ECW Hardcore TV 6/1/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 6/1/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. They talk about the Suicide Blondes winning the Tag Team Titles last week. Sal Bellomo, and the continued hype of the Dangerous Alliance, or Hotstuff International. Paul E. Dangerously comes out and asks Stevie to do the directors job. Stevie agrees to do so. Paul insults Sulli for a few moments.

Footage from last week where the Suicide Blondes defeated Tony Stetson and Larry Winters to win the tag team titles. The complete match is shown.


Sal Bellomo defeated Super Destroyer #1 by disqualification: Bellomo with control early on with right hands and a head butt. Destroyer goes to work on the leg on Bellomo. A very weak knee drop to the head of Destroyer. Destroyer with a few right hands and eye poke. Bellomo with a standing dropkick, and connects with a big splash but only gets a two count. Super Destroyer #2 comes in and attacks Bellomo. Bellomo is double teamed. DUD
After the match, Tommy Cairo comes into the ring and delivers a few rights onto the Destroyer’s. Destroyers proceed to leave the ring. Cairo goes to congratulate Bellomo, Bellomo clotheslines him and walks off.

Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka defeated Glenn Osbourne/Tommy Cairo: Gilbert quickly sends Osbourne to the floor, into the crowd and delivers a few chair shots.Gilbert sends Osbourne into the announcers table, and delivers a shot with the ring hammer. Snuka has been distracting the referee. Osbourne comes back with a back drop in the ring and goes to work on the arm. Cairo comes in and delivers a back drop. Paul E goes to consult Eddie Gilbert. Osbourne with a double axe handle off the middle rope onto the arm ofGilbert. Snuka comes in to take control on Osbourne.Snuka with a claw of sorts to the midsection of Osbourne. Scoop slam on Osbourne. Gilbert grabs a soda can and delivers two shots to the head of Osbourne. Gilbert misses a elbow drop off the middle rope. Cairo comes in with another backdrop on Gilbert, a dropkick, but misses a second one. Gilbert with the Hot Shot and picks up the win. *

JT Smith defeated Max Thrasher: Thrasher will control early on and delivers a few head butts while wearing a hockey mask. Thrasher with a fall away slam. Thrasher has his feet on the ropes, referee sees it. Smith comes back and uses the ropes for the win. DUD

We now go to a ECW Special Announcement This cut off that match right in the middle of the previous match.We see footage of the battle royal, where Tony Stetson turned on Larry Winters after being eliminated. Sal Bellomo and the Super Destroyers will take on all three of the Suicide Blondes. Hawk and Jimmy Snuka feud. JT Smith and Dark Patriot battle. Apparently these will be seen over the course ECW on Sports Channel


Terry Funk cuts a promo on Eddie Gilbert regarding their chain match. Funk again goes over the rules.

For the ECW World Title: Don Muraco defeated The Sandman to win the title:
Sandman with a quick school boy for a two count. Muraco complains about use of tights. They trade a few right hands, Sandman manages send Muraco through the ropes to the floor. Sandman with a fairly bad clothesline taking Muraco down again. Sunset flip and a backslide by Sandman, both getting two count. Muraco with a low blow on Sandman to gain control. Muraco with a few knee drops and a knee lift taking Sandman down. Muraco goes for the tombstone pile driver, Sandman manages to fight out onto the apron. Sandman with several left hands, and connects with a clothesline. Sandman gets a two count. Paul E trips Sandman up and Peaches jumps onto the back of Paul E. Rockin Rebel comes down and begins to kick her. Rebel comes into the ring and Sandman connects with a DDT in Rebel. Sandman sends Muraco into the referee. Muraco is sent into Rebel. Sandman with a sleeper hold. Paul comes in and delivers a cell phone shot. Muraco falls onto Sandman and gets the three count. NEW Champ! NEW Champ! *
After the match, Hotstuff International come into the ring and celebrate with Don Muraco.


Jay Sulli is standing with Hotstuff International. Muraco thanks for all the calls and letters. He thanks everyone for the support. Muraco doesn’t know where he is. Gilbert is happy for Muraco. Sulli is shocked. Paul pours soda onto Sulli.

End of show

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