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WCW Spring Stampede 2000 4/16/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Spring Stampede
Date: 4/16/2000
From: Chicago Illinois

Opening video highlighting Vince Russo attacking Ric Flair. He also stole Flair’s watch. Basically the video promotes Russo, and the New Blood. Also, Eric Bischoff turning on Hulk Hogan is highlighted.

Backstage, Bischoff is pacing. He is worried about Hogan. Kidman is with Torrie who is relaxed. So is Russo.

Another video package.

Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden welcome everyone to WCW Spring Stampede! Hudson mentions that Sting is the only Millionaire’s club member in the US Title tournament. Along with the tag team tournament, the New Blood have the advantage in numbers. Madden proclaims Jarrett will win the WCW World Championship.


World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final Match #1: Team Package (Ric Flair and Lex Luger) defeated The Mamalukes (Big Vito and Johnny The Bull) and The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris) in 6:16: The Mamalukes actually get a very good baby face reaction. Too bad they are heels. Before the match, we go backstage where Gene is with Team Package. Flair isn’t in ring gear, he has dress clothes on because this a is “street fight”. Well, this was suppose to be just two on two. But, Vince Russo comes out and rips on Team Package. Russo calls Vito a “rookie” which he is not even close to being one. Russo evens the odds by bringing in the Harris Brothers. Who are also not close to being rookies. Mamalukes and Harris Brothers work on Team Package. Remember then the Harris’s and Mamalukes hated each other? Yeah, neither do I. Luger fights off the Harris’s and Flair fights off the Mamalukes. Luger is worked on the floor. Flair with a back suplex on Bull and locks in the figure four but Flair lets go. Savant kick by Vito on Flair. Back elbow by Vito on Flair. Double boot by the Harris’s on Flair for a near fall. Flair fights back and goes to the top but Don throws Flair off. Flair avoids several elbow drops and tags in Luger behind the referees back. On the floor, Inferno sends Luger into the ring post. Elizabeth nails Inferno. Inferno stalks her but is brought to the back by two large men. Luger finally enters and delivers his only move seemingly, clotheslines. Luger waits for a few moments as Vito gains footing on the top rope but Luger delivers a short arm clothesline in mid air. Bull with a springboard clothesline on Luger for a near fall. Vito accidentally nails Bull. Luger with the Torture Rack for the win. *1/2

Gene is backstage with Mike Awesome. Awesome is the surprise entrant for the US Championship. Awesome basically says he will kill The Cat and his nine lives. Bam-Bam Bigelow comes over and rips on Awesome. Awesome attacks Bigelow.

A video promoting Mancow/Jimmy Hart. Video of Mancow being attacked by Hart in a radio studio.

Special Attraction Match: Mancow pinned Jimmy Hart in 2:46:
Hart has someone names Hail by his side. He is one large fellow. Mancow gets a pretty good reception. Mancow is out for revenge. Mancow takes control on Hart and is distracted by Hail. Low blow by Hart. Hart goes for a body splash off the middle rope but Mancow puts the referee on himself. Hail enters and gorilla press slams him onto Mancow’s posse on the floor. Mancow nails Hart with a chair as the referee was out cold. Mancow picks up the win. *
After the match, Kidman comes down and attacks Jimmy Hart. As a message to Hulk Hogan.

Backstage, Vince Russo yells at the Harris Brothers and The Mamalukes. He isn’t happy that they lost to Team Package.

United States Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match #1: Scott Steiner defeated The Wall in 3:37 by Disqualification:
Hmm. Steiner comes out to the old school Steiner Brothers music from 1996. That doesn’t really go with the current Steiner attitude. Wall and Steiner trade boots and punches early on in the corner. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Wall with a low blow followed by a big boot and leg drop. Hogan will not like that. Only a near fall. Steiner drops Wall throat first across the top rope. Wall sends Steiner back first into the guard railing. Wall grabs a table. Steiner blocks the choke slam by raking Wall’s eyes. Steiner grabs the referee and Wall grabs him while blinded. Wall choke slams the referee through the table. Steiner wins. *


Backstage, Gene is with Ernest Miller. Miller rambles on about some stuff. Bam-Bam Bigelow attacks Miller.

Video of Mike Awesome attacking Kevin Nash on Nitro is shown. Awesome delivers a few shots with Nash’s crutch.

United States Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match #2: Mike Awesome pinned Bam-Bam Bigelow and Ernest Miller in 3:20: Apparently Bigelow knocked Cat out to get his match with Awesome. Awesome clotheslines Bigelow to the floor and dives over the top onto Bigelow. Bigelow sends Awesome into the railing. Bigelow is back dropped over the railing into the crowd. Awesome leaps over the guard railing onto Bigelow into the crowd! Clothesline by Awesome in the ring. Top rope clothesline by Awesome for a near fall. Bigelow blocks a back suplex by landing on top on of Awesome. Scoop slam by Bigelow. Bigelow climbs to the top and connects with the flying head butt. Bigelow signals for the Greetings form Asbury Park, but Miller attacks Bigelow. Miller grabs a microphone and is going to dance for the crowd. Miller dances with music and all. Clothesline by Awesome. Awesome goes up top and connects with a frog splash for the win. *1/2

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is still worried. Vince and Kidman are still relaxed.

Gene is standing Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell. Bagwell puts over the New Blood. Douglas focuses on Ric Flair. Douglas says that Flair’s reign is over.

World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final Match #2: Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell defeated Harlem Heat 2000 (Stevie Ray and Big T) in 2:47:
All four men go at it with Ray slamming Douglas down. Ray misses a elbow drop; Swinging neck breaker by Bagwell on Ray. Big T enters and plants Bagwell with a spine buster. Bagwell with a splash off the middle turnbuckle. Ray and Douglas get the tag. Double big boot on Douglas. Bagwell is attacked on the floor by Cash. Pittsburgh Plunge by Douglas on Ray for the win. *


Backstage, Gene is with Booker T. Booker T is with New Blood only for the opportunity the group provides. He doesn’t see eye with Russo on many things.

United States Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match #3: Sting pinned Booker T in 6:35: Sting with a hip toss early on. Booker with a few shots to Sting’s upper back. Scoop slam by Sting and two clotheslines which sends Booker to the floor. On the floor, Sting sends Booker into the camera guy. Sting rams Booker head first into the broadcast table. Booker drops Sting chest first on the table as well. Booker with a knee to Sting’s midsection for a near fall. Knee drop by Booker for a near fall. Booker with another knee and nails Sting with the scissors kick. Booker only gets a two count. Flapjack by Booker. Booker misses a leaping side kick. Sting plants Booker with a DDT for a near fall. Stinger Splash in the corner. Booker with a leaping side kick on the second attempt. Sting with a cross body for a near fall. Sting reverses a vertical suplex into the Scorpion Death drop for the win. ***
After the match, Booker gets in Sting’s face and wants him back in the ring. Booker with a fist pump to Sting who accepts.

Gene is with a worried Eric Bischoff and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson on his shoulder. Kidman says that he crippled Hogan, there is nothing to worry about.

United States Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match #4: Vampiro pinned Billy Kidman in 8:24: Several head butts by Vampiro in the corner. Clothesline in the corner as well. Overhead belly to belly suplex. Top rope clothesline by Vampiro for a near fall. Kidman with a hurricanrana. Release power bomb by Vampiro. Back suplex as well by Vampiro. Kidman reverses a power bomb into a face jam. Slingshot leg drop by Kidman for a near fall. Side slam by Kidman for another near fall. Vertical suplex by Vampiro and a Rock Bottom for a near fall. Kidman reverses another power bomb into another face jam for a near fall. That happened no more than two minutes ago. They go to the floor. Several kicks by Kidman and takes Kidman down with a spinning front kick for a near fall. DDT by Kidman. A dodge car is seen coming into the building and its Hulk Hogan. Kidman is shocked. Kidman works on Hogan but Hogan grabs Kidman and sends him over the top to the floor. Hogan with several right hands. Hogan sends Kidman into the ring post. Hogan throws the ring steps at Kidman, who manages to move. Hogan is on the steps and throws Kidman onto the announcers table. Scoop slam through the table. Vampiro simply pins Kidman for the win. **1/2


Hulk Hogan grabs a microphone and tells Bischoff he is coming after him next. Backstage Vince Russo tells Bischoff to stay in the locker room. That’s smart. Hogan eventually finds Bischoff who holds a chair up against Hogan. Hogan chokes Bischoff until security comes in and they have guns pointed at Hogan. That was a bit over the top. Hogan is arrested.

Terry Taylor tells Terry Funk that Norman Smiley is afraid to fight him. Funk looks for Smiley in the catering area. They all point to where Smiley is. Funk finds Smiley in the bathroom.

World Hardcore Title Match: Terry Funk pinned Norman Smiley in 8:40 to win the title: Funk scoop slams Smiley on one of the lunch tables. Funk dumps several coke cans on Smiley. Funk sends Smiley into the kitchen. Smiley with a trash can shot. Smiley with more trash can and cookie sheet shots. Smiley climbs a ladder but Funk grabs the ladder and leaves Smiley hanging from the plumbing. Funk with several chair shots and Smiley drops down through a table. Several chair shots by Smiley as they finally make it to the ring. Funk blocks the Big Wiggle with, a chair shot. Funk grabs a ladder. Dustin Rhodes comes down to the ring and nails Funk with a chair. Rhodes with a pile driver on the chair. Rhodes leaps off the middle rope with a chair, but Funk gets his feet up and Rhodes lands on the ladder which hits Smiley in the face. Funk throws the ladder onto Smiley and pins Smiley on the floor for the win. *1/2

Backstage, Vince Russo is talking with Booker T. He wants Booker T to do him a favor. Booker follows Russo.

United States Title Tournament Semi-Final Match #1: Scott Steiner defeated Mike Awesome in 3:13:
Steiner with a cross face followed by a elbow drop. Steiner does some pushups in the middle of the ring. Steiner charges but Awesome connects with a slingshot shoulder block and a body splash off the ropes for a near fall. Top rope flying clothesline by Awesome for another near fall. Steiner with a belly to belly suplex. Awesome with a springboard back elbow for a near fall, leg drop but Steiner kicks out. The crowd goes crazy as Kevin Nash comes down and nails Awesome with his crutch, Awesome falls off the top. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and Awesome gives up. **


Backstage, Vince Russo and Booker T are talking, well, Russo is yelling at Rhodes. Russo “fires” Rhodes because he allowed Funk to win the Hardcore championship. Of course Russo had to mention that fact that he made Rhodes in the WWF with Goldust. Booker T consoles Rhodes afterwards.

United States Title Tournament Semi-Final Match #2: Sting pinned Vampiro in 5:54: Vampiro goes to work on Sting early on with kicks and several right hands. Sting begins to no sell chops and kicks. Sting with right hands and boots of his own. Chair shot by Sting. Top rope big splash by Sting for a near fall. Just like every match, Sting misses a Stinger Splash and hit’s the guard railing. Sting messes Vampiro up who was on the top rope, so he leaped off not hitting Sting. Vampiro with a leg drop, Sting kicks out. But, if that was Hogan, he would be severely injured. Back suplex by Vampiro for a near fall. Savant kick and gut wrench suplex for a near fall. Vampiro leaps off the top and Sting connects with a spine buster of sorts. Sting with the Scorpion death drop and locks in the Scorpion death lock for the win. **1/4

Gene is with Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly backstage. DDP wants to kick Jarrett’s ass from one side of Chicago to the other. He tells Kimberly that she will get her chance to take Jarrett out as well.

Shannon Moore and Shane Helms dance for the Chicago crowd. Their was actually a girl who acted as if they were like Backstreet Boys. She was crying. They dance the complete song once, and proceed to do it AGAIN. That is until the other guys involved with the match come in and take them out.

World Cruiserweight Title Match (Suicide Six Man Match): Chris Candido defeated Shannon Moore, TAFKAP Iaukea, Juventud Guerrera, Crowbar, and Lash LeRoux in 5:10 to win the title: Artist with a near fall on Moore. All six men are in the ring brawling. Crowbar blocks a DDT and connects with a Northern Lights suplex on Candido. Slingshot leg drop as well for a near fall. Crowbar and LeRoux go to work on each other. Sit out death valley driver by LeRoux for a near fall. Juventud with the Juvi Driver on LeRoux. Wheelbarrow DDT by Juvi on Artist. On the floor, LeRoux connects with a snap suplex on Candido. Daffney nails Crowbar with a hurricanrana on accident. LeRoux with a dive onto Crowbar on the floor. Artist dives onto both men on the floor. Juvi with a simple cross body on everyone. Moore is tossed over by Helms onto LeRoux. David Flair chops Moore. Candido throws Artist off the top but misses a top rope head butt. Samoan Drop by Artist on Candido. Tammy Sytch throws Artist off the top, who lands on a chair. Candido pins Artist to win the match and title. **

Jeff Jarrett is backstage being interviewed by Gene. Jarrett threatens Gene. He says he has everyone on his side and he promises victory later in the show.


World Tag Team Title Tournament Final: Buff Bagwell and Shane Douglas defeated Team Package (Ric Flair and Lex Luger) in 8:36 to win the titles: Luger no sells a scoop slam from Bagwell. Luger with a clothesline and scoop slam. Douglas works on Luger with boots. Gorilla press slam by Luger taking Douglas down. Bagwell and Flair are in the ring and Bagwell controls Flair with a backdrop. Douglas/Bagwell double team flair in their corner. Flair with chops on Douglas. They collide and go down. Douglas works on Flair in the corner. Flair flip, for a second time and Douglas clotheslines him on the apron. Luger clotheslines Douglas down. Luger gets the hot tag and connects with several clotheslines. Bagwell accidentally hits Douglas with the Buff Blockbuster, Russo pulls the referee out. Kronik enter the ring and take Luger down with High times. Bagwell with the cover and Russo puts on a referee shirt to make the count. *1/2

Gene is backstage with Scott Steiner. Steiner promotes his muscles. He is going to take care of Sting, basically.

After a few moments, Sting is standing with Gene. Sting looks kind of funny with his paint peeling off. Sting hypes up the war between New Blood and the veterans. It’s show time.

United States Title Tournament Final: Scott Steiner defeated Sting in 5:38 to win the title: Steiner with right hands and boots in the corner. One foot dropkick by Sting, followed by another. Slingshot cross body to the floor by Sting. Sting attempts a top rope body splash but Steiner gets his knees up. Military press slam by Steiner who taunts the crowd. Exploder suplex and Steiner goes to the floor to look at the fans. Sting throws Steiner off the middle rope. Running clothesline by Sting. Stinger Splash. Steiner pulls the referee in front of him for the second one. Sting goes for a third attempt, but Vampiro rips open the mat and grabs Sting underneath the ring. Vampiro eventually pulls Sting out and Sting is bleeding from the mouth. Sting is out. Steiner wins. **

Tony, Scott and Mark talk about the bullshit that has occurred tonight. They also hype up DDP/Jarrett which is coming up next.

Video promoting the New Blood is shown. Also hypes up the DDP/Jarrett match.
Before the match, DDP is searching for his wife. He manages to find her.


World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Jarrett pinned Diamond Dallas Page in 14:58 to win the title: Page takes Jarrett down with a discus clothesline early on. Page plants Jarrett with a jumping DDT for a near fall. Slingshot splash to the floor by Page. Kimberly slaps Jarrett on the floor. Page sends Jarrett into the crowd. Jarrett nails Page with a trash can. Page with a trash can lid shot of his own. More trash can shots by Jarrett. Page sends Jarrett back over the guard rail to ringside. Back in the ring, Page takes Jarrett down with another clothesline. Jarrett with a superplex and grabs a chair. Chair shot by Jarrett. Jarrett works on DDP. A couple of double axe handles from the middle rope to Page’s back. Back elbow by Page. Sit down power bomb by Page for a near fall. Eric Bischoff is standing in the aisle way. Page clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Page controls Page on the floor and even rips a fans DDP book. Jarrett yanks Page’s legs against the ring post. Kimberly pulls Jarrett’s hair. Page rams Jarrett into the ring post. Back in the ring, Page delivers several rights and crotches Jarrett on the ring post. Jarrett blocks the Diamond Cutter holding the ropes. Jarrett nails Page with the belt with the referee knocked down. Page manages to kick out. Bischoff begins to walk to the ring. Figure four leg lock by Jarrett in the center of the ring. Kimberly has the guitar. Page manages to continue to get his shoulder up while in the figure four. Page manages to reach the ropes. Page rolls Jarrett up to get a near fall, twice. Jaw breaker by Jarrett. Jarrett leaps off the middle turnbuckle but Page catches him and connects with a Rock Bottom only getting a near fall. Page with a sleeper hold slam. Bischoff has the referee distracted. Page plants Jarrett with the Diamond Cutter. Kimberly enters with the guitar. Kimberly nails Page with the guitar. Jarrett with the Stroke to win the title. **1/2
After the match, New Blood members enter the ring and celebrate.

End of Show

My Opinion:
Opening tag match was really just a wild brawl fest. Mancow/Hart wasn’t really a match. Just a way to get the Chicago crowd pumped up, which I don’t think needed to happen. Steiner/Wall was a rather bad match. Two different styles that simply did not go together. Mike Awesome looked pretty damn good tonight. Harlem Heat/Douglas/Bagwell match was one boring contest considering Harlem Heat 2000 are two stiffs nowadays. Sting/Booker was a good match, the first one on the PPV at the time. Good match between Vampiro/Kidman, though a little repetitive. Hogan had some nice interference for the match. The finish did make Vampiro out to be weak, however. Funk/Smiley was really the same crap over and over again. The Cruiserweight match had way too much interference, though I do like Candido winning the title. Tag Team title match was another match that had interference which is a theme for this PPV it seems like. Sting/Steiner was OK until the interference. Just let the guys win or lose cleanly, its not that complicated. Again, Jarrett/Page was going good until the obvious turn by Kimberly. Erase the interference then you have a average show. With the interference this is very, very mediocre show. Although having fourteen matches on a PPV is actually quite impressive, a lot of action even if it’s not that good.

Overall Grade:

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