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WCW Souled Out 2000 1/17/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Souled Out 2000
Date: 1/17/2000
From: Cincinnati, Ohio Firstar Center

Interesting Facts for WCW Souled Out 2000:
Bret Hart was stripped of the WCW Championship after suffering a career ending concussion at Starrcade 1999 thanks to Goldberg. Bret was originally suppose to defend the title against Sid Vicious. Jeff Jarrett, who was inured during the January 10th Nitro, was scheduled to face Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Theater match. The match would consist of a bunkhouse brawl, dungeon rules, and a Caged Heat, also known as a Hell in a Cell.) So, Kidman was placed into the triple threat theater to face members of the Revolution. Sid and Chris Benoit would compete in the main event for the vacant WCW World Championship.

At the beginning of the show, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan talk about the injuries to both Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett.

Footage of The Revolution attacking Konnan backstage. Konnan was taken to the hospital following the beating.

There is an awful lot of hype before any of the matches begin. The announcers go over EVERY match before any matches are shown. This isn’t the pre-show.


Opening Contest: Billy Kidman defeated Dean Malenko in the first stage of the Triple Threat Theater in 2:36: Wondering why the match was so short? Malenko accidentally rolled to the floor, where his feet would touch the floor. In a catch-as-Catch-can match, the wrestlers feet can not touch the floor. A waste of two talented wrestlers. DUD

Second Contest: Vampiro defeated David Flair and Crowbar in a Triple Threat Match in 10:32: This match cam about following a attack on Thunder before the PPV, and a attack during the pre-show. Originally, this was suppose to be just Vampiro and David Flair. Thankfully, Crowbar was added. Before the match, we see a promo video hyping up the feud, and Mashairo Chono interrupts Vampiro interview, which makes zero sense. Hell, again, we go to David Flair and Crowbar interview. Vampiro with majority of the offense during the match. The crowd is really behind Vampiro. Crowbar gets some offense in, and showcases that he knows what he is doing. Vampiro is double teamed, but that never lasts to long. Most of the time, the match is between Crowbar and Vampiro which is pretty entertaining. Crowbar connects with a nice somersault moonsault onto both of his opponents on the floor. Also with a big splash off the top rope to the floor onto Vampiro. Eventually, David Flair and Crowbar turn on each other and brawl for a brief moment. Moments later, Vampiro with the Nail in the Coffin to win the match. The crowd really liked Vampiro. **1/4

Third Contest: The Mamalukes defeated The Harris Brothers in 9:33:
A lot of basic wrestling between these two teams. Harris Brothers are a very limited team mainly doing elbows and the occasional side slam. Johnny the Bull is the victim of all the offense the Harris Brothers dish out. Ron Harris with a DDT. Make that four moves they can pull off. Disco Inferno, the manager of the Mamalukes, does nothing to help his men getting beaten up on the floor. Inferno shoves Vito off the top rope, who lands onto Don Harris, to pick up the win. Inferno didn’t want that to happen. Crappy match. *


Fourth Contest: Oklahoma defeated Madusa to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title in 2:56: Oklahoma stole the WCW Cruiserweight Title on the Nitro before the PPV. Madusa sends Oklahoma into the ropes, Oklahoma stays in the ropes. Madusa attempts a dropkick, directly in front of Oklahoma, but manages to miss. That had to be a botched move. Oklahoma pulls Madusa’s tights down, and is able to roll her up for the win. DUD
After the match, Madusa pours BBQ sauce down the singlet of Oklahoma as Spice and Asya hold him.

Brian Knobbs is interviewed backstage, and says that Finlay should be credited with turning Knobbs around. Knobbs is going to beat up Norman Smiley, Meng and Fit Finlay.

Fifth Contest: Brian Knobbs defeated Norman Smiley, Meng, and Fit Finlay to retain the WCW Hardcore Title in 6:11:
Meng dominates all three men early on. However, Knobbs and Finlay team up to take Meng down. Smiley goes to ram Knobbs back first into the apron, but Knobbs flops onto his back as if Smiley was going for a Rock Bottom. An awful lot of trash cans are used throughout this match. Smiley and Finlay brawl in the crowd for a brief time. Smiley leaps off the top with a baton, but Knobbs grabs a police shield that Smiley brought in. Knobbs hits Smiley and picks up the three to retain the title. *1/2

Sixth Contest: Billy Kidman defeated Perry Saturn in a Bunkhouse Brawl match in 10:05. This is the second match of the Triple Threat Theater:
Saturn crotches Kidman on the ropes, Saturn springboards and half connects with a bulldog to the floor. Rather creative. Kidman grabs a table but Saturn doesn’t allow him to use it. Saturn controls Kidman in the ring with a clothesline. Saturn nearly picks up the win with a version of the power bomb. Saturn misses a moonsault, Kidman with a springboard bulldog and a sit out power bomb of his own for a near fall. Saturn with a belly to belly suplex, sending Kidman over the top through the table! Kidman reverses a power bomb into a face buster to pick up the win. **1/2


Footage of Stevie Ray visiting “the hood”. Ray cuts a promo on Booker T. Ray is proud of being from the hood, while Booker is trying forget about living in the hood.

The footage isn’t enough. Stevie Ray cuts a promo saying it is going to hurt Booker a lot more than it will Stevie.

Seventh Contest: Booker T defeated Stevie Ray by Disqualification in 6:30:
Booker is sporting a singlet that is bright red. This is a bad switch from his usual tights. Stevie Ray is awfully slow, which doesn’t match up well with his younger and much more athletic brother, Booker T. Late in the match, Booker connects with the scissors kick. Booker with the Book End. Ahmed Johnson runs into the ring and attacks Booker T, which leads to the disqualification. *
After the match, Booker is given a Slapjack and the Pearl River Plunge. Midnight runs down to look at Booker emotionally. Ahmed Johnson is going by Big T. Ray says they are the new and improved, Harlem Heat.

Sid cuts a promo saying he will be winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Eighth Contest: Tank Abbott defeated Jerry Flynn in 1:39:
Abbott misses a right hand. Abbott with a mean right hand. Flynn is knocked out. DUD That was quick, pointless and a waste of time.

Video hyping up the Buff Bagwell/Diamond Dallas Page feud.

Ninth Contest: Buff Bagwell defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing match in 11:00: These two quickly end up in the crowd, fighting in the penalty boxes. Nothing happens, just a few right hands. Swinging neck breaker by Page, swinging neck breaker by Bagwell. Page with a spinning clothesline. Both men try to hit each other with a computer. Page whacks Bagwell over the back with keyboard. Bagwell climbs up the set of, and connects with a elbow on Page through a table! A few moments later, Bagwell connects with a double arm DDT in the ring. Bagwell with an exploder suplex! I’ve never seen Bagwell do that before. Buff with the Blockbuster, and Page is out cold. Page gets up, Bagwell with a baton and beats Page with the weapon. Page gets up, and stumbles into Bagwell, but manages to connect with the Diamond Cutter! Bagwell manages to get up first. How? I don’t know. ***
After the match, Kimberly is on the apron, distracts Bagwell and Page beats Bagwell with a baton.


Tenth Contest: The Wall defeated Billy Kidman in a Caged Heat Match in 5:03. This is the third match of the Triple Threat Theater: Shane Douglas comes out before the match to rip on Billy Kidman. Douglas says Kidman will be taken out. Douglas goes over how the Revolution took out Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mistero Jr., and Konnan. Douglas introduces the mystery partner, as The Wall. Which is a huge let down. Wall controls the match, sending Kidman into the cage a few times. Wall continues to work over Kidman with a Samoan Drop. Kidman reverses a vertical suplex into a DDT. Wall with the choke slam to win the match. DUD

Video hyping up Kevin Nash/Terry Funk.

Eleventh Contest: Kevin Nash defeated Terry Funk in a hardcore match to become the new WCW Commissioner in 7:59:
Nash with the power bomb through the announcers table which gets a huge pop from the crowd. Funk is already busted wide open. Nash gets on the microphone and tells Funk if he crawls back into the ring, he can keep the commissioner job. Funk crawls in, and Nash says he lied. Surprising. Funk comes back with a few chair shots. Funk is really busted open. Nash with the power bomb through two chairs to pick up the win, and is the new commissioner. **

Arn Anderson is interviewed backstage about Nash taking over WCW. Anderson has lived through this before. Anderson is also the special referee for the main event, coming up next.

Main Event: Chris Benoit defeated Sid to win the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Title in 14:50:
During the opening moments, Saturn and David Flair come out to watch the match. Seconds later, the whole locker room empties. Well, the mid-carders and low mid-carders. Benoit locks Sid in the figure four, which Sid manages to reverse. Benoit with a dropkick on the kneeling Sid. Benoit goes to work on the left knee of Sid. Snap suplex by Benoit. Benoit locks in a Indian Death lock variation. Sid isn’t giving up. Sid is dropkicked to the floor. A fan is telling Sid to kick his ass and that he “can do it”. It isn’t a planted fan, just an obnoxious one. Sid with several right hands, misses a clothesline, Benoit with a dropkick to the left knee. Benoit with a German suplex, Sid with a power slam and gets a near fall. Sid takes a while to get out of a leg hold by grabbing the ropes. Benoit signals for the end. Benoit with a flying head butt, but Sid powers out. Sid grabs Benoit by the throat, and connects with the choke slam! Benoit gets his foot underneath the bottom rope to break the count. Benoit locks in the CROSS FACE!! Sid taps.. ***


Chris Benoit is interviewed backstage about what it took to get the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Benoit puts over Sid. Arn Anderson comes in and shakes Benoit’s hand. Kevin Nash comes over and tells Benoit that his life will be a living hell at midnight.

End of Show

My Take:
Way too much Billy Kidman. At this point in his career he is a over mid-carder, but not over enough to have three matches on a pay per view. The Wall was a terrible surprise. Vampiro should have just wrestled Crowbar. Oklahoma as a champion is a disgrace to, at one time, a well respected title. Ahmed Johnson has let himself go. Bagwell and Page was a good match, with a lackluster finish. Benoit winning the strap is good. A very bland PPV for the most part. The crowd throughout the show, were pumped up and made a lot of noise. Which is shocking to me, but good to see.

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