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ECW Hardcore TV 6/8/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 6/8/1993
From: ECW Arena Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli is with Paul E who are now at the ECW Arena. Sulli doesn’t say guest host. So, perhaps Stevie Wonderful is gone. They hype up the show. A brand new Pennsylvania State Heavyweight Champion will be crown in a sixteen man battle royal. Muraco defends the ECW World Title against Sandman in a rematch from last week. Todd Gordon comes over with a crown, who hypes up the Texas chain match. Gordon will crown the King of Philly, who ever wins the match. Road Warrior Hawk comes down to the ring. Hawk wants to know if Dangerously got his last name by passing bad gas?

We go to a video package recapping the feud between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert.

Sulli and Gordon introduce Terry Funk who comes to ringside with his chain. Sulli is ridiculous. Funk goes over the rules.. AGAIN. Paul E Dangerously comes over to cut off Funk. Dangerously challenges Funk to a match with Dark Patriot. Funk accepts and Dangerously runs to the backstage.


Road Warrior Hawk defeated Samoan Warrior/Don E Allen: Hawk is double teamed early on. Sulli microphone doesn’t work, thank god. Hawk comes back with a double clothesline, now Sulli microphone works, damn. Hawk with a power slam on Warrior, Hawk goes up top and connects with a clothesline. Gorilla press slam on Allen who lands on Warrior, Hawk pins both men. DUD

Road Warrior Hawk cuts a promo on Jimmy Snuka who he will be facing next week. Hawk talks about various injuries, which appear to be his dream but Snuka’s nightmare. Hawk doesn’t care about Snuka, his family or his pet hamster Fred.

Eddie Gilbert is outside, Gilbert cuts a promo on Funk and their chain match. Gilbert says that he is the hero of Philadelphia, and will be the king after beating Funk.

16 Man Battle Royal to Crown the New Pennsylvania State Heavyweight Champion is won by:
Tommy Cairo: Sandman and Rockin Rebel eliminate each other early on and brawl on the floor. This is really just everyone delivering right hands and trying to eliminate each other. Come back from a commercial there are nine guys left, instead of the thirteen before. Both Super Destroyers have been eliminated. Sal Bellomo has been eliminated by the Suicide Blondes. JT Smith is eliminated and a mask wrestler has been eliminated. Samoan Warrior has been eliminated. Apparently Hunter Q Robbins likes the Suicide Blondes. Winter eliminates both Suicide Blondes. Winters accidentally eliminates Stetson. Suicide Blondes pull Cairo to the floor and attack him. Stetson delivers a right hand to Winters. Cairo throws Winters over the top to the floor. Cairo wins the title. *
After the match, Stetson comes over to Winters and helps Winters to the back, and apologizes. Stetson sends Winters into the ring post, Cairo checks on Winters.


Stevie Wonderful is with Sandman and Peaches. Sandman cuts a promo on Rockin Rebel and their Street Fight. Sandman tells Rebel to be prepared. Peaches says she is going to kick Tigra’s ass.

Sal Bellomo is interviewed by Jay Sulli. Bellomo challenges Sylvester Stallone to a match. He says that he is a movie star. He says he can beat Stallone. Bellomo is just rambling and yelling.

For the ECW Tag Team Championships: Suicide Blondes defeated Tommy Cairo/Glenn Osbourne: Hunter Q Robbins is now the manager of the Suicide Blondes. Osbourne with a shoulder block on Candido. Osbourne with several right hands and back drop. Cairo with a belly to belly suplex on both Suicide Blonde. Candido misses a splash in the corner. Hunter Q Robbins whacks Osbourne with his cane, right in front of the referee. Referee doesn’t ring the bell, instead, he just counts the three. *
After the match, Hunter Q Robbins grabs the microphone and says it is a honor to manage the greatest tag team the Suicide Blondes. Robbins introduces the third member, Richard Michaels. Who is also blonde. The Super Destroyers come into the ring, and Robbins is worried. Destroyers actually talk? They aren’t good at talking. Robbins doesn’t want his boys to face his boys. Robbins is then fired by the Destroyers. Destroyers and the Suicide Blondes brawl in the ring. Destroyers clean house. They want Todd Gordon. Gordon comes in and asks the fans for feedback. Gordon says that they will sign the contract next week.


For the ECW World Heavyweight Title: Don Muraco defeated Sandman by count out to retain the title: Sandman with a power slam on Muraco as the match is joined in progress. Sandman with a kick to the throat of Muraco, and goes back to the side headlock. Muraco rolls over and gets a couple of two counts. Muraco with a knee lift in the corner. Paul E chokes Sandman on the bottom rope. Sandman comes back and has Muraco tied up in the ropes. Sandman with several right hands. Sandman with a back elbow on Muraco. Muraco with the abdominal stretch and Paul helps Muraco out with extra leverage. Sandman eventually comes back with a clothesline and stalks Paul on the floor who was going towards Peaches. Muraco with a clothesline.
Sandman has been counted out. *

End of show

My Take:
Jay Sulli seriously needs to be fired as he is the most annoying person in ECW history. Hawk cut a really odd promo, like usual. The wrestling on this show wasn’t anything special which is a trend for Hardcore TV at this point.

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