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WWF House Show 7/6/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 7/6/1996
From: New Haven, CT

This event is a handheld and thus was not aired on television at any time. This is the complete event.

Before the show, Howard Finkel announces that Owen Hart, British Bulldog and Marty Jannetty will not be on the show because of a family emergency. Fink also runs down most of the card.

Opening Contest: Duke Droese defeated Leif Cassidy: Droese with a side headlock to start the action but is backed into the corner rather quickly. Cassidy pie faces Droese and is chased to the floor, but Droese doesn’t go out to the floor. Cassidy misses a right hand and is met with one from Droese. Droese goes back to a headlock briefly. Droese shoulder blocks Cassidy down several times and connects with a right hand to continue his offense. Atomic drop by Droese, twice and leg trips Cassidy down into a split. Droese with a back elbow that sends Cassidy through the middle rope to the floor. Cassidy is able to drag Droese to the floor and wraps Droese’s left knee across the apron and ring post. Cassidy with a kick to the left knee of Droese back in the ring and continues to work on the knee with several more kicks. Cassidy continues to drop down across the left knee of Droese with elbow drops. Cassidy with a Perfect Plex in the middle of the ring but Droese is able to kick out. Droese drops Cassidy with right hands but Cassidy kicks Droese on the left knee to stop the momentum switch. Cassidy locks in the figure four and Droese is trying to reach the ropes. Droese is almost counted out a couple of times but is able to pop his shoulders up before the three count. Droese is able to send Cassidy chest first into the corner and drive him down with a back suplex. Cassidy sends Droese into the ropes but Droese knee “gives out” and Cassidy goes for the cover but only gets a two. Backdrop by Droese and goes for a military press slam but fails. Cassidy nails Droese with a right hand to regain control of the contest. Cassidy misses a springboard moonsault and is planted with a swinging power slam by Droese. Droese covers and picks up the win.

Before the next match, Salvatore Sincere cuts a promo about what he is going to do after his match. Sincere says that he really loves the fans and that he means that, sincerely. Get it?

Second Contest: Salvatore Sincere defeated Barry Horowtiz:
Backdrop and a series of dropkicks by Horowitz early on. Sincere gets caught in the ropes but is clotheslined to the floor. Horowitz is able to again send Sincere over the top with a hip toss. Sincere with a shoulder to the gut and drops Horowitz throat first across the top rope. Sincere follows up with a jaw breaker and casually continues his offense by choking Horowitz in the corner. Sincere sends Horowitz face first into the middle turnbuckle and chokes Horowitz on the bottom rope. Thez press by Horowitz for a near fall. Sincere is able quickly regain control with a clothesline. Side Russian leg sweep by Sincere for a two count. Horowitz yanks Sincere down by the hair and comes off the ropes with a high knee lift and a dropkick for a near fall. Sincere is able to avoid a dropkick and Horowitz crashes to the canvas. Horowitz side steps a splash in the corner and is able to take Sincere down with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Horowitz with a cross body off the middle rope but Sincere is able to roll on top and picks up the win.


Third Contest: Skip/Zip defeated The Godwinns and WWF World Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns in a non-title match: Zip and Henry Godwinn start the match after Billy Gunn tagged out to Zip. Henry takes Zip down with a hip toss but Zip gets up and drop toe holds Henry down . Henry counters with a wrist lock and tags out to Phinneas. Skip tags into the match but is knocked down by a shoulder block, twice. Skip takes Phinneas down with a hip toss and taunts the fans. They run the ropes and tag out to the Smoking Gunns! Billy and Bart are told they must wrestle each other. Bart with a side headlock on Billy and they run the ropes. They try to tag out to both Godwinns and Skip/Zip but are unable to. Bart shoulder blocks Billy and Billy is able to tag out to Skip. Bart with a boot and knee to the gut of Skip and goes for a military press slam but Skip rolls Bart up for a near fall. Skip with a cross body off the middle rope for a two count. Zip tags in and they connect with a double back elbow and Skip drops a leg across Bart. Phinneas tags in and punches Bart in the ribs. Phinneas comes off the ropes and Billy kicks him on the back. Bart tries a cover but Phinneas is able to kick out. Billy tags in stomps away on Phinneas. Billy drives Phinneas down with a reverse neck breaker and almost gets the first elimination. Bart tags in and clubs away on Phinneas. Bart works on Phinneas in the corner with a few boots and delivers a few more shots to his back. Bart has Phinneas across his knee and pushes down on Phinneas chin to add more leverage. Billy enters and tries for a pin but Phinneas kicks out. Smoking Gunns double team Phinneas in the corner for a few moments. Scoop slam by Bart and misses a elbow drop off the middle rope. Bart holds Phinneas leg to prevent him from tagging out. They both end up getting tags and Henry cleans house with right hands. Side slam by Henry on Billy for a near fall. Phinneas enters and works on Bart wit a right hand and sends Bart to the floor. Tim White counts out the Godwinns with the fastest ten count in the history of professional wrestling.
First Elimination: The Godwinns are counted out as Billy Gunn was able to re-enter the ring before the ten count.
Skip with a head scissors takedown on Billy and is able to roll through a head scissors attempt from Billy. Billy with a suplex but misses a clothesline. Skip pokes Billy in the eyes and drops his head as Billy comes off the ropes. Billy is able to hit what would be later known as the Fame Asser. Bart tags in and scoop slams Skip and connects with a series of elbow drops for a near fall. Bart drops Skip throat first across the top rope and taunts him in the middle of the ring. Skip is choked by Billy with the tag rope behind the referees back. Billy tags in and has a chin lock on Skip. Skip battles out of the corner with right hands and backs Billy into the corner but is sent hard into the corner himself and Billy drives Skip down to the mat with a snap scoop slam. Skip attempts a tag but Billy is able to drop Skip with a spine buster. Skip knocks both Gunns down with a sunset flip and tags out to Zip. Zip cleans house as expected with right hands. Skip brawls with Billy on the floor. Zip with a gut wrench sit down power bomb and Skip splashes Bart coming off the top rope for a near fall as Billy broke up the count. Cloudy slides into the ring and kisses Bart behind the referees back and Zip is able to roll Bart up for the win. **

Fourth Contest: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Vader via disqualification:
Vader is on the floor while Michaels just casually sits down on a chair in the middle of the ring. Vader was throwing the ring steps around, briefly. Vader misses a clothesline and is met with right hands from Michaels. Michaels comes off the ropes with a leaping clothesline and charges towards Vader in the corner. Michaels slides to the floor and grabs Vader’s legs and rams him groin first into the ring post! Vader blocks a sunset flip and tries to sit down on Michaels but misses. Michaels with a double axe handle off the top rope. Michaels attempts a hurricanrana but Vader blocks with a power bomb. Vader with a few shots in the corner and taunts the fans. Michaels flips in the corner and turns around right into a clothesline from Vader. Vader chokes Michaels behind the referees back and has a sleeper hold in place. Michaels is able to break free but runs into a wall as Vader just powers him down. Vader misses a splash in the corner but recovers with a clothesline. Michaels with a few right hands after getting out of a vertical suplex attempt. Michaels drops Vader with a left hand uppercut but runs into Vader who clubs him down. Vader goes for a power bomb but Michaels hammers away on Vader and Vader drops down. Michaels clotheslines Vader and decks Cornette off the apron. Running forearm smash from Michaels and he kips up. Top rope elbow drop from Michaels and the crowd is going nuts. Michaels signals for the super kick but Goldust runs down and causes the DQ. **¼
After the match, Michaels tries to fight them off but they get the upper hand. Vader is able to splash Michaels as he leaps off the middle rope. Goldust grabs a microphone as a lady with a camera enters the ring. Goldust suggests that Michaels needs some mouth to mouth. Goldust ends up giving him mouth to mouth. Ahmed Johnson runs down to the ring and Goldust bails.


Ahmed Johnson cuts a promo saying that their wouldn’t be a Ahmed Johnson without Shawn Michaels. Johnson also says that the Intercontinental Championship never belonged to Goldust, but rather belonged to the people. Goldust sprints to the ring before the ten count.

Sixth Contest: Goldust defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson by reverse decision:
Johnson follows Goldust to the floor and drives him back first into the apron a few times. Johnson leaps off the middle rope but is met with a right hand from Goldust. Goldust works on Johnson with a few right hands and comes off the ropes with a running clothesline. Goldust covers but Johnson is able to kick out. Goldust works on Johnson in the corner with right hands and comes out of the corner with a running bulldog for a near fall. Goldust with a chin lock in the middle of the ring and is able to keep the hold on for a few moments. Goldust continues his offense with right hands in the corner and seductively touches Johnson’s head. Johnson misses a splash in the corner and Goldust goes back to work with a elbow smash. Goldust with a sleeper hold and Johnson begins to fade. Johnson drops to the mat and remains there for several moments. Johnson’s arm drops three times as he must have forgotten the count but raises it before the fourth drop. Johnson with a flurry of right hands and attempts a backdrop but Goldust is able to block it and drives Johnson down with a pile driver. Goldust goes to kiss Johnson but Johnson grabs him by the throat and hammers away on him in the corner. Running clothesline from Johnson and Goldust bails to the floor. Johnson sends Goldust back into the ring and Goldust works on Johnson with more right hands. Johnson staggers and Goldust backs off in the corner. Goldust sneaks in a low blow and gets a two count. Scoop on slam by Goldust and he heads to the top rope and hit’s a rather weak clothesline for a two count. Johnson gets a second wind as Goldust tries to stop him with right hands. Johnson with a spine buster as Goldust comes off the ropes. Goldust rolls to the floor stopping the momentum change. Johnson follows Goldust and slides back in as Goldust just walks around the ring. Goldust gets himself counted out. Johnson isn’t satisfied so he carries Goldust back to the ring and scoop slams Goldust. Johnson signals for the Pearl River Plunge and hits it! Johnson isn’t done and decides to plant Goldust with another Pearl River Plunge! Johnson still isn’t done and connects with one last Pearl River Plunge. The referee decides to reverse the decision but Johnson doesn’t care. **½


Seventh Contest: Steve Austin defeated Savio Vega in a no disqualification match: Vega attacks Austin during his entrance with a whip. Vega whips Austin in the ring until Austin is able to send Vega to the floor. Vega drags Austin to the floor and they trade right hands and boots. Austin sends Vega into the ring steps and guard railing. Vega comes off the ropes and is met with a back elbow from Austin. Austin stomps Vega in the midsection and grabs the whip. Austin proceeds to whip Vega several times in the corner. Austin wraps the whip around Vega’s neck and tosses Vega across the ring for a near fall. Austin comes off the middle rope with a forearm smash for another two count. Austin blocks a back drop attempt with a kick to the face and tries for a cover but only gets a two count. Vega with right hands but is stopped by a knee to the gut from Austin who gets a near fall. Austin has a sleeper hold locked in and uses the ropes for leverage. Austin lets go and argues with the referee and is almost rolled up by Vega who gets a near fall. Austin with a quick clothesline to regain control of the contest. Shoulder block from Vega but Austin is able to stop Vega with a Thez Press and right hands. Vega comes off the ropes but is sent over the top by Austin. Austin goes to the floor and attempts a pile deriver on the entrance ramp but Vega counters with a backdrop! Vega sends a animal case towards Austin and it clips him on the knee. Vega sends Austin into the ring and connects with a backdrop. Vega tries for a splash but Austin gets his knees up. Vega rams Austin head first into the top turnbuckle and connects with right hands. Vega with a atomic drop and clothesline as well. Sleeper hold by Vega but Austin drops with a jawbreaker. Austin charges towards Vega who is on the middle rope but misses his attack. Vega goes back to a sleeper hold and sends Austin into the corner. Vega scoop slams Austin but Austin’s legs hit the referee. Vega tries to revive the referee and Austin goes up top. Vega crotches Austin on the top rope but is shoved off the middle rope by Austin. Austin is sent into the corner and Vega clotheslines Austin. Ten punch count in the corner by Vega and he gets a two count. Austin is able to drop Vega throat first across the top rope but only gets two count. Vega misses a spinning heel kick and Austin goes for the pin but Vega kicks out. They trade several rollups with neither man getting a three count. Backslide by Vega but Austin kicks out. Vega runs into a knee lift in the corner and Austin goes for the cover using the ropes for leverage but Vega kicks out again. Austin argues with the referee and is almost pinned. Austin gets up and kicks Vega in the groin to win the match. **¼

Eighth Contest: Jake Roberts defeated Justin Hawk Bradshaw:
Wrist lock from Roberts to start off the match but Bradshaw sends Roberts into the corner and misses a clothesline. Roberts tries for a quick DDT but Bradshaw is able to drop down to the floor. Roberts with a hammerlock but Bradshaw counters into one of his own. Roberts breaks free and goes for another DDT but Bradshaw bails to the floor. Bradshaw slides in and accidentally hits his manager off the apron. Bradshaw is able to drop Roberts with a big boot and follows up with a elbow drop. Bradshaw also chokes Roberts a few moments, and allows his manager to do the same. Leg drop by Bradshaw for a near fall and goes back to choking Roberts on the middle rope. Bradshaw with a running bulldog and gets a two count. Roberts gets out of a sleeper hold with several jabs and a short arm clothesline. Roberts signals for the DDT but Bradshaw rams Roberts into the corner. Roberts is holding his ribs and wants the referee to check them for him. Bradshaw taunts the fans acting as if he ha won the match. Bradshaw works on Roberts ribs with a few stomps to the injured area. Bradshaw goes for a scoop slam but Roberts rolls off and plants Bradshaw with the DDT! Roberts slowly goes for the cover and picks up the win. **

WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels comes down to the ring and asks for a couple of seconds. Michaels wants to address a situation that happened earlier. Michaels says that he comes out to the ring and gives the fans the best performance he can. Michaels turns his attention to Goldust and says that Goldust got involved in his business. Michaels makes it clear that he is straight. Michaels announces that at Madison Square Garden he will put his belt on the line. Michaels finishes off by saying he will kick Goldust ass. Another filtered “HBK” chant is used.


Ninth Contest: Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley: HHH with a side headlock but is hip tossed down by Mero. HHH slides to the floor to avoid any further punishment. Mero with a headlock of his own but is backed into the corner. HHH with several right hands to gain the advantage. Mero comes back with a atomic drop and a clothesline for a two count. Mero with a cross body coming off the ropes and a sunset flip from the apron back into the ring for a near fall. HHH is able to send a charging Mero over the top to the floor. HHH with a few chops in the corner and goes to work on Mero with right hands and boots. HHH takes Mero down with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Camel clutch by HHH in the middle of the ring. HHH locks in abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Mero counters another abdominal stretch attempt but is taken down by HHH with a hip toss. HHH comes off the top but is met with a right hand to midsection in midair. Head scissors takedown by Mero and follows up with a knee lift and backdrop. Mero with a double axe handle off the top rope and almost wins the match. Tilt a whirl backbreaker by HHH to stop Mero’s offense. HHH goes for the pedigree but Sable gets on the apron and distracts HHH. Mero rolls HHH up from behind after Sable slapped HHH and get a near fall. Mero sits down on a sunset flip attempt to win the match. **¼
After the match, Mero punches HHH to the floor after avoiding a sneak attack.

Howard Finkel tries to convince fans to drive down to NYC for their August 9th show at MSG.

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated Mankind:
Mankind attacks Taker on the floor and chokes him with a cable, it appears. Mankind sends Taker into the ring and works on him with right hands. Taker comes back with a flurry of right hands in the corner and Mankind bails to the floor. Mankind drags Taker to the floor and clubs away on him. Mankind sends Taker into the guard railing and ring steps. Mankind goes after Paul Bearer but is cut off by Taker who works on Mankind with more right hands and a big boot. Taker sends Mankind into the ring steps and follows up with a big boot. Taker sends Mankind into the guard railing by the entrance ramp. Taker with a head butt in the corner a couple of times. Taker walks the ropes and jumps down across the arm of Mankind. Mankind sends Taker to the floor and grabs a chair from under the ring. Taker kicks the chair into the face of Mankind and whacks Mankind across the back with the chair. Taker runs into a back elbow in the corner and Mankind connects with a clothesline. Taker sits up and is knocked back down. Mankind grabs a chair and throws it into the middle of the ring. The referee grabs it and throws it out of the ring. Mankind kicks Taker back in the ring and chokes him as well. Several right hands from Mankind in the corner and connects with a running knee attack in the corner. Taker blocks the Mandible Claw but is met with a knee to the gut. Mankind with a running clothesline in the corner but Taker comes back with right hands. They begin to trade right hands with Taker getting the upper hand. Taker misses a elbow drop and Mankind chokes him. Taker punches Mankind several times and goes for a backdrop but Mankind is able to connect with a swinging neck breaker instead for a near fall. Mankind with a few leg drops and checks to see if Taker is out. Mankind covers but Taker kicks out again. Mankind goes nuts in the corner hitting his head and pulling out his hair. Taker sits up as Mankind has his back turned. Taker clotheslines Mankind over the top to the floor and kicks Mankind into the guard railing. Taker sends Mankind over the railing into the crowd and they brawl throughout the crowd. Eventually they come back to ringside where Mankind has the advantage. Mankind comes off the top but is met with a choke slam! Taker signals for and connects with the tombstone pile driver. Taker covers and picks up the win. ***


My Take: Droese/Cassidy was a boring contest, and some fans made that clear. The opening contest is suppose to get the crowd into the show, not kill them for the rest of the show. Poor choice of a opener, for sure. Droese wouldn’t last much longer in the WWF, and Al Snow would become one of the most popular WWF characters in the late 1990’s. Who would’ve thought that?

Sincere/Horowitz wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. But, it was still a pretty bad match. A positive note is that the match was the match of the night for the evening. I expect that to not last too long. The Sincere gimmick doesn’t seem to be getting over all that well with the fans, though. Sincere also has some pretty bad theme music.

The triple threat elimination match went a little too long for my liking. The fans seemed to be really into the Godwinns and the way they were eliminated was just lame. The fans really got into the match for the last two minutes and that was good to hear. They had been pretty dead up to that point.

I was pretty surprised to see Michaels/Vader go on so soon. The fourth match on the card seems to be really early for the top champion to be wrestling. It was very clear that the WWF had to put on a HBK chant to get a good amount of the audience behind him. That is pretty sad. It was more noticeable than the Goldberg chants that would be filtered in WCW.

Johnson/Goldust was a decent match with a lame finish. They also really tried to kill time with Goldust always rolling to the floor. The crowd was really into the match and they loved the aftermath with Johnson attacking Goldust. The show seems to be picking up with both in-ring wrestling and fans making some noise.

Austin/Vega wasn’t all that great to me. For a no disqualification match it was rather simple. They also seemed to be going through the motions rather slowly. The finish was also pretty lame, again. Crowd was fairly dead for the contest but did pop for Austin when he won the contest.

For what Roberts/Bradshaw was it wasn’t all that bad. It was a fairly even contest, but in terms of action is wasn’t the greatest. Still, it was a rather quick match and wasn’t all that bad.

The crowd was really dead for Mero/HHH until Sable got involved. This proves to me that the fans always liked Sable more than they actually liked Mero. Sable clearly hurt Mero’s career in the WWF. The match was decent but nothing great which seems to be a trend for this show. This has been a house show were the wrestlers just take it easy it seems.

Taker/Mankind was a good main event and was the match of the night, I thought. Those two have always worked very well with each other and their match on this show was no different. Good way to end the show.

Overall, a lot of decent stuff with a good main event. The only two bad parts of the show were the first two matches. After that, the matches weren’t bad, but weren’t all that great either. For a house show, it was a decent one.

Thanks for reading.


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