WCW Souled Out 1/25/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling/ New World Order Souled Out 1997
Date: 1/25/1997
From: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Black and white video of the New World Order arriving to the building on the back of big rigs with law enforcement behind them. Bischoff, Hall, Nash and Syxx talk about Giant and hype up the pay per view overall.

Souled Out video package, now in color. Which obviously focuses on everyone in the N-W-O and their takeover of WCW.

Now finally in the arena, Bischoff is standing at a podium. The crowd is pumped up for the event. Hogan, Hall and Nash are on three different jumbo screens, where they babble on about the end of WCW for a moment.

Eric Bischoff and Ted DiBiase will be commentating tonight..

Should be noted, their isn’t any ring announcers, since Penzer is WCW. Only music for the N-W-O wrestlers, since this is a N-W-O pay per view. Nick Patrick a N-W-O employee will be referring all the matches.

Masa Chono pinned Chris Jericho in 11:08:
Chono with the advantage early on, sending Jericho to the floor. Several WCW wrestlers, mostly tag team wrestlers, the Four Horsemen and many others are in the crowd. Chono with a middle rope shoulder block on Jericho. Jericho with a suplex, and proceeds to leap over the top rope to the floor onto Chono. Jericho charges towards Chono, but runs into the ring post when Chono moves. Chono is with a rolling attack to the knee off the ropes, to the left knee of Jericho. Jericho with several kicks to the body and head of Chono. Dragon screw take down by Chono. Jericho comes back with a spinning back elbow to the chest of Chono, German suplex by Jericho for a two count. Nick Patrick with a slow count. Reverse DDT by Chono and both men are down. A botched top rope shoulder block I will assume. Chono sets up a table on the floor, and goes to suplex Jericho from the ring to the table, Jericho reverses the move into the ring. Jericho with a missile dropkick off the top and gets a two count. -Lionsault by Jericho for another two count. Jericho goes up top, Chono meets him and simply shoves him off to the floor, through the table. Yakuza kick by Chono to pick up the three count. *1/2


Bischoff and Ted DiBiase talk about “Miss N-W-O” competition. We now go to several photos to become the Miss N-W-O. “Boring” in the background from the crowd. Jeff, I didn’t catch his last name, is now interviewing a few of the woman who are in the competition. Basically, there are several sexual references, that neither the forty year old woman seem to understand.

Mexican Death Match: Big Bubba defeated Hugh Morrus in 9:03: Early on, Morrus sends Bubba into the ring steps on the floor. Bubba with two low blows, Patrick is distracted by Hart. Morrus clotheslines Bubba to the floor. Morrus runs into a steel chain shot in the ring. Bubba proceeds to beat Morrus with the chain. Morrus gets the chain and hits Bubba. No Laughing Matter Moonsault by Morrus, no pin. Ah, because Bubba has a count of ten to get up. Patrick is counting ridiculously slow. Morrus slams Bubba on the aisle way. Climbs up a few of the steps of the stage, misses a splash. Bubba gets on a motorcycle that one of the women where on. Bubba proceeds to hit Morrus with the bike. Patrick counts to ten, Bubba wins. *

Jeff is with some blonde and asks her what she would do to be in a Hogan movie. She uses the same answer before, “whatever it takes”. This Jeff guy seems to be a computer nerd with a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett pinned Mr. Wallstreet in 9:22:
What is this? WCW Saturday Night? Jarrett with a top rope cross body early on. Jarrett continues his offense with a face buster off the ropes. Jarrett goes to leap into the ropes on the back of Wallstreet, Patrick moves Wallstreet. Wallstreet with a clothesline sending Jarrett to the floor. Wallstreet sends Jarrett into the guard railing, into the crowd. Wallstreet with a sleeper hold. Debra is trying to get Mongo into the ring to help Jarrett. Jarrett misses a top rope knee drop. Jarrett with the figure four moments later, Patrick helps Wallstreet reach the ropes. Mongo comes in and hits Wallstreet with his briefcase, Patrick makes the count after Mongo threatens him. DUD

Jeff Kents I think his name is, is back now with the “senior division” of the competition. She says that her feet would be the best body part to use in order for her to win the competition. Jeff, really, really, needs to not do this. He is using sexual references with now 60 year olds. Now some guy who is the lead singer for his band, is saying something that is ridiculous. He tries a New World Order chant, to no avail. He now sings a song with his band. Which centers around the N-W-O


Buff Bagwell pinned Scotty Riggs in 13:51: Riggs gets zero reception from the crowd. Riggs attacks Bagwell before the bell, Bagwell threatens to leave if Riggs isn’t going to be fair. Riggs with a belly to belly suplex on Bagwell. Bagwell slaps Riggs twice. Riggs hip tosses Bagwell over the top to the floor. Riggs leaps over the top onto Bagwell. Bagwell sends Riggs into the guard railing and goes to work on Riggs. Riggs with a double axe handle off the top for a two count. Bagwell drops Riggs gut first onto the ropes and sends him to the floor, hitting his head on the guard railing. Bagwell with a power bomb on Riggs for a two count. Bagwell has his trunks pulled down, Bagwell comes back with several right hands. Riggs reverses a vertical suplex into a roll up for a two count. Riggs with a leaping kick to the back of Bagwell’s head. Tornado DDT by Riggs. Both men go for cross body’s, Bagwell lands on top of Riggs for a near fall. Bagwell leaps off the second turnbuckle and connects with the Buff Block Buster for the three count. *1/2
After the match, Bagwell goes dancing with the females.

Jeff continues his interviewing with the old ladies. Which isn’t funny at all.

Scott Norton defeated Diamond Dallas Page in 9:39 by count out:
Early on, Page with a pile driver, dropping to his knees. Norton comes back with a clothesline. During the match, Sting is in the crowd. Norton with a shoulder breaker. Norton sends Page into the ring steps on the floor. Page is selling the arm injury. Page with a clothesline, and knocks Norton down with a leg sweep. Bagwell and others come down to the ring and are taunting/distracting Page. Page accepts the N-W-O offer, puts the shirt on and everything. Page soon Diamond Cutters Norton and leaves through the crowd. *

Jeff with another segment. These two women understand the sexual references.

World Tag Team Title Match: Rick and Scott Steiner defeated The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) in 14:43 when Scott pinned Hall to win the tag team titles: Hall with a few knees to the gut of Scott and places him in the abdominal stretch. Hall with a fall away slam on Rick, after catching him on a attempted cross body off the middle rope. Hall with a choke slam on Scott moments later. Nash gets the tag. -Nash with a few knees, rights and elbows. Rick comes in ducks a few shots from Nash and delivers a few of his own. Rick with a power slam on Nash who came off the ropes. Rick is distracted by Hall, Nash with a big boot sending Rick to the floor. Hall with a clothesline on the floor. Nash with a scoop slam on Rick, but misses a elbow drop. Rick is being double teamed, so Scott comes over and knocks Hall down with a right forearm. Scott gets the tag and knocks out both Outsiders. Scott with a double under hook power bomb on Hall. Side suplex by Scott on Nash. Outsiders Edge by Hall on Rick. Rick with the top rope Steiner Bulldog off the top on Hall. Randy Anderson comes into the ring, being a referee, and count the three count for the win. Bischoff and DiBiase are outraged. **


United States Heavyweight Title Match (Ladder Match): Eddie Guerrero defeated Syxx in 13:48 to retain the title: Syxx with control early on with a forearm and standing side kick. A botched side slam or spinning head scissors. Seconds later, they re-do it, Guerrero connects, and soon connects with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Guerrero goes up top and connects with a cross body to the floor onto Syxx. Syxx with a middle rope spinning heel kick to take Guerrero down. -Bronco buster by Syxx. Guerrero comes back with a dropkick sending Syxx to the floor. -Syxx is on the apron, and connects with a vertical suplex to the floor with Guerrero in the ring. Syxx with a somersault splash over the top to the floor. Syxx grabs the ladder and walks to the ring. Syxx charges towards Guerrero, and rams Guerrero with the ladder against the apron. Guerrero drops down with the ladder, causing the ladder to hit Syxx in the face. Guerrero begins to slam the ladder onto the back of Syxx. Syxx sends Guerrero face first into the ladder set up in the corner. Syxx drops Guerrero gut first onto the ladder. Both men are on the ladder, Syxx with a low blow and sends Guerrero off. Guerrero dropkicks Syxx, who is on the top turnbuckle with the ladder. Superplex by Guerrero. Both men are again on the ladder, Syxx with a leaping side kick and both drop to the mat. Guerrero is again sent off the ladder, but Guerrero bounces off the ropes and backs into the ladder, causing Syxx to fall off as well. Both men are on the ladder, both get the belt, Guerrero whacks Syxx with the title to win the match! **1/2
After the match, Guerrero celebrates with fellow WCW wrestlers in the crowd.

Jeff, and Eric choose the winner of the Miss N-W-O contest. Well, Bischoff picks Miss Becky. A not at all good looking woman who is at least 45. Bischoff “makes out” with her. Though its more like they are just doing the old “gold fishing” impersonation.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan and The Giant fought to a No Contest in 11:00. Hulk Hogan retains the title:
Hogan is with several Dallas Cowboy players. And of course the ever dangerous Vincent. Hogan stalls a little while, Hogan soon mounts Giant with several right hands. Hogan with a few boots and chops. Hogan takes Giant down with a clothesline, fairly easily it looked. Giant gets up first. Several boots. Giant and Hogan on the floor, Giant rams both Vincent and Hogan into the guard railing. Hogan goes for a inside cradle, Giant reverses into a scoop slam. On the floor, Hogan throws powder into the face of Giant. Hogan chokes Giant with his wrist tape. Giant with a back breaker in the ring. Giant keeps Hogan on his knee to add torque. Giant goes up top but misses a flying elbow drop. Hogan goes for the pin but Giant powers out. Hogan soon connects with the scoop slam, and the leg drop! Giant quickly gets up. Hogan is playing the crowd. Giant grabs Hogan and choke slams him down. Giant goes for the cover, Patrick counts to two, but says Hogan got his shoulder up, he didn’t. This happens twice, Giant choke slams Patrick. Giant choke slams Bagwell. Bischoff runs down and gives Hogan a guitar. Giant is choke slamming everyone in the N-W-O. Hogan rolls in and viciously hits Giant over the back with the guitar several times. Hogan proceeds to spray paint the back of Giant and the New World Order celebrates. *


End of show

My Take:
From a wrestling standpoint nothing stands out really. Guerrero/Syxx was the match of the night but it isn’t a must see contest by any means. The under-card really came across like a bad episode of Saturday Night and not one of a pay per view. The tag team title match was a let down for me. I would’ve thought those two teams would have put on a better contest. The NWO girl segments or whatever were just a waste of time. If you were/are a die hard WCW fan then watch this just to get it out of the way. If you weren’t/aren’t a fan then just avoid this completely.

Overall Grade: C-

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