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ECW Three Way Dance 4/8/1995

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Three Way Dance
Date: 4/8/1995
From: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA

Joey Styles hypes up the video.

We now go to the show. Joey Styles is at ringside where he introduces Stevie Richards and Raven. Richards tells Hotbody and Stetson, that if they lose tonight, they are fired. Those two men will be facing the Pitbulls! Who get a good reception from the crowd.

The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) defeated Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson:
Well, this lasts about twenty five seconds. Super Bomb on Hotbody for the squash win. DUD
After the match, Pitbulls get on the microphone and say everyone better watch out. They will kick anyone’s ass that they are told to.

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer:
Dreamer and Raven brawl to the back of the arena. Dreamer with a trash can shot. Frying pan shot by Dreamer. Dreamer gets a cheese grater from a fan, and grates the forehead of Raven. Safety sign shot by Dreamer. Raven sends Dreamer into a chair, that a fan is holding. Raven is busted open. A few chair shots by Raven. Back into the crowd. Raven sends Dreamer into a pole in the crowd twice. Dreamer comes back with a chair shot. They are now on the Eagles Nest. Dreamer with a splash off the balcony. Dreamer with a delayed pile driver in the middle of the ring. Crowd is eating this up. Raven comes off the ropes and connects with a DDT! Another DDT! Middle rope dropkick by Raven/ Power slam by Raven for a two count. Dreamer with a DDT, camera doesn’t quite catch it, as Richards was kissing Beulah. Dreamer comes over, Beulah sprays him with something, Richards super kick, Raven with the DDT on the floor for good measure!! Raven picks up the three count for the win! ***


Mikey Whipwreck defeated Ron Simmons by DQ: Simmons gives Whipwreck a chance to turnaround. Mikey doesn’t. The crowd with the Atlanta Braves tomahawk chant directed towards Simmons. Simmons literally is just tossing Whipwreck around like he is a doll. Simmons with a few gut busters. Mikey with two low blows, and a few right hands. Missile dropkick off the top by Whipwreck for a two count. Simmons powers out sending Whipwreck to the apron. Simmons catches Whipwreck in mid air and connects with a power slam. Choke slam by Simmons. Simmons with another choke slam, he does the same to the referee. Referee signals for the bell. *
After the match, Simmons tosses Mikey to 911, who simply catches him. Simmons low blows 911. Simmons grabs 911 by the throat and manages to choke slam 911!! A few wrestlers come down to check on 911, they call get choke slammed.

Joey Styles in the ring with Chris Benoit, one half of the ECW World Tag Team Champions. Benoit calls Sabu a “pussy” because he is currently in Japan. This was when Sabu was fired. After Benoit calls out Taz, they trade a few rights and lefts, Malenko with a clothesline from behind. RICK STEINER comes down and takes Benoit down with a top rope belly to belly! Crowd is pumped up for that! “Fuck Sabu” chant.

Eddy Guerrero defeated Too Cold Scorpio to win the ECW Television title:
Mat wrestling early on by both men. Side suplex by Guerrero. Guerrero with a short arm clothesline after a handshake with Scorpio. Scoop slam and somersault splash from the apron onto Scorpio. Nice brain buster by Guerrero. Guerrero climbs up top and connects with the frog splash but Scorpio kick out! Scorpio with a Japanese arm drag and dropkick followed by a super kick. Scorpio sends Guerrero into the guard railings twice back first. Vertical suplex back into the ring by Scorpio for a two count. Butterfly suplex by Scorpio for a two count. Guerrero leaps off the top and connects with a splash onto Scorpio towards the aisle way! Fisherman suplex for a two count by Guerrero. Middle turnbuckle tornado DDT by Guerrero for a two count. Top rope hurricanrana by Guerrero for a two count! Scorpio with a middle rope cross body for two. A beautiful moonsault from the top by Scorpio for a two count. Power bomb by Scorpio. Standing flip into a leg drop by Scorpio. Scorpio with the tumbleweed but lifts Guerrero up at two. Super kick by Scorpio. Scorpio sends Guerrero into the ropes, Guerrero with a body scissors into a rollup for the three count! ***
After the match, Scorpio and Guerrero shake hands after wards.


Axl Rotten defeated Ian Rotten in a Hair vs Hair match: Axl with a frying pan shot to the head of Ian. Ian is sent into the railing twice. Axl with a safety sign ripping into the forehead of Ian. Ian is bleeding. They ho into the crowd. They trade chair shots. Axl is busted open. Back in the ring, Axl with a clothesline and digs the ring keepers hammer into the arm of Ian. Ian comes back with a swinging neck breaker and gets a two count. Ian leaps over the guard railing onto Axl in the crowd. Axl with a suplex on the bleachers. Ian with a pile driver on the chair in the ring. Ian misses a middle rope elbow drop. Axl with a chair shot and picks up the win. Ian is going to be getting his head shaved. *
After the match, Axl is actually using scissors and not a shaver. Ian with a paint can to the back of Axl. Ian gouges the scissors to the face of Axl.

Hack Meyers defeated Dino Sandoff:
Meyers with a series of rights and elbows. Sandoff trips over Meyers coming off the ropes, so they do it again. Meyers with a clothesline. Guillotine leg drop on the apron by Meyers. Meyers clotheslines the ring post. Sandoff goes to work on the shoulder of Meyers for a few moments. Short clothesline by Sandoff. Meyers ends this thankfully with a brain buster. DUD

Shane Douglas defeated Sandman to retain the ECW World Heavyweight title:
Douglas with a delayed vertical suplex and a rolling neck breaker. Considering this is a home video release, their a CUT in the action. That’s a first for ECW. Woman doesn’t slap Douglas when Sandman wants her to. Shoulder breaker by Sandman. Another cut in action. Sandman with a top rope leg drop. Woman goes to get the Singapore cane. Another cut.. Sandman with a pile driver on Douglas. Woman tosses Douglas the cane, while lighting a cigarette for Sandman. Douglas with a low blow with the cane, rollup and it is over. *1/2

We now go to a interview with Sandman. Sandman promises Woman a wrath. Sandman says he beat his wife, why not Woman. He is going to beat Shane Douglas. Then he is going to beat up Woman.


Shane Douglas is with Woman time for a interview. Douglas remembers the fireworks he had when he defeated Sandman. Douglas says that Sandman doesn’t have what it takes to win the ECW World Championship. Douglas hypes up their encounter at the next ECW show. Woman says she isn’t afraid of Sandman. Woman says Sandman is nothing without her.

The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko and Tazmaniac & Rick Steiner in a 3-WAY to win the Tag Team titles:
Benoit and Malenko come down and hit PE with the Tag Team Titles. After a brief moment, Taz and Rick Steiner run down and go to work. Steiner with a belly to belly on Rock. Taz with one on Grunge. Taz and Steiner with a few suplex’s. Taz with a t-bone suplex on Benoit. Steiner with a clothesline Benoit after landing on his feet following a suplex. Steiner with a top rope bulldog on Benoit! Cooking sheet shot to Rocco Rock by Steiner. Benoit sends Taz face first into the ring post. Steiner catches Rock on a springboard moonsault off the middle rope and connects with the Steiner Screwdriver! Grunge makes the save during the cover. Rick and PE fight into the crowd. Rock with a few cooking sheet shots to the back of Steiner. Benoit with the flying head butt on Taz, Malenko with a rollup, and get the three count. Taz and Steiner have been eliminated. Taz and Steiner clean house on everyone else in the match. Steiner with a few telephone shots, using Paul E’s phone. Grunge is busted open. All four men trade chair shots and what not. Rock and Benoit are in the crowd, chair shot to the ankle of Benoit. Grunge has a steel cable and is choking Malenko out. Rock with a DDT on Benoit by the Eagles Nest. Rock places Benoit onto a table, Rock misses a Swanton bomb and goes through the table. Malenko with a brain buster on Grunge, and gets a table from Benoit. Benoit with a superplex on Rock through the table! Double DDT by Grunge, Rock with the Swanton off the top to pick up the win! **


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