chant “evil” as Skipper bails to the back.


Mike Tenay and Don West go over what will be on next weeks show.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Vince Russo and Raven in the S.E.X. locker room. Russo wants to add a match to next weeks show. Russo wants to know if Jarrett is willing to face Raven next week. Raven says screw next week he wants it right now. Jarrett storms the locker room and attacks Raven. Jarrett hits Raven with a trash can several times as they brawl to the ringside area. Jarrett with a right hand and leaps off the announcers table hitting Raven with several right hands. Jarrett hits Raven with a chair. Raven low blows Jarrett and plants Jarrett with the Evenflow DDT. Vince Russo is at ringside as well and gets a table from under the ring. Raven with a drop toe hold sending Jarrett face first into a chair. Russo and Raven have problems getting a table into the ring, but eventually manage to get it in the ring. Raven sets up the table and places Jarrett on the top rope. Raven goes for a superplex but Jarrett blows and drives Raven chest first through the table! Jarrett hits Raven with the title belt and gets a microphone. Jarrett wants Russo to enter the ring. Russo enters, but AJ Styles slides in and hits Jarrett with a spin kick. Styles drives Jarrett down with the Stroke on the title belt! Styles holds up the NWA World Championship. Raven and Jarrett are laid out in the ring. Styles has the belt in hand and leaves the ring. Russo gets in Jarrett’s face as TNA goes off the air.

End of show

My Take:
The opening promo by Raven was very weird, but yet good. Some of the things Raven said left me saying “what did he just say” but considering that is what the gimmick is all about, it works. I enjoyed the brawl with Jeff Jarrett as well. The crowd was really hot for this whole segment. Looks like Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett is going to be something fun to see.

Red/Estrada was a decent opener, but I have seen much better. I’m starting to think that perhaps Estrada doesn’t belong in the X-Division. I thought perhaps Estrada would be joining S.E.X. but Russo threw me a curve and he didn’t. Glen Gilbertti returning to TNA is fine with me. Gilbertti was a good heel in opening months of TNA, so I think he is a good asset to the group.

Well, Flair/Lynn wasn’t any good. I can’t believe Lynn jobbed to Flair either. Sure, it wasn’t clean but still. Flair just doesn’t have the skill to be given any sort of push and hopefully he doesn’t get one. Looks like they are teasing Killings joining S.E.X.

Some of the statements BG James said in his interview made me laugh. I really hope he doesn’t think he was the best thing about DX or that he sold out. Hopefully, it was all about the character. You never know with these sit down interviews they do.

I thought AMW cut a good promo, well, at least Chris Harris did. Rock n’ Roll Express was a nice surprise, and a interesting heel turn. Interesting because these guys are well past their primes and are getting angles in TNA. Just look at this. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff and the Rock n’ Roll Express all in a supposedly “young company”. This kind of makes TNA look bad, in my opinion. No need to be using elderly wrestlers.

Judging by the Sanders/Killings match, it has to be believed that Killings will be joining S.E.X. at some point. Killings is a better heel anyway as he doesn’t look comfortable with a baby face role, at this point.

I really liked the interaction between Raven and AJ Styles. Some really good stuff there I thought. Styles/Zbyszko match was again nothing anything special. I find it funny that despite Zbyszko being pinned, he was still declared the winner of the match because Styles didn’t beat him twice. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but oh well.

Tony Schiavone was great here. He was NOTHING like what he was back in WCW. Didn’t look anything like he did and sure didn’t act like the Schiavone of WCW. Schiavone and Tenay had a nice debate of sorts, but the crowd didn’t seem interested because it was two announcers yelling at each other. I can’t blame them on that, but I enjoyed the segment. Schiavone fits in nicely as a S.E.X. announcer if they were to go in that direction.

Mixed tag team match didn’t really interest me. Trinity pinning Desire was just to keep Siaki strong. Siaki/Red next week should be a good match. Red makes a lot of people look good or better than they really are.

Below average main event, but that has to be expected considering who AMW were facing. Fine that AMW loss as they los because of Skipper. If AMW lost clean, it would have been one of the worst decisions I had ever witnessed. New Church as faces is interesting, but they have been getting face reactions a lot as of late.

Good brawl to end the show, with AJ Styles now stealing the belt. Styles continues to look good in the Heavyweight title seen. Hopefully, when he faces either Raven or Jarrett it will be a good match. The whole situation between Raven/Styles/Jarrett is very interesting and rather entertaining.

Overall, the wrestling may have not been all that good, but the segments actually were. The addition of Raven has really helped out TNA being more entertaining and interesting. Decent show this week. If their were better matches, this could have been far better.

Thanks for reading.

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