WWF RAW 8/9/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 8/9/1993
From: Alexandria Bay, NY

To the open the show, Lex Luger’s trip to Comisky Park, where the Chicago White Sox’s play. Luger talked to Tim Raines and through out the first pitch.

Opening Contest: Tatanka defeated Mr. Hughes via count-out:
Another wreath is placed at ringside. Hughes with a knee to the back and a clothesline in the early moments of the contest. Moments later, Hughes hits his head on the ring post and Tatanka follows up with a few chops and a shoulder block. Hughes regains control and throws Tatanka over the top to the floor and slams Tatanka down on the mat. Tatanka manages to backdrop Hughes on the floor and beats the count in the ring to win the match in five minutes. 1/2*
After the match, Harvey Whippleman distracts Tatanka and Hughes whacks Tatanka with the urn he stole from the Undertaker. Hughes destroys the wreath and places the wreath on top of Tatanka.

Time for the Lex Luger interview that was shown in parts last week. Luger says in college and got involved with the wrong group of people and ended up paying for his mistakes. Luger says that people were telling him to not tryout for professional football. Which Luger used as a motivational tool. Luger went to the CFL at age 19 and started in the championship game. Luger mentions that he felt he had a comeback to the University of Miami and finish school, which he did in the off season. Luger continues that he was suppose to be a lawyer but noticed Wrestle Mania on television and found his way into the ring, the wrestling ring.


Second Contest: The Bushwhackers/Macho Midget defeated Blake Beverly/Brooklyn Brawler/Little Louie: Just a comedy match here. Macho finishes the bout following a splash on the Brawler.

Contract signing between Lex Luger and Yokozuna is next. Yokozuna makes his way out to a course of boos. Mr. Fuji announces that he has hired Jim Cornette to be the official American spokesman for the WWF World Champion. Cornette says that Yoko and Fuji have been at handicap because they have a hard time understanding English. Lex Luger makes his way out to the ring with rather generic American theme music and is greeted with a decent baby face reception. Yokozuna signs the contract without even looking at the paper, just looks right at Luger. Luger signs the contract as well. Jim Cornette announces a clause in the contract. The clause being that if Luger is unable to win the title, he will never get another tile shot. Luger says that is fine, as he will only need one shot to win the belt. Yokozuna just wipes sweat right onto Luger.

Third Contest: Razor Ramon defeated Dan Dubiel:
The crowd is rather silent for Ramon’s entrance. Ramon with a fall away slam and locks in a abdominal stretch. Ramon with a middle rope backdrop and plants Dubiel with the Razors Edge for the win.

Summer Slam report with Gene. Gene goes over the clause in the contract that Lex Luger is getting only one title shot. Gene goes over the matches that hasn’t changed over the past three weeks.

Backstage, Jim Cornette is planning with the Heavenly Bodies.


Main Event: The Heavenly Bodies defeated Bobby Who/Mike Bucci: Del Ray barely nails Bobby with a super kick and Pritchard follows that with a DDT. Del Ray with a pretty good looking float over DDT on Bucci. Del Ray finishes the match following a moonsault on Bucci.
After the match, Jim Cornette grabs a microphone and wants to know if their challenge to the Steiner Brothers has been accepted. Cornette calls the Steiner’s “phony champions”.

A Wrestle Mania album music video of Randy Savage is shown. The video consists of Savage saying “Macho Man” and “Dig It” several times throughout the song. Gene actually makes a cameo in the video.

Video package promoting a Yokozuna/Jim Duggan match-up and the Steiner Brothers defending the WWF World Tag Team Titles against Money Inc inside a Steel Cage! Those will be seen on the 8-22-1993 edition.

End of Show

My Take:
I still don’t get why Mr. Hughes isn’t wrestling The Undertaker at Summer Slam. Considering the build up involving Hughes, the match with Taker taking on Giant Gonzalez doesn’t have any steam. Luger is really being built up as a typical American who is attempting to get over with the families. Jim Cornette as Yokozuna’s advisor is a great move. It appears Razor Ramon is only over in NYC and Poughkeepsie. As you can tell, RAW has yet to leave the New York area.


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