ECW House Show 4/13/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 4/13/2000
From: Indianapolis, IN

NOTE: This event is a handheld that was recorded by RF Video. It is the complete event. The event was never aired on television. The main event was featured on a edition of ECW on TNN.

Opening Contest: Chilly Willy defeated Johnny Swinger:
Swinger attacks Willy in the corner before the bell with right hands and stomps. Cross body by Willy as he comes off the ropes. Willy with a sit down scoop slam and plays to the crowd. Swinger manages to come back with a neck breaker for a near fall. Swinger takes Willy down with a back suplex and gets a couple of near falls. Willy is sent into the ropes but comes off with a running butt splash to knock Swinger down. Backdrop by Willy and chops Swinger in the corner. Side slam by Willy for a two count. Swinger comes off the ropes and reverses a backdrop with a full nelson face buster for a two count. Swinger goes for a vertical suplex but Willy rolls through for a rollup and gets a near fall, but the bell sounds. Swinger argues and Willy rolls Swinger up again from behind for the win. *

Tony DeVito and Angel make their way down to the ring. Angel says that the fans are just a group of pussies and are all faggots who do not have the balls to enter the ring. Angel calls out for any team to come out and face them. Danny Doring and Roadkill come out to answer the challenge. Angel puts them down as he can not believe they are going to face them. Doring insults DeVito and Angel a few times and says they are going to kick their ass.

Second Contest: Danny Doring/Roadkill defeated Tony DeVito/Angel: DeVito and Angel go on the attack before the bell by choking their opponents in the corner. Doring and Roadkill are sent into each other and Doring botches a leapfrog. They get the advantage anyway and Roadkill splashes both Baldies in the corner. Doring with the Bareback on DeVito. Power slam by Roadkill on Angel and Doring comes off the top with a elbow drop that causes Angel to roll to the apron. Angel knees Doring as he comes off the ropes and DeVito connects with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Standing dropkick by DeVito continues his control on Doring. Reverse DDT by DeVito and tags in Angel. Angel and Doring trade chops in the corner with Doring getting the upper hand until a rake to the eyes stops that. Angel takes Doring over with a double under hook suplex and Doring is double teamed. DeVito hammers away on Doring and is able to drive Doring down with a modified Rock Bottom for a near fall! Angel tags in and dropkicks Doring followed by chops in the corner. Angel misses a running dropkick in the corner and is trapped in a tree of woe briefly. Roadkill tags in and cleans house with clotheslines and a side slam on DeVito! Power slam by Roadkill on Angel followed by a spine buster/clothesline double team move on Angel. Doring comes off the top with a leg drop and Roadkill goes up top but is shoved off by DeVito that sends Roadkill crashing through a table on the floor! DeVito has a chair and goes to hit Doring but misses and hits Angel! Doring clotheslines Angel to the floor but is attacked by DeVito. DeVito turns around to be met with a top rope clothesline from Roadkill. Roadkill and Doring hit the Buggy Bang on DeVito shortly thereafter and win the match.


Simon Diamond comes out with his sidekicks. Diamond has a problem and tells his sidekicks that he is going to treat them like idiots if they are going to act like one. Diamond tells one of them to stand in the corner. Diamond turns his attention to a muscular female and is not happy with the way she is dressed. Diamond doesn’t like that she is showing off her butt. Diamond tells her to stand in the corner and show off her butt. Mikey Whipwreck comes out when Diamond asks who else needs guidance. Diamond says that Whipwreck is either drunk or on drugs because of the color of his hair. Diamond tells Whipwreck that he needs guidance. Diamond has Prodigy attack Whipwreck briefly.

Third Contest: Mikey Whipwreck defeated Simon Diamond:
Diamond continues to work on Whipwreck with right hands and stomps to start the contest. Whipwreck with dropkick as Diamond comes off the ropes. Diamond rolls to the floor but he and his sidekicks are taken out by Whipwreck who connects with a slingshot splash. On the floor, Whipwreck sends Diamond into the guard railing back first. Whipwreck follows up with a slingshot guillotine leg drop. Prodigy grabs Whipwreck’s leg and allows Diamond to connect with a side Russian leg sweep. Diamond with a snap suplex but Whipwreck battles out of a second attempt. Diamond with a clothesline for a near fall to regain control of the contest. Whipwreck with a super kick and gets a two count as Father James Mitchell comes down to the ring. Whipwreck misses a flying head butt off the top. Diamond goes up top but is crotched by Mitchell. One of Diamond’s sidekicks comes in and has a sword vs. cane fight with Mitchell. Whipwreck with the Whippersnapper on the sidekick and the female sidekicks misses a moonsault. She is clotheslined by Prodigy, who suffers a Whippersnapper. Whipwreck with a atomic drop on Diamond and hits the Whippersnapper on Diamond for the win.

Fourth Contest: Rhino defeated Kid Kash:
Rhino runs down to the ring and is stomped by Kash. Rhino lifts Kash up with a military press slam and drops Kash. Kash backdrops Rhino over the top to the floor and follows up with a baseball slide. Kash with a springboard cross body to take Rhino out on the entrance ramp. Kash runs into a back elbow in the corner and Rhino stomps away on Kash. Running shoulder attack from Rhino in the corner. Double springboard cross body by Kash for a near fall! Delayed vertical suplex by Rhino only gets him a two count. Kash attempts a moonsault out of the corner but is caught and slammed down for a near fall. Rhino with several right hands in the corner and stomps away on Kash. Kash takes Jack Victory out with a baseball slide and is able to connect with a top rope hurricanrana which Rhino no sells. Rhino with the GORE and a pile driver to win the match. **¼


Lou E. Dangerously, CW Anderson, Bill Wiles and Electra come out. Dangerously cuts a promo asking if the fans want to see what is under Electra’s jacket. Dangerously reveals that she will not be revealing what is under her jacket after a short meeting.

Fifth Contest: Chris Chetti/Nova defeated CW Anderson/Bill Wiles:
Nova and Wiles start off the contest with Wiles locking in a side headlock. Wiles with a shoulder block but misses a clothesline and is worked on in the corner with right hands from Nova. Nova with a shoulder block from the apron and flips back into the ring. Nova leaps off the middle rope with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Chetti tags in and kicks Wiles on the back of the head and Nova kicks Wiles in the face. Anderson tags in and is kicked in the gut and met with a scissors kick from Chetti. Anderson misses a clothesline and is dropped throat first across the top rope. Nova enters without a tag to connect with a senton splash for a near fall. Wiles enters as well, without a tag and knocks Nova down with a spinning heel kick. Anderson with a hammerlock sit down scoop slam on Nova for a near fall. Wiles tags back in and works on the left arm of Nova. Nova avoids a splash in the corner and rolls Anderson up but the referee is distracted. Anderson with a spine buster on Nova and nearly wins the match. Wiles tags in and stomps away on Nova but is planted with a face buster by Nova. Chetti tags in and cleans house with several kicks on both Anderson and Wiles. Chetti with a spinning heel kick off the top on Wiles for a two count. Wheel kick by Chetti on Anderson for a two count as well. Electra slides into the ting to attack Chetti. Jazz comes in and rips off Electra’s jacket and beats her down. Jazz avoids a clothesline from Dangerously but Anderson super kicks her! Chetti rolls Anderson up but is stopped by Wiles with a neck breaker for a two count. Wiles sends Nova back first into a chair in the corner. Nova tosses a chair to Anderson who catches it but gets it kicked into his face by Chetti. Chetti covers Anderson to win the match.
After the match, Nova and Chetti are beaten down until New Jack’s music hits. Jack hit’s the heels with trash can lids and trash cans. He also uses a crutch, a pan, and a fork. Anderson is left a bloody mess as he is helped to the back.


Sixth Contest: Super Crazy defeated Little Guido: Guido with a elbow drop and a dropkick to the face early on to control Crazy. Crazy lands on his feet on a monkey flip attempt. Clothesline from Crazy and he follows up with a missile dropkick off the top. They go to the floor where Guido clubs away on Crazy and sends him into the guard railing. Crazy backdrops Guido into the crowd and avoids a splash from Sal E. Crazy leaps off Sal’s back and dives onto Guido in the crowd! Sal misses a splash in the ring and Crazy hammers away on him. Guido enters and lifts Crazy up to allow Sal to clothesline him and Guido gets a near fall. Guido leaps off the middle rope with a leg drop to the back of Crazy’s head for a near fall. Crazy with a power bomb and a slingshot stomp to Guido’s midsection. Slingshot springboard moonsault by Crazy gets him a two count. Crazy slams Guido and goes for a moonsault but Guido gets his knees up. Guido scoop slams Crazy and goes up top as Sal enters the ring again. Guido leaps off Sal’s shoulders to connect with a elbow drop. Sal leaps off the middle rope with a head butt and Guido leaps off the middle rope with a splash for a near fall. Crazy drives Guido down with a electric chair slam and gets a near fall. Crazy hooks Guido up for a delayed brain buster and connects! Crazy covers and picks up the win. **½

Before the next match, Lance Storm stalls for a few minutes saying that he demands respect because he has a belt. Storm also calls Francine ugly and that they will leave if Francine doesn’t leave the ring. Raven says he thought about having sex with Dawn Marie but it would be “like throwing a wrench into a garage”.

Seventh Contest: Lance Storm defeated Raven:
Storm backs Raven into the corner but cleanly lets go. Raven decks Storm with a right hand and Storm rolls to the floor. Marie trips Raven as he comes off the ropes. Francine grabs a microphone and calls Marie a crack whore. Francine wants to fight Marie and Storm tells Marie that she will do it. Storm drags Francine to the floor but Raven attacks Storm and sends him hard into the guard railing a few times. Raven with a head butt to Storm’s groin back in the ring and hammers away on him in the corner. Raven with a series of right hands but is met with a low blow from Storm. Jawbreaker by Storm for a near fall and uppercuts Raven. Storm pokes Raven in the eyes and chokes Raven in the ropes. Storm kicks Raven to the floor and sends Raven into the guard railing. Raven low blows Storm back in the ring but Storm is able to lock in a sleeper hold until Raven takes Storm down with a back suplex. Raven with a running clothesline in the corner and a couple of knee lifts. Marie gets on the apron and throws powder too soon as Raven moves out of the way and Storm tries to sell it as best as possible. DDT by Raven but Marie breaks up the count. Francine and Marie proceed to have a catfight. Raven has his snot rag ready and rubs it in Marie’s face. Raven turns around and is met with a super kick from Storm. Storm goes for the cover and picks up the win.

Steve Corino and Jack Victory come out to cut a promo. Corino tells the fans that they suck and that they do not treat the King of Old School that way. Corino lists all the things he has done in ECW. He is convinced he is the reason Tazz left ECW. Corino says he was going to have a Texas bull rope match tonight but didn’t see anyone tough enough in the back. Tommy Dreamer’s music hits and makes his way out.


Eighth Contest: ECW Television Champion Tajiri fought Tommy Dreamer to a no contest: Tajiri runs down from behind and kicks Dreamer in the back as Dreamer was focused on Corino. Tajiri chokes Dreamer with a bull rope match. Corino has made the match a Japanese death match! Dreamer blocks a handspring back elbow attempt with a side Russian leg sweep. Dreamer locks in his own version of the Tarantula but is nailed by Corino with a right hand. Tajiri accidentally baseball slides into Corino and Dreamer works on Tajiri with a chair shot. Dreamer uses a microphone to hit Tajiri and say that this is Indianapolis street fight! They brawl into the crowd. Dreamer sends Tajiri into a wall and throws a trash can at Tajiri. They go back to ringside where Dreamer places the ring bell on Tajiri’s groin and rings the bell! Tajiri avoids a chair shot and kicks Dreamer in the midsection. Tajiri kicks the chair into Dreamer’s face and chops Dreamer in the corner. Tajiri places Dreamer in the tree of woe and tosses a chair into the ring. Tajiri with a running dropkick attempt but Dreamer was able to avoid it. Dreamer puts Tajiri in the tree of woe and steps on Tajiri’s groin! Dreamer dropkicks the chair into the face of Tajiri who is still upside down. Corino enters and misses a dropkick. Dreamer punches Corino in the groin and knocks Victory off the apron. Dreamer gets a table and places Corino on the top turnbuckle but has to leap off to punch Tajiri. Dreamer grabs Tajiri and gets mist spat in his face. Tajiri places Dreamer on the table and leaps off the top connecting with a double stomp crashing through the table! Tajiri covers but Dreamer is able to kick out. Corino accidentally hits Tajiri moments later and Dreamer DDT’s both men. Victory enters the match and attacks Dreamer. Victory hits the referee with a right hand as well. Corino is beating down Dreamer with the cow bell.
After the match, The Sandman’s music hits and he makes his way down to help Dreamer. Of course, he comes through the crowd. Sandman enters and hits everyone with a kendo stick. Tajiri spits mist in Sandman’s face and Rhino runs down to GORE a blinded Sandman! Victory gets a table as Corino is hammering away on Sandman and hitting him with a kendo stick. Super Crazy runs down to the ring but is beaten down because of the numbers game. Little Guido has came out to attack Crazy and now Mike Whipwreck has ran down. Da Baldies also come down to get involved and so have Roadkill and Danny Doring. They all just brawl to the backstage area.

ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome walks to the ring through the crowd and is greeted with a “you sold out” chant. Judge Jeff Jones knows that their isn’t anyone in the wrestling business that can beat Mike Awesome. Well, Tazz’s WWF music hits and he gets a LOUD ovation.

Main Event: Tazz defeated ECW World Champion Mike Awesome to win the title:
They trade right hands to start off the match but Tazz sends Awesome to the floor quickly. Awesome is sent into the guard railing and Tazz hammers away on Awesome. Tazz sends Awesome back into the ring and Awesome sends Tazz into the referee in the corner. Tommy Dreamer runs down and DDT’s Awesome. Tazz locks in the Tazz Mission and wins the match in under two minutes. ½ *
After the match, Mike Awesome leaves through the crowd. Tazz celebrates the win with Dreamer. Tazz gets a microphone and gets a “Welcome Back” chant. Tazz mentions that Awesome had beaten him at a PPV for the belt. Tazz says that he did business the proper way when he left ECW. Tazz finishes off by saying his catchphrase and leaves the ring.


End of show.

My Take:
Willy/Swinger was a pretty bad opening contest. Quite a few botches and the action just didn’t flow all that great. The fans seemed to be laughing at the character of Willy instead of actually cheering for him. Not a good way to start the show that is for sure.

Baldies/Roadkill/Doring was a slightly boring tag team match. Just didn’t seem to have much to it for me though. I was actually kind of surprised that Angel and DeVito could actually perform some actual wrestling moves. It was also interesting to see just how over Roadkill was with the ECW fans. He could have been a break out baby face for ECW had the company stuck around longer.

Whipwreck/Diamond was a dull contest as well. Diamond is a great heel but for some reason the fans were pretty dead for the match. The match also had a ungodly amount of interference and that took away from the short match that it was.

I wish Rhino/Kash was given more time. For the short amount of time they competed it was pretty good action. Seems like on house shows they aren’t given a lot of time to put on a good show, which is pretty surprising if you ask me. First match that would have been good if allowed to develop.

Chetti/Nova/Anderson/Wiles match just didn’t click for me. The aftermath was the best part as Jack beat the shit out of everyone and was able to get the crowd back into the show.

Crazy/Guido seemed like another quick match but it was pretty good for what it was. Which for around this time had to be expected as they had some pretty good contests with each other. Interference seems to be a trend on this show, though.

Raven/Storm was a disappointment for me. I am a big fan of both wrestlers and was curious to see how they would do in a singles match. Well, it showed here that it just wouldn’t work out. Just a very dull and bland match.

Tajiri/Dreamer wasn’t anything special either and it was pretty bad. I don’t get why their has been so much interference on this show. The interference really seems to be killing the crowd as this has been a really lackluster show.

The main event is what people mainly talk about on this show. The match was under two minutes but because Awesome had jumped ship to WCW and Tazz was a WWF guy having those guys on a ECW show is a rare thing that was a huge story back then. As you can tell the match may be low grade because it was under two minutes, but for historical purposes it would be a four star match/situation.

Overall, just about every match had interference and was too short to really become anything noteworthy. Awesome/Tazz is the only thing people ever talk about, and it happened on this show whether people realize that or not, now you know. A bad, bad show.

Thanks for reading.

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