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MLW Reload 9/26/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

Major League Wrestling presents Reload
Date: 9/26/2002
From: New York, NY

NOTE: There was two matches on this show that were not included on the DVD release. Those matches were the following:
Steve Williams/PJ Freidman defeating Afterburn/Eric Adams.
CW Anderson defeating Devon Storm

A video highlighting some action from this show is shown. The main event is spoiled, but nothing else is.

Joey Styles welcomes everyone to the show and says that some guy from Howard Stern tells the fans that Jerry Lynn and Satoshi Kojima will wrestle for the MLW World Championship. Sabu and Taiyo Kea will wrestle to become the number one contender.

Sabu, Satoshi Kojima, Jerry Lynn and Taiyo Kea are all in the ring brawling. Several MLW officials come down to break up the brawl.

Backstage, Christopher Daniels is standing with Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka. Daniels says that he got two of the best wrestlers to take on the Maximos Brothers and Quiet Storm.


Opening Contest: Super Crazy defeated Fuego Guerrero (Amazing Red): Crazy with a back heel trip for a near fall but is taken down Guerrero with a wheelbarrow arm drag. Crazy slides to the floor and re-enters quickly getting the advantage Guerrero counters a side slam with a arm drag that sends Crazy to the floor, again. Crazy chops away on Guerrero but is taken down with a tilt awhirl backbreaker and Crazy rolls to the floor. Guerrero with right hands and a sunset flip but Crazy rolls through delivering a kick to Guerrero’s head. Crazy with a dropkick to the back of a seated Guerrero! Quick head scissors takedown by Guerrero and comes out of the corner with one as well. Guerrero dropkicks Crazy to the floor and springs off the top with a somersault dive! Guerrero with several kicks to the chest and knees of Crazy. Guerrero runs towards Crazy in the corner but is met with a quick kick to the face. Fireman’s carry slam by Crazy and follows up with a moonsault off the middle rope. Crazy lifts Guerrero up into the air and drives Guerrero face first onto the canvas. Slingshot from the apron by Crazy to keep control of the contest. Power bomb by Crazy and he gets a two count. Crazy with ten punches in the corner and Guerrero falls flat on his face. Guerrero counters a power bomb with a tornado DDT for a near fall! They botch a Code Red move as Crazy had no idea how to take the move. Guerrero with a leaping kick to the side of Crazy’s head to try and cover the botch. Running clothesline in the corner by Crazy, twice. Delayed brain buster by Crazy but only gets a two count. Crazy is back dropped to the apron and kicked off to the floor. Guerrero comes off the top with a corkscrew suicide dive! Standing shooting star press by Guerrero back in the ring but isn’t able to win the match. Guerrero misses a top rope swanton bomb and is met with a spinning power bomb by Crazy. Crazy covers Guerrero and picks up the win. **½

Second Contest: La Parka defeated Shocker:
Parka slaps Shocker as he wanted to shake hands. Shocker trips Parka down and is able to take Parka down with a hip toss. Parka with a hip toss and they trade leg sweeps and have a stand off. Shocker with a yakuza kick that sends Parka through the bottom rope to the floor. Shocker fakes Parka out by doing a handspring into the ropes and taunts Parka. Shocker misses a baseball slide as Parka slides back into the ring. Parka kicks Shocker in the face as he enters the ring. Parka with a chop in the corner and a leg kick. Parka misses a double front kick in the corner and hits the mat hard. Shocker charges towards Parka but Parka drops him into the corner. Parka charges but is met with a drop toe hold sending him into the middle turnbuckle. Parka with a shoulder block that causes Shocker to do a spin in midair. Parka with the strut and kicks Shocker back down. Shocker with a backdrop and Parka lands right on his neck. Shocker monkey flips Parka but is met with a kick and a overhand chop. Shocker monkey flips Parka over the top to the floor. Shocker quickly springs off the middle rope and takes Parka out with a cross body! Shocker chops Parka as he stands on the apron and is able to suplex Parka back into the ring for a near fall. Shocker with another yakuza kick and goes for another but Parka blocks it and takes Shocker down for a two count. Spinning heel kick by Parka and Shocker goes to the floor. Parka with a corkscrew suicide dive over the top to the floor! Parka covers Shocker back in the ring and is only able to get a two count. Scoop slam by Parka and he heads to the top rope where he connects with a swanton bomb for a near fall. Parka signals for and grabs his steel chair but misses a chair shot. Shocker dropkicks the chair into Parka’s face. Shocker clotheslines Parka over the top to the floor. Shocker attempts a suicide dive but is met with a chair shot right in the face! Parka slides back into the ring and Shocker tries to get back in the ring before a ten count and is just able to. Side Russian leg sweep by Parka and gets another near fall. Parka heads to the top once again and leaps off dropping down into the boots of Shocker. Shocker covers but Parka is able to kick out. Shocker with a fireman’s carry sit out slam and follows up with three back splashes for a near fall. Shocker comes off the top and is dropkicked in midair by Parka who gets a two count. Parka with a missile dropkick off the top and gets a two count once again. Parka heads to the top and signals for the end. Shocker crotches Parka on the top rope and is able to drive Parka down to the mat with a superplex! Shocker rolls over for the cover but Parka kicks out! Shocker chops away on Parka in the corner and clotheslines Parka in the corner and comes out of the corner with a running bulldog for a near fall. Shocker with a rollup but Parka is able to kick out again. Shocker with a running shoulder block in the corner and drops Parka in the corner. Shocker with the bronco buster and goes for it again but Parka gets his boot up hitting Shocker right in the groin! Parka throws Shocker down to the mat by the hair and heads to the top rope once again. Parka connects with a corkscrew body block for the win. **½


Third Contest: Christopher Daniels/Dick Togo/Ikuto Hidaka defeated Quiet Storm/Los Maximos: Hidaka and Joel Maximo start off the contest. Joel with a wrist lock but Hidaka comes back with one of his own. Joel trips Hidaka down and he kips up leading to a stand off. Hidaka with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Joel down followed by a arm drag. Joel with a arm drag and they both go for dropkicks and stand off again. Daniels and Storm tag into the match. Storm trips Daniels down and arm drags Daniels. Daniels lands on his feet following a monkey flip attempt. Storm with a head scissors takedown but Daniels pokes Storm in the eyes to prevent any further offense. Togo tags into the match and Storm runs away from the corner. Jose is shoulder blocked by Togo and is met with a very nice float over DDT by Togo! Joel with a hurricanrana and they both go for dropkicks and they have a standoff. Daniels enters and everyone begins to brawl with each other. Daniels sends Jose into the guard railing on the floor and chops away on him. Hidaka is chopping away on Joel on the floor and Daniels sends Storm head first into the ring post. Daniels and Joel are back in the ring where Daniels dropkicks Joel. Joel hip tosses and arm drags Daniels to regain control. Joel works on Daniels in the corner and tags in Storm who stomps away on Daniels. Running clothesline by Storm and he gets a two count. Scoop slam by Storm and connects with a slingshot senton splash for another two count. Daniels is backed into the corner and is tripled teamed. Jose shoulder blocks Daniels and dropkicks Daniels on the neck for a two count. Joel tags in and the Maximos drive Daniels down with a double running bulldog for a near fall. Storm tags in and chops Daniels a few times for a near fall. Storm blocks a boot and locks in a Rings of Saturn move but is kicked by Hidaka. Togo and Joel tag into the match with Joel suplexing Togo down for a near fall. Jose tags back in and chops Togo followed by a drop toe hold. Daniels enters and he and Togo are locked in a Boston Crab/camel clutch double team move and Storm has a cross arm breaker on Hidaka! Togo is dropkicked right in the face by Joel as he was still in a camel clutch for a near fall. Togo kicks Joel in the midsection and plants Joel with a tornado DDT. Daniels tags in and spits on both Storm and Jose. Daniels with a clothesline and covers Joel for a near fall. Hidaka tags in and kicks Joel in the midsection and stomps away on him as well. Hidaka dropkicks Joel as he comes off the ropes and works on the left knee of Joel. Togo tags in connecting with a senton bomb off the top rope. Togo snap mares Joel and comes off the ropes with a quick dropkick for a near fall. Togo continues his offense with a clothesline for yet another near fall. Daniels tags in and scoop slams Joel down and connects with a variation of the Arabian press for a near fall. Joel ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Daniels and ducks his head which allows Daniels send Joel face first down to the mat. Daniels with a leaping kick to the back of the head. Hidaka with a slingshot senton and a baseball slide to the side of Joel for a near fall. Hidaka with a series of chops and a back elbow as Joel comes off the ropes. Togo tags in and drives Joel down with a brain buster for a near fall! Togo with a quick DDT and gets another near fall on Joel. Daniels tags in and taunts the fans and is met with right hands from Joel. Daniels with a STO on Joel and has a choke hold locked in but that is broken up. Joel is held by his opponents and they mock Joel. Hidaka with a dropkick on Joel as he is held by Daniels and Togo. Joel dropkicks Hidaka and takes Togo over but he isn’t able to get anything going as Hidaka bulldogs Joel for a near fall. Joel with a dropkick in midair to knock Hidaka and Togo down. Joel with a DDT on Daniels and tags in Jose who cleans house until he is met with a clothesline from Daniels. Daniels turns around to a missile dropkick from Storm. Storm takes Daniels out on the floor with a dive. Togo with a sliding tornado DDT on Storm on the floor! Jose dives onto Togo on the floor and Joel attempts a dive but is stopped by Daniels. Daniels with a Arabian press taking out the SAT. Hidaka takes everyone out with a springboard corkscrew dive. Storm runs into a boot and blocks a tornado DDT attempt from Hidaka but is choked in the ropes. Hidaka with a German suplex into a bridge and locks in a leg lock but Storm reaches the bottom rope. Storm with a swinging neck breaker and a Gory Special on Hidaka for a near fall. Storm with a northern lights suplex but Hidaka kicks out! Storm dropkicks Hidaka but Hidaka recovers with a spinning heel kick. Joel and Daniels trade blows now but Daniels plants Joel with a spinning sit out slam and a STO. Best Moonsault Ever by Daniels on Joel for a near fall as Jose breaks it up. Daniels counters a tornado DDT by ramming Jose into the corner but Jose is able to hit a tornado DDT moments later for a near fall. Jose with a frog splash off the top on Daniels for a near fall. Togo with a snap power slam on Jose and connects with a snap rolling neck snap for a near fall. Joel with a German suplex on Togo for a near fall. Joel follows up with a sit down power bomb on Togo for a near fall. Joel is planted by Daniels and Togo with the Death Drop! Daniels is dropkicked by Joel and Togo is crotched on the top as Daniels hits the ropes. SAT hit Togo with the Spanish Fly! Jose covers but Hidaka breaks up the cover. Joel takes Togo out with a suicide dive on the floor. Storm with hurricanrana on Daniels for a near fall as Hidaka was sent into the ropes. Daniels plants Storm with a roll of the dice type move for the win. ***¼


Backstage, Satoshi Kojima says something in Japanese.

Fifth Contest: Terry Funk defeated Chris Candido w/Sunny:
Funk backs Candido into the corner but nothing happens. Funk arm drags Candido and crawls over to Candido backing Candido up into the corner again. Candido with a few shoulder blocks in the corner and goes to send Funk across the ring but Funk hangs on and shows Candido that he is smarter than Candido. Funk hangs onto the ropes as he is sent into the ropes and Candido is frustrated. Funk with a shoulder block and Candido rolls to the corner. Funk with a elbow to the neck of Candido and goes for a abdominal stretch but Candido rolls through and they proceed to counter each others move for a short time. Candido with a right hand and chops Funk against the ropes. Candido sends Funk to the floor and rams Funk head first into the time keepers table. Candido drives the table down onto Funk. Candido sets the table up and rams Funk into it again. Candido also sends Funk into the ring post and Funk has been busted open. Candido sends Funk into the crowd and delivers a series of right hands. Candido flips Funk back over to the ringside area after biting his bloody forehead. Candido chops Funk but Funk swings wildly with a few left hands. Funk falls off the apron as he is a bloody mess. Sunny chokes Funk with a towel (which you can see her asking Candido if that is where she chokes him). Candido with more right hands as Funk is on the apron just hanging on. Funk is able to suplex Candido from the ring to the floor. Funk with a few punches and sends Candido into the crowd. Funk with a pile driver in the crowd and the crowd chants ECW. Candido flops down to the mat and pops right back up into a DDT, but Candido rolls to the floor. Funk follows and chops Candido by the entrance ramp. Funk with vertical suplex, but it looked more like a DDT, on the entrance ramp! Funk heads to the backstage area but doesn’t get anything. Candido with right hands and Candido goes to the backstage area. Candido comes back with nothing and drops a fist to the forehead of Funk. Candido heads back to the backstage area where he grabs a ladder. Funk tries to grab the ladder but falls down and Candido covers Funk for a near fall. Candido places Funk on the top rope and goes for a suplex but Funk head butts Candido several times and Candido falls back first onto the ladder. Candido has his head stuck in the ladder and is sent head first into the corner. Funk slams the ladder onto Candido, but doesn’t really connect with it. Candido with a vertical suplex after getting out of a spinning toe hold. Candido heads to the top rope and connects with a diving head butt! Candido covers Funk but is unable to get a three count. Candido leaps off the top of the ladder and misses a head butt. Funk with several jabs and sends Candido over the top to the floor. Sunny enters and low blows Funk (very weak). Sunny with a few slaps but Funk gets up and DDT’s Sunny! Funk also bits Sunny’s ass! Candido smacks Funk across the back with a chair and slides two more chairs into the ring. Candido with a neck breaker and sets up the chairs. Funk slaps Candido a few times and takes awhile to connect with a swinging neck breaker through the chairs. Funk goes for the spinning toe hold but Candido punches out if it. Candido rolls Funk up as he goes for a spinning toe hold, but Funk rolls over on top and gets the win! **
After the match, Candido pile drives Funk and is livid about the loss.

Joey Styles talks about the match we just witnessed. He also hypes up the upcoming street fight.

Before the next match, Steve Corino grabs a microphone and asks how many fans came to see a old fashion street fight. Corino says that New York is known for street fights but Vampiro is not known for them. Instead, Vampiro is known for sitting at home cashing Ted Turner paychecks. Corino dismisses the ECW chants because it is dead and buried. Corino blames the fans for the death of ECW. Corino tells the fans to get ready to see the last of Vampiro. Vampiro grabs the microphone and calls Corino a piece of shit. Vampiro doesn’t care about WCW or anything else he isn’t going anywhere. Before they can lock up though, the Sandman’s music hits! Sandman has arrived in MLW!


Sixth Contest: Steve Corino defeated Vampiro and the Sandman in a street fight: Sandman drinks a beer and turns around only to be met with a double super kick from Corino and Vampiro! Corino with right and lefts while Vampiro gets a few shots in as well. Vampiro kicks Corino to the floor and drives Sandman down with the Nail in the Coffin! Corino comes back into the ring and tries to get a three count but Sandman kicks out. Corino works on Vampiro briefly until Sandman gets up and works on both Corino and Vampiro. Sandman with a clothesline on Corino but is kicked by Vampiro. All three men go to the floor where Vampiro sends Corino into the guard railing. Vampiro goes back into the ring and drives his knee down into the groin of Sandman. Vampiro and Corino are on the apron where Corino sends Vampiro off the apron into the guard railing! Corino with a kick to the chin but is attacked by Sandman. Sandman with a clothesline on both of his opponents. Vampiro recovers and connects with a vertical suplex on the entrance ramp on Sandman. Corino goes for a power bomb on Vampiro but Vampiro backdrops Corino onto the entrance ramp! Vampiro nails Sandman with a kendo stick on the floor and they make their way into the ring. Vampiro hits Sandman in the ribs and hits Corino across the back. Corino has a chair but Vampiro spin kicks the chair back into Corino’s face! Vampiro with a clothesline on Sandman and Vampiro goes back to work on Corino. Sandman has his kendo stick and hits both men. Sandman swings and misses towards Corino and is nailed with a super kick from Corino. Vampiro baseball slides a chair into the face of Corino. Vampiro covers Sandman back in the ring but only gets a two count. Vampiro with a rather horrible side kick to Sandman’s ribs. Corino has been busted open and he low blows Vampiro as he slides into the ring. Corino bridges a chair in the corner and goes to send Sandman into the chair but Sandman reverses and sends Corino into the chair! Vampiro goes for the cover on Corino but only gets a two count. Sandman DDT’s Vampiro and goes back to work on Corino. Sandman places Corino on the top rope midsection first and connects with a leg drop off the top for a near fall. Vampiro comes off the top with a spinning heel kick on Corino for a near fall. Sandman has grabbed a section of guard railing and tosses it into the ring, along with a couple of chairs. Corino with a front kick in the corner to control Vampiro. Corino with a few face washes as well to knock Vampiro silly. Sandman suplex’s Corino onto the guard railing! Vampiro with a Rock Bottom of sorts on Sandman but only gets a near fall. Sandman throws Sandman out of the ring and punches Vampiro in the corner. Corino sets up four chairs in the ring and places the guard railing on them. Sandman and Vampiro are brawling on the floor, but Sandman rolls into the ring. Sandman sets Corino on the top rope but Corino is able to fight Sandman off. Sandman gets up and is able to superplex Corino off the top onto the guard railing! Vampiro slides in and covers Sandman to eliminate him!
First Elimination: Vampiro pinned the Sandman
Vampiro locks in the camel clutch on a bloody Corino but lets go. Vampiro turns his attention to some fans and flips them off. Vampiro with a head butt and kicks Corino on the left knee. Belly to back suplex by Vampiro and gets a two count. Vampiro with two kicks to the chest and head butts Corino in the groin. Vampiro goes for another pin attempt but Corino is able to kick out. Corino with a odd looking discus punch for a near fall and power bombs Vampiro as he was going for a hurricanrana it looked like. Corino catches Vampiro’s leg but is still kicked by Vampiro and he gets a two count. Corino is able to hit the Old School Expulsion but Vampiro kicks out! Corino runs into a big boot in the corner and Vampiro gets a two count on the pin attempt. Vampiro with another Rock Bottom but Corino is able to pop his shoulder up at two. Vampiro hammers away on Corino as they are on the middle rope. Corino battles back with a variation of the Old School Expulsion off the middle rope to win the match! **¼

Joey Styles hypes up the upcoming Taiyo Kea vs. Sabu match.


Seventh Contest: Taiyo Kea defeated Sabu in a number one contenders match: Sabu goes for a leg takedown but Kea is able to avoid that. Sabu locks in a leg lock but Kea easily reaches the bottom rope. Kea takes Sabu down with a side headlock but Sabu counters with a head scissors. Sabu with a few right hands on Kea but misses a clothesline is chopped by Kea. Kea with a kick to the chest and follows up with a uppercut. Kea stomps away on Sabu in the corner but Sabu elbows Kea in the gut and clotheslines Kea for a near fall. Sabu with a slingshot somersault leg drop for a near fall. Kea rolls to the floor as Sabu tried to follow up. Sabu misses a baseball slide and is chopped on the floor and sent into the guard railing. Kea with a dive over the top onto Sabu on the floor! Kea back elbows Sabu in the face and covers him for a near fall. Kea scoop slams Sabu and locks in the sharpshooter! Bill Alfonso drags Sabu towards the ropes and Sabu is able to reach the rope. Kea throws Sabu to the floor and misses a slingshot dive landing badly on his left knee. Sabu sends Kea into the guard railing and sends Kea into the crowd. Sabu asks for a chair and eventually gets one. Sabu with a springboard dive onto Kea in the crowd! Sabu sets up a table on the floor but is clubbed on the neck by Kea. Kea chops Sabu and rams him head first onto the table. Kea heads to the top rope but is crotched on the top rope by Sabu. Sabu with right hands and DDT’s Kea as he crotched on the top rope! Sabu covers but only gets a two count. Sabu tosses a chair at Kea’s head and springs off a chair diving onto Kea in the corner! Sabu covers Kea but only gets a two count. Sabu goes for a triple jump moonsault but Kea grabs Sabu’s leg and Sabu drops face first onto the chair. Sabu catches a chair but gets it kicked back into his face! Kea with a sit out power bomb for a two count, again. Snap suplex by Kea and only gets a two count. Kea heads to the top rope but Sabu crotches Kea on the top rope. Sabu is able to connect with a springboard hurricanrana and a springboard double heel kick for a near fall. Sabu with a baseball slide sending Kea into the guard railing. Sabu sets up a table on the floor bridging it on the apron and railing. Sabu places Kea on the table and jumps off the top rope connecting with a leg drop crashing through the table! Sabu covers Kea back in the ring but only gets a two count. Sabu with a triple jump moonsault but isn’t able to put Kea away. Kea with a quick standing hurricanrana as Sabu comes off the ropes. Kea with a series of quick kicks as Sabu tried to grab a chair. Kea covers Sabu but only gets a near fall. Kea sets Sabu up for a fireman’s carry but goes after Alfonso. Sabu tosses a chair at Kea’s head and stomps away on Kea in the corner. Alfonso holds a chair in front of Kea’s face and Sabu simply kicks the chair into Kea’s face for a two count. Sabu locks in the camel clutch in the middle of the ring. Kea catches Sabu coming off the ropes with the Hawaiian Crush but doesn’t cover Sabu. Kea hit’s the move again but doesn’t cover again. Kea with the Hawaii 50 for the win. **¼

Joey Styles hypes up the main event.

Main Event: Satoshi Kojima defeated Jerry Lynn to win the vacant MLW Heavyweight Championship:
Kojima with a wrist lock but Lynn rolls through into a hammerlock. Kojima reverses into a hammerlock and rolls through a hammerlock by Lynn on the mat. They stand up and they continue to counter hammer locks. Kojima takes Lynn down with a side headlock but Lynn rolls Kojima onto his back and attempts a arm bar but Kojima reaches the bottom rope. Kojima goes back to a headlock but Lynn hip tosses Kojima and misses a leg drop. Kojima misses a rolling senton and Lynn misses a elbow drop which leads to a standoff. Kojima kicks Lynn in the chest and has a chin lock on Lynn. Lynn gets to his feet and elbows out of the hold but Kojima drops Lynn with a drop toe hold and locks in a STF. Lynn is able to crawl to the bottom rope and reaches the rope. Kojima stomps away on Lynn to keep control of the contest. Kojima with several overhand chops in the corner and lets out a few Woo’s. Lynn is able to chop Kojima in the corner a few times and delivers a few right hands. Kojima rakes the eyes of Lynn and goes back to work on Lynn in the corner with several boots. Side slam by Kojima for a two count and drops a elbow to Lynn’s ribs. Kojima chops Lynn and delivers several right hands as well in the corner. Kojima stomps away on Lynn in the corner and pretends he doesn’t understand the referee. Kojima continues his offense with a vertical suplex and is unable to put Lynn away. Kojima leaps off the middle rope and misses a elbow drop. Lynn with several right hands in the corner and chops Kojima in the corner also. Lynn with a couple of clotheslines that are unable to drop Kojima. Lynn with a reverse DDT countering a suplex attempt from Kojima. Lynn is sent into the corner and Kojima clotheslines Lynn in the corner! Kojima with a running forearm shot and heads to the top rope connecting with a elbow drop for a near fall. Kojima removes his elbow pad and misses a clothesline. Lynn attempts and connects with a German suplex! Lynn goes for the cover but Kojima is able to kick out at two! Kojima runs into a boot in the corner and Lynn plants Kojima with a tornado DDT off the middle rope for a near fall! Lynn goes for a vertical suplex but it is blocked by Kojima. Kojima ducks a clothesline and is able to drive Lynn down with a spine buster for a near fall. Lynn connects with the TKO but Kojima is able to kick out at two! Lynn signals for the end but Kojima is able to backdrop Lynn and connects with a sit down scoop slam for a near fall. Kojima with a running lariat and picks up the win and title! **½
After the match, Taiyo Kea appears at the top of the ramp and simply says “that belt is mine”. Kojima has grabbed a microphone and thanks the fans.


My Take: Crazy/Guerrero was a fine way to start off the show in terms of action. Their was one major botch on the Code Red move that hurt the final grade for me. The crowd was really into both men, as I expected considering Crazy was in ECW and Amazing Red was very popular in the NY area. Average match that could have been better if it weren’t for that bad botch.

Parka/Shocker was a solid contest but it was a little too much on the spot fest side for my liking. It seemed like more than half of Parka’s offense involved him coming off the top rope. The fans seemed to lose a little interest in the contest as well as I think the spot fests and too many near falls kind of killed the match for them and for me.

The six man tag team match was complete non-stop action and I had a difficult time following it! It was a pretty good contest but again it was mainly a spot fest. If you enjoy that type of match then you will enjoy watching that contest. More than I did, but it was good don’t get me wrong.

Funk/Candido wasn’t anything all that great. Funk really showed his age during the contest as he took forever on some moves that killed the momentum. The match went on way too long as the fans were at first fired up to see Funk, but slowly became uninterested in the contest. It should have been a lot quicker match.

Triple threat street fight was just a typical hardcore brawl, really. Their were a few botches in the match but nothing all that major. It wasn’t a great match and I didn’t like the elimination rule especially since it wasn’t even announced as such a stipulation. Was rather surprised that Sandman didn’t get a bigger reception from the crowd.

Sabu/Kea match suffered a lot because the crowd seemed to be dead. They had just watched two matches before hand that were very similar in style to what Sabu mainly works in. So, having to sit through a third match likely seeing the same stuff again could get annoying. Again, it wasn’t a good match but it wasn’t awful. A standard hardcore match, really.

Kojima/Lynn was a average main event. The fans were really behind Kojima and were glad to see him win the title. The match wasn’t bad, but it just seemed to drag on a little too long for me. The crowd was defiantly dead by this point as they had seen a lot of action, mainly hardcore stuff, so the crowd reaction was kind of disappointing. Like most of the matches on this show, it wasn’t bad but it isn’t something to go out of your way.

Overall, it was a decent show. The six man tag was the match of the night, for sure. MLW really tired to come across as the new ECW by having a lot of former ECW talent and several ECW style matches. The crowd even chanted for ECW, which is something I have never understood when the show isn’t a ECW show. Anyway, if stumble upon this show it wouldn’t be a bad buy. It isn’t a necessary buy, though.

Thanks for reading.

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